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                        Star Trek Actors' Other Roles
                    Part II --  Guest Starring Characters

James G. MacDonald
   "Man at His Best" (91) [OB] |Skyler|.
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Little Green Men} |Wainwright|.
   (None Known).

Ryan MacDonald
   Mannix {Pressure Point} |Lt. Hargrave|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Time and Again} |Shopkeeper|.
   (None Known).

Scott MacDonald
   "The Kentucky Cycle" (91) [R]; "Mayday" (90) [R].
   Kindred: The Embraced {Prince of the City};
   NYPD Blue {Where'd the Van Gogh?};
   Space: Above and Beyond {Stay with the Dead};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Captive Pursuit |Tosk|;
   Hippocratic Oath |Goran'Agar|};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Face of the Enemy} |Subcommander N'Vek|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Caretaker} |Rollins|.
   The Cutting Edge (92).

Sarah MacDonnell
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Rocks and Shoals} |Lt. Neeley|.
   Fatally Yours (95).

Janet MacLachlan
   All in the Family (*80-81) |Polly Swanson|;
   Friends (Mar.-Apr. 79) |Mrs. Jane Summerfield|; I Spy {Laya} |Laya|;
   The Invaders {The Vise}; Love Thy Neighbor (June-Sept. 73) |Jackie Bruce|;
   The Mary Tyler Moore Show {His Two Right Arms} |Sherry Wilson|;
   NYPD Blue {The Bank Dick}; Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (78);
   She's in the Army Now (81);
   The Six Million Dollar Man {The Blue Flash} |Mrs. Cook|;
   Star Trek {The Alternative Factor} |Lt. Charlene Masters|.
   Halls of Anger (70); Sounder (72).

Catherine MacNeal
   Murder One {Chapter 13}; Star Trek: Voyager {Learning Curve} |Henley|.
   (None Known).

Amanda McBroom
   "Heartbeats" (92) [R] [Co-Creator/Music & Lyrics Writer].
   The Boys of Twilight (Feb.-Mar. 92) |Mayor Suzanne Troxell|;
   Cannon {The Dead Lady's Tears} |Valerie Reed|; Hart to Hart;
   Hawaii Five-O; M*A*S*H {2-part episode} |Ellie Carlyle|;
   Magnum P.I. {Let Me Hear the Music};
   Remington Steele {Steele in Circulation};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Measure of a Man}
   |Capt. Phillipa Louvois|; Taxi {Bobby's Big Break} |Olivia|.
   (None Known).

Jeff McCarthy
   "Beauty and the Beast" (94) |Beast|;
   "Brimstone" (94) [R] |Eamon Dunne|; "City of Angels" (91) |Stone|;
   "Les Miserables" (88) |Javert|;
   "They Shoot Horses Don't They?" (92) [R] |Rocky|.
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Hunted} |Roga Danar|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Caretaker} |Human Doctor|.
   (None Known).

Julianna McCarthy
   "Day of Hope" (91) [R] |Gudny|; "Daytrips" (89) [R] |Rose|.
   Dark Shadows (Jan.-Mar. 91) |Mrs. Johnson/Abigail|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Improbable Cause} |Mila|.
   Striking Distance (93) |Judge|.

Tom McCleister
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {Ned Zed};
   The Haunting of Seacliff Inn (96) |Uncle John|;
   Married with Children (*94-??) |Ike|;
   Midnight Runaround (??) |Hall Mooney|;
   Nowhere Man {Shine a Little Light} |Hank Bowers|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Q-Less} |Kolos|.
   Hard Choices (84) |Blinky|; Midnight Run (88) |Red Wood|;
   The Pest (97) |Leo|; Twins (88) |Bob Klane|.

Leigh J. McCloskey
   Accidental Meeting (93); Dallas (*79-82) |Mitch Cooper|;
   Executive Suite (Sept. 76-Feb. 77) |Brian Walling|;
   General Hospital (*92) |Dr. Michael Baransky|;
   General Hospital (*93-96) |Damien Smith|;
   Married: The First Year (Feb.-Mar. 79) |Billy Baker|;
   Rich Man, Poor Man -- Book I (76) |Billy|; Santa Barbara;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Warlord} |Tieran|;
   The Young and the Restless (*96-??) |Kurt Costner|.
   Cameron's Closet (89); Dirty Laundry (87); Double Revenge (88);
   Fraternity Vacation (85); Hamburger -- The Motion Picture (86);
   Hi Allie, It's Hank Price (97); Inferno (78).

Judy McConnell
   The Beverly Hillbillies (*69) |Miss Leeds|;
   Green Acres (*70-71) |Darlene Wheeler|; Mannix {Portrait of a Hero} |J.C.|;
   Star Trek {Wolf in the Fold} |Yeoman Tankris|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Death Masks}.
   (None Known).

Carolyn McCormick
   "Bar and Ger" (95) [OB]; "The Donahue Sisters" (95) [OB];
   "Laureen's Whereabouts" (93) [OOB];
   "The Marriage of Figaro/Figaro Gets a Divorce" (94) [R] |Countess|;
   "Zara Spook and Other Lures" (92) [R] |Ramona|.
   Cracker (?-?); Law & Order {Survivor; Mad Dog} |Dr. Elizabeth Olivet|;
   Spenser: For Hire (*86-87) |Asst. D.A. Rita Fiori|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {11001001; Future Imperfect} |Minuet|.
   Enemy Mine (85).

Matt McCoy
   L.A. Law {Eli's Gumming};
   Men Behaving Badly {No Retreat, No Surrender} |Jack Brickman|;
   Murder, She Wrote {Mourning Among the Wisterias};
   My Son Is Innocent (96) |David Harbin|; Rent a Kid (96);
   Seinfeld |Lloyd Braun|; Snapdragon (94) |Bernie|; The Soft Kill (94);
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Price} |Devinoni Ral|;
   We Got It Made (*83-84) |David Tucker|.
   Deepstar Six (89) |Richardson|; Fraternity Vacation (85);
   The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (92) |Michael|; Hard Bounty (95);
   Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach (88) |Nick|;
   Police Academy 6: City Under Siege (89) |Nick|; Samurai Cowboy (93);
   White Wolves: A Cry in the Wild II (93); Wind Dancer (93).

Ed McCready
   The Devlin Connection {Jennifer};
   The Dick Van Dyke Show {The Ghost of A. Chantz |Cameraman|;
   You're Under Arrest |Policeman|}; Harry O {Mister Five and Dime};
   Star Trek {Miri |Boy Creature|; Dagger of the Mind |Inmate|;
   Patterns of Force |SS Trooper|; The Omega Glory |Dr. Carter|;
   Spectre of the Gun |Barber|}.
   (None Known).

Kevin McDermott
   "The Play's the Thing" (92) [R] |Cabbie, Nicolae, Bartender|.
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Emissary} |Alien Batter|.
   (None Known).

Christopher McDonald
00/00/1955 -
   Another Midnight Run (??); Contract for Murder (93); Driving Me Crazy (91);
   Empty Nest; Fatal Exposure (91);
   The Highwayman {The Billionaire Body Club} |Dr. Josh Towler|; Home
   Hunter; Into Thin Air: Death on Everest (97) |Jon Krakhauer|;
   Little Girl Lost (??); Matlock; Midnight Run; Riptide {Something Fishy};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Yesterday's Enterprise}
   |Lt. Richard Castillo|; Veronica's Closet {Pilot} |Bryce|;
   Walter and Emily (Nov. 91-Feb. 92) |Matt Collins|.
   Benefit of the Doubt (93) |Dan|; The Boys Next Door (85); Celtic Pride (96);
   Chances Are (89) |Louie Jeffries|; Chatanooga Choo Choo (84) |Paul|;
   Divorce: A Contemporary Western (97); Dutch (91) |Reed|;
   Fatal Instinct (93) |Frank Kelbo|; Flubber (97); Grease 2 (82) |T-Bird|;
   Happy Gilmore (96); House Arrest (96); Leave It to Beaver (97) |Ward
   Monkey Trouble (94); Paramedics (87) |Mad Mike|; Playroom (89); Quiz
Show (94);
   The Rich Man's Wife (96); Roadflower (93) |Glen|; Terminal Velocity (94);
   Thelma & Louise (91) |Darryl|.

Neal McDonough
00/00/00 -
   The Incredible Hulk |Voice of Dr. Bruce Banner| [Animated];
   Murder One {Chapter One (10/10/96); Chapter Four (11/07/96)}; NYPD Blue;
   Robin Cook's 'Invasion' (97).
   Angels in the Outfield (94); Star Trek: First Contact (96) |Lt. Hawk|.

