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                        Star Trek Actors' Other Roles
                    Part II --  Guest Starring Characters

John Abbott
06/05/1905 - 05/24/1996
   "He Who Gets Slapped" (46); "Monserrat" (49);
   "The Waltz of the Toreadors" (57).
   The Dick Powell Show {Days of Glory};
   Doctor Who {The Horror of Fang Rock}; I Spy {The Barter} |Prof. Shenko|;
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Birds and the Bees Affair};
   The Munsters {A Visit from Johann};
   O'Hara, U.S. Treasury {Operation: White Fire};
   Perry Mason {The Case of the Bogus Books}; The Rifleman {The Vision};
   The Rogues {Wherefore Art Thou, Harold?};
   Science Fiction Theatre {100 Years Young};
   Star Trek {Errand of Mercy} |Ayelborne|; Thriller {Trio for Terror};
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Simian Terror}.
   Deception (46); Gambit (66); Gigi (58); Jane Eyre (43);
   The Jungle Book (67); Mademoiselle Docteur (37);
   The Merry Widow (52); Mrs. Miniver (42);
   Public Pigeon Number One (57); Pursuit to Algiers (45);
   The Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel (38);
   The Saint in London (40); Secret Motive (43);
   The Shanghai Gesture (41); They Got Me Covered (42);
   The Vampire's Ghost (45); Who's Minding the Store (63);
   The Woman in White (48).

##NEW## F. Murray Abraham
   Dead Man's Walk (97); A Season of Giants (91).
   Amadeus (84); Baby Face Nelson (96); Beyond the Stars (89); By the Sword
   Children of the Revolution (96); Color of Justice (97);
   Dillinger & Capone (95); An Innocent Man (89); Intimate Power (89);
   The Last Action Hero (93); Mighty Aphrodite (95); Mimic (97); Mobsters (91);
   The Name of the Rose (86); Nostradamus (94); The Ritz (76);
   Slipstream (89); Star Trek: Insurrection (98) |Adhar Ru'afo|;
   Surviving the Game (94); Sweet Killing (93); The Third Solution (89).

Sharon Acker
04/02/36 -
   Cannon {Salinas Jackpot |Mrs. Dude|; Death of a Hunter |Jill|;
   The Deadly Conspiracy |Laura Venner|};
   Executive Suite (76-Feb. 77) |Helen Walling|; The F.B.I. {The Watch Dog};
   Galactica 1980 {Galactica Discovers Earth} |Secretary|;
   Harry O {The Admiral's Lady}; The Incredible Hulk {Deep Shock};
   Murder, She Wrote {Keep the Home Fries Burning};
   The New Adventures of Perry Mason (73-74) |Della Street|;
   Our Man Flint: Dead on Target (76) [Failed series pilot];
   The Senator (70-71) |Erin Stowe|; Star Trek {The Mark of Gideon} |Odona|;
   Texas; The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Sedgewick Curse}.
   (None Known).

Leslie Ackerman
   The Incredible Hulk {King of the Beach};
   Moonlighting {Funeral for a Door Nail}; The New Twilight Zone;
   Skag (Jan.-Feb. 80) |Barbara Skagska|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Trials and Tribble-ations} |Waitress|.
   Blame It on the Night (84).

Cecily Adams
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Ferengi Love Songs;
   The Magnificent Ferengi; Profit and Lace} |Ishka|.
   (None Known).

Marc Adams
   Mission: Impossible {Survivors};
   Star Trek {The Conscience of the King} |Hamlet|.
   (None Known).

Mary Kay Adams
   "In Her Own Words" (89) [OOB]; "Program for Murder" (92) [OB] |Elizabeth|;
   "The Quintessential Image" (89) [OOB].
   Babylon 5 (*94-95) |Na'Toth|; Dark Skies {Moving Targets};
   The Guiding Light |India von Halkien|;
   The John Larroquette Show {Mother of the Year} |Bunny Abelson|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The House of Quark;
   Looking for Par'Mach in All the Wrong Places} |Grilka|.
   (None Known).

Stanley Adams
04/17/1915 - 00/00/1977
   Burke's Law {Who Killed the Tall One in the Middle?};
   Checkmate {The Bold and the Tough};
   The Dick Van Dyke Show {Your Home Sweet Home Is My Home} |Jack Parkly|;
   Goodyear Playhouse {Hello, Charlie}; How To (Jul.-Sept. 51) [Panelist];
   Lost in Space {The Great Vegetable Rebellion};
   My Friend Flicka {The Golden Promise} |Clay Sorrenson|;
   Rawhide {Incident of the Druid's Curse}; The Rifleman {Outlaw Shoes};
   Star Trek {The Trouble with Tribbles} |Cyrano Jones|;
   Star Trek: The Animated Series {More Tribbles, More Troubles}
   |Voice of Cyrano Jones|; Thriller {The Weird Tailor};
   The Twilight Zone {Once Upon a Time; Mr. Garrity and the Graves}.
   13 West Street (62); Breakfast at Tiffany's (61); Critic's Choice (63);
   Double Trouble (67); The Errand Boy (62); A House Is Not a Home (64);
   Lilies of the Field (63); Nevada Smith (66); North to Alaska (60);
   The Outsider (61); Pirates of Tortuga (61); Requiem for a Heavyweight (62);
   Studs Lonigan (60); Thunder Alley (67); When the Boys Meet the Girls (65);
   Wild and Wonderful (64); The Wizard of Bagdad (60);
   The Young Savages (61).

George Aguilar
   Mann & Machine {Torch Song} |Det. Irontree|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Journey's End} |Wakasa|.
   Bagdad Cafe (88).

Edward Laurance Albert
00/00/1951 -
   Beauty and the Beast; Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman; The Hitchhiker {Man
At the Window};
   The Last Convertible (79); Port Charles (97-??) |Dr. Bennett Devlin|;
   Silent Victory: The Kitty O'Neil Story (79);
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {A Man Alone} |Zayra|;
   Time Trax {Treasure of the Ages} |Frank Hascal|; The Yellow Rose (83-84)
|Quisto Champion|.
   Broken Trust (93); Butterflies Are Free (72) |Don|; Demon Keeper (93);
   Distortions (87); The Domino Principle (77) |Ross Pine|; Ellie (84);
   Fist Fighter (88); The Fool Killer (67); Forty Carats (73) |Peter Latham|;
   Galaxy of Terror (81) |Cabren|; Getting Even (86) |'Tag' Taggar|;
   The Greek Tycoon (78) |Nico Tomasis|; Guarding Tess (94); Hard Drive (94);
   The Ice Runner (93); The House Where Evil Dwells (85);
   Midway (76) |Lt. Tom Garth|; Mindgames (89); Out of Sight Out of Mind (91);
   The Purple Taxi (77); Red Sun Rising (94); The Rescue (88) |Cmdr. Merrill|;
   Sexual Malice (93); Shootfighter: Fight to the Death (92);
   Terminal Entry (86); A Time to Die (83); The Underachievers (87);
   When Time Ran Out! (80) |Brian|; Wild Zone (89).

Rhonda Aldrich
   "Hamlet" (97) [R]; Viva Vittorio! (84) [OB].
   Married with Children {Dial B for Virgin} |Judy|;
   Murder, She Wrote {Magnum On Ice};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Big Goodbye |Trixie|;
   Manhunt |Madeline|; Clues |Secretary|}; V {The Wildcats} |Ellen|.
   (None Known).

Chad Allen
   Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (92) |Matthew Cooper|;
   Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (Jan. 93-??) |Matthew Cooper|;
   My Two Dads (*89-90) |Zach Nichols|; Our House (86-88) |David Witherspoon|;
   Praying Mantis (93) |Bobby|; St. Elsewhere {Sweet Dreams;
   Bang the Eardrum Slowly; Father and Suns; The Naked and the Dead;
   Slice 'O Life; You Beta Your Life} |Tommy Westphall|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Suddenly Human} |Jono|;
   Webster (*85-86) |Rob Whitaker/Joiner|; The Wonder Years.
   How I Spent My Summer Vacation (91); TerrorVision (86).

Phillip Richard Allen
   The Normal Heart (85) [OB] |Ben Weeks|.
   Alice (*81-82) |Mitch Aames|;
   The Bad News Bears (Mar. 79-Jul. 80) |Roy Turner|;
   The Bob Newhart Show {My Business Is Shrinking;
   Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time} |Dr. Frank Walburn|;
   The Fall Guy {Sandcastles} |Terry Boyd|;
   The Hardy Boys Mysteries (*78-79) |Harry Gibbon|; Honeyboy (82);
   Law & Order {The Torrents of Greed, Part I;
   The Torrents of Greed, Part II};
   The Mary Tyler Moore Show {Mary Richards, Producer} |Gus Brubaker|.
   Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (84) |Capt. J.T. Esteban|.

Kirstie Alley
00/00/1955 - 
   A Bunny's Tale (85); Cheers (*87-93) |Rebecca Howe|;
   David's Mother (94); The Hitchhiker {Out of the Night}; Infidelity (87);
   Into the Night; The Last Don (97) |Rose Marie Clericuzio|;
   The Last Don II (98) |Rose Marie Clericuzio|;
   Masquerade (83-84) |Casey Collins|; Masquerade (90);
   A Midsummer Night's Dream; North & South (85) |Virgilia Hazard Grady|;
   North & South, Book II (86) |Virgilia Hazard Grady|;
   Prince of Bel Air; Sins of the Past (84);
   Stark: Mirror Image (86); Suddenly (96); Toothless (97);
   Tow Heads: Highway Honeys;
   Veronica's Closet (Sep. 97-??) |Veronica Chase| [also Producer];
   Wings {I Love Brian}.
   Blind Date (84); Champions (84); Deconstructing Harry (97);
   For Richer or Poorer (97); It Takes Two (95);
   Look Who's Talking (89); Look Who's Talking Now (93);
   Look Who's Talking Too (90); Loverboy (89); Madhouse (90); Nevada (98);
   The Osterman Weekend (83); Runaway (84) |Jackie|;
   She's Having a Baby (88); Shoot to Kill (88); Sibling Rivalry (90);
   Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (82) |Lt. Saavik|; Summer School (87);
   Village of the Damned (95) |Dr. Susan Verner|.

Jeff Allin
   "Green Icebergs" (94) [R] |Justus|.
   Murder One {Chapter 19}; NYPD Blue {Large Mouth Bass};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Imaginary Friend} |Ens. Daniel Sutter|;
   A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story (92).
   (None Known).

Alan Altshuld
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Starship Mine |Pomet|;
   Gambit, Part I |Yranac|}; Star Trek: Voyager {False Profits |Sandal Maker|;
   Day of Honor |Lumas|}.
   (None Known).

Granville Ames
   Babylon 5 {And Now for a Word}; Homicide: Life on the Street {White Lies};
   The Pretender {Prison Story} |Cowboy|; The Visitor.
   Star Trek: Generations (94) |Transporter Chief|.

Madchen Amick
   Bombshell (97); Central Park West (Sept. 95-??) |Carrie|;
   Fantasy Island (Sep. 98-??); Heartless (97); The Hunted (98);
   I'm Dangerous Tonight (90); Love, Cheat & Steal (93);
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Dauphin} |Teenage Girl|;
   Twin Peaks (90-91) |Shelly Johnson|.
   The Borrower (91); Don't Tell Her It's Me (91); Dream Lover (94);
   Stephen King's Sleepwalkers (92);
   Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (92) |Shelly Johnson|.

Luigi Amodeo
   Caroline in the City {Caroline and Richard & Julia} |Marcello|;
   High Society (Oct. 95-??); Star Trek: Voyager {The Cloud} |The Gigolo|.
   (None Known).

Vijay Amritraj
   The Last Precinct (Apr.-May 86) |Alphabet|;
   What a Country (86-87) |Ali Nadeem|.
   Octopussy (83) |Vijay|;
   Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (86) |Starship Captain|.

Barbara Anderson
11/27/1945 - 
   Harry O {Material Witness}; Ironside (*Sep 67-Sep 71) |Eve Whitfield|;
   Mannix; Mission: Impossible (*Sep 72-Aug 73) |Mimi Davis|;
   The Return of Ironside (93) |Eve Whitfield|;
   The Six Million Dollar Man (73) |Jean Manners|;
   Star Trek {Conscience of the King} |Lenore Karidian|.
   (None Known).

