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                        Star Trek Actors' Other Roles
                    Part II --  Guest Starring Characters

Dave Cadiente
   T.J. Hooker {Raw Deal} |Trios|.
   Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (84) |Sargeant|.

Anthony Call
   One Life to Live (*78-92) |Herb Callison|; Route 66 {Three Sides};
   Star Trek {The Corbomite Maneuver} |Lt. Dave Bailey|.
   Going in Style (79).

K Callan
   Cutter to Houston (Oct.-Dec. 83) |Nurse Connie Buford|;
   Flight of Black Angel (91); Joe's World (Dec. 79-Jul. 80) |Katie Wabash|;
   Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (Sept. 93-??) |Martha Kent|;
   Married: The First Year (Feb.-Mar. 79) |Cathy Baker|;
   Remington Steele {Have I Got a Steele for You};
   Route 66 {Aren't You Surprised to See Me?}; Saved by the Light (95);
   St. Elsewhere {Slice O' Life; Close Encounter}; 
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Rivals} |Alsia|.
   Frankie and Johnny (91); The Unborn (91).

Hamilton Camp
   Co-Ed Fever (Feb. 79) |Mr. Peabody|;
   He & She (Sep. 67-Sep. 70) |Andrew Hummel|;
   It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (84); Julia {Gone with the Whim};
   Just Our Luck (Sep.-Dec. 83) |Professor Bob|;
   The Mary Tyler Moore Show {Toulouse Latrec Is One of My Favorite Artists};
   The Monkees {Monkees at the Movies};
   The Nashville Palace (Oct. 81-Aug. 82);
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Ferengi Love Songs; The Magnificent Ferengi}
   Too Close for Comfort (*81) |Arthur Wainwright|; Turn-On (Feb. 1969).
   Arena (89); Casey at the Bat (86); The Rosebud Beach Hotel (85).

William Campbell
10/30/1926 -
   "Maneuvers" (85) [OOB].
   Crime Story (86-88) |Det. Joey Indelli|; Dynasty (*84-85) |Luke Fuller|;
   The Heat: When You Lie Down with Dogs {Pilot}; ##NEW## Max Q: Emergency
Landing (98);
   O'Hara, U.S. Treasury {Operation: Big Store};
   The Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (87);
   Star Trek {The Squire of Gothos |Trelane|;
   The Trouble with Tribbles |Capt. Koloth|};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Blood Oath} |Koloth|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Freebooters}.
   Battle Circus (53); Battle Cry (55); Black Gunn (72);
   Dementia 13 (63); The High and the Mighty (54); Love Me Tender (56);
   Man Without a Star (55); The Naked and the Dead (58);
   Operation Pacific (51); Pretty Maids All in a Row (71); Running Wild (55);
   Small Town Girl (53).

William O. Campbell
   Dream West (86); First Steps (85);
   Moon Over Miami (Sept.-Dec. 93) |Walter Tatum|;
   More Tales of the City (98?) |Dr. John Fielding|;
   The Naked Truth {A Year in the Life} |Luke|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Outrageous Okona} |Capt. Thaduin Okona|;
   Tales of the City (??).
   Bram Stoker's Dracula (92) |Quincey P. Morris|; Checkered Flag (90);
   Delta Force 2: Operation Stranglehold (90);
   Jungle Book 2: Mowgli and Baloo (97); The Night We Never Met (93);
   The Rocketeer (91).

Ron Canada
   "Mr. Rickey Calls a Meeting" (92) [R];
   "Private Battle" (94) [R] |Col., Ensemble|.
   Babylon 5 {A Voice in the Wilderness, Part II} |Capt. Ellis Pierce|;
   Downtown (90) |Lowell Harris|; Family Matters {Walking My Baby Back Home};
   General Hospital (*94) |David Ward|;
   Hangin' with Mr. Cooper (*94-??) |Coach Corley|; L.A. Law {Pilot};
   Murder One {Chapter Two; Chapter Four;
   Chapter Five} |Judge Orrin Bell|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Rules of Engagement} |Ch'Pok|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Masterpiece Society} |Marcus Benbeck|;
   Stat (Apr.-May 91) |Anderson 'Mary' Roche|.
   Getting Even with Dad (94); Lone Star (96); Play Nice (92).

Michael Canavan
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Defiant} |Tamal|.
   Striking Distance (93) |Cousing Gary|.

Peter Canon
   The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis {Two for the Whipsaw};
   The Monkees {Monkees in the Ring; The Devil and Peter Tork};
   The Six Million Dollar Man {U-509} |Lewis|;
   Star Trek {Patterns of Force} |Gestapo Lieutenant|.
   (None Known).

Timothy Carhart
   "The Ballad of Soapy Smith" (84) [OB] |Red Gibbs|; "The Hitch-Hikers"
(85) [OOB];
   "A Streetcar Names Desire" (92) [B] |Harold Mitchell|.
   Island Son (89-90) |Dr. Anthony Metzger|; L.A. Law; Leg Work;
   Miami Vice {Shadow in the Dark}; Quantum Leap {Nuclear Family};
   Red Rock West (92) |Deputy Greyrack|;
   Spenser: For Hire {Brother to Dragons};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Redemption, Part II}
   |Lt. Cmdr. Christopher Hobson|; The X-Files {2-Shy} |Virgil Incanto|.
   Beverly Hill Cop III (94); Black Sheep (96); The Hunt for Red October (90);
   Quicksand: No Escape (91); The Rescue (88); Thelma & Louise (91) |Harlan|;
   Working Girl (88).

Len Cariou
   "Applause" (70) [B]; "Cold Storage" (84) [OOB] [Director];
   "Sweeney Todd" (79) [B] |Sweeney Todd|;
   "Traveler in the Dark" (85) [R] |Sam|.
   F/X: The Series {Double Images}; Kurt Vonnegut's Monkey House (91);
   The Man in the Attic (94);
   The Outer Limits {Corner of the Eye} |Pater Anton Jonascu|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Coda} |Admiral Edward Janeway|;
   Witness to the Execution (93).
   Drying Up the Streets (84); Executive Decision (96); The Four Seasons (81);
   Lady in White (88); Never Talk to Strangers (95).

Amanda Carlin
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Maquis, Part I; The Maquis, Part II} |Kobb|.
   (None Known).

Richard Carlyle
   Cannon {Stone Cold Dead}; Crime Photographer (*Apr.-Jun 51) |Casey|;
   Star Trek {The Squire of Gothos} |Lt. Karl Jaeger|.
   (None Known).

Roger C. Carmel
09/27/1929 - 11/14/1986
   "The Bald Soprano" (64) [R]; "Caligula"; "The Chairs" (64) [R];
   "Half a Sixpence"; "A Man for All Seasons" |Cardinal Woolsey|;
   "Once There Was a Russian"; "Rhinoceros"; "Rosmersholm" (64) [R].
   Alfred Hitchcock Theatre {The Crimson Witness}; All in the Family; Banacek;
   Batman {A Piece of the Action; Batman's Satisfaction}; The Defenders;
   The Dick Van Dyke Show {It Wouldn't Hurt Them to Give Us a Raise}
   |Douglas Wesley|; East Side/West Side {Not Bad for Openers};
   Fitz and Bones (Oct.-Nov. 81) |Lawrence Brody|;
   Hart to Hart; Hawaii Five-O {F.O.B. Honolulu} |Mischa|;
   Hogan's Heroes {The Prisoner's Prisoner};
   I Spy {Affair in T'sien Cha |Edwin Wade|; The Barter |Gordon Merritt|;
   Red Sash of Courage |Demitrius Annapolis Pappas|}; Johnny Quest |Voice|;
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Quadripartite Affair;
   The Ultimate Computer Affair}; The Mothers-in-Law (*67-68) |Roger Buell|;
   The Munsters {Lily Munster, Girl Model} |Laszlo Brastoff|;
   Route 66 {Where There's a Will, There's a Way; The Man on the Monkey Board};
   Star Trek {Mudd's Women; I, Mudd} |Harcourt Fenton 'Harry' Mudd|;
   Star Trek: The Animated Series {Mudd's Passion}
   |Voice of Harcourt Fenton 'Harry' Mudd|; Three's Company |Merl Denker|;
   The Transformers (86) |Voice of Quintesson Leader|;
   The Transformers {? |Cyclonus|; ? |Motormaster|; ? |Bruticus|}.
   Alvarez Kelly (66); Breezy (??); Gambit (66);
   Goodbye Charlie (??); Hardly Working (81);
   Myra Breckenridge (70); The Naked City (48);
   North by Northwest (59); The Silencers (??); Skullduggery (70);
   Thunder and Lightning (77); The Venetian Affair (??).

Clint Carmichael
   Magnum, P.I. {Resolutions};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Tapestry} |Nausicaan #1|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Prey} |Hirogen Hunter|.
   (None Known).

David Carpenter
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {Showdown} |Hench|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Accession} |Onara|.
   Crimes of the Heart (86); Warlock (88).

Darleen Carr
   Back to the Streets of San Francisco (92);
   Barnaby Jones {To Catch a Dead Man};
   Bret Maverick (Dec. 81-Aug. 82) |Mary Lou Springer|;
   Dean Martin Presents (*69); The John Forsythe Show (65-Aug. 66) |Kathy|;
   Magnum, P.I. {Limited Engagement; Mad Dogs and Englishmen};
   Miss Winslow and Son (Mar.-May 79) |Susan Winslow|;
   Once an Eagle (Dec. 76-Jan. 77) |Tommy Caldwell Damon|;
   The Oregon Trail (Sept.-Oct. 77) |Margaret Devlin|;
   The Smith Family (Jan. 71-72) |Cindy Smith|; The Streets of San Francisco;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Armageddon Game} |E'Tyshra|;
   V; Vega$ |Robin Andrews|.
   (None Known).

Paul Carr
   "Naked" (65) [R].
   Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond {Reunion};
   Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (*81) |Lt. Devlin|;
   Cannon {Target in the Mirror} |Harry|; Checkmate {Side by Side};
   Days of Our Lives (*65-66) |Bill Horton|; The Incredible Hulk {Equinox};
   Mannix {Merry-Go-Round for Murder; A Choice of Evils; Sunburst;
   The Gang's All Here}; Men Into Space {Is There Another Civilization?};
   O'Hara, U.S. Treasury {Operation: Deadhead};
   Rawhide {Incident at the Top of the World}; The Rifleman {Shivaree;
   The Woman; Letter of the Law; Smoke Screen};
   The Six Million Dollar Man {Population: Zero |Paul Cord|;
   The Bionic Woman, Part I |Timberlake|;
   Just a Matter of Time |Rev. Michael Essex|};
   Star Trek {Where No Man Has Gone Before} |Lt. Lee Kelso|;
   The Time Tunnel {End of the World} |Blaine|;
   Trackdown {Stranger in the Town}.
   Captain Newman, M.D. (63); The Severed Arm (73).

Carlos Carrasco
   "The Dead Man's Agony" (85) [OOB].
   High Tide {Anything, Anywhere, Anytime}; Silk Stalkings {Scorpio Lover};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The House of Quark |D'Ghor|;
   Shattered Mirror |Klingon Officer|; Honor Among Thieves |Krole|};
   Star Trek: Voyager {Fair Trade} |Bahrat|.
   Nails (92); Speed (94).

Christopher Carroll
   Silk Stalkings {Ask the Dust};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Second Skin} |Gul Benil|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Favorite Son} |Alben|.
   (None Known).

Darwyn Carson
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Improbable Cause} |Romulan|.
   The Rapture (90) |Maggie|.

Fred Carson
   Mannix {Who Is Sylvia?} |Man with Patch|;
   Star Trek {Operation: Annihilate!} |Denevan #1|.
   (None Known).

Mitch David Carter
   Chicago Hope {Last One Out, Get the Lights};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Past Tense, Part II} |Swat Leader|.
   (None Known).

Anthony Caruso
04/07/1913 -
   The F.B.I. {The Young Warriors; Return to Power}; Gunsmoke {Larkin; Lynott};
   Have Gun Will Travel {Winchester Quarantine} |Joseph Whitehorse|;
   The Incredible Hulk {Goodbye, Eddie Cain};
   The Lone Ranger {The Tell-Tale Bullet} |Tuck Hanna|;
   Mannix {Wine from These Grapes};
   Perry Mason {The Case of the Runaway Racecar};
   Rawhide {Incident of the Dancing Death};
   Star Trek {A Piece of the Action} |Bela Oxmyx|; Thriller {The Guilty Men};
   The Time Tunnel {Idol of Death} |Cortez|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Green Terror;
   The Night Dr. Loveless Died; The Night of the Krakan}.
   The Asphalt Jungle (50); Drum Beat (54); His Kind of Woman (51);
   Objective, Burma! (45); The Threat (49); When Gangland Strikes (56).

Stephen James Carver
   Dark Skies {Moving Targets} |Airman Clark Balfour|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {A Man Alone} |Ibudan|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Redemption, Part II |Helmsman|;
   Descent, Part I |Tayar|}.
   (None Known).

Bernie Casey
00/00/1939 -
   Babylon 5 {Hunter, Prey} |Derek Cranston|;
   The Bay City Blues (Oct.-Nov. 83) |Ozzie Peoples|;
   Chains of Gold (91); Harris and Company (Mar.-Apr. 79) |Mike Harris|;
   seaQuest {Chains of Command} |Adm. Vanalden|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Maquis, Part I;
   The Maquis, Part II} |Cal Hudson|; Time Trax {The Contender} |Ernest
   Another 48 Hours (90) |Kirkland Smith|; Backfire (87) |Clint|; Bill &
Ted's Excellent Adventure (88) |Mr. Ryan|;
   Boxcar Bertha (72) |Von Morton|; Brothers (77) |David Thomas|;
   The Cemetery Club (93) |John|; Cleopatra Jones (73);
   Cornbread, Earl and Me (75); Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde (76);
   Guns of the Magnificent Seven (69) |Cassie|; Hit Man (72) |Tyrone|;
   I'm Gonna Git You Sucka! (89) |John Spade|; In the Mouth of Madness (94);
   The Man Who Fell to Earth (76) |Peters|;
   Never Say Never Again (83) |Felix Leiter|; Rent-a-Cop (88) |Lemar|;
   Revenge of the Nerds (84) |U.N. Jefferson|;
   Sharky's Machine (81) |Arch|; Spies Like Us (85) |Col. Rhombus|;
   Steele Justice (87) |Reese|; Under Siege (92).