Malcolm McDowell
00/00/1943 -
   "Another Time" (93) [OOB]; "Look Back in Anger" (80) [OB].
   The Collection (75); Fantasy Island (? 98-??) |Mr. Roarke|; Monte Carlo
   Pearl (Sept. 1996-??) |Prof. Stephen Pynchon|; Seasons of the Heart (??);
   The Second Greatest Story Ever Told (??) |Archangel Gabriel|;
   Spiderman [Voice]; Tales from the Crypt {The Reluctant Vampires}.
   Aces High (77); Asylum (??); Blue Thunder (83) |Cochrane|; Bopha! (93);
   Brittania Hospital (82); Buy and Cell (89) |Warden Tennant|; Caligula (80);
   The Caller (87); Cat People (82) |Paul Gallier|;
   Class of 1999 (89) |Dr. Miles Langford|; A Clockwork Orange (71) |Alex|;
   The Compleat Beatles (82); Cross Creek (83) |Max Perkins|;
   Deadly Wake (96); Disney's Aladdin |Voice|; Disturbed (90);
   Figures in a Landscape (70); Get Crazy (83) |Reggie|; Gulag (85);
   Hugo Pool (??); If... (68); Jezebel's Kiss (90); The Light in the Jungle
   Little Red Riding Hood (83); Long Ago, Tomorrow (70);
   Look Back in Anger (80); Merlin & the Sword (82); Moon 44 (90);
   Mr. Magoo (97); Night Train to Venice (93); O Lucky Man! (73);
   The Passage (79); Penthouse: On the Wild Side (88);
   The Player (92) |Himself|; Royal Flash (75);
   Star Trek: Generations (94) |Dr. Tolian Soran|; Sunset (88) |Alfie Alperin|;
   Tank Girl (9?); Time After Time (79) |H.G. Wells|;
   Voyage of the Damned (76) |Max Gunter|; Where Truth Lies (96).

Steven McEveety
   Gunsmoke {Whispering Tree} |Roy|; Star Trek {Miri} |Redheaded Boy|.
   (None Known).

Rebecca McFarland
   Star Trek: Voyager {Random Thoughts} |Talli|; ##NEW## Working |Val|.
   (None Known).

Scott McGinnis
   Operation Petticoat (*78-79) |Seaman Dixon|.
   Sky Bandits (86); Thunder Alley (85); You Can't Hurry Love (87);
   Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (84) |"Mr. Adventure"|.

Richard McGonagle
   Brooklyn South {Touched by a Checkered Cab}; Murder One {Chapter 3;
   Chapter 8; Chapter 15; Chapter 16}; Picket Fences {Terms of Estrangement};
   Remington Steele {Steele in the Family; Steele Blushing};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {New Ground} |Dr. Ja'Dar|.
   (None Known).

Oliver McGowan
00/00/1907 - 08/23/1971
   Bewitched {Junior Executive |Mr. Harding|;
   The Girl with the Golden Nose |Mr. Waterhouse|};
   Checkmate {Referendum on Murder};
   I Dream of Jeannie {What House Across the Street?} |Mr. Prescott|;
   Mannix {Murder Revisited}; The Monkees {Monkee See, Monkee Die; Captain
   My Three Sons; Star Trek {Shore Leave} |Caretaker|;
   That Girl {The Homewrecker and the Window Washer}.
   (None Known).

Derek McGrath
   Against the Grain (Oct. 93-July 94) |Abel|; Cheers; The Client;
   The Comedy Factory (Jun.-Aug. 85); Dallas (*86-87) |Ozwald Valentine|;
   Family Matters; In the House;
   Married with Children {Buck Can Do It} |Buck (in Dream)|;
   Mary (Dec. 85-86) |Ronnie Dicker|;
   My Secret Identity (88-91) |Dr. Benjamin Jeffcoate|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Learning Curve} |Chell|; Take Five (Apr. 87) |Al|.
   Police Academy IV: Citizens on Patrol (87); She's Out of Control (89).

Betty McGuire
   Cannon {Nightmare} |Switchboard Operator|;
   Growing Pains (*89-91) |Kate Malone|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Sanctuary} |Vayna|.
   Coma (78).

Stephen McHattie
   Beauty and the Beast (*89-90) |Gabriel|; Centennial (78) |Jake Pasquinel|;
   Highcliffe Manor (Apr-May 79) |Rev. Ian Glenville|; Scene of the Crime
(Apr. 91-Apr. 92);
   Search for the Gods (75) [Failed TV Pilot];
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {In the Pale Moonlight} |Senator Vreenak|.
   Belizaire the Cajun (86); Beverly Hills Cop 3 (94); Call Me (88); Caribe
   Convict Cowboy (95); The Dark (94); Death Valley (82);
   James Dean -- A Legend in His Own Time (76); Moving Violation (76);
   Salvation (86); Sticky Fingers (88); Tomorrow Never Comes (77);
   The Ultimate Warrior (75).

James McIntire
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Who Watches the Watchers} |Hali|;
   T.J. Hooker {Raw Deal} |Connors|.
   Gone in 60 Seconds (74).

Michael McKean
00/00/1947 -
   101 Dalmatians: The Series (?-?) [Voice]; Caroline in the City |Father
   Dream On (Jan.-July 95) |Gibby|; Grand (Jan.-Dec. 90) |Tom Smithson|;
   Laverne & Shirley (Jan. 76-May 83) |Lenny Kosnowski|;
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Vatman} |Dr. Leek|;
   The Nanny; Saturday Night Live (*94-??); Secret Agent Man (??);
   Sessions (?-? 91); Star Trek: Voyager {The Thaw} |The Clown|.
   Across the Moon (93); The Big Picture (89) |Emmet Sumner|;
   Book of Love (91) |Adult Jack Twiller|; The Brady Bunch Movie (95);
   Casper: A Spirited Beginning (97); Clue (85) |Mr. Green|;
   Coneheads (93) |Gorman Seedling|; D.A.R.Y.L. (85) |Andy Richardson|;
   Earth Girls Are Easy (89) |Woody|; Flashback (90) |Hal|;
   Hider in the House (89) |Phil Dryer|;
   The History of White People in America - Volume II (86); Jack (96);
   Light of Day (87) |Bu Montgomery|; Man Trouble (92) |Eddy Revere|;
   Memoirs of an Invisible Man (92) |George Talbot|; Nothing to Lose (97);
   Planes, Trains and Automobiles (87) |State Trooper|;
   The Return of Spinal Tap (93); Short Circuit 2 (88) |Fred Ritter|;
   This Is Spinal Tap (84) |David St. Hubbins|;
   True Identity (91) |Harvey Cooper|;
   Used Cars (80) |Eddie|; Young Doctors in Love (82) |Dr. Simon August|.

Robin McKee
   Star Trek: Voyager {Ex Post Facto} |Lidell|.
   Speed (94); Wagons East (94).

Matt McKenzie
   Married with Children {At the Zoo} |Reporter|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Alternate} |Dr. Weld Ram|.
   (None Known).

John McLiam
   Cannon {Dead Pigeon} |Sean Loomis|; Checkmate {Trial by Midnight};
   Gunsmoke {The Gunrunners} |Bender|;
   Harry O {Ballinger's Choice}; Honey West {The Owl and the Eye} |Gordon|;
   Magnum, P.I. {Limited Engagement}; Mannix {The Color of Murder; The Open
   Mission: Impossible {Survivors} |Dr. Stoner|;
   Return of the Incredible Hulk (77);
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Who Watches the Watchers} |Fento|;
   T.J. Hooker {Slayride |Father DeMarco|; Return of a Cop |John Hooker|};
   The Twilight Zone {The Shelter; The Midnight Sun; Minature;
   Uncle Simon}; Two Marriages (Aug. 83-Apr. 84) |Woody Daley|;
   V {Force Field of Doom} |Jacob|; The Virginian (*70-71) |Parker|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Headless Woman}.
   Showdown (73); Sleeper (73); Split Decisions (88).

Don McManus
   Murder One {Chapter Four; Chapter Five};
   Star Trek: Voyager {The Chute} |Zio|.
   Air Force One (97) |F-15 Leader Col. Carlton|.

Terrence E. McNally
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Half a Life} |B'Tardat|.
   When the Party's Over (92) |David Berryman|.

J. Patrick McNamara
   "That Championship Season" (74).
   Dallas (*82-83) |Jarrett McLeish|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Unnatural Selection} |Capt. Taggert|.
   1941 (79); Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (91); The Fury (78).

Patricia McNulty
   Star Trek {Charlie X} |Yeoman 3/C Tina Lawton|;
   The Tycoon (64-Sept. 65) |Martha Keane|.
   (None Known).

Marnie McPhail
   ER {Fortune's Fools}; Space: Above and Beyond {Stay with the Dead} |Nurse|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Innocence} |First Prelate Alicia|; Sweating Bullets.
   Star Trek: First Contact (96) |Eiger|.

Patricia McPherson
   Knight Rider (82-83, *84-86) |Bonnie Barstow|;
   MacGyver {Jack of Lies} |Michelle 'Mike' Foster|;
   Matlock {The Witness Killings};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Angel One} |Ariel|.
   (None Known).