Dame Judith Anderson
00/00/1898 - 00/00/1992
   "Blood Money"; "Cobra"; "Dear Brutus"; "Dove"; 
   "Hamlet" (36) |Queen Gertrude|; "MacBeth"; "Medea" (47) [B] |Medea|;
   "Mourning Becomes Electra" (32); "Old Maid"; "Royal Divorce";
   "Strange Interlude" (28); "The Tower Beyond Tragedy" (50).
   The Borrowers; The Chinese Prime Minister;
   The Cradle Song; Elizabeth the Queen; The File of Devlin;
   The Moon & the Sixpence; Santa Barbara (*84); Telephone Time.
   All Through the Night (42); And Then There Were None (45);
   Caesar and Cleopatra (46); Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (58) |Big Mama|;
   Cinderfella (60); Diary of a Chambermaid (46);
   Don't Bother to Knock (52); The Edge of Darkness (86);
   Jane Eyre (44); King's Row (42); Lady Scarface (41); Laura (44);
   A Man Called Horse (70); Pursued (47); Rebecca (40) |Mrs. Danvers|;
   Red House (47); Salome (53); Specter of the Rose (46);
   Stage Door Canteen (43) |Herself|;
   Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (84) |High Priestess T'Lar|;
   The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (46); The Ten Commandments (56);
   Tycoon (47).

Dion Anderson
   "The Cruelties of Mrs. Schnayd" (85) [OOB].
   Afterburn (92); The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw (92);
   Married with Children {Kelly Takes a Shot} |Freyer Tuck|;
   The Single Guy {Like Father...} |Harry|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Cardassians} |Zolan|;
   Union Square {The Audition} |Jensen|;
   The X-Files {War of the Coprophages} |Sheriff Frass|.
   Havana (90) |Roy Forbes|.

Erich Anderson
   Gramps (96); Hard Copy (Feb.-Jul. 87) |Lt. Brian Packer|;
   Love Kills (91); Quantum Leap {The Great Spontini};
   Second Chances (*93) |Bruce Christianson|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Conundrum} |Cmdr. Keiran MacDuff|;
   Thirtysomething (*90-91) |Billy Sidel|.
   Bat 21 (88).

John Anderson
00/00/1922 - 08/07/1992 (69)
   Backstairs at the White House (79) |Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt|;
   Big Valley {The Guilt of Matt Bentell};
   The Bob Newhart Show {The Gray Flannel Shrink} |Charlie Colton|;
   Cannon {Deadly Heritage} |Maj. Bliss|; Danielle Steel's Daddy (91);
   The Deerslayer (78); The Dick Powell Show {The Judge};
   Donner Pass: The Road to Survival (78);
   Gunsmoke {A Matter of Honor} |Jess Fletcher|;
   Have Gun Will Travel {Twenty-Four Hours to North Fork};
   Hawaii Five-O {To Kill or Be Killed} |Brig. Gen. Earl Rigney|;
   The Incredible Hulk {Wildfire}; Johnny Ringo {The Derelict} |Cartwright|;
   Kung Fu {Blood Brother; Crossties};
   The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (*59-61) |Virgil Earp|; Lou Grant;
   MacGyver {Target MacGyver; Phoenix Under Siege; Friends; Passages;
   Harry's Will} |Harry Jackson|; The Medicine Hat Stallion (77);
   Mission: Impossible {Hunted}; North & South (85);
   The Outer Limits {Nightmare} |The Interrogator|;
   Petrocelli {A Life for a Life} |Joshua Forbes|; The Phil Silvers Show
   Quantum Leap {The Last Gunfighter}; Rawhide {Incident at Hourglass};
   Rich Man, Poor Man -- Book II (76-77) |Scotty|;
   The Rifleman {The Retired Gun; Shivaree; The Hawk;
   The Patsy; Day of the Hunter; Mail Order Groom; Shotgun Man;
   The Journey Back; Incident at Line Shack Six; Old Man, Running};
   Route 66 {...Shall Forfeit His Dog and Ten Shillings to the King};
   Smile, Jenny, You're Dead (74) |John Lockport|;
   Square One - Mathnet {The Problem Of The Dirty Money};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Survivors} |Kevin Uxbridge|;
   Stony Burke {Spin a Golden Web}; Tarzan; Trackdown {End of an Outlaw;
   Toss Up}; The Twilight Zone {Of Late I Think of Cliffordville;
   The Old Man in the Cave; The Odyssey of Flight 33; A Passage for Trumpet};
   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea {Cradle of the Deep}; Voyagers;
   The Westerner {School Days}.
   Bed of Lies (92); Day of the Evil Gun (68) |Capt. Addis|;
   The Dove (74) |Mike Turk|; Eight Men Out (88); Executive Action (73);
   Firehouse (87); Five Card Stud (68) |Marshal Dana|;
   The Great Bank Robbery (69) |Kincaid|;
   The Hallelujah Trail (65) |Sgt. Buell|;
   Heaven with a Gun (69) |Asa Beck|; In Search of Historic Jesus (80)
   The Lincoln Conspiracy (77); Lone Wolf McQuade (83) |Burnside|;
   Man and Boy (71); Naked Lunch (91);
   Namu, the Killer Whale (66) |Joe Clausen|; Psycho (60) |Used Car Salesman|;
   Ride the High Country (62) |Elder Hammond|; The Satan Bug (65) |Reagan|;
   Smokey and the Bandit II (80) |Governor|; Soldier Blue (70);
   Welcome to Hard Times (67) |Ezra Maple, Isaac Maple|;
   Zoot Suit (81) |Judge|.

Larry Anderson
   Brothers and Sisters (Jan 79-Apr 79) |Harlan Ramsey|;
   Life with Lucy (Sep 86-Nov 86) |Ted McGibbon|;
   Truth or Consequences (87-??) [Emcee].
   ##NEW## Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) |Tarlac Officer|.

Michael John Anderson
   "Endangered Species" (90) [OOB].
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {If Wishes Were Horses} |Rumpelstiltskin|; 
   Twin Peaks.
   (None Known).

Sam Anderson
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {Brooklyn Dodgers};
   Alien Nation {The Game} |Tom Edison|; Boston Common {Hope Springs a Leak;
   I Thee Endow; Everything's Coming Up SubRosas} |Pres. Wesley Butterfield|;
   ER {Into That Good Night; Happy New Year; Luck of the Draw;
   Long Day's Journey; Faith} |Dr. Cason|; L.A. Law; Live Shot (?-?);
   Magnum, P.I. {Ms. Jones}; Mama Malone (Mar.-Jul. 84) |Stanley|; Millennium;
   Perfect Strangers (*87-92) |Mr. Sam Gorpley|;
   Picket Fences {The Green Bay Chopper |Agent Morell|;
   Away in the Manger; Be My Valentine |Agent Morell|};
   The Pretender {Over the Edge} |Dr. Curtis|; 
   Remington Steele {Altared Steele}; The Stand (94);
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Royale} |Assistant Manager|;
   T.J. Hooker {Death Strip} |Santee|; WKRP in Cincinnati.
   Forrest Gump (94) |Principal|; I Come in Peace (90);
   Memoirs of an Invisible Man (92).

Steven Anderson
   ER {John Carter, M.D.}; JAG {Smoked}; NYPD Blue {In the Butt, Bob;
   Vishy-Vashy-Vinny}; Space: Above and Beyond {Stay with the Dead};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {First Contact} |Nilrem|.
   (None Known).

Keith Andes
07/12/1920 -
   "The Chocolate Soldier" (47); "Kiss Me, Kate" (49); "Wildcat" (60);
   "Winged Victory" (43).
   Cannon {A Deadly Quiet Town |Mr. Glen|; Moving Target |A.R. Benning|;
   Trial by Terror |Len Francisco|; The Investigator |Editor Matthews|};
   Glynis (Sep 63-Sep 65) |Keith Granville|; I Spy {A Room with a Rack
   Laya |Troy|; Now You See Her, Now You Don't |Roy Duncan|};
   The Outer Limits {Expanding Human} |Dr. Peter Wayne|;
   Perry Mason {The Case of the Skeleton's Closet}; The Rifleman {The Debt};
   Search (73) |Dr. Barnett|; Star Trek {The Apple} |Akuta|.
   Away All Boats (56); Blackbeard the Pirate (52); Clash by Night (52);
   The Farmer's Daughter (47).

Alice Andrece
   Batman {Nora Clavicle and Her Ladies' Crime Club};
   Star Trek {I, Mudd} |Alice series|.
   (None Known).

Rhae Andrece
   Batman {Nora Clavicle and Her Ladies' Crime Club};
   Star Trek {I, Mudd} |Alice series|.
   (None Known).

Tige Andrews
03/19/1923 -
   "Mr. Roberts" (48) [B].
   The Barbary Coast {An Iron-Clad Plan} |Phineas T. James|;
   The Detectives, Starring Robert Taylor (Oct 59-Sep 62) |Lt. John Russo|;
   The F.B.I. {Force of Nature}; Gunsmoke {The Jackals};
   The Mod Squad (Sep 68-Aug 73) |Capt. Adam Greer|; Mr. Roberts {??};
   The Phil Silvers Show |Pvt. Gander|;
   Sledge Hammer! {Jagged Sledge} |Hugo Victor|;
   Star Trek {Friday's Child} |Kras|; Werewolf of Woodstock (74).
   (None Known).

Philip Anglim
02/11/1953 -
   "Carlotta and O'Neill"; "The Elephant Man";
   "For Reasons that Remain Unclear"; "Judgement";
   "M. Butterfly" |Rene Gallimard|; "Macbeth";
   "Search & Destroy" (90) [R] |Kim|; "Welded";
   "You're Going to be Alright, Jamie Boy".
   The Adams Chronicles (76); Curacao (93); The Elephant Man (82);
   Millennium {Sacrament};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {In the Hands of the Prophets |Vedek Bareil
   The Circle |Vedek Bareil Antos|; The Siege |Vedek Bareil Antos|;
   Shadowplay |Vedek Bareil Antos|; The Collaborator |Vedek Bareil Antos|;
   Fascination |Vedek Bareil Antos|; Life Support |Vedek Bareil Antos|;
   Resurrection |Bareil Antos|}; The Thornbirds (83).
   Haunted Summer (88); The Horse Dealer's Daughter (95); Malone (87);
   The Man Inside (90); Milena (91); Testament (83).

Michael Ansara
04/15/1922 -
   And Now Miguel (66); Babylon 5 {The Geometry of Shadows} |Elric|;
   The Barbary Coast {Pilot} |Diamond Jack Bassiter|;
   Batman: The Animated Series {Heart of Ice} |Voice|;
   The Bears and I (74); Broken Arrow (Sep 56-Sep 58) |Cochise|;
   Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (*Sep 79-Jul 80) |Kane|;
   Burke's Law {Who Killed Carrie Cornell?};
   Centennial (Oct. 78-Feb. 79) |Lame Beaver|; CHiPs {The Poachers};
   Daring Game (68); The Fantastic World of D.C. Collins (84);
   Fantasy Island {??}; The Guns and the Fury (83);
   Hawaii Five-O {Death Is a Company Policy} |Piro Manoa|; Hill Number One
   I Dream of Jeannie {Happy Anniversary |Blue Djinn|;
   Battle of Waikiki |King Kamehameha|;
   My Sister the Home Wrecker |Biff Jellico|};
   The KGB: The Secret War (86); Kojak;
   Land of the Giants {On a Clear Night You Can See Earth};
   Law of the Plainsman (Oct 59-Sep 60) |Deputy U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart|;
   Lost in Space {The Challenge}; The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Arabian Affair};
   Mission: Impossible; Murder, She Wrote;
   The Outer Limits {Soldier}; Powderkeg (70); Rawhide {Canliss};
   The Rifleman {The Indian; The Raid} |Deputy U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart|;
   Simon & Simon; Star Trek {Day of the Dove} |Kang|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Blood Oath |Kang|; The Muse |Jeyal|};
   Star Trek: Voyager {Flashback} |Kang|;
   Time Tunnel {Secret Weapon |Hruda|; Kidnappers |Kustos|};
   Vega$ {The Visitor}; 
   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea {Hot Line; Killers of the Deep};
   Wagon Train {The Patience Miller Story}.
   Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy (55); Access Code (84);
   Action in Arabia (44); Assassination (87) |Senator Bunsen|;
   Bayou Romance (82); Border Shootout (89);
   Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (79); The Comancheros (61);
   Daring Game (68) |Pres. Eduardo Delgado|;
   Day of the Animals (77); Dear Dead Delilah (72); Diane (56);
   The Doll Squad (73); The Greatest Story Ever Told (65) |Herod's Cmdr.|;
   Guns of the Magnificent Seven (69) |Col. Diego|;
   Harum Scarum (65) |Prince Draga|; It's Alive! (74);
   Julius Caesar (53); Jupiter's Darling (55); Knights of the City (87);
   The Manitou (78) |Singing Roc|; The Message (77); Mission to Glory (79);
   Only the Valiant (51); Quick, Let's Get Married (71);
   Sign of the Pagan (54) |Edecon|; Sol Madrid (68) |Capt. Ortega|;
   Texas Across the River (66) |Iron Jacket|;
   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (61) |Alvarez|.