Seymour Cassel
00/00/1935 -
   Batman {A Piece of the Action; Batman's Satisfaction};
   Burke's Law {Who Killed Annie Foran?} |Attendant|;
   ##NEW## Emma's Wish (98) |Harry Bridges|;
   Good Company (?-?) |Jack|; The Last Don (97);
   The Lloyd Bridges Show {A Pair of Boots} |Richard|;
   My Three Sons; Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Child} |Lt. Cmdr.
Hester Dealt|;
   Under Suspicion (Sept. 94-??) |Capt. Mickey Schwartz|.
   Black Oak Conspiracy (77) |Homer|; Boiling Point (93) |Leach|;
   California Dreaming (79) |Duke|; Cold Dog Soup (89) |JoJo|;
   Convoy (78) |Gov. Haskins|; Coogan's Bluff (68) |Young Hood|;
   Dead in the Water (91); Dick Tracy (90) |Sam Catchem|;
   Eye of the Tiger (86) |Sheriff|; Faces (68); Hand Gun (94);
   Honeymoon in Vegas (92); Indecent Proposal (93) |Mr. Shackleford|;
   Johnny Be Good (88) |Wallace Gibson|;
   King of the Mountain (81) |Barry Tanner|; Love Streams (84);
   Minnie and Moskowitz (71) |Moskowitz|; The Mountain Men (80) |LaBont|;
   The Ravagers (79) |Blindman|; Sunburn (79) |Dobbs|;
   Tin Men (87) |Cheese|; Track 29 (88); Trouble Bound (93);
   Valentino (77) |George Ullman|; When Pigs Fly (93);
   White Fang (91) |Skunker|; Wicked Stepmother (89) |Feldshine|.

Martin Cassidy
   NYPD Blue {My Wild Irish Nose;
   Unembraceable You |Tim, Soupmaker|;
   Alice Doesn't Fit Here Anymore |Tim|};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Shadowplay} |Male Villager|.
   (None Known).

Ted Cassidy
01/21/32 - 01/16/1978
   The Addams Family (64-66) |Lurch|; Banacek;
   The Bionic Woman {The Return of Bigfoot, Part II} |Bigfoot|;
   Halloween with the Addams Family (77);
   I Dream of Jeannie {Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie, Part Three |Habib|;
   Please, Don't Feed the Astronauts |Hamid|};
   The Incredible Hulk (Mar. 78-Jun. 82) [Narrator];
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Napoleon's Tomb Affair};
   The New Adventures of Huck Finn (68-69) |Injun Joe|;
   Planet Earth (74); The Six Million Dollar Man {The Return of Bigfoot,
Part I;
   Bigfoot V} |Bigfoot|;
   Star Trek {The Corbomite Maneuver |Balok (voice of head in space)|;
   What Are Little Girls Made Of?} |Ruk|.
   Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (69) |Harvey Logan|.

Reg E. Cathey
   "Comedians" (92) [R] |George McBrain|; "Crowbar" (89) [OOB];
   "The Death of the Last Black Man in the Whole Entire World" (92) [R] |Ham|;
   "Hamlet" (90) [OB] |Guildenstern|;
   "Limbo Tales" (90) [OOB]; "MacBeth" (90) [OB] |Lord; Gentleman|;
   "Occasional Grace" (91) [OOB]; "Your Handsome Captain" (89) [OOB].
   ER {Take These Broken Wings} |Haskell|; Square One TV (series);
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Aquiel} |Morag|.
   Born on the Fourth of July (89); The Mask (94) |Freeze|;
   Seven (95); Tank Girl (95) |Deetee|; What About Bob? (91).

Jerry Catron
   Bewitched {Divided He Falls} |Joe the Diver|;
   Star Trek {Operation: Annihilate! |Denevan #2|;
   The Doomsday Machine |Security Guard Montgomery|}.
   (None Known).

Kim Cattrall
00/00/1956 -
   "Agnes of God"; "The Misanthrope"; "Miss Julie" (93) [R] |Miss Julie|;
   "Three Sisters"; "A View from the Bridge"; "Wild Honey".
   Angel Falls (Aug.-Sept. 93) |Genna Harrison|; The Bastard;
   Columbo: How to Dial a Murder (??); Every Woman's Dream (96) |Lizzie Wells|;
   The Gossip Columnist; The Heidi Chronicles (95);
   The Incredible Hulk {Kindred Spirits}; Miracle in the Wilderness (91);
   The Night Rider (78); Peter Benchley's 'Creature' (98);
   The Rebels; Robin Cook's 'Invasion' (97);
   Scruples (80); Sex and the City (? 98-??); Sins of the Past;
   Starsky and Hutch |Emily|; Tom Clancy's Op Center (95);
   Vega$ |Princess Sarah|; Wild Palms (93) |Paige Katz|.
   Baby Geniuses (97?); Big Trouble in Little China (86) |Gracie Law|;
   Bonfire of the Vanities (90) |Judy McCoy|; City Limits (85);
   Deadly Harvest (76); Double Vision (92);
   Good Night, Michelangelo (89); Honeymoon Academy (90) |Chris Nelson|;
   Live Nude Girls (96); Mannequin (87) |Emmy|;
   Masquerade (88) |Brooke Morrison|; Midnight Crossing (88) |Lexa Shubb|;
   The Other Side of the Mountain -- Part II (78);
   Palais Royale (88); Police Academy (84) |Karen Thompson|;
   Porky's (81) |Honeywell|; The Return of the Musketeers (89);
   Rosebud (75) [Debut]; Running Delilah (92); Smokescreen (90);
   Split Second (92) |Michelle|;
   Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (91) |Lt. Valeris|;
   Ticket to Heaven (81) |Ruthie|; Tribute (80) |Sally Haines|;
   Turk 182 (85) |Danny Boudreau|; Unforgettable (96); Where Truth Lies (96).

Michael Cavanaugh
   Belle Starr (80); C-16 (Sep. 97-??) |Dennis|;
   Dark Shadows (Jan.-Mar. 91) |Sheriff Patterson|;
   High Tide {Sins of the Mother}; Hunter {Pilot} |Capt. Lester Cain|;
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Smart Kids}
   |Dr. Alfred Carlton|; MacGyver {Countdown} |Michael Donahue|; Matlock;
   NYPD Blue {Caulksmanship} |Len|; Pacific Blue; Renegade;
   Starman (86-87) |George Fox|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Tin Man} |Capt. DeSoto|;
   T.J. Hooker {Mumbler} |Karl|; Vega$;
   The X-Files {Conduit} |Sioux City Sheriff|.
   Any Which Way You Can (80) |Uncredited|; Donato and Daughter (93);
   The Enforcer (76); Forced Vengeance (82); Full Fathom Five (90);
   The Gauntlet (77); Two to Tango (88).

Larry Cedar
   Battlestar Galactica {Gun on Ice Planet Zero} |Cadet Shields|;
   Caroline in the City {Caroline and the Cat Dancer} |Wally|;
   M*A*S*H; Remington Steele {A Steele at Any Price};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Armageddon Game} |Nydrom|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Alliances} |Tersa|.
   Twilight Zone -- The Movie (83).

Jorge Cervera Jr.
   The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw (92);
   The Six Million Dollar Man {Act of Piracy} |Lt.|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {A Fistful of Datas} |Bandito|;
   T.J. Hooker {Snow Game} |Baca|; Viva Valdez (May-Sept. 76) |Jerry Ramirez|.
   (None Known).

Carlos Cestero
   Miami Vice {Kill Shot; Borrasca}.
   Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (91) |Munitions Man|.

Robert Chadwick
   The Outer Limits {The Brain of Colonel Barham} |Guard|;
   The Rifleman {The Indian} |Eskimimzin|;
   Star Trek {Balance of Terror} |Romulan Scanner Operator|.
   (None Known).

Michael Champion
   The Incredible Hulk {Vendetta Road}; MacGyver {The Prodigal} |Larson|;
   NYPD Blue {Large Mouth Bass};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Captain's Holiday} |Boratus|;
   T.J. Hooker {Return} |Fleming|; V {Showdown in Rawlingsville} |Garrison|;
   Viper {Firehawk} |Erick Van Hook|.
   Total Recall (90); Toy Soldiers (91).

Jefrey Alan Chandler
   Cop Rock (Sept.-Dec. 90) |Ray Rodbart|;
   Picket Fences {The Lullaby League} |Dr. Harkavy|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Facets} |Guardian|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Emanations} |Hatil|.
   (None Known).

Lanei Chapman
   The Pretender {Under the Reds} |Julie Thornton EMT|;
   Space: Above and Beyond (Sept. 1995-? 96) |Vanessa Damphousse|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Galaxy's Child |Ens. Raeger|;
   Night Terrors |Ens. Raeger|; Realm of Fear |Ens. Rager|;
   Schisms |Ens. Rager|}; The Wonder Years |English Teacher|.
   (None Known).

Lilyan Chauvin
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Rocks and Shoals} |Vedek Yassim|.
   Silent Night, Deadly Night (84).

Richard Chaves
   "Tracers" (85) [OB] |Dinky Dau| [also Writer].
   MacGyver {The Treasure of Manco |Enriquez|; Tough Boys |Manny|};
   Star Trek: Voyager {Tattoo} |The Chief|; Walker, Texas Ranger {Deadline};
   War of the Worlds (*88-89) |Lt. Col. Paul Ironhorse|.
   Cease Fire (85); Predator (87).

Dennis Christopher
00/00/1955 -
   "Advice from a Caterpillar" (91) [OB] |Spaz|.
   The Burning Zone (96); seaQuest 2032 {Reunion};
   The Sentinel {Cypher} |Anthony Bates/Lash|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Search, Part II} |Borath|;
   Stephen King's It (90);
   Tarzan: The Epic Adventures {Tarzan's Return} |Philip D'Arnot|.
   Alien Predators (86); Bernice Bobs Her Hair (76);
   Breaking Away (79) |Dave Stohler|; California Dreaming (79) |T.T.|;
   Chariots of Fire (81) |Charles Paddock|; Circuitry Man (89) |Leech|;
   Don't Cry, It's Only Thunder (82) |Brian|;
   Doppelganger: The Evil Within (92); Fade to Black (80);
   Jack and the Beanstalk (82); Jake Speed (86) |Desmond Floyd|;
   The Last Word (79); A Sinful Life (89); Young Graduates (71).

Julian Christopher
   1994 Baker Street - Sherlock Holmes Returns (93);
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Tribunal} |Cardassian Voice|.
   (None Known).

Robin Christopher
06/18/00 -
   All My Children (*87-91) |Skye Chandler Patterson|;
   Another World (*Feb. 94-97) |Lorna Devon|;
   Empire City (??); General Hospital (*93) |Abby Mitchell|; Matlock;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Duet; In the Hands of the Prophets} |Neela|;
   Vinnie & Bobby.
   (None Known).

Diana Cignoni
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Emissary; A Man Alone} |Dabo Girl|.
   (None Known).

Gordon Clapp
   Check It Out (*86-88) |Viker|; Kurt Vonnegut's Monkey House (91); 
   N.Y.P.D. Blue (*Oct. 94-??) |Det. Greg Medavoy|;
   The Outer Limits {The Voice of Reason}; Small Sacrifices (89); 
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Vortex} |Hadran|.
   Return of the Secaucus Seven (80); Termini Station (89).

Bobby Clark
   Gunsmoke {The Wiving}; Star Trek {Arena |Gorn|; Mirror, Mirror |Chekov's
Boy #2|}.
   (None Known).

Josh Clark
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Justice} |Conn|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Caretaker; Parallax; Prime Factors;
   State of Flux} |Lt. Carey|.
   (None Known).

Edward Clements
   (None Known).
   Metropolitan (90);
   Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (91) |Young Crewman|.

Julie Cobb
   "Twelve Angry Men" [Director].
   The Brady Bunch; Cannon {The Prisoners} |Amy Gladstone|;
   Charles in Charge (*84-85) |Jill Pembroke|;
   Chicago Hope {Ex Marks the Spot} |Joanna Sutton|;
   The D.A. (71-Jan. 72) |Public Defender Katherine Benson|;
   The Incredible Hulk {Stop the Presses};
   Lou Grant {Expose'} |Barbara Benedict|; MacGyver {Eagles} |Susan Cooper|;
   Newhart {Inn This Corner};
   Star Trek {By Any Other Name} |Yeoman Leslie Thompson|;
   T.J. Hooker {To Kill a Cop} |Martha|;
   A Year at the Top (Aug.-Sept. 77) |Trish|.
   (None Known).

David Coburn
   Harry and the Hendersons (*90-91) |Walter Potter|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Nth Degree} |Ens. Brower|.
   Born American (86).

Shannon Cochran
   "Riverview: A Melodrama with Music" (92) [R] |Dolly|.
   Chicago Hope {Colonel of Truth}; NYPD Blue {Pilot |Lois|;
   Jumpin' Jack Fleishman; Dead and Gone};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Defiant |Kalita|;
   You Are Cordially Invited |Sirella|};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Preemptive Strike} |Kalita|.
   (None Known).

Dennis Cockrum
   "Criminal Hearts" (93) [R] |Wib|.
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {Bye Bly}; ER {Tribes};
   Married with Children {Christmas} |Bartender|;
   The Pretender {Every Picture Tells a Story};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Face of the Enemy} |??|;
   Uncle Buck (90-91) |Skank|.
   (None Known).