Tzi Ma
   "The Innocence of Ghosts" (94) [R] |Man|.
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {And Baby Makes Three};
   JAG {The Prisoner} |Lt. Chang|; MacGyver {Children of Light} |Wing Lee|;
   NYPD Blue {Cop Suey; Sorry, Wrong Suspect};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Samaritan Snare} |Biomolecular Specialist|.
   Rapid Fire (92).

Charles Macaulay
   "Much Ado About Nothing" (64) |Benedick|;
   "MacBeth" (64) |MacBeth|.
   The Barbary Coast {Funny Money}; Cannon {The Limping Man};
   I Spy {Child Out of Time} |Peter Karl|; The Monkees {Head};
   The Rifleman {Sheer Terror}; Star Trek {Return of the Archons |Landru|;
   Wolf in the Fold |Jaris|};
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of Fire and Brimstone}.
   (None Known).

Sterling Macer Jr.
   "Mr. Rickey Calls a Meeting" (92) [R].
   Harts of the West (Sept. 93-June 94) |Marcus St. Cloud|;
   Homefront (*Sept. 91-92) |Cpl. Robert Davis|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Birthright, Part II} |Toq|.
   (None Known).

Stephen Macht
   American Dream (Apr.-Jun. 81) |Danny Novak|;
   Babylon 5 {A Day in the Strife} |Na'Far|; Blind Witness (89);
   Cagney & Lacey (*85-88) |David Keeler|;
   Contract for Life: The S.A.D.D. Story (84); Fear Stalk (89);
   Highlander {The Sea Witch} |Alexei Voshin|;
   Knots Landing (*82-83) |Joe Cooper|; The Last Winter (84);
   Moment of Truth: A Mother's Deception (94);
   One Life to Live (*96) |Elliot|; Samson and Delilah (84);
   The Six Million Dollar Man {The Ultimate Impostor} |Joe Patton|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Circle; The Siege} |Krim|;
   Viper {Crown of Thorns} |Alan Reece|.
   Amityville 1992: It's About Time (92);
   The Choirboys (77) |Spencer Van Moot|; Galaxina (80);
   The Mountain Men (80); Stephen King's Graveyard Shift (90) |Warwick|;
   Trancers III - Deth Lives (92).

Dennis Madalone
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Crossover |Marauder|; Visionary |Atul|;
   Through the Looking Glass |Marauder|; Shattered Mirror |Guard|};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Jan. 93-??) [Stunt Coordinator];
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Heart of Glory} |Ramos|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation (Sep. 88-Jun. 94) [Stunt Coordinator];
   Star Trek: Voyager (Jan. 95-??) [Stunt Coordinator].
   ##NEW## The X-Files (98) [Stunt Player].

Edward Madden
   Star Trek {The Cage |Geologist|; The Menagerie |Geologist|;
   The Enemy Within |Technician Fisher|}.
   (None Known).

Virginia Madsen
   Bitter Vengeance (94); The Hearst and Davies Affair (85);
   Ironclads (91); Linda (93); Long Gone (87); Love Kills (91);
   Star Trek: Voyager {Unforgettable} |Kellin|; Third Degree Burn (89);
   Victim of Love (91).
   Becoming Colette (92) |Polaire|; Blue Tiger (94);
   Candyman (92); Caroline at Midnight (93); Creator (85);
   Electric Dreams (84); Fire with Fire (86); Gotham (88);
   The Heart of Dixie (89); Highlander 2: The Quickening (91);
   Hot Spot (90); Hot to Trot (88); Just Your Luck (96);
   Modern Girls (87); The Prophecy (95); Slam Dance (87);
   Zombie High (87).

Michael L. Maguire
   "110 in the Shade"; "Annie Get Your Gun"; "Brigadoon"; "Carousel";
   "The Desert Song"; "Les Miserables" [B]; "Showboat";
   "Side by Side by Sondheim".
   Hearts Afire; Les Miserables in Concert (??) |Enjolras|;
   Live from Lincoln Center: A Little Night Music (??) |Count Carl Magnus|;
   Loving |Jeff|; Nowhere Man |Robert|; Quantum Leap |Maj. Irwin Meadows|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Before and After} |Arnis|.
   Busted (??); Where the Day Takes You (92).

Blaisdell Makee
   I Spy {Return to Glory} |Sniper|; Star Trek {The Changeling |Lt. Singh|;
   Space Seed |Lt. Spinelli|}.
   (None Known).

Patty Maloney
   Married with Children {Married with Aliens} |Alien|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {The Thaw} |Little Woman|.
   (None Known).

Biff Manard
   Bonanza: Under Attack (95) |Luke|;
   The Flash (90-Jul. 91) |Officer Michael Francis Murphy|;
   The Jacksons (*77);
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Elementary, Dear Data} |Ruffian|.
   Zone Troopers (85).

Robert Mandan
   "Applause" (70) [B]; "The Trojan Women" (63) |Menelaus|.
   Cannon {To Kill a Guinea Pig |Dr. Dean|;
   A Killing in the Family |Al|};
   Caribe (Feb.-Aug. 75) |Deputy Commissioner Ed Rawlings|;
   Days of Our Lives; Intruders (92);
   Mannix {To Save a Dead Man; The Inside Man};
   Married with Children {The D'Arcy Files} |Walter Traugott|;
   Petrocelli {Death in Small Doses} |Sheriff Arnheit|;
   Private Benjamin (*82-83) |Col. Lawrence Fielding|;
   Soap (Sept. 77-Apr. 81) |Chester Tate|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Cardassians} |Kotan Pa'Dar|;
   Three's a Crowd (Sept. 84-Sept. 85) |James Bradford|.
   1492 - Conquest of Paradise (92) |Bobadilla|; Zapped! (82).

Stephen Manley
   Aloha Paradise; Little House on the Prairie; The Love Boat; 
   Married: The First Year (Feb.-Mar. 79) |Donny Baker|;
   Secrets of Midland Heights (Dec. 80-Jan. 81) |Danny Welsh|.
   The Hindenburg (75);
   Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (84) |Spock..Age 17|.

Mario Marcelino
   Falcon Crest (*81-82) |Mario|.
   Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (84) |Grissom Communications Officer|.

Barbara March
   The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw (92); L.A. Law;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Past Prologue};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Redemption, Part I; Redemption, Part II;
   Firstborn} |Lursa|.
   Star Trek: Generations (94) |Lursa|.

Theo Marcuse
00/00/1920 - 11/29/1967
   Batman {Death in Slow Motion; The Riddler's False Notion};
   Have Gun Will Travel {Three Bells to Perdido |Bartender|;
   A Matter of Ethics |Folger|};
   Hogan's Heroes {The Great Brinksmeyer Robbery; The Reluctant Target;
   The Hostage;}; I Spy {My Mother, the Spy} |Tiba|;
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Recollectors Affair; The Minus-X Affair;
   The Pieces of Fate Affair}; Man of the Wilderness (65);
   The Monkees {Royal Flush}; Peter Gunn {The Chinese Hangman} |Ahben Unesku|;
   Star Trek {Catspaw} |Korob|; Thriller {Man in the Cage};
   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea |Dr. Gamma|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Sudden Plague;
   The Night of the Bottomless Pit; The Night of the Headless Woman};
   Yancy Derringer {The Quiet Firecracker}.
   (None Known).

Mark Margolis
   "3 Americanisms" (93) [OOB];
   "Cross Dressing in the Depression" (92) [OOB];
   "Love Me or Leave Me" [R] |Martin Snyder|.
   Columbo {Columbo Cries Wolf}; The Equalizer {Target of Choice};
   Law & Order {Legacy} |Bronson|; Prince Street {Pilot; God Bless America};
   Quantum Leap {Double Identity};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {A Matter of Perspective} |Dr. Apgar|.
   (Pi) (98); 1492 - The Conquest of Paradise (92) |Bobadilla|; Glory (89);
   The Pallbearer (96).

Lily Mariye
   Chicago Hope {V-Fibbing}; ER {Welcome Back, Carter; What Life?;
   A Miracle Happens Here; Fevers of Unknown Origin; Post Mortem;
   Fortune's Fools; The Long Way Around; Faith; Tribes; Make a Wish;
   One More for the Road; Ambush; Ground Zero} |Jarvik|;
   Jake and the Fatman {Easy to Love};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Emissary} |Ops Officer|.
   Switch (91).

Monte Markham
   Baywatch (*89-92) |Capt. Don Thorpe|; Cannon {Vengeance} |Ed Foster/Condor|;
   Dallas (*81) |Clint Ogden|; Hawaii Five-O |Kellem|;
   Hogan's Heroes {Eight O'Clock and All Is Well};
   The Golden Girls |Clayton Hollingsworth|; Hustling (75);
   The Incredible Hulk {Prometheus (I); Prometheus (II)};
   Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (Sep. 69-Jan. 70) |Longfellow Deeds|;
   The New Adventures of Perry Mason (Sep. 73-Jan. 74) |Perry Mason|;
   Rituals (Sep. 84) |Carter Robertson|;
   The Second Hundred Years (Sep. 67-Sep. 68) |Luke Carpenter, Ken Carpenter|;
   The Six Million Dollar Man {The Seven Million Dollar Man;
   The Bionic Criminal} |Barney Miller|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Let He Who Is Without Sin...} |Pascal
   Defense Play (88) [also Director]; Ginger in the Morning (73);
   Guns of the Magnificent Seven (69); Hot Pursuit (87);
   The Hour of the Gun (67); Jake Speed (86);
   Midway (76) |Lt. Cmdr. Maxwell F. Leslie|; Off the Wall (82);
   Piranha (95).