Larry Anthony
   Star Trek {The Man Trap |Transporter Chief|;
   Dagger of the Mind |Transportation Man Berkeley|}.
   (None Known).

Lou Antonio
01/23/1934 -
   "Ready When You Are, C.B.!" (64) [B] |Jonas|;
   "The Tragical Historie of Doctor Faustus" (64) [OB].
   Cannon {Stone Cold Dead} |Tommy Crawford|;
   Dark Skies {Ancient Future} [Director];
   Dog and Cat (Mar.-May 77) |Detective Sgt. Jack Ramsey|;
   The F.B.I. {Fool's Gold; Superstition Rock};
   I Dream of Jeannie {Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie, Part One;
   Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie, Part Two} |Charlie|;
   The Last Prostitute [Director] (91);
   Makin' It (Feb.-Mar. 79) |Joseph Manucci|;
   Mission: Impossible {The Hostage}; The Monkees {Hillbilly Honeymoon};
   Mr. & Mrs. Smith {The Space Flight Episode} [Director];
   Night Gallery {Death on a Barge}; Rearview Mirror [Director] (84);
   The Snoop Sisters (73-74) |Barney|;
   Spy Game {With Friends Like These...} [Director];
   Star Trek {Let That Be Your Last Battlefield} |Lokai|.
   Cool Hand Luke (67); A Nightmare in the Daylight (92) [Director];
   A Taste for Killing [Director] (92).

Lee Arenberg
   "Carnage, a Comedy" (89) [OB] |Rev. Dr. Cotton Slocum|.
   Mann & Machine {Water, Water Everywhere} |Mark Kaminsky|;
   Married with Children {Luck of the Bundys} |Sal|;
   Project: ALF (96); Seinfeld {The Susie |Mike|; The Parking Space};
   Sledge Hammer! {Sledge, Rattle and Roll};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Nagus} |Gral|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Force of Nature |Prak|; Bloodlines |Bok|};
   Step By Step {Happy Birthday, Baby}; Tales from the Crypt.
   (None Known).

Joey Aresco
   Baa Baa Black Sheep (*76-77) |Hutch|; Cannon {Trial by Terror};
   Dark Skies {Dreamland}; MacGyver {Bitter Harvest} |Nick|;
   Remington Steele {Steele in the Family};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Vengeance Factor} |Brull|;
   Supertrain (Feb.-Jul. 79) |Wayne Randall|;
   T.J. Hooker {Death Strip} |Beamer|;
   Taxi {Hollywood Calling} |Michael Patrese|.
   Circle of Fear (89); Primary Target (90).

Vinny Argiro
   Sidekicks (Sep 86-Jun 87) |Capt. Blanks|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Emergence} |Hitman|.
   (None Known).

Vaughn Armstrong
   "Hope of the Heart" (90) [R];
   "Stand-Up Tragedy" (90) [R] |Father Ed Larkin|.
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {AKA Kansas};
   Babylon 5 {Messages from Earth; Point of No Return} |Security Guard #1|;
   C-16 {Pilot, Part I} |Airport FBI Agent #1|; Dark Skies {Burn, Baby, Burn};
   Days of Our Lives (*94) |David Caldwell|;
   Melrose Place {Dead Sisters Walking};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Past Prologue} |Gul Dunar|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Heart of Glory} |Korris|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Eye of the Needle} |Telek|.
   Clear and Present Danger (94) |Blackhawk Pilot|;
   The Net (95) |State Trooper|.

John Arndt
   Star Trek {Miri |Security Guard #2|; Dagger of the Mind |First Crewman|;
   Balance of Terror |Engineer Fields|; Space Seed |Crewman|}.
   (None Known).

Cameron Arnett
   Miami Vice {French Twist};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Disaster} |Ensign Mandel|.
   (None Known).

Jeannetta Arnette
   Head of the Class (Sep. 86-Jun. 91) |Bernadette Meara|;
   The Jackie Thomas Show (Dec. 92-Mar. 93) |Sophia Ford|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Statistical Probabilities} |Dr. Loews|.
   (None Known).

Michael Aron
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Time's Arrow; Time's Arrow, Part II}
   |Bellboy/Jack London|.
   (None Known).

Rod Arrants
   Days of Our Lives (*85-86) |Richard Cates|; Mannix {The Open Web} |Ken
   Remington Steele {Steele of Approval};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Manhunt} |Rex|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Living Witness} |Daleth|.
   Vamping (84).

Daphne Ashbrook
   Doctor Who (96) |Dr. Grace|;
   Fortune Dane (Feb.-Mar. 86) |Kathy 'Speed' Davenport|;
   Intruders (92); JAG {Pilot Error; Jinx} |Annie Pendry|;
   Midnight Heat (93) |Julie|;
   Our Family Honor (Sep 85-Jan. 86) |Officer Liz McKay|;
   Riptide {Where the Girls Are};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Melora} |Ens. Melora Pazlar|.
   Gimme an "F" (84); Quiet Cool (86); Sunset Heat (91).

Shay Astar
   3rd Rock from the Sun {Lonely Dick; Assault with a Deadly Dick;
   I Love Being a Dick; The Big Angry Virgin from Outer Space;
   Romeo & Juliet & Dick; World's Greatest Dick} |August|;
   Boy Meets World {Wrong Side of the Tracks}; China Beach |Karen Koloski|;
   ER {What Life?};
   The Good Life (Jan.-Apr. 94) |Melissa Bowman|; Guiding Light;
   Quantum Leap {A Tale of Two Sweeties} |Mary Elroy|; Rio Shannon (93);
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Imaginary Friend} |Isabella|.
   Deceived (91); Drop Dead Fred (91); Ernest Scared Stupid (91).

Frank Atienza
   Magnum, P.I. {Computer Date; Double Jeopardy; Past Tense;
   Legacy from a Friend; Distant Relative};
   Star Trek {The Omega Glory} |Kohm Villager|.
   (None Known).

Barry Atwater
05/16/1918 - 09/23/1978
   Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond {The Riddle;
   The Day the World Wept - The Lincoln Story};
   Cannon {Lady on the Run} |Dr. V. Prideman|;
   General Hospital (*64) |Dr. John Prentice|; Gunsmoke {How to Kill a Woman};
   Harry O {The Acolyte; The Mysterious Case of Lester and Dr. Fong};
   Have Gun Will Travel {The Reasonable Men};
   Hawaii Five-O {The Reunion} |Michael Holt|; The Invaders {Organization};
   Kung Fu {Night of the Owls, Day of the Doves};
   The Loretta Young Show; Mannix {Sunburst; Little Girl Lost};
   Mission: Impossible {Elena} |Dr. Carlos Enero|; Night Gallery {The Doll};
   The Outer Limits {Corpus Earthling};
   Perry Mason {The Case of the Prankish Professor};
   Star Trek {The Savage Curtain} |Surak|;
   The Twilight Zone {When the Monsters Visited Maple Street};
   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea {Buccaneer; No Way Back};
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Camera}.
   The Night Stalker (86) |Janos Skorzeny|.

Jeff Austin
   Babylon 5 {Midnight on the Firing Line};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Adversary} |Bolian|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {The Omega Directive} |Allos|.
   (None Known).

Karen Austin
   Assassin (86); Murder One {Chapter 13 (S2);
   Chapter 14 (S2); Chapter 15 (S2);
   Chapter 16 (S2)} |Carrie Lynette Parker Banks|;
   NYPD Blue {The Nutty Confessor} |Jessica Herman|;
   Night Court (*84) |Court Clerk Lana Wagner|;
   The Quest (Oct.-Nov. 82) |Carrie Welby|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Nor the Battle to the Strong} |Dr. Kalandra|;
   The Trials of Rosie O'Neill (*91-92) |D.A. Suzanne Ramey|;
   When the Time Comes (87).
   Far from Home (88); A Girl to Kill For (90); Ladies Club (87);
   Summer Rental (85); Taming of the Shrew (82).

Erick Avari
   "'Tis a Pity She's a Whore" (92) [OB] |Vasques|.
   Almost Perfect {Overly Meditated} |Dave|; Babylon 5 {65;
   And the Rock Cried Out; No Hiding Place} |Rabbi Leo Meyers|;
   Cheers {Feelings... Whoa, Whoa, Whoa} |Mr. Cranston|;
   NYPD Blue {Curt Russell} |Rajesh Mukhopadhyay|;
   seaQuest DSV {Treasures of the Mind};
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Target: Jimmy Olsen!};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Destiny} |Vedek Yarka|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Unification, Part I} |B'Ijik|.
   Independence Day (96) |SETI Tech.|.

Jerry Ayres
   Cannon {Duel in the Desert}; The F.B.I. {The Break-Up};
   Star Trek {Arena |Ordinance Officer Lt. O'Herlihy|; Obsession |Ens. Rizzo|}.
   (None Known).

Barbara Babcock
02/27/1937 -
   Cannon {The Dead Samaritan} |Ruth Gardner|; Cheers {??};
   The Christmas Coal Mine Miracle (77); Dallas (*78-82) |Liz Craig|;
   Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (Jan. 93-??) |Dorothy Jennings|;
   The F.B.I. {The Test}; The Four Seasons (Jan.-Jul. 84) |Lorraine Elliot|;
   The Golden Girls |Charmayne|; The Green Hornet {Corpse of the Year};
   Hogan's Heroes {One in Every Crowd; Happy Birthday, Dear Hogan; The
   Hill Street Blues (*81-85) |Grace Gardner|;
   The Law and Harry McGraw (87-88) |Ellie Maginnis|;
   Love on a Rooftop (66-67) |Carol Parker| (??);
   Mannix {The Need of a Friend; To Quote a Dead Man; A Question of Midnight};
   The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis |Pamela Osborne|;
   Mr. Sunshine (Mar.-Sept. 86) |Mrs. June Swinford|;
   The Munsters {Bats of a Feather};
   Murder, She Wrote {Murder on Madison Avenue};
   Perry Mason: The Case of the Poisoned Pen (90); Quarterback Princess (83);
   Remington Steele {Steeled with a Kiss};
   Star Trek {The Squire of Gothos |Voice of Trelane's Mother|;
   A Taste of Armageddon |Mea 3|;
   Assignment: Earth |Voice of Isis, Voice of Exceiver Computer|;
   The Tholian Web |Voice of Cmdr. Loskene, Voices of Tholians|;
   Plato's Stepchildren |Philana|; The Lights of Zetar |Voice of Zetar|};
   Taxi {Like Father, Like Son} |Karen|; W.E.B. |Claire Kiley|;
   The White Shadow {Mainstream}; Wings {Mother Wore Stripes}.
   Bang the Drum Slowly (73) |Team Owner|;
   The Black Marble (80) |Madeline Whitfield|;
   Far and Away (92) |Nora Christie|; Happy Together (90) |Ruth Carpenter|;
   Heart of Dixie (89) |Coralee Claibourne|;
   Heaven with a Gun (69) |Mrs. Andrews|;
   The Lords of Discipline (83) |Abigail|; News at Eleven (85);
   Salem's Lot (79); That Was Then... This Is Now (85) |Mrs. Douglas|.

Todd Babcock
   Star Trek: Voyager {Drone} |Ens. Mulcahey|.
   (None Known).

Dietrich Bader
   Danger Theatre; The Drew Carey Show (Sept. 95-??) |Oswald|;
   The Searcher (July-Aug. 1993) |The Searcher|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Emissary} |Tactical Crewman|.
   The Beverly Hillbillies (94).