George Coe
   "Public Enemy" (94) [OB] |Thompson|; "Shout from the Rooftops" (64) [OB].
   Columbo {Murder -- A Self-Portrait} (89);
   Goodnight, Beantown (*83) |Dick Novak|; The Hollywood Detective (91);
   L.A. Law; Law & Order; Listen to Your Heart (83);
   Magnum, P.I. {A Girl Named Sue}; Moonlighting {Atlas Belched};
   Murder, She Wrote {Murder in Milan};
   Max Headroom (Mar.-Oct. 87) |Ben Cheviot|;
   Remington Steele {Coffee, Tea or Steele};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {First Contact} |Durken|.
   Best Seller (87) |Graham|; Blind Date (87) |Harry Gruen|;
   Cousins (89) |Phil|; The End of Innocence (90) |Dad|;
   A Flash of Green (84); Head Office (86) |Senator Issel|;
   The House of God (79); Kramer vs. Kramer (79) |Jim O'Connor|;
   Micki & Maude (84) |Gov. Lanford|; Red Flag: The Ultimate Game (81);
   Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (85) |Gen. Scott Watson|.

Megan Cole
   "Wit" (95) [R] |Vivian Bearing|.
   ER {It's Not Easy Being Greene} |Pathologist|;
   Men Behaving Badly {I Am What I Am} |Emcee|; Seinfeld {The Susie} |Peggy|;
   ##NEW## Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Image in the Sand; Shadows and
Symbols} |Sen. Cretak|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Outcast} |Noor|.
   (None Known).

John Colicos
12/10/1928 -
   "The Country Wife" (64) |Mr. Horner|; "King Lear" (64) |King Lear|;
   "MacBeth"; "Sergeant Musgrave's Dance" (66) [OB]; "Soldiers" (68).
   Alfred Hitchcock Presents; Battlestar Galactica (*78-79) |Count Baltar|;
   The Changeling (79); Charlie's Angels; The F.B.I. {The Test};
   General Hospital |Mikos Cassadine, Petros Cassadine|; Gunsmoke;
   Harry O {The Madonna Legacy};
   Hawaii Five-O {The One with the Gun} |Lorenzo Corman|;
   In Defense of a Married Man (90); The Island of Dr. Moreau;
   The Last Don (97);
   The Magician {The Illusion of the Curious Counterfeit, Part I;
   The Illusion of the Curious Counterfeit, Part II}; Mannix {The Need of a
   The Inside Man; A Day Filled with Shadows}; Mission: Impossible {The
   The Six Million Dollar Man {The Moving Mountain} |Gen. Norbukov|; 
   Star Trek {Errand of Mercy} |Cmdr. Kor|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Blood Oath; The Sword of Kahless} |Kor|;
   War of the Worlds {The Prodigal Son; My Soul to Deep} |Quinn|.
   Anne of the Thousand Days (69) |Cromwell|;
   Breaking Point (76) |Vincent Kahere|; The Changeling (79) |Capt. DeWitt|;
   Doctors' Wives (71) |Mort|; Drum (76) |Bernard|;
   King Solomon's Treasure (76); Nowhere to Hide (87) |Gen. Howard|;
   Phobia (80); The Postman Always Rings Twice (81) |Nick Papadakis|;
   Raid on Rommel (71) |Mackenzie|; Red Sky at Morning (70) |Jimbob Buel|;
   Scorpio (73) |McLeod|; Shadow Dancing (89);
   The Wrath of God (72) |Col. Santilla|.

Christopher Collins
00/00/00 - 06/11/94 (44)
   G.I. Joe |Voice|; Married with Children {No Ma'am;
   Legend of Ironhead Haynes} |Roger|; NYPD Blue {Abandando Abandoned};
   The Simpsons {Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish}
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Passenger |Durg|; Blood Oath |Assistant|};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {A Matter of Honor |Capt. Kargan|;
   Samaritan Snare |Grebnedlog|}.
   (None Known).

Jessica Collins
   Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {We Have a Lot to Talk About;
   Home Is Where the Hurt Is} |Mindy Church|; Loving |Dinah Lee Mayberry|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Before and After} |Linnin|.
   (None Known).

Joan Collins
05/23/1933 -
   "Private Lives" (92) [B] |Amanda Prynne|.
   Batman {Ring Around the Riddler; The Wail of the Siren}; 
   The Cartier Affair (85); Drive Hard Drive Fast;
   Dynasty (81-89) |Alexis Carrington Colby|;
   Dynasty: The Reunion (91) |Alexis Carrington Colby|;
   Hansel and Gretel (82); Her Life as a Man (84);
   The Making of a Male Model; The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Galatea Affair}
|Bibi, Rosy|;
   The Moneychangers; Monte Carlo [also Executive Producer] (86); The Nanny;
   Pacific Palisades (Apr. 97-??) |Christina|; Paper Dolls; Sins (86);
   Space: 1999 {Mission of the Darians}; Star Search;
   Star Trek {The City on the Edge of Forever} |Edith Keeler|;
   The Virginian; The Wild Women of Chastity Gulch.
   The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones (76); The Big Sleep (78);
   The Bitch (79); The Bravados (58); Dark Places (73);
   Decameron Nights (53); The Devil Within Her (75);
   Empire of the Ants (77); The Executioner (70);
   Fear in the Night (85); Fearless (78); Game for Vultures (86);
   Homework (82); I Believe in You (52);
   Land of the Pharaohs (55) |Princess Nellifer|; A Midwinter's Tale (96);
   Oh, Alfie (75); The Opposite Sex (56); Playing the Field (74);
   Quest for Love (71); Revenge (71); The Road to Hong Kong (62);
   Seven Thieves (60); Stopover Tokyo (57); The Stud (78); Subterfuge (69);
   Sunburn (79); Tales from the Crypt (72); Tales That Witness Madness (73);
   Three in the Cellar (70); The Virgin Queen (55).

Paul Collins
   "Say Nothing" (65) [OB] |Charlie Elston|; "War of the Roses" (85) [R]
|David Rose|.
   Acapulco H.E.A.T. {Codename: Perfect Specimen}; ER {Post Mortem};
   ##NEW## JAG {Gypsy Eyes}; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Battle Lines}
   Peter Pan |Voice| (53).

Rickey D'shon Collins
   Brooklyn South {Life Under Castro};
   High Incident {Change Partners} |Boy #4|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Liaisons |Boy|; Masks |Eric|;
   Firstborn |Eric|}.
   (None Known).

Sheldon Collins
   I Dream of Jeannie {Jeannie and the Secret Weapon} |Jason|;
   Star Trek {A Piece of the Action} |Tough Kid|.
   The President's Analyst (67); 
   The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! (66).

Stephen Collins
00/00/1947 -
   "The Loves of Anatol" (85) [B] |Anatol|; "Moonchildren" (72) [B] [Debut];
   "The Old Boy" (91) [OB] |Sam|; "Putting It Together";
   "Sherlock Holmes: The Case of Alice Faulkner";
   "Sondheim -- Putting It Together" (93) [OB]; "Twelfth Night" (89) [OB]
   7th Heaven (Aug. 96-??) |Eric Camden|; The Babysitter's Seduction (96);
   Charlie's Angels {Angel Come Home}; Chiefs; Dark Mirror; Hold the Dream;
   Inside the Third Reich; The Rhinemann Exchange (77) |David Spaulding|;
   Scarlett (94) |Ashley|; Sisters {Out of the Woods};
   Tales of the Gold Monkey (82-83) |Jake Cutter|;
   Tattinger's (88-89) |Nick Tattinger|; Threesome; The Two Mrs. Grenvilles;
   Weekend War; A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story (92);
   Working It Out (Aug.-Dec. 90) |David Stuart|.
   All the President's Men (76) |Hugh Sloan, Jr.|; Between the Lines (77);
   The Big Picture (89); Brewster's Millions (85) |Warren Cox|;
   Choke Canyon (86) |David Lowell|; The Disappearance of Nora (93);
   Fedora (79); First Wives Club (96);
   Jumpin' Jack Flash (86) |Marty Phillips|; Loving Couples (80) |Gregg|;
   My New Gun (92); The Promise (79) |Michael|;
   Star Trek: The Motion Picture (79) |Capt. Will Decker|;
   Stella (90) |Stephen Dallas|; An Unexpected Life (97?).

Frank Collison
   Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (Jan. 93-??) |Horace Bing|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Ensign Ro} |Dolak|.
   (None Known).

Booth Colman
   The Barbary Coast {The Day Cable Was Hanged} |Dr. Mattwick|;
   The Planet of the Apes (Sep.-Dec. 74) |Zaius|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Nemesis} |Penno|.
   (None Known).

Jeffrey Combs
   "A Comedy of Errors"; "The Debutante Ball" (85) [R] |Willhite Turner|;
"Julius Caesar";
   "A Midsummer Night's Dream"; "New Business" (91) [R] |Jerry Stewart|.
   Babylon 5 {Eyes} |Harriman Gray|; Beauty and the Beast;
   The Single Guy {The Virgin} |Klein|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Meridian |Tiron|; Family Business |Brunt|;
   Bar Association |Brunt|; To the Death |Weyoun|; Body Parts |Brunt|;
   Ties of Blood and Water |Weyoun|; Ferengi Love Songs |Brunt|;
   In the Cards |Weyoun|; Call to Arms |Weyoun|; A Time to Stand |Weyoun|;
   Behind the Lines |Weyoun|; Favor the Bold |Weyoun|;
   Sacrifice of Angels |Weyoun|; Statistical Probabilities |Weyoun|;
   The Magnificent Ferengi |Brunt|; Waltz |Weyoun|;
   Far Beyond the Stars |Capt. Mulkahey, Weyoun|; Inquisition |Weyoun|;
   In the Pale Moonlight |Weyoun|; Profit and Lace |Brunt|;
   Tears of the Prophets |Weyoun|; ##NEW## Image in the Sand |Weyoun|;
   ##NEW## Shadows and Symbols |Weyoun|;
   ##NEW## Treachery, Faith and the Great River |Weyoun|}.
   Bride of Re-Animator (89); Castle Freak (95); Cyclone (86); Dead Man
Walking (87);
   Doctor Mordrid (92); Fortress (93) |D-Day|; The Frighteners (96);
   From Beyond (86); The Guyver (92); Love & a .45 (94);
   The Man with Two Brains (83); Necronomicon (??); The Phantom Empire (86);
   The Pit and the Pendulum (91); The Real (98); Re-Animator (85).

Paul Comi
   Cannon {No Pockets in the Shroud; A Well Remembered Terror};
   Checkmate {State of Shock}; The F.B.I. {The Escape; The Satellite};
   General Hospital (*82) |George Durnely|; Mannix;
   O'Hara, U.S. Treasury {Operation: Moonshine};
   The Phil Silvers Show {The Mess Hall Mess} [Uncredited];
   Rawhide {Josh} |Yoyo|; Ripcord (*61-62) |Chuck Lambert|;
   Star Trek {Balance of Terror} |Lt. Andrew Stiles|;
   The Time Tunnel {Massacre} |Capt. Benteen|;
   The Twilight Zone {People Are Alike All Over; The Odyssey of Flight 33};
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Two-Legged Buffalo}.
   (None Known).

Kelly Connell
   "Love's Labors Lost" (84) [OB] |Marcade, Forester|;
   "The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940" (85) [OOB].
   Picket Fences (Sep. 92-? 95?) |Dr. Carter Pike, M.E.|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Rise} |Sklar|.
   (None Known).

John P. Connolly
   "The Golem" (84) [OB] |Monk|.
   Alien Nation {The Red Room} |Jeffries|;
   NYPD Blue {Serge, the Concierge; A Murder with Teeth in It};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {True Q} |Awn Loat|;
   Wings {Olive Or Twist} |Les|.
   (None Known).

Kevin Conway
00/00/1942 -
   "Indians" (69) [B];
   "The Man Who Fell in Love with His Wife" (90) [OOB] [also Director];
   "On the Waterfront" (95) [B] |Johnny Friendly|;
   "Other People's Money" (89) |Lawrence Garfinkel|; "Short Eyes" (84)
[OOB] [Director];
   "When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?" (73) [OB] |Teddy|.
   Calm at Sunset (96); The Elephant Man (82); JAG {King of the Fleas;
   ##NEW## The Martin-Baker Fan Club} |Roscoe Martin|; The Lathe of Heaven
(80) |Dr. Haber|;
   Law & Order {Corruption} |Det. John Flynn|; Rage of Angels (86);
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Rightful Heir} |Kahless|;
   Titanic (96) |Hudson Allison|;
   The X-Files {Fresh Bones} |Private Jack McAlpin|.
   F.I.S.T. (78) |Vince Doyle|; Flashpoint (84) |Brook|;
   The Funhouse (81) |Barker|; Gettysburg (93); Homeboy (88) |Graziano|;
   Jennifer Eight (92) |Citrine|; Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace (96);
   Looking for Richard (96); One Good Cop (91) |Lt. Danny Quinn|;
   Paradise Alley (78) |Stitch|; Prince Brat and the Whipping Boy (??);
   Rambling Rose (91) |Dr. Martinson|.