Brian Markinson
   "The Inuit" (90) [R]; "The Strike" (90) [OOB].
   Columbo: Fade in to Murder (??); The Sentinel {Night Train} |Derek Wilson|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {In the Cards} |Giger|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Homeward} |Vorin|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Cathexis; Faces} |Durst|;
   The X-Files {Born Again} |Tony Fiore|.
   Live Nude Girls (96).

Peter Marko
   Hogan's Heroes {Hogan Gives a Birthday Party; War Takes a Holiday};
   Star Trek {The Galileo Seven} |Gaetano|;
   Twelve O'Clock High {I Am the Enemy} |Capt. Forbes|.
   (None Known).

Scott Marlowe
   Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond {The Gift};
   Mission: Impossible {The Martyr}; The Outer Limits {It Crawled Out of
the Woodwork;
   The Forms of Things Unknown};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Ensign Ro} |Keeve Falor|;
   The Time Tunnel {The Death Trap} |Jeremiah|.
   Journey into Fear (75).

Bruce Mars
   Star Trek {The Corbomite Maneuver |Crewman|;
   Shore Leave |Finnegan|; Assignment: Earth |Charlie, Policeman #1|};
   The Time Tunnel {Massacre} |Tom Custer|.
   (None Known).

Kenneth Mars
00/00/1936 -
   Black Sheep Squadron; Cagney & Lacey; The Carol Burnett Show (*79);
   Columbo {The Bye-Bye Sky High IQ Murder Case}; Diagnosis: Murder;
   The Don Knotts Show (70-Jul. 71); The Drew Carey Show; The Facts of Life
|Mr. Harris|;
   Harry O {Coinage of the Realm; Tender Killing Care};
   He & She (67-Sept. 70) |Harry Zarakardos|;
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Bob & Carol & Lois & Clark}
   |Grant Gendell|; M.A.N.T.I.S. {First Steps};
   Magnum, P.I. {The Woman on the Beach; Fragments};
   Mannix {Merry-Go-Round for Murder};
   The Naked Truth {The Source} |The Judge|; Party of Five;
   Remington Steele {Steele Blushing}; Sha Na Na (*77-78);
   Smurfs' Adventures (??) |Voice|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Shadowplay} |Colyus|.
   The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again (79) |Marshall|;
   The April Fools (69) |Don Hopkins|; Beer (85);
   Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (69) |Marshal|;
   Desperate Characters (71) |Otto|; For Keeps (88); Full Moon High (81);
   Hans Christian Andersen's Thumbelina (94) |Voice|; Illegally Yours (88);
   The Little Mermaid (89) |Voice|; Night Moves (75) |Nick|;
   The Parallax View (74) |Turner|;
   Police Academy 6: City Under Siege (89) |Meyer|; Prince Jack (84) |Lyndon|;
   The Producers (68) |Franz Liebkind|; Protocol (84);
   Shadows and Fog (92) |Magician|;
   We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story (93) |Voice|;
   What's Up, Doc? (72) |Hugh Simon|; Yellowbeard (83) |Mr. Crisp/Verdugo|;
   Young Frankenstein (74) |Inspector Kemp|.

Jason Marsden
00/00/00 -
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {Senior Spirit} |Jason Barkley|;
   Almost Home (*Feb.-July 93) |Gregory Morgan|;
   The Munsters (88-91) |Edward Wolfgang 'Eddie' Munster|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Bar Association} |Grimp|;
   Tom (Mar.-June 94) |Mike Graham|.
   (None Known).

Michele Marsh
   Gunsmoke {The Wiving}; Mannix {Lost Sunday};
   Sledge Hammer! {If I Had a Little Hammer};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {When the Bough Breaks} |Leda|.
   Evil Town (87).

Don Marshall
   "Paul Robeson" (95) [R] |Paul Robeson|.
   Bewitched; The Bionic Woman {The Vega Influence} |Capt. Colter|;
   Buck Rogers in the 25th Century {Planet of the Slave Girls};
   Daktari; Dragnet; Finder of Lost Loves;
   The Hardy Boys Mysteries; Highway Heartbreaker (92?);
   The Incredible Hulk {The Hulk Breaks Las Vegas; Mystery Man (I);
   Mystery Man (II); Deathmask};
   Julia {Designers Don't Always Have Designs;
   The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Uncle;
   Love Is a Many-Sighted Thing; The Dates of Wrath};
   Land of the Giants (Sept. 68-Sept. 70) |Dan Erikson|;
   The Lieutenant {To Set It Right} |Ernest Cameron|;
   Little House on the Prairie; Police Story; The Reluctant Heroes (71);
   Star Trek {The Galileo Seven} |Lt. Boma|; Tarzan.
   Cycles South (71?); Hugo the Hippo (76) |Voice|; The Interns (62); 
   Terminal Island (73); The Thing with Two Heads (72); 
   Uptown Saturday Night (74).

Joan Marshall
   Bold Venture (59) |Sailor Duval|;
   Star Trek {Court Martial} |Lt. Areel Shaw|;
   The Twilight Zone {Dead Man's Shoes}.
   (None Known).

Kenneth Marshall
   Silk Stalkings {Team Spirit} |Bill Marshall|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Search, Part I; The Search, Part II;
   The Die is Cast; Facets; The Adversary; Rejoined; Our Man Bashir;
   For the Cause; For the Uniform; Blaze of Glory} |Michael Eddington|.
   (None Known).

Marie Marshall
   Babylon 5 {GROPOS} |P.F.C. Dodger|;
   Billy (Jan.-Jul. 92) |Mary Springer MacGregor|;
   Silk Stalkings {Social Call; Scorpio Lover;
   Irreconcilable Differences; Jasmine} |Solonge|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Starship Mine} |Kelsey|.
   (None Known).

Sarah Marshall
   The F.B.I. {The Phone Call; The Contaminator}; I Spy {Little Boy Lost};
   Miss Winslow and Son (Mar.-May 79) |Evelyn Winslow|;
   Perry Mason {The Case of the Roving River};
   Remington Steele {Hounded Steele};
   Star Trek {The Deadly Years} |Dr. Janet Wallace|; Stony Burke {Kincaid};
   Thriller {God Grante That She Lye Stille; The Poisoner};
   The Twilight Zone {Little Girl Lost};
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Hangman}.
   (None Known).

William Marshall
08/19/1924 -
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Vulcan Affair}; Mannix {Lifeline};
   Rosetti and Ryan (Sept.-Nov. 77) |Judge Black|;
   Star Trek {The Ultimate Computer} |Dr. Richard Daystrom|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Egyptian Queen}.
   Blacula (72); Maverick (94) |Riverboat Poker Player|;
   Scream, Blacula, Scream (73); Something of Value (57).

Arlene Martel
   Battlestar Galactica; Gunsmoke {The Squaw}; Hogan's Heroes {Hold That Tiger;
   A Tiger Hunt in Paris, Part 1; A Tiger Hunt in Paris, Part 2;
   Heil Klink; Never Play Cards with Strangers; The Defector;
   Operation Tiger}; I Dream of Jeannie {Russian Roulette} |Sonia|;
   Mannix {Murder Revisited; The Danford File}; Mission: Impossible {Terror};
   The Monkees {The Spy Who Came in from the Cool; The Monstrous Monkee Mash};
   The Outer Limits {Demon with a Glass Hand} |Consuelo|; 
   Perry Mason {The Case of the Absent Artist};
   The Six Million Dollar Man {The Last of the Fourth of Julys} |Violette|;
   Star Trek {Amok Time} |T'Pring|; The Twilight Zone {Twenty-Two};
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Circus Death}.
   (None Known).

Andrea Martin
   "Candide" (97); "The Merry Wives of Windsor" (94) [OB] |Mistress Quickly|;
   "My Favorite Year" (92) [B] |Alice Miller|;
   "Out of This World" (95) [OB] |Juno|.
   Boris and Natasha (92); Frosty Returns (92) |Voice of Miss Carbuncle|;
   Kate & Allie; The Martin Short Show (Sept. 94) |Alice Manoogian|;
   Roxie (Apr. 87) |Roxie Brinkerhoff|;
   Second City TV (77-83) |Edith Prickly|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Family Business} |Ishka|.
   Innerspace (87); Rude Awakening (89); Stepping Out (91);
   Striking Distance (93) |Newscaster|; Too Much Sun (91); Wag the Dog (97);
   Worth Winning (89).