Parley Baer
   The Addams Family {Morticia's Favorite Charity |Mr. Henson|;
   Pugsley's Allowance};
   The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet (*55-61) |Darby|;
   The Andy Griffith Show (*62-63) |Mayor Stoner|;
   Checkmate {The Deadly Silence};
   The Double Life of Henry Phyfe (Jan.-Sept. 66) |Mr. Hamble|;
   Goodyear Theatre {A Good Name}; Hogan's Heroes {The Scientist;
   The Schultz Brigade; Killer Klink; The Empty Parachute};
   The Incredible Hulk {Captive Night}; Lou Grant {Fireworks};
   The Outer Limits {Behold Eck!}; The Rifleman {A Matter of Faith; A
Friend in Need};
   The Rogues {The Project Man};
   Star Trek: Voyager {Sacred Ground} |Old Man #2|; Thriller {Child's Play};
   Trackdown {The Toll Road}; Viper {Safe as Houses} |Finch|.
   Dave (93) |Senate Majority Leader|; The Ugly Dachsund (66); White Dog (82).

Jay Baker
   The Best Times (Apr.-June 85) |Tony Younger|; High Tide {Big Brother};
   The Incredible Hulk Returns (88);
   It's a Living |Bobby Lee Lord|; Robin's Hoods;
   Silk Stalkings {The Lonely Hunter};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Starship Down} |Stevens|.
   April Fool's Day (86).

Ed Bakey
   Cannon {Daddy's Little Girl} |Lt. Lincoln Gormley|;
   Gunsmoke {Death Train} |Rev. Bright|;
   Star Trek {All Our Yesterdays} |Fop #1|.
   (None Known).

Brenda Bakke
   "Girl Gone" (94) [OOB].
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {Ned Zed}; American Gothic (?-?);
   Danielle Steel's Secrets (92);
   Ned Blessing -- The Story of My Life & Times (Aug.-Sept. 1993) |The Wren|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Justice} |Rivan|.
   Dangerous Love (88); Death Spa (90); Fast Gun (87); Fist Fighter (89);
   Gunmen (94); Hardbodies 2 (86);
   Hot Shots! Part Deux (93) |Michelle Redham Haddleston|;
   Last Resort (86); Nowhere to Run (89); Scavengers (88); Solar Crisis (92);
   Under Siege 2 (95) |Gilder|.

Jeanne Bal
   Bachelor Father (*61) |Suzanne Collins|; Checkmate {State of Shock};
   I Spy {Happy Birthday Everybody} |Shirl Mathews|;
   Love & Marriage (59-Jan. 60) |Pat Baker|;
   Mr. Novak (*63-64) |Jean Pagano|; NBC Playhouse (Jun.-Sept. 60) [Hostess];
   Perry Mason {The Case of the Angry Astronaut}; Route 66 {Effigy in Snow};
   Star Trek {The Man Trap} |Nancy Crater (I & II)|; Thriller {Papa Benjamin}.
   (None Known).

Barbara Baldavin
   Judd for the Defense {The Other Face of the Law} |Gloria|;
   Medical Center (*71-76) |Nurse Holmby|;
   Star Trek {Balance of Terror |Specialist 2/C Angela Martine|;
   Shore Leave |Specialist 2/C Mary Teller|; Space Seed |Angela Baker|;
   Turnabout Intruder |Lisa|}.
   (None Known).

Lisa Banes
   "Arcadia" (95) [B] |Lady Croom|; "Isn't It Romantic" (83) |Harriet
   "Money & Friends" (93) [R] |Vicki|; "Rumors" (88) |Cassie|.
   Danger Island (92); Frasier {A Lilith Thanksgiving} |Pamela|;
   Murder One {Chapter 10}; Spenser: For Hire {No Room at the Inn};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Equilibrium} |Dr. Renhol|;
   The Trials of Rosie O'Neill (Sep 90-May 92) |Doreen Morrison|.
   Look Back in Anger (80).

Emily Banks
   Star Trek {Shore Leave} |Yeoman Tonia Barrows|;
   The Tim Conway Show (Jan.-Jun. 70) |Becky Parks|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Avaricious Actuary} |Arden Masterson|.
   Gunfight in Abilene (67).

Jonathan Banks
   Due South {Heaven and Earth} |Garrett|; Falcon Crest (*87) |Kolinski|;
   Fired Up (Apr. 97-??) |Guy|;
   The Gangster Chronicles (Feb.-May 81) |Dutch Schultz|;
   Hardcastle & McCormick |Weed Randall|;
   Highlander {Under Color of Authority} |Mako|; Mannix {Tooth of the Serpent};
   Marilyn and Bobby: Her Final Affair (93);
   Otherworld (Jan.-Mar. 85) |Kommander Nuveen Kroll|;
   seaQuest 2032 {Resurrection} |Ambassador Max Sculley|;
   seaQuest DSV {Whale Song}; Shadow of Obsession (94);
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Battle Lines} |Shel-la|;
   T.J. Hooker {Witness |Danny|; Hostages |Freddy|};
   Tales from the Crypt {The Assassin} |William|; A Thousand Men and a Baby
   Wiseguy (87-Dec. 90) |Frank McPike|;
   Women of the House (Jan.-Mar. 95) |Jim Sugarbaker|.
   48 Hrs. (82); Armed and Dangerous (86); Beverly Hills Cop (84);
   Cold Steel (88); Freejack (92); Gremlins (84);
   Honeymoon Academy (90) |Pitt|; Under Siege 2 (95) |Scotty|.

Jennifer Barlow
   Key West (Jan.-July 93) |Joyce 'Flame'|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Dauphin} |Ensign Gibson|.
   (None Known).

Michael Barrier
   Star Trek {The Squire of Gothos; This Side of Paradise;
   The City on the Edge of Forever; Catspaw} |Lieutenant DeSalle|.
   (None Known).

Harry Basch
   Falcon Crest (*82-84) |Vince Caproni|;
   Honey West {The Flame and the Pussycat} |Mr. Flowers|;
   Star Trek {What Are Little Girls Made Of?} |Dr. Brown|.
   (None Known).

Bobby Bass
   Star Trek {Space Seed |Guard |; This Side of Paradise |Crewman #2|;
   Errand of Mercy |Klingon Guard|; Mirror, Mirror |Chekov's Boy #1|}.
   (None Known).

Arthur Batanides
   Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond {The Riddle};
   The Fugitive {Search in a Windy City};
   Galactica 1980 {The Night the Cylons Landed} |Cabbie|;
   Honey West {A Neat Little Package} |Chico|;
   I Spy {To Florence with Love, Part I |Rocco|;
   To Florence with Love, Part II |Rocco|; The Medarra Block |Hamid|;
   Philotimo |Constantinos|; Oedipus at Colonus |Heavy #1|};
   Land of the Giants {Terror Go Round}; Lost in Space {Space Primevals};
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Thor Affair};
   The Outer Limits {Specimen: Unknown};
   Perry Mason {The Case of the Shoplifter's Shoe};
   Peter Gunn {Rough Buck} |Gus Triano|;
   Rawhide {Incident in the Valley of the Shadow; Incident before Black Pass};
   The Rifleman {Old Man, Running}; Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers {??};
   Route 66 {The Clover Throne}; Star Trek {That Which Survives} |Lt. D'Amato|;
   The Time Tunnel {Attack of the Barbarians}; The Twilight Zone {The Mirror};
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Dancing Death;
   The Night of the Gypsy Peril; The Night of the Death-Maker;
   The Night of Miguelito's Revenge}.
   The Leech Woman (60).

Cyia Batten
   The Pretender {Exposed};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Indiscretion; Return to Grace} |Ziyal|.
   (None Known).

Robert Bauer
   Flying Blind (Sept. 92-July 93) |Jordan|; M.A.N.T.I.S. {The Exes Beyond};
   NYPD Blue {Serge, the Concierge};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Heart of Glory} |Kunivas|.
   Father of the Bride (91).

Paul Baxley
   Cannon {Duel in the Desert};
   Star Trek {Shore Leave |Black Knight|;
   The Trouble with Tribbles |Ens. Freeman|;
   A Private Little War |Patrol Leader|; Patterns of Force |First Trooper|;
   Bread and Circuses |Policeman|;
   Assignment: Earth |McKinley Rocket Base Crewman|;
   Spectre of the Gun |Man in Bar|}.
   (None Known).

Susan Bay
   Burke's Law {Who Killed Hamlet?} |Eileen|; Mannix {A Puzzle for One};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Past Prologue; Whispers} |Admiral|.
   The Big Mouth (67).

Hal Baylor
   The Barbary Coast {Guns for a Queen |Bystander|;
   Arson and Old Lace |Patty Muldoon|}; Cannon {Blood on the Vine};
   The Donna Reed Show |Herbie Armbruster|;
   The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (*55-56) |Bill Thompson|; Mannix {Who
Killed Me?;
   The Solid Gold Web}; Star Trek {The City on the Edge of Forever}
   (None Known).

Stephanie Beacham
   "Absurd Person Singular"; "Arms and the Man"; "An Audience Called Edouard";
   "The Basement"; "Can You Hear Me in the Back?"; "A Doll's House";
   "The Homecoming"; "An Ideal Husband" (96-??); "The London Cuckolds";
   "MacBeth"; "The Madwoman of Chaillot"; "Monsieur Barnett"; "On Approval";
   "The Servant of Two Masters"; "The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs";
   "The Tempest".
   Beverly Hills, 90210 |Iris McCay|;
   Dynasty (*88-89) |Sable Scott Colby|;
   Dynasty II -- The Colbys (Nov. 85-Mar. 87) |Sable Scott Colby|;
   Foreign Affairs (93); Jackie Collins' Lucky/Chances; Legend;
   Napoleon and Josephine: A Love Story (87);
   The Rag Trade (Jan 61-Dec 63);
   Seaquest DSV (*Sept. 93-94) |Dr. Kristin Westphalen|;
   Secrets (92); Sister Kate (89-90) |Sister Katherine 'Kate' Lambert|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Ship in a Bottle} |Countess Regina
   Bartholomew|; Tenko (Jan 81-Dec 82); To Be the Best (92);
   UFO {Destruction} |Sarah Bosanquet|.
   And Now the Screaming Starts (73); The Devil's Widow (72);
   Dracula A.D. 1972 (72); The Games (67); House of Mortal Sin (75);
   Inseminoid (80); Mafia Junction (77); The Nightcomers (71);
   Saving Grace (98); Schizo (78); Tam Lin (72); Troop Beverly Hills (89);
   The Wolves of Willoughby Chase (88).

Bruce Beatty
   "Woyzeck" (92) [OB] |Andres|.
   ER {Last Call} |Howard|; NYPD Blue {Trials & Tribulations |Tahir|;
   Dead and Gone}; Star Trek: The Next Generation {Lower Decks} |Ben|.
   (None Known).

John Beck
   Dallas (*83-86) |Mark Graison|;
   Flamingo Road (Jan. 81-Jul. 82) |Sam Curtis|;
   I Dream of Jeannie {Russian Roulette} |Sgt.|; Magnum, P.I. {Limbo};
   The New Twilight Zone {The Wall}; Nichols (71-Aug. 72) |Ketcham|;
   Silk Stalkings {Family Affairs};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Tribunal} |Boone|; Thunder in Paradise;
   Trade Winds (Aug.-Sept. 93) |Robert Philips|.
   Audrey Rose (77) |Bill Templeton|; The Big Bus (76);
   A Climate for Killing (91); Cyborg 2087 (66); Deadly Illusion (87);
   The Other Side of Midnight (77); Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (73);
   Rollerball (75); Sleeper (73).

Gregory Beecroft
   Leg Work {Life Itself} |Russ|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Royale} |Mickey D.|.
   (None Known).

Hagan Beggs
03/19/19?? -
   Again and Again (63); The Amazing Spiderman (78);
   Antiques {Pilot} [Host]; Beachcombers (??);
   Bordertown (89-91) |Liam Gleeson|;
   Champagne Charlie (89); Danger Bay (series); Depth 300 (60); Gunsmoke;
   Highlander {The Innocent}; It Takes A Thief;
   Perry Mason: The Case of the Notorious Nun (86);
   Peyton Place; The Six Million Dollar Man {Act of Piracy} |Jed Hall|;
   Star Trek {The Menagerie, Part I |Lt. Hansen|; The Menagerie, Part II
|Lt. Hansen|;
   Court Martial |Helmsman Hansen|}; Titanic (96) |Alden Foley|; Twelve
O'Clock High.
   Cyberteens in Love (94); Power of Attorney (94?); Power Play (94?);
   Russian Roulette (75); Sally Fieldgood and Company (??).