Elisha Cook Jr.
12/21/1902 - 00/00/1995?
   Batman {Ice Spy; The Duo Defy}; The Bionic Woman {Once a Thief} |Inky|;
   Dead of Night (77); The Dick Powell Show {The Judge};
   The Fugitive {The Witch}; I Spy {Rome Take Away Three} |Erick Magnuson|;
   It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (84); Kolchak: The Night Stalker (72);
   Leave 'Em Laughing (81);
   Magnum, P.I. (*83-88) |Francis 'Ice Pick' Hofstetler|;
   The Movie Murderer (70); Night Chase (70); Off Sides (84);
   Perry Mason; The Phantom of Hollywood (74);
   Rawhide {Incident of a Burst of Evil;
   Incident in the Middle of Nowhere}; Salem's Lot (79);
   Star Trek {Court Martial} |Samuel T. Cogley|;
   Terror at Alcatraz (82); This Girl for Hire (83);
   Thriller {The Fatal Impulse}; Trackdown {The Trail};
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Double Edged Knife;
   The Night of the Bars of Hell}.
   1941 (1979); A-Haunting We Will Go (42);
   Accused Of Murder (56); Baby Face Nelson (57);
   Ball Of Fire (41); Behave Yourself (51); 
   The Big Sleep (46); The Black Bird (75); Black Zoo (63);
   Blacula (72); Blonde Alibi (46);
   Blood on the Arrow (64); Born to Kill (47);
   Breezing Home (37); Carny (1980); 
   Casanova Brown (44); The Champ (79);
   Chicago Confidential (57); Cinderella Jones (46);
   College Confidential (60); Danger! Love At Work (37);
   Dark Mountain (44); Dark Waters (44);
   Day of the Outlaw (59); The Devil Is Driving (37);
   Dillinger (45); Don't Bother to Knock (52); Drum Beat (54); El Condor (70);
   Electra Glide in Blue (73); Emperor Of The North (73);
   The Falcon's Alibi (46); Fall Guy (47); 
   Flaxy Martin (49); The Gangster (47);
   A Gentleman At Heart (42); The Glass Cage (64);
   Grand Jury Secrets (39); The Great Bank Robbery (69);
   The Great Gatsby (49); The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid (72);
   Hammett (82); Harry's War (81); The Haunted Palace (63);
   He Married His Wife (40); Hellzapoppin' (40);
   Her Unborn Child (30); House on Haunted Hill (58);
   I, The Jury (53); I Wake Up Screaming (41);
   In This Our Life (42); The Indian Fighter (55);
   Joe Palooka, Champ (46); Johnny Cool (63); 
   The Killing (56); Life Begins In College (37); The Lonely Man (57);
   The Long Night (47); Love Crazy (41);
   Love Is News (37); Mad Bull (77); The Maltese Falcon (41);
   Man At Large (41); Manila Calling (42);
   Messiah of Evil (75); My Lucky Star (38);
   National Lampoon Goes To The Movies (83);
   Newsboy's Home (39); One-Eyed Jacks (61); The Outfit (73);
   The Outlaw's Daughter (54); Papa's Delicate Condition (63);
   Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (73); Phantom Lady (44); 
   Pigskin Parade (36); Platinum High School (60);
   Plunder Road (57); Public Deb No. 1 (40);
   Rosemary's Baby (68); Sergeant York (41); St. Ives (76); Shane (53);
   Sleepytime Gal (42); The Spy In The Green Hat (66); 
   Steelyard Blues (73); Stranger on the Third Floor (40);
   Submarine Patrol (38); Superman's Peril (54); 
   Three Blind Mice (38); Thunder Over the Planes (53);
   Timberjack (55); Tin Pan Alley (40); Tom Horn (80);
   They Won't Forget (37); Trial (55); 
   Two In A Crowd (36); Two Smart People (46);
   Up In Arms (44); Voodoo Island (57);
   Welcome To Hard Times (67); Why Girls Leave Home (45); 
   Wildcat (42); Wife, Doctor and Nurse (37);
   Winterhawk (75).

Charles Cooper
   Father Murphy (November 81-84) |Sheriff|;
   Hard Copy (Feb.-Jul. 87) |William Boot|;
   Johnny Ringo {The Raffertys} |Slim Pardee|;
   The Phil Silvers Show {Show Segments};
   The Practice {Dog Bite} |Judge Boucher|; Remington Steele {Diced Steele};
   The Rifleman {End of a Young Gun; The Stand-In; Honest Abe;
   I Take This Woman};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Sins of the Father; Reunion} |K'mpec|;
   Trackdown {The Feud}.
   Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (89) |General Korrd|.

John Copage
   Bewitched {Mother Meets What's-His-Name} |Phone Repairman|;
   Julia {The Unlonliest Night of the Week; Home of the Braves;
   Little Boys Lost}; Star Trek {The Doomsday Machine} |Elliot|.
   (None Known).

Alicia Coppola
   Another World |Lorna Devon|; Chicago Hope {Verdicts};
   NYPD Blue {Simone Says} |Paula Anderson|; The Perfect Getaway (98); The
   Star Trek: Voyager {Caretaker} |Lieutenant Stadi|;
   Touched By an Angel {04/14/96}.
   (None Known).

Glenn Corbett
08/17/1929 - 01/16/1993
   Automan; Cannon {Murder by the Numbers} |Bob Niven|;
   Dallas (*83-84, 88) |Paul Morgan|; The F.B.I. {Death Watch};
   It's a Man's World (62-63) |Wes Macauley|;
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Hong Kong Shilling Affair}; Mannix;
   Petrocelli {Edge of Evil} |Robert Warren|;
   The Road West (66-67) |Chance Reynolds|; Route 66 (*63-64) |Linc Case|;
   Star Trek {Metamorphosis} |Zefram Cochrane|.
   All the Young Men (60) |Wade|; Big Jake (71) |O'Brien|;
   Chisum (70) |Pat Garrett|; Homicidal (61) |Karl|;
   Man on a String (60) |Frank Sanford|; Midway (76) |Lt. Cmdr. John Waldron|;
   The Mountain Road (60) |Collins|; The Pirates Of Blood River (62);
   Shenandoah (65) |Jacob|; The Violent Years (56).

Michael Corbett
   "Come Back, Little Sheba" (84) [OB] |Milkman|.
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Force of Nature} |Rabal|.
   (None Known).

Jeff Corey
08/10/1914 -
   Babylon 5 {Z'ha'dum} |Justin|;
   The Bionic Woman {The Night Demon} |Thomas Bearclaw|;
   Gunsmoke; Hell Town (Sept.-Dec. 85) |Lawyer Sam|;
   Hawaii Five-O {Highest Castle, Deepest Grave} |Duncan|;
   Judd for the Defense {The Other Face of the Law; Square House};
   The Lottery (96) |Albert Smith|; Mannix {Overkill}; The Marshal;
   Moon Over Miami {If You Only Knew};
   Morningstar/Eveningstar (Mar.-May 86) |Bill McGregor|;
   Newhart {Tickets Please}; Night Court; Nothing Sacred {Parents and
   One Day at a Time |Michael Romano|; The Outer Limits {O.B.I.T.};
   Rawhide {Encounter at Boot Hill}; The Rose and the Jackal (91);
   The Six Million Dollar Man {Lost Love} |Orin Thatcher|;
   Spiderman (??) |Voice|; Star Trek {The Cloud Minders} |Plasus|;
   War of the Worlds {Eye for an Eye} |Francis Flannery|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of a Thousand Eyes;
   The Night of the Underground Terror}.
   The Balcony (63); Battle Beyond the Stars (80);
   Beneath the Planet of the Apes (70) |Caspay|;
   Bird on a Wire (90); The Boston Strangler (68) |John Asgeirsson|;
   The Boy Who Left Home to Find Out About the Shivers (85);
   Butch and Sundance: The Early Days (79);
   Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (69) |Sheriff Bledsoe|;
   Canon City (48); Catlow (71) |Merridew|; City Across the River (49);
   Conan the Destroyer (84); Follow Me Quietly (49); Getting Straight (70)
|Dr. Willhunt|;
   Home of the Brave (49); Hoppy's Holiday (47);
   In Cold Blood (67) |Hickock's Father|; Lady in a Cage (64) |The Wino|;
   Little Big Man (70) |Wild Bill Hickock|; Messenger of Death (88);
   Moonshine County Express (77) |Preacher Hagen|; My Friend Flicka (43);
   The Next Voice You Hear (50); Oh, God! (77) |Rabbi|; The Premonition (75);
   Rawhide (51); Ruby Cairo (93); Seconds (66) |Mr. Ruby|;
   Shootout (71) |Trooper|; Superman and the Mole Men (51);
   They Call Me Mister Tibbs (70) |Capt. Marden|; True Grit (69) |Tom Chaney|.

Frank Corsentino
   Hunter; Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Battle |DaiMon Bok|;
   Me'nage a` Troi |DaiMon Tog|}.
   (None Known).

Robert Costanzo
   Batman: The Animated Series (Dec. 92-Mar. 93) |Det. Bullock|;
   The Bob Newhart Show {Crisis in Edukation} |Sal Petrone|;
   Caroline in the City {Caroline and the Ombudsman} |Tony|;
   Charlie Grace (Sept. 95-??); Checking In (Apr. 81) |Hank Sabatino|;
   Fired Up {Pilot} |Mr. Agular|;
   Friends {The One with the Boobies} |Joey Tribbiani, Sr.|;
   Glory Days (Jul.-Sept. 90) |Lt. V.T. Krantz|;
   Joe & Valerie (78-79) |Vincent Pizo|; The Last Resort (79-80) |Murray|;
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Foundling |Louis|;
   Tempus Fugitive}; Lou Grant {Loves} |Tannenberg|;
   Murphy Brown {Oh, Danny Boy} |Dry Cleaner|;
   NYPD Blue {Pilot; 4B Or Not 4B; Brown Appetit; Emission Accomplished;
   Personal Foul; NYPD Lou} |Alfonse Giardella|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Manhunt} |Slade Bender|; Triplecross (85);
   The White Shadow {The Great White Dope; The Stripper;
   No Blood, No Foul; Car Repo}.
   Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (93) |Voice of Det. Bullock|; Delusion (91);
   Honeymoon in Vegas (92); Man's Best Friend (93).

Ward Costello
   General Hospital (*81) |Martin Drake|; Newhart;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Coming of Age;
   Conspiracy} |Admiral Gregory Quinn|.
   The City (75); The Gallant Hours (60); Terror from the Year 5,000 (58).

Nicolas Coster
00/00/1934 -
   "Getting Married" (91) [B] |General|;
   "Jack's Holiday" (95) [OB] |Max Pierce|.
   All My Children (*88-89) |Steven Andrews|;
   As the World Turns |Eduardo Grimaldi|;
   Buck Rogers in the 25th Century {Olympiad}; Charlie's Angels;
   Danielle Steel's Full Circle (96); Dark Justice;
   The Facts of Life |David Warner|; Hunter; The Incredible Hulk {Blind Rage};
   L.A. Law; Law and Order {Confession};
   Little House on the Prairie {I Remember, I Remember} |Mr. Ingalls|;
   Lobo (*80-81) |Chief J.C. Carson|;
   M.A.D.D.: Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (83);
   MacGyver {There But for the Grace} |Doc|;
   Magnum, P.I. {I Do?} |Andrew|; Mr. & Mrs. Smith; Natural Selection (??);
   One Life to Live |Anthony Makana|;
   Our Private World (May-Sept. 65) |John Eldredge|; Pensacola: Wings of
Gold |MacReady|;
   Ryan's Four (Apr. 83) |Dr. Morris Whitford|; Santa Barbara;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Offspring} |Adm. Haftel|;
   T.J. Hooker {Shadow of Truth} |Mundy|; Thirtysomething;
   War of the Worlds {The Raising of Lazarus} |Dr. Alexander|;
   Who's the Boss?.
   Airport '79: The Concorde (79) |Dr. Stone|;
   Betsy's Wedding (90) |Henry Lovell|; Big Business (88);
   The Big Fix (78) |Spitzler|; The Electric Horseman (79) |Fitzgerald|;
   Goldengirl (79) |Dr. Dalton|; Just You and Me Kid (79) |Harris|;
   Little Darlings (80) |Whitney|; MacArthur (77);
   The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper (81) |Avery|; Reds (81) |Paul Trullinger|;
   The Sporting Club (71).

John Cothran Jr.
   Brewster Place (May-Jul. 90) |Ralph Thomas|;
   Brooklyn South {Life Under Castro}; ER {Post Mortem};
   The Marshal {Unprotected Witness}; Picket Fences {The Bus Stops Here};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Crossover} |Telok|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Chase} |Nu'Daq|;
   Suddenly Susan {What a Card} |O'Rourke|; Viper {Safe as Houses}.
   Jimmy Hollywood (94) |Detective|.

Brian J. Cousins
   "Prelude to a Kiss" (90) [B].
   Babylon 5 {A Race Through Dark Places}; Dark Skies {White Rabbit};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Next Phase |Parem|;
   Descent, Part I |Crosis|; Descent, Part II |Crosis|}.
   (None Known).

David Cowgill
   Star Trek: Voyager {Basics, Part II} |Hanonian #2|;
   Viper {Thief of Hearts}; The Young and the Restless |Cliff Wilson|.
   Star Trek: First Contact (96) |Guard|.

Nikki Cox
??/??/197[89] -
   Baywatch {Sandcastles}; Danger Island (92); Freshman Fall (96);
   General Hospital |Gina Cates|; Mama's Family; Pearl {Pilot; Your
Cheatin' Heart;
   Billy; Pynchon's Pynchon} |Margaret Woodrow|; She Cried No (96);
   Someone Like Me (Mar.-Apr. 94) |Samantha 'Sam' Stepjak|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Pen Pals} |Sarjenka|;
   Unhappily Ever After (Jan. 95-??) |Tiffany Malloy|.
   Terminator 2: Judgement Day (91).

Richard Cox
00/00/1948 -
   "Blood Brothers" (93) |Narrator|; "What a Man Weighs" (90) [OOB].
   Executive Suite (76-77) |Mark Desmond|; Magnum, P.I. {The Big Blow};
   Midnight Caller {Tina and the Playboy};
   Remington Steele {Etched in Steele}; L.A. Law;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The High Ground} |Kyril Finn|; The Visitor.
   Between the Lines (77); Cruising (80) |Stuart Richards|;
   King of the Mountain (81) |Roger|; Street Justice (89);
   The Vindicator (84) |Alex Whyte|; Zombie High (87).