Nan Martin
00/00/1927 -
   "Dividing the Estate" (90) [R]; "Hamlet" (64) |Gertrude|;
   "The Old Boy" (91) [OB] |Harriet|;
   "The Old Lady's Guide to Survival" (93) [R] |Netty|;
   "Once in Arden" (90) [R]; "The Slave" (64) [OB] |Grace Easely|.
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {Mail Order Brides} |Lil Swill|;
   Angie {Family Feud} |Aunt Cooper|; ER {One More for the Road};
   The Fugitive {Search in a Windy City};
   Mr. Sunshine (Mar.-Sept. 86) |Grace D'Angelo|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Haven} |Victoria Miller|;
   Suddenly Susan {What a Card} |Grandma Richmond|;
   The Twilight Zone {The Incredible World of Horace Ford}.
   Animal Behavior (89) |Mrs. Norton|;
   Bus Riley's Back in Town (65) |Mrs. Nichols|; Doctor Detroit (83)
   For Love of Ivy (68) |Doris Austin|; The Golden Honeymoon (80);
   Goodbye, Columbus (69) |Mrs. Patimkin|; Loving Couples (80) |Walter's
   Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (87) |Nun|;
   The Other Side of the Mountain (75) |June Kinmont|;
   The Other Side of the Mountain, Part II (78) |June Kinmont|;
   Toys in the Attic (63) |Charlotte Watkins|.

John Marzilli
   The Secret World of Alex Mack (Oct. 94-??) |Vince|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night} |Scavenger|.
   (None Known).

Dan Mason
   "The Roads to Home" (92) [OB] |Greene Hamilton|.
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {When the Bough Breaks} |Accolan|.
   (None Known).

Patrick Massett
   The Final Days (89); Quantum Leap {The Americanization of Machiko;
   A Single Drop of Rain}; Star Trek: The Next Generation {Sins of the Father;
   Reunion} |Duras|.
   (None Known).

Athena Massey
   Murder One {Chapter 20}; Star Trek: Voyager {Remember} |Jessen|.
   Undercover (95).

Chase Masterson
   ER {Hell and High Water}; General Hospital (*94) |Ivy Lief|;
   Sliders {Seasons Greedings} |Kelly Welles|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Explorers; Facets; Bar Association;
   Let He Who Is Without Sin...; Doctor Bashir, I Presume;
   Ferengi Love Songs; In the Cards; Call to Arms; Favor the Bold;
   Sacrifice of Angels; You Are Cordially Invited; The Magnificent Ferengi;
   Profit and Lace; ##NEW## Take Me Out to the Holosuite} |Leeta|.
   Married People, Single Sex (93) |Beth|; Sometimes They Come Back for
More (98?) |MP|.

Ralph Maurer
   Mannix {To Cage a Seagull}; Star Trek {The Return of the Archons |Bilar|;
   Patterns of Force |SS Lieutenant|}.
   (None Known).

Charles Maxwell
   I Led Three Lives (Sept. 53-56) |Special Agent Joe Carey|;
   Mission: Impossible {Operation Rogosh} |Lazloff|;
   Star Trek {Spectre of the Gun} |Virgil Earp|.
   (None Known).

Deborah May
00/00/00 -
   Dark Skies {Inhuman Nature}; ER {Union Station; Night Shift;
   Post Mortem; Fortune's Fools; Faith}; Murder One {Chapter 4; Chapter 5;
   Chapter 6; Chapter 7; Chapter 21}; St. Elsewhere (*85-86) |Terri Valere|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Sanctuary} |Haneek|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Favorite Son} |Lyris|.
   (None Known).

Miko Mayama
   Hey Landlord (Sept. 66-May 67) |Kyoko Mitsui|;
   I Spy {Court of the Lion} |Mei|;
   Star Trek {Return of the Archons |Yeoman Tamura|;
   A Taste of Armageddon |Yeoman Tamula|}.
   (None Known).

John Megna
00/00/19?? - 09/05/1995
   I Spy {Philotimo} |Stefan Petkov|; Star Trek {Miri} |Fat Little Boy|.
   The Ratings Game (84); To Kill a Mockingbird (62).

Joseph Mell
00/00/1915 - 00/00/1977
   Cannon {A Long Way Down};
   The Dick Van Dyke Show {Bad Reception in Albany} |Fred|;
   Gunsmoke {The Guitar} |Pence|; Harry O {The Acolyte};
   Hogan's Heroes {Psychic Kommandant};
   The Monkees {I've Got a Little Song Here} |Harry|;
   Star Trek {The Cage} |Earth Trader|.
   (None Known).

Eric Menyuk
   Cheers; Hill Street Blues; L.A. Law;
   Married with Children {We'll Follow the Sun |Gerry|;
   Peggy and the Pirates |Black Bob|}; Matlock {Brennen}; Melrose Place;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Where No One Has Gone Before
   |Assistant aka The Traveler|; Remember Me |The Traveler|;
   Journey's End |The Traveler|}.
   (None Known).

Lee Meriwether
05/27/35 -
   "A Little Night Music" (96).
   All My Children (Jul. 1996-??) |Ruth Martin|;
   Barnaby Jones (Jan. 73-Sept. 80) |Betty Jones|; 
   Batman {King Tut's Coup; Batman's Waterloo} |Miss Kitka/Catwoman|;
   Cannon {The Deadly Conspiracy} |Betty Jones|;
   Cruise into Terror (77); Dr. Kildare;
   The F.B.I. {Slow March up a Steep Hill; The Giant Killer; The Nightmare;
   End of a Hero}; The Fugitive {Not with a Whimper};
   The Immortal {Queen's Gambit}; Land of the Giants {Rescue};
   Mannix {A Question of Midnight}; Masquerade Party (74-75);
   Mission: Impossible {The Numbers Game; Submarine; The Bunker; Robot};
   Mr. Belvedere; The Munsters (*88-91) |Lily Munster|;
   The New Andy Griffith Show (Jan.-May 71) |Lee Sawyer|;
   Perry Mason {The Case of the Cheating Chancellor}; Philco Playhouse [Debut];
   The Phil Silvers Show {Cyrano De Bilko};
   Route 66 {This Is Going to Hurt Me More Than It Hurts You};
   Star Trek {That Which Survives} |Losira|;
   The Time Tunnel (66-67) |Dr. Ann MacGregor|; The Today Show.
   4D Man (59); Angel in My Pocket (69) |Mary Elizabeth|;
   Batman (66) |Miss Kitka/Catwoman|; The Legend of Lylah Clare (68);
   Namu, the Killer Whale (66) |Kate Rand|; The Undefeated (69) |Margaret|.

Mark Metcalf
   Star Trek: Voyager {The Killing Game; The Killing Game, Part II}
|Hirogen Medic|.
   The Stupids (96).

Jim Metzler
00/00/1951 -
   The Best Times (Apr.-Jun. 85) |Dan Bragen|;
   Cutter to Houston (Oct.-Dec. 83) |Dr. Andy Fenton|; JAG;
   Love Kills (91); North and South, Book II (86) |James Huntoon|;
   On Wings of Eagles (86); Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Past Tense, Part I;
   Past Tense, Part II} |Chris Brynner|.
   976-Evil (89) |Marty|; Circuitry Man (89) |Danner|;
   Delusion (91) |George O'Brien|; Four Friends (81) |Tom Donaldson|;
   Hot to Trot (88) |Boyd Osborne|; Old Gringo (89) |Ron|;
   One False Move (92); River's Edge (86) |Burkewaite|; Sundown (91) |David|;
   Tex (82) |Mason McCormick|.

Christopher Michael
   Babylon 5 {A Race Through Dark Places};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Rules of Engagement} |Helm Officer|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Legacy} |Man #1 [Coalition Lt.]|.
   (None Known).

Janna Michaels
   Star Trek: Voyager {Before and After} |Young Kes|;
   What a Dummy (Sep. 90-91) |Maggie Brannigan|.
   (None Known).

Tracy Middendorf
00/00/00 -
   Beverly Hills 90210 (*1993-1994) |Laura Kingman|;
   Days of Our Lives |Carrie Brady|; Dying to Belong (97);
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {For the Cause} |Tora Ziyal|;
   Touched By an Angel {Last Call} |Amethyst/Anna|.
   Wes Craven's New Nightmare (94) |Julie|.

Joanna Miles
   "Home Free!" (65) [OB] |Joanna|.
   All My Children (*70-71) |Ann Tyler|;
   Barbara Taylor Bradford's Everything to Gain (96);
   The Barbary Coast {Crazy Cats} |Renata|; Born Innocent (74);
   The Incredible Hulk {The Quiet Room}; Mannix {Carol Lockwood, Past Tense};
   St. Elsewhere {Getting Ahead};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Sarek; Unification, Part I} |Perrin|;
   Total Security {One Wedding and a Funeral}.
   As Is (86); Blackout (90); Bug (75); Judge Dredd (95);
   The Ultimate Warrior (75).