Ed Begley, Jr.
00/00/1949 -
   Battlestar Galactica (*78-79) |Ens. Greenbean|; Elvis -- The Movie (79);
   The Great Los Angeles Earthquake (90); Gun {The Shot};
   Jonny Quest {Creeping Unknown} |Voice|; The Larry Sanders Show |Himself|;
   Laverne & Shirley |Bobby Feeney|; Mannix {Babe in the Woods} |Attendant|;
   Meego (?-?); Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less (90);
   Parenthood (Aug.-Nov. 90) |Gil Buckman|;
   Roll Out (Oct. 73-Jan. 74) |Lt. Robert W. Chapman|; Running Mates (92);
   A Shining Season (79); Spies, Lies, and Naked Thighs (88);
   St. Elsewhere (Oct. 82-Aug. 88) |Dr. Victor Ehrlich|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Future's End; Future's End, Part II} |Henry Starling|;
   Tales from the Crypt {Death of a Salesman} |Judd Campbell|;
   Winnetka Road (Mar.-Apr. 94) |Glenn Barker|.
   The Accidental Tourist (88) |Charles|; Airport '79: The Concorde (79);
   Amazon Women on the Moon (87) |Griffin|; Batman Forever (95);
   Blue Collar (78) |Bobby Joe|; Cat People (82) |Joe|; Citizen's Band (77);
   Cooperstown (92); Dark Horse (92); Dead of Night (77); 
   Doctor Duck's Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce (86); Eating Raoul (82) |Bit|;
   Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (94) |Rupert|; Get Crazy (83) |Colin|;
   Goin' South (78) |Mr. Haber|; Greedy (94); The In-Laws (79) |Barry Lutz|;
   Meet the Applegates (89) |Dick Applegate|; The Pagemaster (94);
   Private Lessons (81) |Jack|; Protocol (84) |Hassler|; Rip Van Winkle (85);
   Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills (89);
   Sensation (94); She-Devil (89) |Bob Patchett|; Showdown (73) |Pook|;
   Streets of Fire (84) |Ben|; Transylvania 6-5000 (85) |Gil Turner|.

Eli Behar
   Judd for the Defense {The Other Face of the Law} |Fisherman John|;
   Star Trek {Dagger of the Mind} |Therapist|.
   (None Known).

Felecia M. Bell
   Days of Our Lives (*90-91) |Glynnis Turner|; Every Woman's Dream (96);
   General Hospital (*93-??) |Dr. Simone Hardy|; Nightman (97-??) |Jessica
   Sparks (97); Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Emissary; Through the Looking
   Shattered Mirror} |Jennifer Sisko|.
   (None Known).

Michael Bell
   Cannon {The Hit Man |Delaney|;
   The Deadly Conspiracy |Thomas Lockner|}; Dallas (*80-81) |Les Crowley|;
   G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero |Voices of Duke, Blowtorch, Lift Ticket,
   Mannix {Sunburst};
   The Mary Tyler Moore Show {When There's Smoke, There's Rhoda} |Fireman|;
   The Monkees {Art, for Monkees Sake}; Remington Steele {Steele in the Chips};
   Rugrats (91-94) |Voices of Boris, Chad & Drew|; Smurfs (series) |Voice|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Homecoming |Borum|;
   The Maquis, Part II |Xepolite|};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Encounter at Farpoint} |Bandi Groppler
   The Transformers {? |Voice of Prowl|; ? |Voice of Scrapper|;
   ? |Voice of Swoop|; ? |Voice of Sideswipe|; ? |Voice of Brainstorm|;
   ? |Voice of First Aid|; ? |Voice of Bombshell|; ? |Voice of Gort|};
   Voltron |Voice|.
   (None Known).

John Bellah
   I Spy {A Few Miles West of Nowhere} |Frank|;
   Star Trek {Charlie X |Crewman #1|; The Naked Time |Laughing Crewman|}.
   (None Known).

Melvin Belli
00/00/191? - 07/09/1996 (88)
   Star Trek {And the Children Shall Lead} |Gorgan|;
   Whodunnit? (Apr.-May 79) [Panelist].
   Gimme Shelter (70).

Amy Benedict
   ER {Union Station} |Mom|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Storyteller} |Woman|.
   (None Known).

Zachary Benjamin
   Get a Life (Sept. 90-June 92) |Bobby Potter|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Child} |Young Ian|.
   (None Known).

Fran Bennett
   ER {Union Station} |Mary Cain|;
   Nightingales (Jan.-Apr. 89) |Head Nurse Lenore Ritt|;
   Roots: The Gift (88) |Mammy May|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Redemption, Part II} |Admiral Shanthi|.
   Wes Craven's New Nightmare (94) |Dr. Heffner|.

Harve Bennett
08/17/1930 -
   The Bionic Woman (Jan. 76-Sep. 78) [Exec. Prod.];
   Invasion America (? 97-??) [Exec. Prod.]; The Mod Squad [Producer];
   Rich Man, Poor Man -- Book I (76) [Producer]; Time Trax [Producer];
   The Six Million Dollar Man (Jan. 74-Mar. 78) [Exec. Prod.];
   A Woman Called Golda [Executive Producer].
   Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (82) [Executive Producer/Writer];
   Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (84) |Voice of Flight Recorder|
   [also Writer/Producer];
   Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (86) [Writer/Screenplay/Producer];
   Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (89) |Starfleet Chief of Staff|
   [also Writer/Producer].

John Lendale Bennett
   Space: Above and Beyond {Butts} |Master of Arms|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The House of Quark |Kozak|;
   Past Tense, Part I |Gabriel Bell|; Apocalypse Rising |Towering Klingon|}.
   (None Known).

Craig Benton
   Herman's Head {Hermo-tivated}; Married with Children {Movie Show |Usher|;
   Assaut and Batteries |Customer #2|};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Violations} |Crewman Davis|.
   The Lawnmower Man (92).

Daniel Benzali
   "The Art of Success" (89) [OB] |Robert Walpole|.
   Murder One (Sept. 95-Sept. 96);
   NYPD Blue {Rockin' Robin; Trials & Tribulations; From Whom the Skell Rocks};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Samaritan Snare} |Surgeon|;
   The X-Files {Fresh Bones} |Col. Wharton|.
   The Distinguished Gentleman (92) |Warburton|; Murder at 1600 (97).

Lee Bergere
   The Addams Family {The Winning of Morticia Addams} |Dr. Francois Chalon|;
   Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond {The Storm};
   The Dick Van Dyke Show {One Angry Man} |Mr. Mason|;
   Dynasty (*81-83) |Joseph Anders|; Falcon Crest (*89) |Justin Nash|;
   Get Smart |Richelieu|; Hogan's Heroes {The Prince from the Phone Company;
   Kommandant Gertrude}; Hot L Baltimore (Jan.-Jun. 75) |George|;
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Tigers Are Coming Affair};
   Mannix {Comes Up Rose}; Mission: Impossible {The Legacy} |Kuderlee|;
   The Munsters {Herman's Rival};
   Perry Mason {The Case of the Witless Witness};
   The Six Million Dollar Man: Wine, Women and War (73) |Masaha|;
   Star Trek {The Savage Curtain} |Abraham Lincoln|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Colonel's Ghost}.
   Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (69) |Emilio|; Time Trackers (89).

Alan Bergman
   Cannon {Madman} |Wilson|; Hogan's Heroes {The Meister Spy}; Mannix {A
Game of Shadows;
   Murder Times Three}; Nero Wolfe {Death on the Doorstep};
   The Six Million Dollar Man {The Bionic Badge} |Mr. Burman|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Ready-Made Corpse};
   Star Trek {The Empath} |Lal|.
   (None Known).

Steven Berkoff
00/00/1937 -
   A Season of Giants (91);
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Business as Usual} |Hagath|.
   Absolute Beginners (86) |The Fanatic|; Barry Lyndon (75) |Lord Ludd|;
   Beverly Hills Cop (84) |Victor Maitland|;
   A Clockwork Orange (71) |Constable|;
   Fair Game (95); Octopussy (83) |Orlov|; Prehistoric Women (67) |John|;
   Rambo: First Blood Part II (85) |Podovsky|; Revolution (85) |Sgt. Jones|;
   Transmutations (85); Under the Cherry Moon (86) |Mr. Sharon|.

Joseph Bernard
   Star Trek {Wolf in the Fold} |Tark|; The Twilight Zone {The Shelter}.
   (None Known).

Corbin Bernsen
00/00/1953 -
   Beyond Suspicion (93); Breaking Point (89) |Maj. Pike|;
   The Cape (Jan 96-Dec 97); The Cold Heart of a Killer (96);
   Dangerous Intentions (94);
   Dead on the Money (90) |Carter Matthews|;
   Dear John; The Extraordinary (Sept. 94-??) [Host]; Full Circle (96);
   I Know My Son Is Alive (94); L.A. Law (Oct. 86-May 94) |Arnie Becker|;
   Love & War {Bali Ha'i}; Love Can Be Murder (92);
   The Nanny {Stock Tip} |Glen Mitchell|; Seinfeld {The Trip};
   Silhouette (94); The Soft Kill (94);
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Deja Q} |Q2|;
   Tails You Live, Heads You're Dead (95); Tidal Wave: No Escape (97);
   Touched By an Angel {Angel of Death} |Eric Weiss|; Voices from Within (94);
   Web of Deceit (94) |Mark|; Where Are My Children (94);
   A Whole New Ballgame (Jan.-Mar. 95) |Brett Sooner|.
   Bert Rigby, You're a Fool (89) |Jim Shirley|; Bloodhounds (96);
   Bloodhounds II (96); Cover Me (95); Dark Goddess (94) |Nick|; Dead Aim (87);
   Disorganized Crime (89) |Frank Salazar|; Eat My Dust! (76);
   Final Mission (93); Frozen Assets (92) |Zach Shepard|;
   Hello Again (87) |Jason Chadman|; King Kong (76) |Reporter|;
   Major League (89) |Roger Dorn|; The New Age (95); S.O.B. (81);
   Shattered (91) |Jeb Scott|; Three the Hard Way (74) |Boy|.

Michael Berryman
   The Highwayman {Pilot} |Chromedome|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Conspiracy} |Capt. Rixx|;
   The X-Files {Revelations} |Owen Lee Jarvis|.
   The Barbarians (87); Cut and Run (85); Double Dragon (94) |Maniac Leader|;
   The Guyver (92); The Hills Have Eyes: Part Two (84);
   One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (75);
   Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (86) |Starfleet Display Officer|;
   Weird Science (85); Wizards of the Demon Sword (??).

Bibi Besch
00/00/19?? - 09/07/1996
   "Morning Dew with Trellis" (93) [R] |Kay|.
   Betrayal (78); The Day After (83?);
   Death of a Centerfold: The Dorothy Stratten Story (81);
   The Edge of Night; ER {Fire in the Belly} |Ethel Garvey|;
   The Hamptons (Jul.-Aug. 83) |Adrienne Duncan Mortimer|;
   The Jeff Foxworthy Show; Law & Order {Apocrypha};
   Love Is a Many Splendored Thing |Iris Garrison|;
   The Medicine Hat Stallion (77); Melrose Place;
   Murder, She Wrote {A Very Good Year for Murder}; Northern Exposure
|Maggie's Mother|;
   Remington Steele {Scene Steelers}; The Secret Storm;
   Secrets of Midland Heights (Dec. 80-Jan. 81) |Dorothy Wheeler|;
   Silk Stalkings {Witness; Carrie & Jessie |Victoria Morgan|};
   The Six Million Dollar Man {The Madonna Caper} |Countess Lysandra
   Somerset |Eve Lawrence|.
   The Beast Within (82); Betsy's Wedding (90);
   Doing Time on Maple Drive (91); Hardcore (79); Kill Me Again (90);
   Lonely Hearts (91); The Lonely Lady (83);
   The Pack (77); Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (82) |Dr. Carol Marcus|;
   Steel Magnolias (89); Tremors (90); Who's That Girl? (87).

Ivy Bethune
   Batman {The Contaminated Cowl; Mad Hatter Runs Afoul};
   Father Murphy (Nov. 81-84) |Miss Tuttle|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {When the Bough Breaks} |Duana|.
   (None Known).

Victor Bevine
   Murder One {Chapter 14; Chapter 15; Chapter 16} |Dr. Gage|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Things Past} |Belar|;
   The Trials of Rosie O'Neill (*91) |Mason Pappas|.
   Star Trek: First Contact (96) |Guard|.