Ronny Cox
00/00/1938 -
   "Indians" (69) [B].
   The Abduction of Kari Swenson (87);
   Alcatraz: The Whole Shocking Story (80); Apple's Way (74-75) |George Apple|;
   Blue Skies (88) |George Apple|; Connection;
   Cop Rock (Sept.-Dec. 90) |Chief Roger Kendrick|; Fallen Angel;
   Family Ties |Franklin Reed|; Favorite Son (88); Kavik the Wolf Dog;
   L.A. Law; Never Give Up: The Jimmy V Story (96); Our Town; ##NEW## The
   Scandal in a Small Town; Second Chances (Dec. 93-Feb. 94) |George Cook|;
   St. Elsewhere (*87-88) |Dr. John Gideon|; Spencer (84-85) |George Winger|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Chain of Command, Part I;
   Chain of Command, Part II} |Capt. Edward Jellico|;
   Sweet Justice (Sept. 94-Apr. 95) |James-Lee Delacroy|;
   Time Trax {The Last MIA}; Two of a Kind; The Untouchables;
   Who Is the Black Dahlia?.
   The Beast Within (82) |Eli|; Beverly Hills Cop (84) |Capt. Andrew Bogomil|;
   Beverly Hills Cop II (87) |Capt. Andrew Bogomil|;
   Bound for Glory (76) |Ozark Blue|; Captain America (90);
   The Car (77) |Luke|; Deliverance (72) |Drew|;
   Gray Lady Down (77) |Cmdr. Samuelson|; Harper Valley P.T.A. (78);
   Hollywood Vice Squad (86); Loose Cannons (90) |Bob Smiley|;
   Martians Go Home (90) |The President|; The Mind Snatchers (72);
   One-Man Force (89) |Lt. McCoy|; The Onion Field (79) |Pierce Brooks|;
   Raw Courage (83); Robocop (87) |Jones|; Scissors (90); Second Chances (93);
   Some Kind of Hero (82) |Col. Powers|; Steele Justice (87) |Bennett|;
   Taps (81) |Col. Kerby|; Target: Favorite Son (88);
   Total Recall (90) |Coohagen|; Vision Quest (85) |Louden's Dad|;
   With Savage Intent (92).

Mimi Cozzens
   Chicago Hope {Papa's Got a Brand New Bag};
   Danielle Steel's Daddy (91) |Margaret Porter|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Unification, Part I} |Soup Woman|.
   (None Known).

Yvonne Craig
05/16/1941 -
   Barbara Stanwyck Theatre; Batman (*67-68) |Batgirl/Barbara Gordon|;
   Channing; Checkmate {The Cyanide Touch}; Dobie Gillis;
   Hooray for Love; Jarrett; Mannix {Who Killed Me?};
   The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis {The Flying Millicans};
   O'Hara, U.S. Treasury {Operation: Rake Off}; Papa Said No;
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E.; Mannix {Who Killed Me?};
   The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis |Linda Sue Faversham|; My Three Sons;
   The Six Million Dollar Man {The Infiltrators} |Lena Bannister|;
   Star Trek {Whom Gods Destroy} |Marta|; Three Coins in a Fountain;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Grand Emir}.
   The Gene Krupa Story (59); Gidget (59); How to Frame a Figg (??);
   In Like Flint (66); It Happened at the World's Fair (63);
   Kissin' Cousins (64).

John Crawford
09/13/1926 -
   The Bionic Woman {Rodeo} |Crowley|; The Devil's Messenger (61);
   Gunsmoke {The War Priest} |Amos Strange|; Harry O {Accounts Balanced;
   Mayday}; Hogan's Heroes {Movies Are Your Best Escape;
   Request Permission to Escape; Art for Hogan's Sake; One in Every Crowd;
   Color the Luftwaffe Red; Man in a Box; The Big Broadcast};
   The Incredible Hulk {The Hulk Breaks Las Vegas};
   Star Trek {The Galileo Seven} |High Commissioner Ferris|;
   Take a Guess (Jun.-Sept. 53) [Panelist]; Trackdown {The Boy;
   The Deal}; The Waltons (72-81) |Sheriff Ep Bridges|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Fire and Brimstone}.
   The Adventures of Frank and Jesse James (48); The Enforcer (76);
   Ghost of Zorro (49); Grave Secrets (89);
   The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd (53); The Invisible Monster (50);
   Radar Patrol vs. Spy King (49); Son of Geronimo (52);
   Zombies of the Stratosphere (52).

Dennis Creaghan
   "Pterodactyls" (93) [OOB].
   Brooklyn South {Love Hurts}; Dark Skies {The Warren Omission}; L.A. Law;
   Murder One {Chapter 15; Chapter 16}; NYPD Blue {Rockin' Robin};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Family} |Louis|.
   (None Known).

Anthony Crivello
   "Jane Eyre" (96); "Kiss of the Spider Woman" (92) [B]; "Les Miserables"
(87) [B].
   Babylon 5 {No Compromises} |John Clemmons|; Miami Vice {Hostile Takeover;
   Redemption in Blood}; One Live to Live |Johnny Dee|; Star Trek: Voyager
{Warlord} |Adin|.
   (None Known).

Dick Crockett
   Star Trek {The Gamesters of Triskelion} |Andorian Thrall|.
   The Party (68) |Wells|.

Leonard John Crofoot
   "Grind" (85) [B] |Stooge|.
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Angel One |Trent|; The Offspring |Robot
   (None Known).

Peter Crombie
   "Hanging the President" (90) [OOB].
   The John Larroquette Show {There's a Mr. Hitler Here to See You};
   L.A. Firefighters; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Melora} |Fallit Kot|.
   The Doors (91) |Associate Lawyer|; Natural Born Killers (94) |Intense Cop|;
   Seven (95).

James Cromwell
   "Hamlet" (92) [B] |Polonius|.
   All in the Family (*74) |Stretch Cunningham|;
   The Barbary Coast {The Ballad of Redwing Jail} |Roy|;
   A Christmas Without Snow (80);
   Easy Street (86-87) |Quentin Standard|;
   Hot L Baltimore (Jan.-Jun. 75) |Bill Lewis|;
   The Last Precinct (Apr.-May 86) |Chief Bludhorn|;
   Little House on the Prairie {Laura Ingalls Wilder, Part I;
   Laura Ingalls Wilder, Part II} |Harve Miller|; M*A*S*H |Bardonaro|;
   Mr. Belvedere; The Nancy Walker Show (Sept.-Dec. 76) |Glen|;
   The Shaggy Dog (94); Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Starship Down} |Hanok|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Hunted |Nayrok|;
   Birthright, Part I |Shrek|; Birthright, Part II |Shrek|};
   Strange Luck {Healing Hands} |Minister|; The White Shadow {Mainstream;
   The Death of Me Yet}.
   Babe (95) |Farmer Hoggett|; The Education of Little Tree (97);
   A Fine Mess (86); The Girl in the Empty Grave (77);
   L.A. Confidential (97) |Capt. Dudley Smith|;
   The Man with Two Brains (83); Murder by Death (76);
   Oh, God! You Devil (84); Owd Bob (97); The People vs. Larry Flynt (96);
   Pfaff! A Hero from Zero (97?); The Rescue (88); Revenge of the Nerds (84);
   Romeo Is Bleeding (93) |Cage|;
   Star Trek: First Contact (96) |Zefram Cochran|.

Patrick Cronin
   "Damn Yankees" (64) [R].
   Alice (*78-79) |Jason|; L.A. Law {pilot}; Night Court;
   The Oldest Rookie (87-Jan. 88) |Chief Black|;
   The Pretender {The Better Part of Valor};
   Remington Steele {Let's Steele a Plot}; Seinfeld;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Cost of Living} |Protocol Master Erko|.
   (None Known).

Leland Crooke
   Key West (Jan.-Jul. 93) |Paul 'Gumbo' Beausolei|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {One Little Ship |Gelnon| [Note: Paramount
Press Releases
   do not list Crooke as appearing in this episode, however, screen credit
was given];
   Honor Among Thieves |Vorta|}.
   (None Known).

Mary Crosby
00/00/1959 -
   Brothers and Sisters (Jan.-Apr. 79) |Suzy Cooper|;
   Dallas (*79-81) |Kristin Shepard|; The Fall Guy; Freddy's Nightmares;
   Goldilocks (70) |Voice|; The Love Boat;
   North & South, Book II (86) |Isabel Hazard|; Stagecoach (86);
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Profit and Loss} |Natima|.
   The Berlin Conspiracy (91); Body Chemistry (90) |Marlee Redding|;
   Corporate Affairs (90); Deadly Innocents (88); Desperate Motive (92);
   Eating (91) |Kate|; Ice Pirates (84) |Princess Karina|;
   Last Plane Out (83) |Liz|; Quicker Than the Eye (89);
   Tapeheads (88) |Samantha Gregory|.

Emilia Crow
   Disaster in Time (92);
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Rules of Aquisition} |Zyree|.
   Timescape - The Grand Tour (92).

David L. Crowley
   Babylon 5 {Survivors; Eyes; The Quality of Mercy; Revelations;
   The Geometry of Shadows; Soul Mates; GROPOS |Lou Welch|};
   MacGyver {Birth Day}; Men Behaving Badly {Hot Parkas} |Cop #1|;
   Silk Stalkings; Star Trek: The Next Generation {Phantasms} |Workman|.
   (None Known).

Melinda Culea
   The A-Team (*83) |Amy Allen|; Brotherly Love (Sept. 95-??) |Clare|;
   Buried Secrets (96); C-16 {Pilot, Part I; Pilot, Part II};
   Comedy Theater {Dear Teacher}; Glitter (84-Dec. 85) |Terry Randolph|;
   Knots Landing (*89-90) |Paula Vertosick|;
   Murder, She Wrote {Murder in F Sharp}; St. Elsewhere {19-11-86?;
   Once Upon a Mattress; 10-12-86?; 25-2-87?; 20-5-87?};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Outcast} |Soren|.
   (None Known).

Brett Cullen
   Ally McBeal {The Affair}; The Chisholms (*80) |Gideon Chisholm|;
   Falcon Crest (*86-88) |Dan Fixx|; The Incredible Hulk {The Phenom};
   Legacy (10/9/98-??);
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Meridian} |Deral|;
   Suddenly Susan {Love and Divorce American Style} |Adam|;
   V {The Little Dragon} |Robert|;
   The Young Riders (*89-90) |Marshal Sam Cain|.
   Complex Of Fear (93); Prehysteria! (92); The Sitter (91); 
   Stewardess School (87).

J.D. Cullum
   "Getting Married" (91) [B] |Cecil|; "The White Rose" (91) [OOB].
   Campus Cops (Jan. 96-??);
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {The Prankster};
   Married with Children {User Friendly} |Dr. Kessler|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Redemption, Part I;
   Redemption, Part II} |Toral|.
   (None Known).

Kimberly Cullum
   Home Improvement; The Sitter (91);
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Thine Own Self} |Gia|;
   VR 5 (Mar.-May 95) |Samantha Bloom|.
   The Rapture (91) |Mary|.

Bob Cummings
00/00/1908 - 00/00/1990
   The Bob Cummings Show (Jan. 55-Sept. 59) |Bob Collins|;
   The Bob Cummings Show (Oct. 61-Mar. 62) |Bob Carson|;
   General Electric Theater {Too Good with a Gun}; 
   The Great Adventure {The Plague}; Love, American Style {Love and the Pill};
   Max Liebman Presents {Best Foot Forward};
   My Hero (Nov. 52-Aug. 53) |Robert S. Beanblossom|;
   My Living Doll (64-Sept. 65) |Dr. Robert McDonald|;
   Studio One {Twelve Angry Men}; The Tonight Show (*62) [Host].
   Beach Party (63) |Prof. Sutwell|; The Carpetbaggers (64) |Dan Pierce|;
   My Geisha (62) |Bob Moore|; Stagecoach (66) |Mr. Gatewood|;
   Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (84) |Gunner #1|;
   What a Way to Go! (64) |Dr. Steffanson|.

Michael Cumpsty
   "1776" (97) [B] |John Dickinson|; "Artist Descending a Staircase" (89) [B];
   "Hamlet" (90) [OB]; "La Be^te" (91) [B] |Elomire|;
   "Scenes from an Execution" (93) [R] |Carpeta|;
   "Translations" (95) [B] |Lt. Yolland|.
   Bob (Sept. 92-Dec. 93) |Voice of Mr. Terhorst|;
   L.A. Law (*91-92) |Frank Kittredge|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Eye of the Needle; Cathexis; Persistence of Vision}
|Lord Burleigh|.
   Fatal Instinct (93).

Billy Curtis
   Star Trek {Journey to Babel} |Little Copper Ambassador|;
   Superman {Mr. Zero}; Superpup (58) |Bark Bent| [Unaired pilot].
   Saboteur (42).

Keene Curtis
   "La Cage Aux Folles" (84) |Albin|.
   Ally McBeal {One Hundred Tears Away; The Dirty Joke} |Judge Johnson|;
   Amanda's (Feb.-May 83) |Clifford Mundy|; Cannon {The Quasar Kill} |Sam|;
   Cheers |John Hill|; Gypsy (93);
   Hawaii Five-O {Killer at Sea} |Vincent Gordon|;
   The Lady's Not for Burning (74);
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {'Twas the Night Before Mxymas}
   |William B. Caldwell|; The Magician (Oct. 73-May 74) |Max Pomeroy|;
   The Magnificent Magical Magnet of Santa Mesa (77);
   Murder, She Wrote |Jerome Mueller|;
   One in a Million (Jan.-June 80) |Mr. Cushing|;
   The Single Guy {Just Friends?; Mother Love; Johnny Hollywood} |Mr. Klug|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Sacred Ground} |Old Man #1|;
   Stowaway to the Moon (75) |Tom Estes|;
   Strange New World (75); Three's Company {?? |Andrew Gainer|;
   ?? |Dr. Todson|}; Touched By an Angel {My Dinner with Andrew};
   Whiz Kids {The Sufi Project};
   The Wizard {Daydream Believer} |Van Slyke|.
   American Hot Wax (78) |Mr. Leonard|; Blade (73) |Steiner|;
   The Buddy System (84) |Dr. Knitz|; Heaven Can Wait (78) |Oppenheim|;
   I.Q. (94) |Eisenhower|; Macbeth (48) |Lennox|;
   Sliver (93) |Gus Hale|.