Frank Military
00/00/00 -
   Miami Vice {Nobody Lives Forever};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Past Tense, Part I;
   Past Tense, Part II} |B.C.|; Superboy {Microboy} |Microboy|;
   The X-Files {3} |The Son/John|.
   Dead Bang (89); The Doors (91) |Bruce Bocnick|; Everybody Wins (90);
   Last Exit to Brooklyn (89).

Allan Miller
00/00/?? -
   "The Blood Knot".
   A.E.S. Hudson Street (Mar.-Apr. 78) |Dr. Glick|;
   Galactica 1980 (*80) |Col. Sydell|; Harry O {Portrait of a Murder};
   Heartbeat (*89) |Lyle Freedlander|;
   The Human Factor (Apr.-May 92) |Dr. Walter Burke|;
   Knots Landing (*81-82) |Scooter Warren|;
   Nero Wolfe (Jan.-Aug. 81) |Inspector Cramer|;
   Serpico {Every Man Must Pay His Dues} |Vern Ross|;
   Sledge Hammer! {Haven't Gun, Will Travel}; Soap (*80-81) |Dr. Alan Posner|.
   Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (84) |Alien in Bar|; Warlock (88).

Dick Miller
   Fame (*85-87) |Mr. Lou Mackie|; The Flash |Fosnight|;
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Church of Metropolis};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Past Tense, Part I; Past Tense, Part II} |Vin|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Big Goodbye} |Vendor|;
   Taxi {The Lighter Side of Angela Matusa |Waiter|;
   Travels with My Dad |Seaman Fergie|}; V: The Final Battle;
   The Woman Who Sinned (91) |Thomas|.
   After Hours (85); Angel III - The Final Chapter (88);
   Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (93) |Voice of Chuckie Sol|; Bodywaves (92);
   The 'Burbs (89) |Garbageman|; A Bucket of Blood (59);
   Cannonball (76); Capone (75); Carnival Rock (58);
   Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype (80); Evil Toons (90); Executive Action (73);
   Explorers (85); Gremlins (84) |Mr. Futterman|;
   Gremlins 2: The New Batch (90); The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood (80);
   Heart Like a Wheel (83); Hollywood Boulevard (76); Inner Space (87);
   Little Shop of Horrors (60); Mr. Billion (77); Moving Violation (76);
   New York, New York (77); Night of the Creeps (86); Not of This Earth (88);
   Space Raiders (83) |Crazy Mel|; The St. Valentine's Day Massacre (67);
   Summer School Teachers (75); Targets (68); Terminator (84) |Vendor|;
   The Terror (63); The Trip (67); White Dog (82); The Wild Angels (66);
   The Young Nurses (73); White Line Fever (75).

Stephen Mines
   Gidget |Jeff|; Star Trek {Balance of Terror} |Specialist Robert Tomlinson|.
   (None Known).

Bob Minor
   Magnum, P.I. {Legacy from a Friend};
   The Six Million Dollar Man {Carnival of Spies} |Hercules|;
   Spy Game {Nobody Ever Said Growing Up Was Easy} |Marine Colonel|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Visionary} |Bo'rak|.
   Delinquent School Girls (74).

John Miranda
   (None Known).
   Bloodthirsty Butchers (70);
   Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (86) |2nd Garbageman|.

Dallas Mitchell
   Cannon {A Killing in the Family} |Nick|; Mannix {Lifeline |Det. Wharton|;
   Portrait of a Hero |Controller|};
   The Six Million Dollar Man {Vulture of the Andes} |Maj. Reynolds|;
   Star Trek {Charlie X} |Tom Nellis|.
   (None Known).

Katherine Moffat
   Babylon 5 {Grey 17 Is Missing} |Supervisor|;
   Boone (83-Aug. 84) |Susannah Sawyer|; Prince of Bel Air (86); 
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Necessary Evil} |Pallra|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Game} |Etana|;
   Strange Luck {The Liver Wild} |Chance's Mother|.
   The Beast Within (82).

Marjorie Monaghan
   H.E.L.P. (Mar.-Apr. 90) |E. Jean Ballantry|;
   JAG {Against All Enemies} |Seaman Alice Tuppeny|;
   The Pretender {Every Picture Tells a Story} |Lt. Martha Poole|;
   Space Rangers (Jan. 93) |JoJo|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Heroes and Demons} |Freya|.
   Nemesis (92) |Jared|.

Lawrence Monoson
   JAG {Deja Vu}; Prince Street (Mar. 97-??);
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Storyteller} |Hovath|;
   Touched By an Angel {The Violin Lesson} |Tony|.
   Dangerous Love (88); Gaby, a True Story (87);
   The Last American Virgin (82).

Lawrence Montaigne
   Cannon {Lady in Red} |Armand Duvall|;
   Hogan's Heroes {Go Light on the Heavy Water};
   I Spy {It's All Done with Mirrors} |Smollett|;
   Mission: Impossible {The Miracle |Steve Johnson|;
   Odds on Evil |Kostas' Aide|}; The Outer Limits {Cold Hands, Warm Heart};
   The Rogues {Bow to a Master; Fringe Benefits;
   Death of a Fleming}; Star Trek {Balance of Terror |Decius|;
   Amok Time |Stonn|}; The Time Tunnel {Massacre |Yellow Elk|;
   Idol of Death} |Alvarado|}.
   Captain Sinbad (63); Dakota (88) |Mr. Diamond|;
   Escape to Witch Mountain (75) |Ubermann|; The Great Escape (63) |Haynes|;
   Framed (75) |Deputy Allison|; The Power (68) |Briggs|;
   Tobruk (67) |Italian Officer|; Young Lady Chatterly (77) |Carl|.

Ricardo Montalban
11/25/1920 -
   Alice Through the Looking Glass; The Aquarian;
   Burke's Law {Who Killed the Richest Man in the World?;
   Who Killed Cop Robin?}; Checkmate {Hot Wind in a Cold Town};
   Chicago Hope {Colonel of Truth} |Col. Martin Nieves|;
   The Colbys (Nov. 85-Mar. 87) |Zachary Powers|;
   Columbo: A Matter of Honor; The Dick Powell Show {Epilogue} |Steve|;
   Fantasy Island (Jan. 78-Aug. 84) |Mr. Roarke|;
   Fireball Foreward; The Great Adventure {The Massacre at Wounded Knee};
   Gunsmoke {Chato} |Chato|;
   Hawaii Five-O {Samurai; Death Wish on Tantalus Mountain |Alex Pareno|};
   Hearts Are Wild; Heaven Help Us (94) |Mr. Shepherd|;
   Hollywood Summer Theatre; How the West Was Won, Part II;
   I Spy {Magic Mirror} |Juan Francisco Hernando Vera|; Joaquin Murietta (69);
   The Longest Hundred Miles (67);
   The Loretta Young Show {9 episodes, names?}; McNaughton's Daughter;
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The King of Diamonds Affair};
   The Mark of Zorro; Mission: Impossible {Snowball in Hell} |Gerard Sefra|;
   Murder, She Wrote {Murder in F Sharp};
   O'Hara, U.S. Treasury {Operation: Lady Luck}; The Pigeon; Playhouse 90;
   Return to Fantasy Island; The Rogues {Hugger-Mugger by the Sea};
   Star Trek {Space Seed} |Khan Noonian Singh|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Lord of Limbo}; Wonder Woman.
   Across the Wide Missouri (51); Battleground (49); The Black Pirate (61);
   Blue (68); Border Incident (49); Cannonball Run II (84);
   Cheyenne Autumn (64); Code Name: Heraclitus (69);
   Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (72); Desert Warrior (61);
   El Verdugo De Sevilla (41); Escape from the Planet of the Apes (71);
   Fiesta (47); Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man (62);
   His Only Song (48); Joe Panther (76); The Kissing Bandit (48);
   La Casa de la Zorro (43); La Fuga (42); La Hora de la Verdad (42);
   Latin Lovers (53); Let No Man Write My Epitaph (60);
   A Life in the Balance (55); The Long Flight (63); Madame X (66);
   Mark of the Renegade (51); Mission to Glory (79); The Money Trap (65);
   My Man and I (52); Mystery Street (50); The Naked Gun (88) |Ludwig|;
   Neptune's Daughter (49); Nosotros (44); On an Island With You (48);
   Pepita Jimenez (46); Queen of Babylon (56); The Reluctant Saint (62);
   Right Cross (50); Saracen Blade (54); Sayonara (57); Semiramis (55);
   The Singing Nun (66); Sombrero (53); Sombre Verde (54);
   Son of the Sheik (57);
   Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (82) |Khan Noonian Singh|;
   Sweet Charity (69); Three for Jamie Dawn (56); The Train Robbers (73);
   Two Weeks with Love (50); Untouched (56);
   Won Ton Ton, The Dog Who Saved Hollywood (76).

Allan Dean Moore
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Frame of Mind} |Wounded Crewmember|;
   Trade Winds (Aug.-Sept. 93) |Kyle Philips|.
   (None Known).