Leslie Bevis
   Alien Nation (88); MacGyver {Lost Love, Part I;
   Lost Love, Part II} |Tanya Lyaschenka|; Night Court; Rags to Riches (81);
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Homecoming |Freighter Capt.|;
   The Abandoned |Boslic Capt.|; Broken Link |Boslic Freighter Capt.|};
   Silk Stalkings {Love Bandit};
   V {The Little Dragon} |Angela|; Who's the Boss?.
   The Lonely Guy (84).

Richard Beymer
00/00/1939 -
   Danger Island (92); A Face to Die For (96);
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Survival School Affair};
   Moonlighting {All Creatures Great and...Not So Great}; Murder, She Wrote;
   Paper Dolls (Sept.-Dec. 84) |David Fenton|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Homecoming; The Circle;
   The Siege} |Li Nalas|; Twin Peaks {Pilot} (89) |Benjamin Horne|;
   Twin Peaks (Apr. 90-91) |Benjamin Horne|; Under Investigation (93);
   The X-Files {Sanguinarium} |Dr. Jack Franklin|.
   Bachelor Flat (62) |Mike|; Blackbelt (92); Cross Country (83);
   High Time (60) |Bob Bannerman|; Indiscretion of an American Wife (54);
   Johnny Tremain (57); The Longest Day (62) |Pvt. Dutch Schultz|;
   The Stripper (63) |Kenny|; West Side Story (61) |Tony|.

Casey Biggs
   "Hedda Gabbler" [Director]; "Hope in the Heart" (90) |Jack Burden|;
   "Issue? I Don't Even Know You!" (84) [OOB];
   "Julius Caesar" (91) |Marc Antony|; "Long Days Journey into Night" (96)
   "Painted Woman"; "Pride's Crossing"; "Speed-the-Plow" (97) |Bobby Gould|.
   Martin {California Here I Come}; Profiler {I'll Be Watching You};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Return to Grace; Apocalypse Rising;
   Call to Arms; A Time to Stand; Sons and Daughters;
   Behind the Lines; Favor the Bold; Sacrifice of Angels;
   Statistical Probabilities; Waltz; In the Pale Moonlight;
   Tears of the Prophets; ##NEW## Image in the Sand;
   ##NEW## Shadows and Symbols; ##NEW## Treachery, Faith and the Great
River} |Damar|;
   Stat (Apr.-May 91) |Dr. Lewis 'Cowboy' Doniger|.
   Bodily Harm (92) |Michael Cates|; Broken Arrow (96) |Novacek|;
   The Pelican Brief (93) |Eric East|; Shadow Conspiracy (96) |Stokes|.

Theodore Bikel
   "Fiddler on the Roof" |Tevye|; "The Sound of Music".
   All in the Family |Klemmer|; Babylon 5 {TKO} |Rabbi Koslov|;
   Babylon 5: In the Beginning (98) |Lenonn|;
   Burke's Law {Who Killed the Surf Board?; Who Killed the Rest?};
   Cannon {Blood on the Vine} |Mike Tampa|;
   Charlie's Angels {Angels on a String};
   Columbo {The Bye-Bye Sky High IQ Murder Case};
   The Dick Powell Show {Pericles on 31st Street};
   East Side/West Side {No Wings at All};
   Hawaii Five-O {Sweet Terror}; Hill Street Blues; L.A. Law {Holocaust};
   Law & Order {Snatched}; Mission: Impossible {The Cardinal};
   Murder on Flight 502 (75); The Pretender {Hazards} |Martin
Zoeller/Werner Krieg|;
   Rawhide {Canliss}; Route 66 {Only by Cunning Glimpses}; Star Tonight;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Family} |Sergei Rozhenko|;
   Studio One {Julius Caesar (55)}; The Twilight Zone {Four O'Clock}.
   200 Motels (71); The African Queen (51); The Colditz Story (57);
   Crisis in the Kremlin (92); Dark Tower (87); The Defiant Ones (58);
   A Dog of Flanders (60); The Enemy Below (57); Flight from Vienna (56);
   I Bury the Living (58); I Want to Live! (58); My Fair Lady (64);
   My Side of the Mountain (69); The Pride and the Passion (57);
   The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming (66); Shattered (91);
   Sweet November (68).

Simon Billig
00/00/19?? -
   "The Comedy of Errors" (92) [OB] |Officer|.
   Dark Skies {Strangers in the Night}; Star Trek: Voyager {Alliances; Meld;
   Investigations; Deadlock; Tuvix; Resolutions; Basics, Part II} |Lt. Hogan|;
   Timecop {A Rip in Time} |Constable #3|.
   (None Known).

Earl Billings
   The Incredible Hulk {Falling Angels};
   Married with Children {Route 666, Part 2} |Demerson|;
   New Attitude (Aug.-Sept. 90) |Leon|;
   South Central (Apr.-Aug. 94) |Mayo Bonner|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Drumhead} |Adm. Thomas Henry|.
   Crimson Tide (95); Jimmy Hollywood (94) |Police Capt.|;
   One False Move (92).

Geoffrey Binney
   Battlestar Galactica {Saga of a Star World} |Warrior|;
   Star Trek {Wink of an Eye} |Compton|.
   (None Known).

Raye Birk
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {High Treason};
   Aftermath: A Test of Love (91); Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again (90);
   Barbarians at the Gate (93);
   Caroline in the City {Caroline and the Critics} |Danny Edison|;
   Caught in the Act (93); Challenger (90); Cheers;
   Cries from the Heart (94); Deadly Messages (85);
   Due South {Red, White, or Blue}; ER {Let the Games Begin} |Mr. Hartley|;
   Fresno (86); L.A. Law; Murphy Brown {Murphy's Law}; The New Twilight Zone;
   Newhart {Happy Trails to You; Another Saturday Night};
   Picket Fences {Pilot}; The Popcorn Kid (Mar.-Apr. 87) |Leonard Brown|;
   Remington Steele {Red Holt Steele; Lofty Steele};
   Silk Stalkings {Was It Good for You Too?;
   Natural Selection, Part I; Natural Selection, Part II; Red Flag;
   Community Service |Atticus Dunn|; Freudian Slip |Atticus Dunn|;
   The Deep End |Atticus Dunn|};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Where Silence Has Lease} |Wrenn|;
   Under Cover (Jan.-Feb. 91) |Grimbach|;
   Wings {A Tale of Two Sister Cities} |Prince Restivon|;
   The Wonder Years (*88-91) |Mr. DiPerna|;
   The X-Files {War of the Coprophages} |Dr. Jeff Eckerle|.
   The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (84) |Reporter|;
   Amazon Women on the Moon (87); Best Defense (84) |Sonny|;
   Burglar (87) |Jogger|; Class Act (92) |Principal Kratz|;
   Doc Hollywood (91); Josh and S.A.M. (93); Martians Go Home (90);
   The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (88);
   Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (94);
   ##NEW## Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) |Son'a Doctor|;
   Throw Momma from the Train (87) |Pinsky|.

David Tristan Birkin
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Family |Rene Picard|;
   Rascals |Young Picard|}.
   (None Known).

David Birney
   Bridget Loves Bernie (Sep. 72-Sep. 73) |Bernie Steinberg|;
   Glitter (Sep. 84-Dec. 85) |Sam Dillon|; Great American TV Poll (Mar. 91);
   Master of the Game (84); Only with Married Men (74); Ray Bradbury Theater;
   Serpico (Sep. 76-Jan. 77) |Frank Serpico|;
   St. Elsewhere (*Oct. 82-83) |Dr. Ben Samuels|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Tears of the Prophets} |Sen. Letant|.
   Caravan to Vaccares (74); King Richard II (82); Night of the Fox (90);
   Nightfall (88); Oh, God! Book II (80); Pretty Kill (87); Touch and Die (91).

Whit Bissell
00/00/1914 - 03/05/1996
   Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond {Brainwave}; Bachelor Father;
   The Barbary Coast {Mary Had More Than a Little} |Minister|;
   The Bionic Woman {The Over the Hill Spy} |Wolfe|;
   Broken Arrow {Johnny Flagstaff}; Cannon {Scream of Silence |Billingsly|;
   The Perfect Alibi |Warden Shepherd|};
   Falcon Crest; Harry O {The Last Heir};
   Have Gun Will Travel {No Visitors} |Mr. Jones|;
   Hogan's Heroes {The Rise and Fall of Sergeant Schultz};
   I Dream of Jeannie {Fastest Gun in the East} |Horace|;
   The Incredible Hulk {Kindred Spirits; Prometheus (I); Prometheus (II)};
   The Invaders {Dark Outpost}; Julia {Mama's Man};
   Land of the Giants {Secret City of Limbo};
   The Loner {An Echo of Bugles} |Nichols|;
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Bat Cave Affair};
   Mannix {The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress; The Solid Gold Web};
   Men into Space {Christmas on the Moon}; The Outer Limits {Nightmare};
   Perry Mason {The Case of the Lavender Lipstick};
   Profiles in Courage {Woodrow Wilson} |Woodrow Wilson|;
   Rawhide {Incident of the 100 Amulets};
   The Rifleman {The Patsy; The Fourflusher; The Hangman;
   Long Gun from Tucson}; Route 66 {Black November};
   Science Fiction Theatre {Sound of Murder; The Green Bomb; Doctor Robot};
   Star Trek {The Trouble with Tribbles} |Mr. Lurry|;
   The Time Tunnel (66-67) |Gen. Heywood Kirk|; Trackdown {Killer Takes All};
   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea {Peacemaker}; The Young Lawyers
{Remember Chris Gately?}.
   Airport (70); Another Part of the Forest (48);
   At Gunpoint (55); The Atomic Kid (54);
   Birdman of Alcatraz (62); The Black Orchid (59);
   Boots Malone (52); Brute Force (47);
   The Caine Mutiny (54); Canon City (48); Casey's Shadow (78);
   City Beneath the Sea (??); Cluny Brown (46); Convicted (50);
   A Convenant With Death (67); Creature from the Black Lagoon (54);
   Crime Doctor's Diary (49); The Defiant Ones (58);
   Destination Tokyo (43); A Double Life (47);
   The Family Secret (51); Five Card Stud (68);
   Fluffy (65); The Great Missouri Raid (50); 
   Gunfight At The O.K. Corral (57); The Hallelujah Trail (65);
   He Walked by Night (48); Hemingway's Adventures of A Young Man (62);
   Holy Matrimony (43); Hud (63); 
   I Was a Teenage Frankenstein (57); I Was a Teenage Werewolf (57);
   Invasion of the Body Snatchers (56); It Should Happen to You (53); 
   The Killer That Stalked New York (50); A Life Of Her Own (50); 
   The Lincoln Conspiracy (77); The Lost Continent (51);
   The Magnificent Seven (60); The Manchurian Candidate (62);
   Monster on the Campus (58); Never So Few (59);
   Night Song (47); No Name on the Bullet (59);
   Not As A Stranger (55); Once You Kiss A Stranger (69);
   Perfect Strangers (50); Pete 'n' Tillie (72);
   The Red Badge of Courage (51); Red Mountain (51);
   The Sea of Grass (47); The Sellout (51); 
   The Senator Was Indiscreet (47); Seven Days in May (64);
   Shack-Out on 101 (55); Soylent Green (73) |Santini|;
   Tales of Robin Hood (51); Three Hours To Kill (54);
   The Time Machine (60); Trial (55); Warlock (59);
   Where Love Has Gone (64); Wyoming Mail (50);
   The Young Stranger (57).

James Black
   "Danton's Death" (92) [R] |various|.
   High Tide {Out of the Ashes}; The Sentinel {The Debt} |Antoine Hollins|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Shattered Mirror} |Helmsman|.
   (None Known).

Bill Blackburn
   Star Trek {Shore Leave |White Rabbit|;
   A Taste of Armageddon |Eminian Guard/Technician| [Uncredited];
   The Alternative Factor |Security Guard|; A Piece of the Action |Lt. Hadley|;
   Patterns of Force |Trooper|; Is There in Truth No Beauty? |Security Guard|}.
   (None Known).

Brad Blaisdell
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Honor Among Thieves} |Yint|;
   Three's Company |Mike, the Bartender|.
   (None Known).

Geoffrey Blake
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {Steel Horses} |Beck|;
   Alien Nation {Green Eyes} |Michael Bukowski|;
   Fatal Exposure (91); Paper Dolls (Sept.-Dec. 84) |Steve|;
   Renegade (Sept. 92-??) |Hound Adams|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Playing God} |Arjin|;
   Strange Luck {Last Chance}.
   Critters 3 (92); Forrest Gump (94) |Wesley|; The Keys (91).