Kelly Curtis
   The Sentinel (?-?) |Carolyn Plummer|; Silk Stalkings {Curtain Call};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Captive Pursuit} |Miss Sarda|.
   The Good Family (90).

Robin Curtis
   Babylon 5 {Deathwalker} |Ambassador Kalika|; The Edge of Night (series);
   The Equalizer {Dead Drop} |Ginger Brock|; First Affair (83);
   General Hospital (*91) |Carol Pulaski|; 
   Herman's Head {Intern-al Affairs}; In Love With an Older Woman; 
   Johnny Bago {Johnny Saves the World}; Knight Rider {Short Notice};
   LBJ: The Early Years (87); MacGyver {The Gauntlet; Friends} |Kate Connolly|;
   One Life to Live (series); Shootdown;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Gambit, Part I; Gambit, Part II} |Tallera|.
   Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (84) |Lt. Saavik|;
   Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (86) |Lt. Saavik|.

Robert Curtis-Brown
   "Green Icebergs" (94) [R] |Claude|;
   "The Heidi Chronicles" (90) |Peter Patrone|;
   "Hyde in Hollywood" (89) [OB] |Bassianus, Goth 3|;
   "Titus Andronicus" (89) [OB] |David Hogarth|.
   Days of Our Lives (*90-91) |Craig Norris|; Eden (93);
   Herman's Head {Untitled Girlfriend Project; Subterranean Homesick Blues};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Sanctuary} |Vedek Sorad|.
   Trading Places (83).

Olivia d'Abo
   "Scenes from an Execution" (93) [R] |Supporta|.
   Growing Pains |Wendy|; Midnight's Child (92); For Love and Glory (93);
   Really Weird Tales; The Single Guy (?-?) |Marie|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {True Q} |Amanda Rogers|;
   Tour of Duty {Soldiers}; The Wonder Years (Mar. 88-93) |Karen Arnold|.
   Bank Robber (93); Beyond the Stars (89) |Mara Simon|;
   The Big Green (95) |Anna Montgomery|; Bolero (84);
   Bullies (85); Conan the Destroyer (84) |Jehna|; Dream to Believe (85);
   Greedy (93); Into the Fire (88); Kicking and Screaming (95);
   The Legend of Wolf Lodge (87); Live Nude Girls (96); Mission Kill (84);
   Point of No Return (93); The Spirit of '76 (91); Wayne's World 2 (93).

Frank 'Bud' da Vinci
   Star Trek {The Naked Time |Crewman/Lt. Brent|; Charlie X |Security Guard|;
   Mudd's Women |Guard|; The Conscience of the King |Voice of Capt. Jon Daily|;
   A Taste of Armageddon |Eminian Guard/Technician, Lt. Osborne| [Uncredited];
   Devil in the Dark |Lieutenant Osborne|; Amok Time |Vulcan Bell Carrier|;
   The Lights of Zetar |Crewman|}.
   (None Known).

Jon de Vries
   "The Ballad of Soapy Smith" (84) [OB] |George Wilder|; "Patient A" (93)
   "The Scarlet Letter" (94) [OB]; "Sight Unseen" (92) [OB] |Nick|;
   "Titus Andronicus" (89) [OB] |Marcus Andronicus|.
   Grand Isle (92); Miami Vice {One Way Ticket};
   Spenser: For Hire {The Killer Within};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Up the Long Ladder} |Granger|.
   Lianna (83).

Tim deZarn
   ER {Welcome Back, Carter; True Lies}; Murder One {Chapter 15 (S2);
   Chapter 16 (S2)}; NYPD Blue {In the Butt, Bob;
   Vishy-Vashy-Vinny; Bombs Away}; Running Against Time (90);
   Silk Stalkings {Team Spirit};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night} |Halb|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Starship Mine} |Satler|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Initiations} |Haliz|; Viper {Mind Games} |Johnson|.
   Three Fugitives (89) |First Officer|.

Lezlie Dalton
   "Blessed Event" (85) [OOB].
   Harry O {Street Games}; Star Trek {By Any Other Name} |Drea|.
   (None Known).

James Daly
10/23/1918 - 00/00/1978
   Billy Budd (51) [B]; "Period of Adjustment" (60) [B] |Ralph Bates|.
   The Dupont Show of the Week; The F.B.I. {The Chameleon; Gold Card;
   Conspiracy of Silence}; Foreign Intrigue (*53-54) |Michael Powers|;
   The Invaders {Beachhead; The Peacemakers};
   Judd for the Defense {Punishments Cruel and Unusual}; The Loretta Young
   Lux Video Theatre; Medical Center (69-Sept. 76) |Dr. Paul Lochner|;
   Mission: Impossible {Shock |Carl Wilson|; The Bank |Alfred Belzig|};
   Star Trek {Requiem for Methuselah} |Flint|; Studio One; Suspense;
   The Twilight Zone {A Stop at Willoughby}; The U.S. Steel Hour; The Web.
   The Big Bounce (68); The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell (55);
   The Five-Man Army (69); I Aim at the Stars (60); Planet of the Apes (68);
   Return of the Fly (59); UMC (69); The Young Stranger (57).

Jane Daly
   ER {Last Call}; Picket Fences {Under the Influence};
   Roomies (Mar.-May 87) |Ms. Adler|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Most Toys} |Varia|.
   And Then There Was One (94).

Bertila Damas
   "Hamlet" (97) [R]; "In the Eye of the Hurricane" (89) [OOB].
   NYPD Blue {Steroid Roy} |Dee-Dee|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Maquis, Part I;
   The Maquis, Part II} |Sakonna|.
   Fires Within (91); Nothing but Trouble (91) |Renalda|.

Gabriel Damon
   Call to Glory (84-Feb. 85) |R.H. Sarnac|;
   One Big Family (86-87) |Roger Hatton|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Bonding} |Jeremy Aster|.
   Iron Maze (91); Journey to Spirit Island (91); 
   The Land Before Time (88) |Voice|; Robocop 2 (90).

Michael Danek
   "A Chorus Line".
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Firstborn} |Singer|.
   (None Known).

Timothy Dang
   "Canton Jazz Club" (90) [R] [Director];
   "Performance Anxiety" (90) [R] |David|.
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Encounter at Farpoint} |Main Bridge
   (None Known).

Michael Dante
09/02/31 -
   Custer (Sept.-Dec. 67) |Custer|; Days of Our Lives (*84) |Barney Jannings|;
   Star Trek {Friday's Child} |Maab|.
   Arizona Raiders (65) |Brady|; Beyond Evil (80); The Big Score (83) |Goldy|;
   The Farmer (77) |Johnny O|; The Naked Kiss (65); Seven Thieves (60);
   Willard (71) |Brandt|; Winterhawk (76) |Winter Hawk|.

Cory Danziger
   Beauty and the Beast (*87-88) |Kipper|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Brothers} |Jake Potts|.
   The 'Burbs (89) |Detective|; Beethoven (92).

Kim Darby
07/08/1947 -
   Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (73);
   Enola Gay: The Men, The Mission, The Atomic Bomb (80);
   The Facts of Life |Mrs. Garrett's Daughter-In-Law|;
   Flatbed Annie and Sweetie Pie: Lady Truckers (79);
   The Last Convertible (79) |Ann Rowan|;
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Five Daughters Affair, Part I;
   The Five Daughters Affair, Part II}; The People (71);
   Petrocelli {The Kidnapping} |Donna|; Profiler {Cruel and Unusual};
   Rich Man, Poor Man -- Book I (76) |Virginia Calderwood|;
   Star Trek {Miri} |Miri|; Summer Girl (83).
   Better Off Dead (85); Generation (69); The Grissom Gang (71);
   The One and Only (78); The Strawberry Statement (70);
   Teen Wolf, Too (87); True Grit (69).

Christopher Darga
   Babylon 5 {Acts of Sacrifice} |Narn #1|;
   The Drew Carey Show {Drew Meets Lawyers}; JAG {Shadow};
   Mad About You {Burt's Building} |Akiba the Cameraman|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Way of the Warrior} |Kaybok|;
   Strange Luck {Soul Survivor}.
   (None Known).

James Darren
   Scruples (81); Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {His Way;
   Tears of the Prophets; ##NEW## Image in the Sand} |Vic Fontaine ヴィク・フォンテーヌ|;
   T.J. Hooker (*83-86) |Off. Jim Corrigan|;
   The Time Tunnel (Sep. 66-Sep. 67) |Dr. Tony Newman|; The Web.
   The Boss' Son (78); Diamond Head (63); The Gene Krupa Story (59);
   Gidget (59); Gidget Goes Hawaiian (61); Gidget Goes to Rome (63);
   The Guns of Navarone (61); Venus in Furs (70).

Henry Darrow
   Attica (80); The Bionic Woman {Deadly Music} |Anton Dasovic|;
   General Hospital (*82 |Amb. Tabris|; *87 |Colonel|);
   Gunsmoke {Message to Fort Apache} |Oro|;
   Halloween with the Addams Family (77);
   Harry-O (*74-75) |Det. Lt. Manuel 'Manny' Quinlan|;
   The High Chaparral (67-71) |Manolito Montoya|;
   The Incredible Hulk {Sanctuary}; Magnum, P.I. {Paniolo};
   Me and Mom (Apr.-May 85) |Lt. Rojas|; Mission: Impossible {Blast};
   The New Dick Van Dyke Show (*73-74) |Alex Montenez|; Santa Barbara;
   Silk Stalkings {Jasmine};
   The Six Million Dollar Man {Vulture of the Andes} |Falco|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Conspiracy} |Admiral Savar|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Tattoo; Basics, Part I} |Kolopak|;
   T.J. Hooker {Cry for Help |Dr. Martinez|; Child Is Missing |Miguel Gomez|
   Blood Sport |Gus Kalioki|}; Timetrax {A Stranger in Time;
   To Kill a Billionaire};
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Tottering Tontine};
   Zorro (90-93) |Don Alejandro Sebastian de la Vega|;
   Zorro and Son (Apr.-Jun. 83) |Don Diego de la Vega/Zorro Sr.|.
   Badge 373 (73); Blue Heat (90); In Dangerous Company (88); The Hitcher (86);
   L.A. Bounty (89); The Last of the Finest (90);
   Maverick (94) |Riverboat Poker Player|; Walk Proud (79).

Alex Datcher
   Sliders {Luck of the Draw};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Descent, Part II} |Ens. Taitt|.
   John Carpenter Presents: Body Bags (93); Passenger 57 (93).

Stephen Davies
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Emissary |Tactical Officer|;
   Hippocratic Oath |Arak'Taral|}; Star Trek: Voyager {Darkling} |Nakahn|.
   Alien Intruder (93).

B.J. Davis
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Sins of the Father} |Assassin|.
   Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (91) [Stuntman];
   Star Trek: Generations (94) [Stunt Coordinator].

Carole Davis
   Acapulco H.E.A.T. {Code Name: Easy Riders};
   Star Trek: Voyager {The Swarm} |The Diva|.
   The Rapture (90) |Angie|.

Daniel Davis
   "Lake No Bottom" (90) [OOB]; "Richard III" (90) [OB] |Buckingham|.
   Cheers; L.A. Law {Hit & Run}; MacGyver {Halloween Knights} |Nicolas|;
   The Nanny (Nov. 93-??) |Niles|; Remington Steele {Gourmet Steele};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Elementary, Dear Data;
   Ship in a Bottle} |Moriarty|.
   Havana (90) |Marion Chigwell|; The Hunt for Red October (90).

Bruce Davison
00/00/1946 -
   The Affair (73); Deadman's Curve (78);
   Harry and the Hendersons (90-93) |George Henderson|;
   Hidden in America (96) |Dr. Millerton|;
   Hunter (*85-86) |Capt. Wyler|; The Lathe of Heaven (80) |George Orr|;
   Live! from Death Row (92); Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton
Story (87); 
   Seinfeld {The Van Buren Boys} |Wyck|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Remember} |Jareth|; Summer of My German Soldier (78);
   Tales from the Crypt {100% Pure Horror};
   Tales from the Darkside {Word Processor of the Gods} |Richard Hagstrom|;
   Tomorrow's Child (82); V {The Hero; The Betrayal} |Langley|.
   Brass Target (78) |Col. Robert Dawson|; The Crucible (96);
   Crimes of Passion (84) |Hopper|; The Cure (95);
   Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog (94);
   French Quarter (77); High Risk (81) |Dan|; The Jerusalem File (72) |David|;
   Last Summer (69) |Dan|; Lies (86); Longtime Companion (90) |David|;
   Mame (74) |Older Patrick|; The Misfit Brigade (87) |Porta|;
   Mother, Jugs & Speed (76) |LeRoy|; Paulie (98?);
   Short Cuts (93) |Howard Finnegan|; Short Eyes (77);
   Six Degrees of Separation (93); The Skateboard Kid 2 (94);
   Spies Like Us (85) |Mr. Ruby|; Steel and Lace (91) |Albert|;
   The Strawberry Statement (70); Summer Heat (83); Taming of the Shrew (82);
   Ulzana's Raid (72) |Lt. Garnett DeBuin|; Willard (71) |Willard Stiles|.

George De La Pen~a
   "On Your Toes" (83) |Konstantine Morrosine|; "Trudy Blue" (95) [R]
   L.A. Law; Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Arsenal of Freedom}
   |Lt. j.g. Orfil Solis|.
   Brain Donors (92); Kuffs (92); Nijinsky (80).

Noe'l De Souza
   The Six Million Dollar Man {Nuclear Alert} |Fourth Passenger|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Darkling} |Ghandi|.
   (None Known).