Duke Moosekian
   NYPD Blue {A Sudden Fish}; Silk Stalkings {The Perfect Alibi;
   School of Hard Rocks};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Night Terrors} |Gillespie|.
   (None Known).

Tom Morga
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Search, Part II |Jem'Hadar Soldier|;
   The Sword of Kahless |Soto|}.
   Independence Day (96) [Stuntman];
   Star Trek: The Motion Picture (79) |Klingon Crewman|;
   Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (82) [Stuntman];
   Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (84) [Stuntman];
   Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (91) |The Brute|;
   Suburban Commando (91).

Sean Morgan
   The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet (*65-66) |Sean|;
   Mannix {Out of Time |Harry|; Days Beyond Recall |Clerk|};
   Silk Stalkings {Champagne on Ice};
   Star Trek {Balance of Terror |Romulan Crewman|;
   The Return of the Archons |Lt. O'Neil|; This Side of Paradise |Engineer|;
   The Ultimate Computer |Ens. Harper|; The Paradise Syndrome |Engineer|;
   The Tholian Web |Lt. O'Neil|}.
   What's Up, Doc? (72) |Official|.

Jeanne Mori
   Mad About You {Chicken Man} |The Campaign Worker|;
   Nash Bridges {Internal Affairs}.
   Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (84) |Grissom Helm|.

Sara Mornell
   JAG {Scimitar}; Pensacola: Wings of Gold; Silk Stalkings {Playing Doctor};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Starship Down} |Carson|.
   (None Known).

Joan Stuart Morris
   "Man of the Flesh" (90) [R].
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Suspicions} |T'Pan|.
   (None Known).

Leslie Morris
   Sledge Hammer! (Sept. 86-Jun. 88) |Officer Mayjoy|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Samaritan Snare} |Reginod|.
   Megaville (90); Tango & Cash (89) |Hendricks|.

Phil Morris
   Babylon 5 {Severed Dreams} |Bill Trainor|; Diagnosis: Murder (97);
   JAG {Force Recon} |Capt. Kunan|;
   Marblehead Manor (87-88) |Jerry Stockton|;
   Mission: Impossible (88-90) |Grant Collier|;
   Seinfeld {The Abstinence} |Jackie Chiles|;
   Star Trek {Miri} |Black Boy in Army Helmet|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Looking for Par'Mach in All the Wrong 
   Places |Thopok|; Rocks and Shoals |Third Remata'Klan|};
   WIOU (90-Mar. 91) |Eddie Bock|; The Young and the Restless.
   Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (84) |Trainee Foster|.

Kenny Morrison
   The Quick and the Dead (87); Star Trek: Voyager {Learning Curve} |Geron|.
   The Neverending Story II (91).

Byron Morrow
   Bewitched {Remember the Main} |John C. Cavanaugh|;
   Big Valley {A Stranger Everywhere}; ##NEW## Burke's Law {Who Killed the
Horne of Plenty?};
   Cannon {The Set Up} |R.J. Stonehurst|;
   Checkmate {Death Beyond Recall}; Dragnet |Capt. Mack|;
   Executive Suite (Sept. 76-Feb. 77) |Pearce Newberry|;
   Honey West {Slay, Gypsy, Slay} |Franklyn Buckley|;
   I Dream of Jeannie {My Master the Spy} |Gen. Alton|;
   I Spy {No Exchange on Damaged Merchandise} |Bentley Reed|;
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Iowa Scuba Affair; The Moonglow Affair};
   Mannix {Comes Up Rose |Nick|; Run Till Dark |Lew|; Scapegoat;
   A Sleep in the Deep |Stoner|; To Cage a Seagull;
   Voice in the Dark |George Kinman|}; Men into Space {Earthbound};
   The New Breed (Oct. 61-Sept. 62) |Capt. Keith Gregory|;
   Peter Gunn {Death House Testament} |Warden|;
   Rawhide {Incident of the Painted Lady};
   The Six Million Dollar Man {Kill Oscar, Part II} |Adm. Wilkins|;
   Star Trek {Amok Time |Adm. Komack|;
   For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky |Adm. Westervilet|};
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of Miguelito's Revenge};
   The Young Lawyers {Legal Maneuver}.
   (None Known).

Glenn Morshower
   Babylon 5 {Acts of Sacrifice} |Franke|; C-16 (Sep. 97-??);
   Dark Skies {Mercury Rising}; JAG {Defensive Action};
   Murder One {Chapter One}; NYPD Blue {Aging Bull} |Special Agent Wilson|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Peak Performance |Ens. Burke|;
   Starship Mine |Orton|}; Star Trek: Voyager {Resistance} |Guard #1|;
   The X-Files {All Souls} |Aaron Starkey|.
   12:01 (93); 84 Charlie Mopic (89); Air Force One (97) |Agent Walters|;
   Drive-In (76); Star Trek: Generations (94) |Navigator|;
   Tango & Cash (89) |Co-Worker|.

Marnie Mosiman
00/00/00 -
   Picket Fences {Remote Control};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Loud As a Whisper} |Woman|;
   Without Warning (94).
   (None Known).

Arnold Moss
01/28/10 - 00/00/89
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Deadly Toys Affair};
   The Monkees {Everywhere a Sheik Sheik};
   The Rifleman {The Schoolmaster};
   Star Trek {The Conscience of the King} |Anton Karidian|.
   The Caper of the Golden Bulls (66); The Loves of Carmen (48).

Stewart Moss
   Fay (Sept. 75-Jun. 76) |Dr. Elliott Baines|; Hogan's Heroes {The Informer;
   The Late Inspector General; The Prince from the Phone Company;
   Colonel Klink's Secret Weapon; Some of Their Planes Are Missing;
   No Names Please [Uncredited]; Easy Come, Easy Go;};
   Magnum, P.I. {J. 'Digger' Doyle}; Mannix {Pressure Point};
   Remington Steele {Sensitive Steele};
   The Six Million Dollar Man {Nuclear Alert |Air Force Maj.|;
   The Winning Smile |Dr. Gene Finney|};
   Star Trek {The Naked Time |Joe Tormolen|; The Corbomite Maneuver |Crewman|;
   By Any Other Name |Hanar|}; T.J. Hooker {Hollywood Starr} |Alan Hartman|.
   Bat People (74); In Harm's Way (65).

Tahj D. Mowry
   Full House (*91-??) |Teddy|; Smart Guy (? 97-??) |T.J.|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Innocence} |Corin|.
   (None Known).

Leonard Mudie
00/00/1884 - 00/00/1965
   Star Trek {The Cage} |Survivor #2|; Superman {The Jolly Roger}.
   (None Known).

Randy Mulkey
   Space: Above and Beyond {Hostile Visit} |Donne|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {A Simple Investigation} |Idanian #2|.
   (None Known).

Kieran Mulroney
   Seinfeld {The Implant} |Timmy|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Outrageous Okona} |Benzan|.
   (None Known).

Warren Munson
   CHiPs; Father Murphy (Nov. 81-Dec. 82) |Dr. Thompson|;
   Something So Right {Something About Schmoozing} |Mr. Pappas|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Interface} |Adm. Holt|;
   Star trek: Voyager {Persistence of Vision} |Adm. Paris|.
   Executive Decision (96) |American Ambassador|.

George Murdock
   "Conversation at Midnight" (64) [B] |Metcalf|.
   Barney Miller (*78-82) |Lt. Scanlon|; Battlestar Galactica |Dr. Salik|;
   Chameleons (91); Chicago Hope {Back to the Future} |Judge|;
   ER {Don't Ask, Don't Tell}; Good Company; Harry O {Hostage};
   I Spy {Carry Me Back to Old Tsing Tao} |Sailor/C.I.A. Contact|;
   Judd for the Defense {Commitment}; Law and Order;
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Strange Visitors}
   |Burton Newcomb|; Mannix {A Way to Dusty Death}; Night Court;
   No Time for Sergeants (Sept. 64-Sept. 65) |Capt. Krupnick|; Seinfeld;
   The Six Million Dollar Man {Run Steve Run} |Mr. Rossi|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Best of Both Worlds, Part I;
   The Best of Both Worlds, Part II} |Adm. Hanson|;
   T.J. Hooker {The Streets} |O'Connor|; The Twilight Zone {The Dummy};
   What a Country (86-87) |Laslo Gabov|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Feathered Fury};
   The Winds of War {Of Love and War} (83).
   Breaker! Breaker! (77); Certain Fury (85); Retribution (87);
   Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (89) |"God"|;
   The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (89);
   ##NEW## The X-Files (98) |2nd Elder|.

Kermit Murdock
00/00/1908 - 00/00/1981
   Star Trek {All Our Yesterdays} |Prosecutor|.
   (None Known).

Lycia Naff
   The Flash {pilot}; Law and Order {Asylum}; St. Elsewhere {Saving Face;
   Give the Boy a Hand; Any Portrait in a Storm};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Q Who; Samaritan Snare} |Ens. Sonya Gomez|.
   Clan of the Cave Bear (86); Lethal Weapon (87); Total Recall (90).