Arell Blanton
   Dark Skies {We Shall Overcome} |Gen. Nathan F. Twining|;
   Star Trek {The Savage Curtain} |Security Chief Lt. Dickerson|.
   (None Known).

Jack Blessing
   Brooklyn South {Love Hurts}; ER {Post Mortem}; The Last of His Tribe (92);
   Moonlighting (*88-89) |MacGilicuddy|; Murder One {Chapter 5; Chapter 15;
   Chapter 16} |Det. Ceibalt|; Profiler {It Cuts Both Ways};
   Small & Frye (Mar.-June 83) |Chip Frye|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Trials and Tribble-ations} |Dulmer|.
   The Game of Love (87).

John Bloom
   Married with Children {Scared Single; Shoeway to Heaven} |Billy Ray Wetnap|;
   Paradise (Oct. 88-June 91) |Tiny|.
   Brain of Blood (71);
   Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (91) |Behemoth Alien|.

Brady Bluhm
   Dragon Friend (98) |Voice of Alec|; Star Trek: Voyager {Time and Again}
   (None Known).

J. Paul Boehmer
   Star Trek: Voyager {The Killing Game |Kapitan|; The Killing Game, Part
II |Kapitan|;
   ##NEW## Drone |The Drone|}.
   (None Known).

Earl Boen
   The Companion (94); Hangin' with Mr. Cooper {Private School};
   Herman's Head {The Last Boy Scout}; It's a Living (*81-82) |Dennis Hubner|;
   L.A. Law; The Law and Harry McGraw (87-Feb. 88) |Howard|; Living Single;
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Madame Ex};
   Mr. President (May 87-88) |Dave|; Newhart {Candidate Larry};
   The Pinky and the Brain Show; Remington Steele {My Fair Steele;
   Forged Steele}; Spiderman [Voice];
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Where Silence Has Lease} |Nagilum|.
   The Man with Two Brains (83); The Terminator (84) |Dr. Silberman|;
   Terminator 2: Judgement Day (91) |Dr. Silberman|.

Michael Bofshever
   "The Possum Play" (94) [R] |various|.
   Ally McBeal {The Promise}; The Practice {The Blessing};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Progress} |Toran|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Timescape} |Romulan/Alien|.
   Bye Bye Love (95); A Low Down Dirty Shame (94) |Mr. Gold|;
   Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (91) |Excelsior Engineer|.

Bruce Bohne
   The Pretender {Not Even a Mouse} |Homeless Harry|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Blood Fever} |Ishan|.
   (None Known).

Cal Bolder
   Star Trek {Friday's Child} |Kreel|.
   Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter (66).

Bill Bolender
   "His Unconquerable Enemy" (90) [R] [Director].
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {Pilot}; Dangerous Curves;
   JAG {Pilot; Defensive Action; Crossing the Line};
   NYPD Blue {Travels with Andy};
   Sliders {Electric Twister Acid Test} |Franklin Michener|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Blood Oath} |The Albino|.
   (None Known).

Shirley Bonne
   My Sister Eileen (60-61) |Eileen Sherwood|; Star Trek {Shore Leave} |Ruth|.
   (None Known).

Gail Bonney
   Mannix |Mrs. Timmins|; Star Trek {Catspaw} |Witch #2|.
   (None Known).

Walker Boone
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Skin of Evil} |Lt. Cmdr. Leland T. Lynch|.
   F/X 2 (91).

Emilio Borelli
   Married with Children {Death of a Shoe Salesman} |Man|;
   NYPD Blue {UnAmerican Grafitti; My Wild Irish Nose |Jack Palermo Esq.|};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Bar Association} |Frool|.
   (None Known).

Lucy Boryer
   Doogie Howser, M.D. (*Sept. 89-92) |Janine Stewart|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Man of the People} |Ens. Janeway|.
   (None Known).

Barbara Bosson
   Cop Rock (Sept.-Dec. 90) |Mayor Louise Plank|;
   Hill Street Blues (*Jan. 81-86) |Fay Furillo|;
   Hooperman (87-Sept. 89) |Capt. Celeste C.Z. Stern|;
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Individual Responsibility;
   Whine, Whine, Whine}; Mannix {A Question of Midnight}; Murder One (?-?);
   NYPD Blue {Simone Says};
   Richie Brockelman, Private Eye (Mar.-Aug. 78) |Sharon Deterson|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Rivals} |Roana|.
   Capricorn One (78); The Last Starfighter (84); Little Sweetheart (90).

Barbara Bouchet
08/15/1943 -
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Project Deephole Affair} |Narcissus Darling|;
   The Scarlet and the Black (83); Star Trek {By Any Other Name} |Kelinda|;
   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea {Left Handed Man}.
   Agent for H.A.R.M. (66); Casino Royale (67); Los Amores de Don Juan (71);
   Black Belly of the Tarantula (72); Danger Route (68); Death Rage (76);
   Don't Torture the Duckling (72); Down the Ancient Staircase (75);
   A Global Affair (64); Good Neighbor Sam (64); In Harm's Way (65);
   John Goldfarb, Please Come Home (65);
   The Married Priest (71); Milano Calibro 9 (71);
   Sex and the Single Girl (64) |Uncredited|; Sex with a Smile (76);
   Sweet Charity (69); What a Way to Go! (64).

David Bowe
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night} |Basso|.
   UHF (89).

Antoinette Bower
09/30/1932 -
   Cannon {Point After Death} |Karen Jennings|; The F.B.I. {The Exchange;
   The Traitor; Blueprint for Betrayal; Flight Plan};
   Hogan's Heroes {Duel of Honor; Carter Turns Traitor;
   Is There a Traitor in the House?;}; I Spy {Return to Glory;
   Crusade to Limbo} |Shelby Clavell|; The Invaders {Condition: Red};
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Bow-Wow Affair}; Mannix {Shadow of a Man};
   Mission: Impossible {The Slave, Part 1; The Slave, Part 2} |Amara|;
   Murder, She Wrote {If It's Thursday, It Must Be Beverly};
   Neon Rider (90-91) |Fox Devlin|;
   Perry Mason {The Case of the Bluffing Blast; The Case of the Ancient Romeo};
   The Six Million Dollar Man {A Bionic Christmas Carol} |Nora Crandall|;
   Star Trek {Catspaw} |Sylvia|; T.H.E. Cat {The Blood-Red Night};
   Thriller {Waxworks; The Return of Andrew Bentley};
   The Twilight Zone {Probe 7 - Over and Out};
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of Sudden Death}.
   (None Known).

Katy Boyer
   Babylon 5 {By Any Means Necessary} |Neeoma Connally|;
   Silk Stalkings {Carrie & Jessie} |Carrie Morgan|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {11001001} |Zero One|; Trapped (89).
   (None Known).

William Boyett
   Adam 12 (68-Aug. 75) |Sgt. MacDonald|; The Dick Powell Show {Ricochet};
   Have Gun Will Travel {Fragile}; Highway Patrol; I Spy {Tiger} |Pilot|;
   The Incredible Hulk {Veteran};
   The Six Million Dollar Man {Doomsday, and Counting} |Air Force Gen.|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Big Goodbye |Lt. Dan Bell|;
   Time's Arrow, Part II |Policeman|}; T.J. Hooker {Hot Pursuit} |Sgt. Kavin|.
   (None Known).

Kim Braden
   Alien Nation {Green Eyes} |Marilyn Houston|; Laugh-In (Jun.-Jul. 79);
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Loss} |Janet Brooks|.
   Star Trek: Generations (94) |Picard's Wife|.

Booker Bradshaw
   Julia {Home of the Braves}; Star Trek {A Private Little War;
   That Which Survives} |Doctor M'Benga|.
   (None Known).

Robert Bralver
   The Bionic Woman {Welcome Home, Jaime, Part II} |Sayers|;
   I Spy {Magic Mirror} |Steward|; Star Trek {Friday's Child |Grant|;
   Is There in Truth No Beauty?} |Yeoman|.
   Star Trek: The Motion Picture (79) [Stuntman].

Mark Bramhall
00/00/00 -
   "Fertility Rights" (93) [R] |Ernie|.
   Babylon 5 {The Long Night} |Centauri #2|; Dark Skies {The Last Wave};
   NYPD Blue {A Tushfull of Dollars};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Parallels} |Gul Nador|.
   (None Known).

William Bramley
   The Barbary Coast {Funny Money} |Hatch|;
   Cannon {Death Is a Double Cross} |Lt. Egan|; Gunsmoke {Lynott};
   Honey West {The Owl and the Eye} |Mortimer|; The Outer Limits {The
   Petrocelli {Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...} |Milt Daniels|;
   The Phil Silvers Show {Bilko's Sharpshooter};
   Star Trek {Bread and Circuses} |Policeman|;
   That Girl {It's So Nice to Have a Mouse Around the House} |Bert|.
   (None Known).

Victor Brandt
   Kung Fu: The Next Generation (87);
   Nobody's Perfect (Jun.-Aug. 80) |Det. Jacobi|;
   Star Trek {Elaan of Troyius |Tech. Watson|; The Way to Eden |Tongo Rad|}.
   Sliver (93).

Walker Brandt
   The Single Guy {Macho Men} |Bambi|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The First Duty} |Jean Hajar|.
   (None Known).

J.C. Brandy
   Kindred: The Embraced {Live Hard, Die Young, and Leave a
   Good Looking Corpse} |Riannon|; Silk Stalkings {Witness |Nicole|;
   School of Hard Rocks};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Tapestry} |Marta Batanides|;
   Wolf (89-Jan. 91) |Angeline Bacarri|.
   (None Known).

Eve Brenner
   Early Edition {Phantom at the Opera} |Eve|;
   Quantum Leap {Maybe Baby};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Violations} |Inad|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Remember} |Jora Mirell|.
   The Great Mouse Detective (86).

David Brian
08/05/1914 - 07/15/1993
   Blade Rider (66); Honey West {The Perfect Un-Crime};
   I Dream of Jeannie {Jeannie and the Murder Caper} |P.J. Ferguson|;
   The Immortal (70-71) |Arthur Maitland|; Mannix {Out of Time};
   Mission: Impossible; Mr. District Attorney (*54-55) |D.A. Paul Garrett|;
   Rawhide {Incident of the Painted Lady};
   Star Trek {Patterns of Force} |John Gill|.
   Beyond the Forest (49); Castle of Evil (66); The Damned Don't Cry (50);
   Flamingo Road (49); Fort Worth (51); How the West Was Won (63);
   Million Dollar Mermaid (52); This Woman Is Dangerous (52).

Marci Brickhouse
   Chicago Sons {To Have and to Hold} |Anna|;
   Married with Children {A Shoe Room with a View} |Taylor|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Our Man Bashir} |Mona Luvsitt|.
   (None Known).

Charlie Brill
   The Incredible Hulk {King of the Beach};
   Married with Children {And Baby Makes Money} |Eugene Bundy|;
   Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (*68-69);
   Silk Stalkings {Star Signs |Myron|; Tough Love; Team Spirit;
   Sweet Punishment; The Perfect Alibi; Sex, Lies and Yellow Tape;
   Freudian Slip; Ladies Night Out; Killer Cop; Natural Selection, Part 1;
   Natural Selection, Part 2; Reluctant Witness; Maid Service;
   Where There's a Will...; Love Bandit; Ask the Dust; Judas Kiss;
   The Mud-Queen Murders; School of Hard Rocks; Vengeance;
   Ghosts of the Past; Pas de Deux; Mrs. Carlisle; Brother's Keeper;
   Champagne on Ice; I Know What Scares You; New Blood; Cadillac Jack;
   Head 'N' Tail; The Last Campaign; The Deep End; Mother Love; Into the Fire;
   Pulp Addiction; Glory Days; Till Death Do Us Part; Exit Dying;
   Family Values} |Capt. Harry Lipschitz|;
   Silk Stalkings (*96-??) |Capt. Harry Lipschitz|;
   Sledge Hammer! {They Shoot Hammers, Don't They?};
   Star Trek {The Trouble with Tribbles} |Arne Darvin|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Trials and Tribble-ations} |Arne Darvin|;
   Supertrain (Feb.-Jul. 79) |Robert, the Hairdresser|.
   Dead Men Don't Die (91).