John DeMita
   "Angel's Fall" [R]; "Camino Real" [R]; "Cyrano De Bergerac" [R];
   "Don't Go Back To Rockville"; "Final Passages"; "Happy End"; "Holiday" [R];
   "The Importance of Being Ernest" [R]; "A Midsummer Night's Dream";
   "The Misanthrope"; "Monkey Planet"; "Our Country's Good" [R];
   "The Rainmaker"; "Six Characters In Search of An Author" [R]; "Tamara";
   "The Tempest" [R].
   Brotherly Love; The Clinic {Pilot}; I Know My First Name Is Steven;
   L.A. Law; Star Trek: The Next Generation {Timescape} |Romulan|;
   The Pursuit of Happiness {Pilot}; Viet Nam War Story {Pilot}.
   The Human Pets (??); Leprechaun 3 (??); The Opposite Sex (56?);
   Steel and Lace (91); Time Warrior (??); Universal Soldier (92).

Rosana DeSoto
   "Floating Islands" (94) [R] |Cusa|.
   Melrose Place; Quantum Leap {Revenge}; Miami Vice {Bushido; God's Work};
   The Redd Foxx Show (Jan.-Apr. 86) |Diana Olmos|;
   Walker, Texas Ranger {A Silent Cry} |Cora|.
   Family Business (89); La Bamba (87);
   Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (91) |Azetbur|.

Cliff DeYoung
00/00/1946 -
   "Sticks and Bones" (72) [B].
   Annie Oakley (85); Centennial (78) |John Skimmerhorn|;
   Criminal Behavior (92) |Darrel Smathers|; Diagnosis: Murder;
   Fourth Story (91); George Wallace (97); Her Secret Life (87) |Paul|;
   JAG {Pilot; Defensive Action; ##NEW## Gypsy Eyes} |Chuck DePalma|; The
Last Don (97);
   The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case (76);
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {The Return of the Prankster};
   Master of the Game (84) |Brad Rogers|;
   Murder, She Wrote {Murder Through the Looking Glass};
   North & South, Book III (94); Nowhere Man {Stay Tuned};
   Relativity (Sept. 96-??); Robocop -- The Series |Dr. Cray Mallardo|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Vortex} |Croden|; 
   Sunshine (Mar.-Jun. 75) |Sam Hayden|;
   Time Trax {To Live & Die in Docker Flats} |Burt Docker|;
   Timecop {Stalker} |Det. Rick Nolte|; The Tommyknockers (93);
   The X-Files {Pilot} |Dr. Jay Nemman|.
   Dr. Giggles (92) |Tom Campbell|; Fear (88);
   Flashback (90) |Sheriff Hightower|;
   Flight of the Navigator (86) |Bill Freeman|; Forbidden Sun (89);
   F/X (86) |Martin Lipton|; Glory (89) |Col. James Montgomery|;
   Harry and Tonto (74) |Junior|; The Hunger (83) |Tom Haver|;
   In Dangerous Company (88); Independence Day (83) |Les Morgan|; King (78);
   New York Mounted (86); Protocol (84) |Hilley|; Pulse (88) |Bill|;
   Reckless (84) |Phil|; Rude Awakening (89) |Brubaker|;
   Secret Admirer (85) |George|; Shock Treatment (81) |Brad/Farley|;
   The Skateboard Kid (93); The Survivalist (87); To Die Standing (90).

Vince Deadrick
   Cannon {Child of Fear}; Star Trek {What Are Little Girls Made Of? |Mathews|;
   Balance of Terror |Romulan Crewman|;
   Is There in Truth No Beauty? |Security Guard|}.
   (None Known).

Mark Deakins
   Star Trek: Voyager {The Killing Game; The Killing Game, Part II}
|Hirogen SS Officer|.
   ##NEW## Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) |Tournel|.

Robertson Dean
   "The Circle" (89) [B].
   Star Trek: The Next Generationn {Face Of The Enemy} |Pilot|.
   (None Known).

Anthony De Longis
   Babylon 5 {What Ever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?} |Harry|;
   Battlestar Galactica {The Man with Nine Lives; Baltar's Escape} |Taba|;
   Days of Our Lives (*90) |Hans|; Highlander {Blackmail} |Lymon Kurlow|;
   Kung Fu: The Legend Continues {Target} |The Brujo|;
   MacGyver {The Assassin |Piedra|; Lost Love, Part I |Kossoff|;
   Lost Love, Part II |Kossoff|}; Star Trek: Voyager {State of Flux |Kazon|;
   Maneuvers |Culluh|; Alliances |Culluh|; Basics, Part I |Culluh|;
   Basics, Part II |Culluh|}; V {Force Field of Doom} |Ghalen|.
   (None Known).

Thomas Dekker
   Caroline in the City {Caroline and the Therapist} |Young Richard|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Learning Curve; Persistence of Vision} |Henry|.
   Star Trek: Generations (94) |Picard's Kid|.

Jonathan Del Arco
   Pearl {Homecoming} |Carlo Morra|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {I, Borg |Hugh/Third-of-Five|;
   Descent, Part II |Hugh|}.
   (None Known).

Lee Delano
   Batman {Shoot a Crooked Arrow; Walk in the Straight and Narrow};
   Cannon {Missing at FL307 |Detective|; The Iceman |Royce Goodland|};
   Star Trek {A Piece of the Action} |Kalo|;
   Taxi {Shut It Down, Part Two} |Maitre D|.
   High Anxiety (77).

Chris Demetral
   Blossom; Dallas: J.R. Returns (96) |Christopher Ewing|;
   Dream On (Jan.-July 95) |Jeremy Tupper|; For Hope (96) |Alan|;
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Foundling; Fly-Hard;
   Barbarians at the Planet; House of Luthor} |Jack Miner|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Future Imperfect} |Jean-Luc Riker/Ethan|.
   Going Under (90).

Lincoln Demyan
   Hogan's Heroes {What Time Does the Balloon Go Up?; The Big Gamble};
   I Dream of Jeannie {Bigger Than a Bread Box} |Uncle Jeff|;
   The Rifleman {The Lonesome Bride};
   Star Trek {Assignment: Earth} |Sgt. Lipton|.
   (None Known).

Susan Denberg
   Star Trek {Mudd's Women} |Magda Kovas|.
   Frankenstein Created Woman (67).

Jake Dengel
   "The Tragical Historie of Doctor Faustus" (64) [OB].
   Cagney & Lacey; Hill Street Blues; Jackie Collins' Lady Boss (92); 
   L.A. Law; Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Last Outpost} |Mordoc|;
   T.J. Hooker {Slayride} |Danny|.
   Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh (91); Ironweed (87); Ragtime (81).

William Denis
   "Coming of the Hurricane" (95) [R] |Meadows|.
   Perfect Strangers; Star Trek: The Next Generation {Sarek} |Ki Mendrossen|.
   (None Known).

Elizabeth Dennehy
   "Henry V" (84) [OB] |Lady-in-Waiting/Soldiers, Lords, Attendants|.
   Class of '96; Dark Justice; The Guiding Light (series); 
   Quantum Leap {Promised Land}; 
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Best of Both Worlds, Part I;
   The Best of Both Worlds, Part II} |Lt. Cmdr. Shelby|.
   Gattaca (97); The Waterdance (92) |Candy|.

Peter Dennis
   Acapulco H.E.A.T. {Code Name: Easy Riders};
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {AKA Kansas |Reginald|;
   And Baby Makes Three};
   Friends {The One Where No One's Ready} |Sherman Whitfield|;
   Profiler {Doppelganger}; Star Trek: Voyager {Death Wish} |Sir Isaac Newton|.
   (None Known).

Maryesther Denver
00/00/1918 - 00/00/1980
   Star Trek {Catspaw} |Witch #3|.
   (None Known).

Richard Derr
06/15/18 - 05/08/92
   Cannon {The Cure That Kills}; Fanfare (Jul.-Sept. 59) [Host];
   The Phil Silvers Show {Joan's Big Romance};
   Star Trek {The Alternative Factor |Commodore Barstow|;
   The Mark of Gideon |Adm. Fitzgerald|}; Taxi {Art Work} |Buyer|;
   The White Shadow {Albert Hodges}.
   Castle in the Desert (42); Charlie Chan in Rio (41);
   When Worlds Collide (51).

Shelly Desai
   Sledge Hammer! {Miss of the Spiderwoman};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Data's Day} |V'Sal|.
   (None Known).

Andy Dick
   The Ben Stiller Show (Sep. 92-Jan. 93); Get Smart (Jan.-Feb. 95) |Zach
   Newsradio (Mar. 95-??) |Matthew|; Star Trek: Voyager {Message in a
Bottle} |EMH-2|.
   In the Army Now (94).

Charles Dierkop
   Batman {Penguin's Clean Sweep}; Cannon {Scream of Silence |Keegan|;
   The Sounds of Silence}; Mannix {A Penny for the Peepshow};
   Police Woman (74-78) |Det. Pete Royster|;
   Star Trek {Wolf in the Fold} |Morla|; T.J. Hooker {Trial} |Doud|.
   Angels Hard as They Come (72); The Fix (84);
   Grotesque (87); The Hot Box (72); Messenger of Death (88); 
   Roots of Evil (92).

Victoria Dillard
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Where No One Has Gone Before} |Ballerina|;
   Coming to America (88); Deep Cover (92); Internal Affairs (90);
   Ricochet (91).

Susan Diol
   Alien Nation: Millennium (96) |Marina Del Rey|; Baywatch |Kate|;
   Days of Our Lives (*90-91) |Emmy Borden|; Diagnosis: Murder {Murder Two};
   Growing Pains; Her Deadly Rival (95) |Jean|; Herman's Head {Feardom of
   Hothouse (Jun.-Aug. 88) |Claudia Garrison|; Moloney {Friendly Fire};
   One Life to Live (93-Feb. 94); Quantum Leap {M.I.A.; Mirror Image};
   Reasonable Doubts {The Iceman};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Silicon Avatar} |Carmen|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Lifesigns; Resolutions} |Dr. Denara Pel|;
   Walker, Texas Ranger {War Zone}.
   (None Known).

Robert DoQui
00/00/1934 -
   Felony Squad (*68-69) |Det. Cliff Sims|;
   I Dream of Jeannie {G.I. Jeannie} |Sgt. Pete Morgan|;
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Rum Affair};
   Mission: Impossible {Kitara}; NYPD Blue {Cold Heaters} |Warren Leight|;
   Picket Fences {Blue Christmas};
   The Six Million Dollar Man {Look Alike} |Breezy|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Sons of Mogh} |Noggra|;
   The White Shadow {A Silent Cheer}.
   Almos' a Man (76); Cloak & Dagger (84) |Lt. Fleming|; Coffy (73);
   Good to Go (86) |Max|; I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can (82) |Teddy|;
   Mercenary Fighters (86); Miracle Mile (89) |Cook|;
   Nashville (75) |Wade|; Original Intent (91); Robocop (87) |Sgt. Reed|;
   Robocop 2 (90) |Sgt. Reed|; Robocop 3 (93) |Sgt. Reed|;
   Walking Tall Part 2 (75) |Obra|.

Larry Dobkin
   ##NEW## Burke's Law {Who Killed Supersleuth?} [Director]; Cannon {Moving
Target} [Director];
   Curiosity Kills (90) |Harry|;
   The Dick Powell Show {The Legend}; Gunsmoke {Don Matteo |Esteban Garcia|;
   Bloody Hands |Jack Brand|; How to Die for Nothing |Jacklin|};
   Have Gun Will Travel {The Great Mojave Chase |Billy Joe Kane|;
   Love and a Bad Woman |Haskell Sommers|};
   I Love Lucy {Ricky and Fred Are TV Fiends} |Restaurant Man|; 
   Judd for the Defense {The Kingdom of the Blind}; L.A. Law;
   MacGyver {Hell Week |Prof. Julian Ryman|;
   A Prisoner of Conscience |Alexander Karsoff|};
   Mr. Adams and Eve [Director]; Mysteries from Beyond Earth (76)
   Night Court {Mac Takes a Vocation} |Justice Welch|;
   The Rifleman {The Gaucho; The Sheridan Story; Knight Errant;
   Day of Reckoning [Director]; The Day a Town Slept;
   The Executioner [Writer,Director]; Tinhorn [Director]};
   The Rape of Doctor Willis (91) |Striker|; Roswell (94) |General|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Mind's Eye} |Ambassador Kell|;
   Superman {The Man Who Could Read Minds}; Trackdown {Look for the Woman};
   The Untouchables.
   5 Fingers (52) |Santos|; Above and Beyond (52) |Dr. Van Dyke|;
   Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time (91) |Adm. Binns|;
   Cabinet of Caligari (62); D.O.A. (50) |Dr. Schaefer|;
   Deadline - U.S.A. (52) |Lawyer Hansen|; The Defiant Ones (58) |Editor|;
   Frenchie (50) |Bartender|; The Gene Krupa Story (59); Geronimo (62);
   Hotwire (80) |Bodine|; Illegal (55) |Al Carol|;
   In Search of Historic Jesus (80) |Pontius Pilate|;
   Julius Caesar (53) |Citizen of Rome|;
   Jump Into Hell (55); Kiss of Fire (55) |Padre Domingo|;
   The Lost Missile (58) [Narrator];
   Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation (53) |Farrell|; The Midnight Man (74) |Mason|;
   The Mob (51) |Doctor|; North by Northwest (59) |Cartoonist|;
   Patton (70) |Col. Gaston Bell|; People Will Talk (51) |Business Manager|;
   Red Skies of Montana (52) |Spotter|;
   Riders to the Stars (53) |Dr. Delmar|; The Silver Chalice (54);
   Sweet Smell of Success (57) |Leo Bartha| [Uncredited];
   The Ten Commandments (56) |Hur Ben Caleb|; Tokyo after Dark (59);
   Twelve O'Clock High (49) |Capt. Twombley|; Underground (70) |Boule|;
   Wild Heritage (58) |Josh Burrage|.

Angela Dohrmann
   The Client; The Drew Carey Show; Material World (?-?); MuchMusic [VJ];
   Nash Bridges {High Impact; Knockout; Internal Affairs} |Stacy Bridges|;
   Party of Five |Stripper|; Star Trek: Voyager {The Cloud; Meld} |Ricky|;
   War of the Worlds {Video Messiah} |Jane|.
   (None Known).