Peter Brocco
00/00/190? - 01/03/1993 (89)
   Adam-12 {The Immigrant Tailor}; Bewitched {Eye of the Beholder} |Mr.
   Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe (?-? 53) |Dr. Varney|;
   The Dick Van Dyke Show {There's No Sale Like Wholesale |Emil|;
   I Do Not Choose to Run |Voter|}; Harry O {The Acolyte};
   Have Gun Will Travel {A Matter of Ethics} |Clerk|;
   I Dream of Jeannie {My Hero |Turhan|;
   Never Try to Outsmart a Jeannie |Clerk|};
   I Love Lucy {Visitor from Italy |Dominic|;
   Lucy Raises Tulips |Flower Judge|};
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Dippy Blonde Affair |Dr. Segal|;
   The Deadly Smorgasbord Affair}; Mannix {The Sound of Darkness |Derelict|;
   To Save a Dead Man}; Mission: Impossible |Father Bernard|;
   The Monkees {Monkee Mayor}; The Outer Limits {I, Robot};
   Perry Mason; Remington Steele {Springtime for Steele};
   The Rogues {The Real Russian Caviar}; Route 66 {The Cage Around Maria};
   Star Trek {Errand of Mercy} |Claymare|; Superman {The Phantom Ring};
   Thriller {Trio for Terror; The Prisoner in the Mirror;
   The Bride Who Died Twice; Guillotine};
   The Time Tunnel {Idol of Death} |Retainer|;
   Trackdown {Three-Legged Fox}; The Twilight Zone {Hocus, Pocus and Frisby}.
   The Balcony (63); Butch and Sundance: The Early Days (79);
   His Kind of Woman (51); One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (75);
   Our Man Flint (66); Radar Men from the Moon (52).

Roy Brocksmith
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Neverending Battle} |Floyd|;
   Murder One {Chapter 5; Chapter 13}; Nowhere Man;
   Picket Fences |Michael Oslo|; Seinfeld {The Nose Job} |Landlord|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Indiscretion} |Razka|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Peak Performance} |Sirna Kolrami|;
   Tales from the Crypt {Cutting Cards; The Switch}; The Wonder Years.
   Arachnophobia (90); Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (91); Nickel & Dime (91);
   Steele Justice (87); Tango & Cash (89) |Fed. Agent Davis|; Total Recall

Ivar Brogger
   "Clarence" (85) [OB] |Clarence|; "The Madwoman of Chaillot" (85) [OB]
   "Vivat! Vivat Regina!" (85) [OB] |David Rizzio, Prisoner|.
   Caroline in the City {Caroline and Richard & Julia} |Producer|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Unity} |Orum|.
   (None Known).

Jacqueline Brookes
   "An Evening's Frost" (65) [R]; "Much Ado About Nothing" (64) |Beatrice|;
   "Richard III" (64) |Queen Elizabeth|.
   Jack and Mike (86-87) |Nora Adler|;
   Miami Vice {Give a Little, Take a Little};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The First Duty}
   |Superintendant Admiral Brand|.
   The Entity (83); The Gambler (74); The Good Son (93); Last Embrace (79);
   The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear (91); Rodeo Girl (80);
   Without a Trace (83).

Joel Brooks
   Dudley (Apr.-May 93) |Harold Krowten|; The Dukes of Hazzard; The Facts
of Life;
   Good Grief! (90-Mar. 91) |Warren Pepper|;
   Hail to the Chief (Apr.-Jul. 85) |Randy|; Here Come the Munsters (95);
   Jack's Place {Something Wonderful This Way Comes};
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Chip Off the Old Clark};
   Murphy Brown {A Comedy of Eros} |George|;
   My Sister Sam (86-88) |J.D. Lucas|; Private Benjamin (*82) |Lt. Billy Dean|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Move Along Home} |Falow|;
   Taxi {Tony's Lady} |Nick|; Teachers Only (83-84) |Spud Le Boone|.
   Are You Lonesome Tonight? (91); Indecent Proposal (93);
   Skin Deep (89) |Jake|.

Stephen Brooks
   Barnaby Jones; Days of Our Lives (*80-81) |Joshua Fallon|;
   The F.B.I. (*65-67) |Special Agent Jim Rhodes|;
   Ghost Story; The Interns (70-Sept. 71) |Dr. Greg Pettit|;
   The Invaders {Life Seekers}; The Nurses (*63-64) |Dr. Ned Lowry|;
   Route 66 {Where Is Chick Lorimer, Where Has She Gone?};
   Star Trek {Obsession} |Ens. Garrovick|.
   (None Known).

Brian Brophy
   "Fertility Rights" (93) [R] |Leo|; "The Waiting Room" (94) [R] |Orderly|.
   Max Headroom;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Measure of a Man} |Cmdr. Bruce Maddox|.
   Paranoia (69); The Player (92) |Phil|;
   The Shawshank Redemption (94) |Parole Examiner|.

Caitlin Brown
   Babylon 5 (*94) |Na'Toth|;
   Babylon 5 {There All the Honor Lies} |Guinevere Corey|;
   JAG {Boot} |D.I. Carrington|; Silk Stalkings {Love Never Dies |Amanda|;
   Sudden Death |Terri Ross|};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Passenger} |Ty Kajada|; 
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Gambit, Part I; Gambit, Part II} |Vekor|.
   (None Known).

Georgia Brown
00/00/00 - 06/06/92 (58)
   "3 Penny Opera" (89) [B] |Mrs. Peachum|; "42nd Street" (84) |Dorothy Brock|;
   "Maggie May" (64); "Oliver" (63) |Nancy|.
   Cheers {The Ghost and Mrs. LeBec; Madame LaCarla};
   Fish Police (Feb.-Mar. 92) |Goldie|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Family; New Ground} |Helena Rozhenko|.
   The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones (76); The Devil's Undead (79);
   Lock Up Your Daughters (69); Long Ago, Tomorrow (70);
   A Study in Terror (65).

Henry Brown
   Alien Nation {Spirit of '95}; Picket Fences {The Contenders} |Freed|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Ex Post Facto} |Numiri Captain|.
   Stepfather II (89).

Mark Robert Brown
00/00/1959 -
   The Andy Griffith Show; The Flying Nun; I Spy; Love American Style;
   Star Trek {And the Children Shall Lead} |Don Linden|.
   A Man Called Horse (70); Tom Sawyer (73?).

Robert Brown
11/12/1918 -
   "Ladies of Hanover Tower" (64) [R] [Co-Director];
   "Return Ticket"; "The Voyage of the Red Hat" (92) [R].
   The Avengers {The Town of No Return} |Saul|;
   Here Come the Brides (68-Sept. 70) |Jason Bolt|;
   Mannix {The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress};
   Perry Mason {The Case of the Larcenous Lady;
   The Case of the Reluctant Model}; Primus (71) |Carter Primus|;
   Star Trek {The Alternative Factor} |Lazarus|.
   The Flame Barrier (58); License to Kill (89) |M|;
   Octopussy (83) |M|; One Million Years B.C. (66); Tower of London (62).

Roger Aaron Brown
   Cannon {A Killing in the Family} |Jebediah|;
   Dark Skies {We Shall Overcome}; Days of Our Lives (*81-85) |Danny Grant|;
   JAG {Desert Son}; MacGyver {Brainwashed |Edward Mantu|; Black Rhino};
   On Our Own (*94) |Gordon Ormsby|; Picket Fences {The Green Bay Chopper}.
   China Moon (94); Star Trek: The Motion Picture (79) |Epsilon Technician|.

Ron Brown
   I Dream of Jeannie {Guess What Happened on the Way to the Moon? |Orderly|;
   There Goes the Best Genie I Ever Had |Male Guest|};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {11001001} |Drummer|.
   Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar (68).

Wren T. Brown
   Frasier {And the Whimper Is...};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Manhunt} |Transport Pilot|.
   The Net (95).

Kathie Browne
   Bonanza (*63-64); Hondo (Sept.-Dec. 67) |Angie Dow|;
   Kolchak: The Night Stalker {Sentry}; Mannix {The Man Outside};
   Perry Mason {The Case of the Mystified Miner;
   The Case of the Festive Felon}; Slattery's People (*65) |Liz Andrews|;
   Star Trek {Wink of an Eye} |Deela|; Wagon Train {The Fort Pierce Story};
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Human Trigger;
   The Night of the Colonel's Ghost}.
   Man's Favorite Sport? (64).

Karl Bruck
00/00/1906 - 00/00/1987  
   Hogan's Heroes {The Most Escape-Proof Camp I've Ever Escaped From;
   Axis Annie; Klink's Masterpiece; Klink for the Defense};
   Star Trek {The Conscience of the King} |King Duncan|;
   The White Shadow {Mr. Hero}.
   (None Known).

Ellen Bry
   The Amazing Spiderman (*78-79) |Julie Mason|;
   Chicago Hope {Missed Conception}; Dallas;
   MacGyver {Countdown} |Carole Tanner|; Murder One {Chapter 16};
   St. Elsewhere (*82-85) |Nurse Shirley Daniels|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Quality of Life} |Dr. Farallon|.
   (None Known).

Erica Lynne Bryan
   Star Trek: Voyager {Scorpion, Part II; The Raven} |Annika Hansen|
   (None Known).

Clara Bryant
   Billy (Jan.-July 92) |Annie|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Move Along Home} |Chandra|.
   (None Known).

Todd Bryant
   (None Known).
   Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (91) |Captain Klaa|;
   Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (94) |Klingon Translator|.

Marc Buckland
   Murder One (?-?) [Director/Producer];
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The High Ground} |Waiter|.
   (None Known).

Ray Buktenica
   The Adventures of Nellie Bly (81); Cutters (Jun.-Jul. 93) |Chad Connors|;
   Hawaii Five-O {Jury of One};
   House Calls (Dec. 79-Sep. 82) |Dr. Norman Solomon|;
   Life Goes On (*90-92) |Jerry Berkson|; Magnum, P.I. {Transitions};
   Open House (Aug. 89-Jul. 90) |Dave Hayes|; Rhoda (*77-78) |Benny Goodwin|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {By Inferno's Light} |Deyos|.
   (None Known).

Gary Bullock
   Star Trek: Voyager {Rise} |Goth|.
   Terminal Velocity (94).

Brooke Bundy
   Ben Casey {Lullaby for a Wind-Up Toy}; The Brady Bunch;
   Cannon {Dead Pigeon |Carol Loomis|; Killer on the Hill |Mrs. Caluso|};
   Charlie's Angels {The Vegas Connection}; The Crash of Flight 401 (79);
   Days of Our Lives (*75-77) |Rebecca North LeClair|;
   Francis Gary Powers: The True Story of the U-2 Spy Incident (76);
   General Hospital (*73?-81?) |Diana Taylor|;
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Deadly Games Affair};
   Mannix {Danger: Live Blueberries; To Save a Dead Man};
   Mission: Impossible {The Controllers};
   Moonlighting {Yours, Very Deadly}; Night Gallery {Death on a Barge};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Naked Now}
   |Chief Engineer Lt. Cmdr. Sarah MacDougal|;
   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea {The Cyborg}.
   Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (87) |Elaine Parker|.

Marlys Burdette
   Star Trek {Wolf in the Fold |Serving Girl|; A Piece of the Action
|Krako's Gun Moll|}.
   (None Known).

Billy Burke
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Second Skin} |Ari|;
   Strange Luck {Over Exposure}.
   (None Known).

Michael Reilly Burke
   Earth 2 {The Boy Who Would Be Terrian King} |Future Ulysses|;
   NYPD Blue {Travels with Andy}; Picket Fences {Under the Influence};
   Space: Above and Beyond {Never No More};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Profit and Loss} |Hogue|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Descent, Part II} |Goval|.
   (None Known).

Tim Burns
   Star Trek {The Doomsday Machine} |Russ|.
   Mad Max (79).

Dan Butler
   Frasier (Sep. 93-??) |Bob 'Bulldog' Briscoe|; Star Trek: Voyager {Vis A
Vis} |Steth|.
   (None Known).

Merritt Butrick
00/00/19?? - 00/00/1989
   Beauty and the Beast; Square Pegs (82-83) |Johnny Slash|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Symbiosis} |T'Jon|.
   Fright Night II (89) |Richie|; Head Office (86); Shy People (88);
   Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (82) |Dr. David Marcus|;
   Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (84) |Dr. David Marcus|.

Amick Byram
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Identity Crisis |Hickman|;
   Dark Page |Mr. [Ian Andrew] Troi|}.
   (None Known).

Carl Byrd
   I Dream of Jeannie {My Master the Weakling} |Jump Master|;
   Julia {The Unlonliest Night of the Week};
   Star Trek {By Any Other Name} |Lt. Shea|.
   (None Known).

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