Elinor Donahue
   The Andy Griffith Show (*60-61) |Ellie Walker|;
   Comedy Theater {The Grady Nutt Show};
   Days of Our Lives (*84-86) |Kate Honeycutt|; Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman;
   Father Knows Best (54-63) |Betty Anderson|;
   Father Knows Best: Home for Christmas (??) |Betty Anderson|;
   The Flying Nun |Jennifer|; Get a Life (Sept. 90-June 92) |Gladys Peterson|;
   Herman's Head {A Charlie Brown Fitzer} |Louise's Mother|;
   Many Happy Returns (64-65) |Joan Randall|;
   Mulligan's Stew (Oct.-Dec. 77) |Jane Mulligan|;
   The New Adventures of Beans Baxter (Jul. 87-88) |Mrs. Susan Baxter|;
   Newhart {Courting Disaster}; The Odd Couple (*72-74) |Miriam Welby|;
   One Day at a Time |Felicia|; Petrocelli {Vengeance in White} |Joan Hiller|;
   Star Trek {Metamorphosis} |Ambassador Nancy Hedford|; $weepstake$.
   Girls Town (58); Love Is Better Than Ever (51); Pretty Woman (90) |Bridget|.

Juli Donald
   Babylon 5 {The Fall of Night} |Pilot #1|;
   The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw (92);
   The Law and Harry McGraw (87-Feb. 88) |E.J. Brunson|;
   Murder One {Chapter 10; Chapter 11; Chapter 12; Chapter 13; Chapter 14;
   Chapter 15};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {A Matter of Perspective} |Tayna|.
   (None Known).

Juliana Donald
   "Salt-Water Moon" (85) [R] |Mary Snow|.
   Riptide {Where the Girls Are};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Prophet Motive} |Emi|.
   (None Known).

Jack Donner
   Mannix {A Button for General D} |Norton|; Mission: Impossible {The Bunker};
   Star Trek {The Enterprise Incident} |Subcommander Tal|.
   (None Known).

Paul Dooley
00/00/1928 -
   "The Odd Couple" (65) [B] |Speed|.
   Chicago Hope; Coming of Age (Mar. 88-Jul. 89) |Dick Hale|;
   The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (95);
   The Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson (90);
   The Dom DeLuise Show (May-Sept. 68); ER {Fire in the Belly;
   And Baby Makes Two; The Secret Sharer};
   East Side/West Side {No Hiding Place};
   Grace Under Fire (*94-??) |John Shirley|; Lip Service (88); Mad About You;
   The Murder of Mary Phagan (88); Spenser: For Hire {Resurrection};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Wire; Improbable Cause;
   The Die is Cast; In Purgatory's Shadow} |Enabran Tain|;
   Tales from the Crypt {Forever Ambergris}; Tales of the City |Herb Tolliver|;
   White Hot: The Mysterious Murder of Thelma Todd (91).
   Big Trouble (85) |Noozel|; Breaking Away (79) |Mr. Stohler|;
   A Dangerous Woman (93) |Tupperware Salesman|; Endangered Species (82) |Joe|;
   Flashback (90) |Stark|; Going Berserk (83) |Dr. Ted|;
   Hansel and Gretel (82); Health (79); Kiss Me Goodbye (82) |Kendall|;
   Last Rites (88) |Father Freddie|; Mother of the Bride (92);
   O.C. & Stiggs (87) |Randall Schwab|;
   The Out of Towners (70) |Hotel Day Clerk|; Paternity (81) |Kurt|;
   A Perfect Couple (79) |Alex|; The Player (92); Popeye (80) |Wimpy|;
   Rich Kids (79) |Simon Peterfreund|; Shakes the Clown (91);
   Sixteen Candles (84) |Jim Baker|; Slap Shot (77) |Hyannisport Announcer|;
   Strange Brew (83) |Claude|; UFO Cafe (90); Up the Sandbox (72);
   A Wedding (78).

Brad Dourif
03/18/1950 -
   "When You Comin' Back , Red Ryder?" (73) [OB] |Stephen|.
   Babylon 5 {Passing Through Gethsemane} |Brother Edward|;
   The Equalizer {Out of the Past};
   Escape to Witch Mountain (96) |Herman/Delivery Man/Chauffeur|;
   Miami Vice {Theresa}; Millennium {Force Majeure} |Dennis Hoffman|;
   Moonlighting {All Creatures Great and...Not So Great};
   Spenser: For Hire {Rage} |Max Lyons|; Star Trek: Voyager {Meld;
   Basics, Part I; Basics, Part II} |Ens. Lon Suder|;
   A Step Toward Tomorrow (96); Studs Lonigan (Mar. 79) |Danny O'Neill|;
   Tales from the Crypt {People Who Live in Brass Hearses} |Virgil|;
   Wild Palms (93) |Chickie Levitt|;
   The X-Files {Beyond the Sea} |Luther Lee Boggs|.
   Alien Resurrection (97); Amos & Andrew (93); Blue Velvet (86) |Raymond|;
   Body Parts (91) |Remo Lacey|; Chaindance (91) |Johnny Reynolds|;
   Child's Play (88) |Charles Lee Ray|; Child's Play 2 (90);
   Child's Play 3 (91); Color of Night (94); Common Bonds (91);
   Critters 4 (91); Dead Certain (90); Dune (84) |Piter DeVries|;
   Exorcist III: Legion (90) |The Gemini Killer|;
   The Eyes of Laura Mars (78) |Tommy Ludlow|; Fatal Beauty (87) |Leo Nova|;
   Final Judgment (92); Grim Prairie Tales (90);
   Heaven's Gate (80) |Eggleston|; Hidden Agenda (90); Horseplayer (90);
   Impure Thoughts (86); Istanbul (85); Jungle Fever (91) |Leslie|;
   London Kills Me (92); Mississippi Burning (88) |Deputy Pell|;
   Murder in the First (95); Nightwatch (97);
   One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (75) |Billy Bibbit|; Phoenix (95) |Reiger|;
   Ragtime (81) |Younger Brother|; Senseless (98); Sonny Boy (87);
   Spontaneous Combustion (90); Stephen King's Graveyard Shift (90) |Tucker
   Trauma (92); Wise Blood (79) |Hazel Motes|.

Ellen Albertini Dow
   Cosby {It's My Party}; Murder One {Chapter 15; Chapter 16};
   Ned & Stacey {Friends and Lovers} |Mrs. Porter|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Sub Rosa} |Felisa|.
   Memoirs of an Invisible Man (92).

Christopher Doyle
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Search, Part II} |Jem'Hadar Officer|.
   Another Stakeout (93) |McNamara|.

Charles Drake
10/02/18 - 09/10/94
   Cannon {The Games Children Play} |Dr. Martin Larkin|;
   The Dick Powell Show {The Clocks}; Harry O {Mortal Sin};
   Lux Video Theatre {Jezebel}; Robert Montgomery Presents (*55-56);
   Star Trek {The Deadly Years} |Commodore George Stocker|.
   Air Force (43); Conflict (45); Dear Heart (65); The Glenn Miller Story (54);
   Harvey (50); It Came from Outer Space (53); A Night in Casablanca (46);
   Tarzan's Magic Fountain (49); The Tender Years (48); To Hell and Back (55); 
   Tobor the Great (54); The Treasure of Lost Canyon (52); Walk the Proud
Land (56);
   Whistle Stop (46).

Andrea Dromm
   Star Trek {Where No Man Has Gone Before} |Yeoman Smith|.
   The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! (66).

Marta DuBois
   The A-Team; Deadline: Madrid; High Tide {Sins of the Mother};
   The Trial of the Incredible Hulk (89);
   MacGyver {Pirates} |Dr. Barbara Ortega|;
   Magnum P.I. {Memories Are Forever; Little Girl Who; Limbo;
   Unfinished Business}; Matlock {The Assassination};
   Silk Stalkings {Daddy Dearest |Brenda Logan|; Shock Radio |Helen McCabe|};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Devil's Due} |Ardra|;
   Tales of the Gold Monkey (82-83) |Princess Koji|;
   The Trial of the Incredible Hulk; Vega$.
   Boulevard Nights (79).

Shay Duffin
   City (Jan.-Jun. 90) |Sean|; Due South {Hawk and a Handsaw;
   Victoria's Secret} |Father Behan|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Sub Rosa} |Ned Quint|.
   Memoirs of an Invisible Man (92).

Mike Dugan
   Dennis Miller Live [Writer];
   Star Trek {The Cage} |The Kalar, Rigel VII Warrior|.
   (None Known).

Lee Duncan
   The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin (54-Aug. 59) [Trainer];
   Cannon {Point After Death} |Player #24|;
   Harry O {Tender Killing Care}; The Pretender {Curious Jarod} |Detective|;
   Star Trek {Elaan of Troyius} |Lt. Evans|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Tycoons}.
   (None Known).

Michael Dunn
10/20/1935 - 00/00/1973
   Bonanza; East Side/West Side {Here Today}; The Monroes {Gold Fever};
   Star Trek {Plato's Stepchildren} |Alexander|;
   The Wild Wild West (65-Sept. 70) |Dr. Miguelito Loveless|.
   The Abdication (74); Boom! (68); Dr. Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks (73);
   Freakmaker (73); Madigan (68); Murders in the Rue Morgue (71);
   Now Way to Treat a Lady (68); Ship of Fools (65);
   Werewolf of Washington (73); You're a Big Boy Now (66).

Kirsten Dunst
   ER {Ghosts; Union Station; Night Shift; Post Mortem; One More for the Road}
   |Charlene 'Charlie' Chiemingo|;
   Fifteen and Pregnant: A Nice Girl's Story (97?); Gun {The Hole};
   The Outer Limits {Music of the Spheres} |Joyce|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Dark Page} |Hedril|;
   Touched By an Angel {Into the Light} |Amy Ann|.
   Bonfire of the Vanities (90) |Campbell McCoy|;
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Judi Durand
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Emissary; A Man Alone; The Way of the Warrior;
   Hard Time; Shattered Mirror; The Quickening; The Assignment;
   Things Past; The Darkness and the Light;
   By Inferno's Light; Call to Arms [Uncredited];
   Rocks and Shoals [Uncredited]; Sacrifice of Angels [Uncredited];
   Who Mourns for Morn? [Uncredited];
   Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night; Inquisition;
   In the Pale Moonlight; ##NEW## Chrysalis [Uncredited]} |Station Computer
   Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (84) |Space Dock Controller Voice|.

John Durbin
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {A Simple Investigation} |Traidy|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Lonely Among Us |Ssestar|;
   Chain of Command, Part I |Gul Lemec|;
   Chain of Command, Part II |Gul Lemec|}.
   Clear and Present Danger (94).

Dick Durock
   Battlestar Galactica |Imperious Leader (body)|;
   The Incredible Hulk {The First (I); The First (II)};
   Magnum, P.I. {The Eighth Part of the Village;
   The Legacy of Garwood Huddle};
   Married with Children {Buck Can Do It} |Chainsaw|;
   Star Trek {Elaan of Troyius} |Elasian Guard #1|;
   Swamp Thing (90-93) |Voice of Swamp Thing/Dr. Alec Holland|.
   Return of the Swamp Thing (89) |Swamp Thing|;
   Swamp Thing (82) |Swamp Thing|.

Michael Durrell
   "The Phantom Lady" (65) [OB].
   Alice (*84-85) |Nicholas Stone|; Alien Nation: Dark Horizon (94);
   Beverly Hills 90210 (*91-??) |Dr. Martin|;
   I'm a Big Girl Now (80-Jul. 81) |Walter Douglass|;
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   Shannon (Nov. 81-82) |Lt. Moraga|;
   Silk Stalkings {Irreconcilable Differences};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Sanctuary} |Gen. Hazar|;
   V {The Pursuit of Diana; The Visitors Strike Back}.
   (None Known).

Peter Duryea
07/14/1939 -
   Bewitched {Magic Cabin} |Charles MacBain|;
   I Spy {Tag, You're It} |Bennett Halsey|;
   The Outer Limits {Expanding Human} |Morrow|;
   Star Trek {The Cage; The Menagerie} |Jose 'Joe' Tyler|.
   School Ties (93).

Marj Dusay
02/20/1936 -
   The Bionic Woman {In This Corner, Jaime Sommers} |Dr. Brandes|;
   Bret Maverick (Dec. 81-Aug. 82) |Kate Hanrahan|;
   Cannon {Bad Cats and Sudden Death |Jimmie Mitchell|;
   Murder by Proxy |Mrs. Farrell|};
   Capitol |Myrna Clegg|; Days of Our Lives (*92-93) |Vivian Alamain|;
   The Guiding Light |Alexandra Spaulding|;
   The F.B.I. {The Impersonator; The Wizard; The Big Job};
   The Facts of Life |Monica Warner|;
   Friday the 13th {The Spirit of Television} |Ilsa van Zandt|;
   Galactica 1980 {The Night the Cylons Landed} |Mildrid|;
   Grandpa Goes to Washington {Red Hot Rolls};
   Hawaii Five-O {Singapore File |Nicole Wylie|; Twenty-Four Karat Kill};
   Hogan's Heroes {Guess Who Came to Dinner; My Favorite Prisoner;
   The Merry Widow}; Love Walked In (97); Mannix {A Gathering of Ghosts;
   Mask for a Charade}; Square Pegs |Beverly Tepperman|;
   Star Trek {Spock's Brain} |Kara|;
   Stop Susan Williams (Feb.-May 79) |Jennifer Selden|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Turncoat; The Night of the Krakan}.
   Saio Yu (??); Sweet November (68); To the Bitter End (97).

Gene Dynarski
   Batman {An Egg Grows in Gotham; The Yegg Foes in Gotham}; 
   Cannon {Come Watch Me Die}; The F.B.I. {The Payoff};
   Hunter |Mike Molenski|; Mannix {Fly, Little One};
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   Seinfeld {The English Patient} |Izzy Jr.|;
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   Star Trek: The Next Generation {11001001} |Cmdr. Quinteros|.
   Best Defense (84) |Gil|.

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