Morgan Nagler
   High Tide {The Last Fight}; Ink {Devil in a Blue Dress} |Trish|;
   Joe's Life (Sept.-Dec. 93) |Amy Gennaro|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Rascals} |Kid #1|.
   (None Known).

Reggie Nalder
00/00/00 - 11/19/91 (80s)
   The Dead Don't Die; Fantasy Island {Escape};
   The Hardy Boys Mysteries {The Mystery of the Haunted House}; Salem's Lot;
   Search {Goddess of Destruction}; Star Trek {Journey to Babel} |Amb. Shras|;
   Thriller {The Return of Andrew Bentley; Terror in Teakwood};
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Gruesome Games}.
   Adventures of Captain Fabian (51); Betrayed (54);
   The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (69); The Devil and Max Devlin (81);
   The Manchurian Candidate (62); Mark of the Devil (70);
   Mark of the Devil, Part 2 (72).

Charles Napier
00/00/1935 -
   The Critic (Jan. 94-??) |Voice of Duke Phillips|;
   The Incredible Hulk {The Slam; Triangle};
   The Incredible Hulk Returns (88);
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Target: Jimmy Olsen!};
   Murder, She Wrote; The Oregon Trail (Sept.-Oct. 77) |Luther Sprague|;
   Outlaws (Dec. 86-May 87) |Wolfson 'Wolf' Lucas|;
   Star Trek {The Way to Eden} |Adam|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Little Green Men} |Denning|;
   Treacherous Crossing (92).
   Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (70) |Baxter Wolfe|;
   The Blues Brothers (80) |Tucker McElroy|; Center of the Web (92); 
   Cherry, Harry and Raquel (69); Citizen's Band (77); Deep Space (88);
   Ernest Goes to Jail (90) |Warden|; Future Zone (90);
   The Grifters (90) |Hebbing|; Hit List (89) |Tom Mitchum|;
   Instant Justice (86); Kidnapped (88); The Last Embrace (79) |Dave Quittle|;
   Married to the Mob (88); Melvin and Howard (80) |Ventura|;
   Miami Blues (90) |Sgt. Bill Henderson|;
   National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1 (93) |Interrogator|;
   The Night Stalker (86); One-Man Force (89) |Dante|;
   Rambo: First Blood Part II (85) |Murdock|;
   Silence of the Lambs (91) |Lt. Boyle|; Soldier's Fortune (90);
   Something Wild (86) |Irate Chef|; Supervixens (75);
   Swing Shift (84) |Moon Willens|.

James Nardini
   Fast Times (Mar.-Apr. 86) |Brad Hamilton|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Fair Trade} |Wixiban|.
   (None Known).

Jennifer Nash
   Blind Faith (90) |Jennifer|; Blossom; Coach; Full House |Kirsten|;
   Home Improvement |Greta Post|;
   The Lazarus Man {Among the Dead} |Abby|;
   Silk Stalkings {Till Death Do Us Part} |Paige Forest|;
   Sliders {Love Gods} |Diana|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Inner Light} |Meribor|.
   Clifford (94) |Wendy|; Invisible: The Chronicles of Benjamin Knight (94)
   The Player (92) |Herself|.

Leslie Neale
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Peak Performance} |Ensign Nagel|;
   Viper {Thief of Hearts}.
   (None Known).

Christopher Neame
   Babylon 5 {And the Sky Full of Stars} |Knight Two|; Blake's Seven {Traitor};
   Days of Our Lives (*86) |Vertigo|; Doctor Who {Shada};
   Earth 2 {All About Eve}; JAG {Washington Holiday} |Minister Keppish|;
   L.A. Law; MacGyver {Deathlock |Quayle|;
   Legend of the Holy Rose, Part I |Erich Von Lear|;
   Legend of the Holy Rose Part, II |Erich Von Lear|;
   Good Knight MacGyver, Part I |Duncan|;
   Good Knight MacGyver, Part II |Duncan|};
   Romeo and Juliet (88); Sliders {Into the Mystic};
   Star Trek: Voyager {Heroes and Demons} |Unferth|;
   Superboy {Carnival} |Devill|.
   D.O.A. (88) |Bernard|; Diplomatic Immunity (91); Edge of Honor (91);
   Hellbound (93) |Malcolm Lockley|; License to Kill (89) |Fallon|;
   Steel Dawn (87).

Craig Richard Nelson
   The Carol Burnett Show (*79); Nick Knight (89);
   Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers (74-Jan. 75) |Mason Woodruff|;
   Red Riding Hood (88);
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {A Matter of Perspective} |Krag|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Living Witness} |Vaskan Arbiter|.
   3 Women (77) |Dr. Maas|; Chiller (85); My Bodyguard (80).

John Nelson
   Live Like a Millionaire (*Mar. 51-53) [Emcee];
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Schisms} |Medical Technician|.
   (None Known).

Sandra Nelson
   Scene of the Crime (Apr. 91-Apr. 92);
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Soldiers of the Empire} |Tavana|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Alter Ego} |Marayna|;
   The Young and the Restless (97-??) |Phyllis Romalotti|.
   The Halfback of Notre Dame (95).

Bebe Neuwirth
   "Chicago" (96-??) [B]; "A Chorus Line" (80) [B] |Sheila|;
   "Damn Yankees" (94) |Lola|; "Just So" (84) [R] |Leopard|;
   "Pal Joey" (95) [OB] |Melba Snyder|.
   Cheers (*86-93) |Dr. Lilith Sternin|; Dear Diary (96);
   Disney's Aladdin |Voice|;
   Frasier {The Show Where Lilith Comes Back; A Lilith Thanksgiving}
   |Dr. Lilith Sternin|; NewsRadio {Friends};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {First Contact} |Lanel|; Wild Palms (93).
   The Associate (96); Bugsy (91); Green Card (90); Jumanji (95); Malice (93);
   Slaves to the Underground (97).

John Neville
   "Saint Joan" (93) [B] |Earl of Warwick|.
   Class of '96; Grand (Jan.-Dec. 90) |Desmond|;
   F/X: The Series {Pilot} |Oscar Hammond|;
   Journey to the Center of the Earth (93);
   Producers' Showcase {Romeo and Juliet};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Descent, Part I} |Isaac Newton|;
   The X-Files {The Blessing Way; Paper Clip; Apocrypha; Tunguska;
   Terma} |The Well-Manicured Man|.
   The 5th Element (97); |Gen. Staedert|;
   The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (89) |Baron Munchausen|;
   Little Women (94) |Mr. Laurence|; The Road to Wellville (92); A Study in
Terror (65);
   The X-Files (98) |The Well-Manicured Man|.

##NEW## Claudette Nevins
   Behind the Screen (Oct. 1981-Jan. 1982) |Angela Aries|;
   The Headmaster (Sep. 1970-Sep. 1971) |Margaret Thompson|;
   Husbands, Wives & Lovers (Mar.-Jun. 1978) |Courtney Fielding|;
   Married: The First Year (Feb.-Mar. 1979) |Barbara Huffman|;
   The Possessed (1977).
   The Mask (1961); Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) |Son'a Officer|.

Andrew Hill Newman
   "Only Kidding!".
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {High Treason}; L.A. Law;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Prime Factors} |Jaret|.
   (None Known).

William Newman
   "Heart of a Dog" (90) [OOB].
   Picket Fences {Be My Valentine} |Arthur|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Host} |Kalin Trose|.
   (None Known).

Julie Newmar
08/16/1930 -
   Batman {The Purr-fect Crime; Better Luck Next Time; Hot Off the Griddle;
   The Cat and the Fiddle; The Cat's Meow; The Bat's Kow Tow; 
   The Sandman Cometh; The Catwoman Goeth; That Darn Catwoman;
   Scat, Darn Catwoman; Catwoman Goes to College; 
   Batman Displays His Knowledge} |Catwoman|;
   The Bionic Woman {Black Magic} |Claudette|;
   Buck Rogers in the 25th Century {Flight of the War Witch};
   The Monkees {Monkees Get Out More Dirt};
   My Living Doll (Sept. 64-Sept. 65) |Rhoda Miller|;
   The Phil Silvers Show {The Big Scandal};
   Route 66 {Give the Old Cat a Tender Mouse};
   Star Trek {Friday's Child} |Eleen|;
   The Twilight Zone {Of Late I Think of Cliffordville}.
   Deep Space (88); Evils of the Night (85); For Love of Money (63);
   Ghosts Can't Do It (90); Hysterical (83); Li'l Abner (59);
   Mackenna's Gold (69); The Maltese Bippy (69); The Marriage-Go-Round (60);
   Nudity Required (90); Oblivion (94); The Rookie (59);
   Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (54); Streetwalkin' (85);
   To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (96) |Herself|.

Julia Nickson
   Around the World in 80 Days (8?); Babylon 5 {The Parliament of Dreams;
   Mind War; Chrysalis} |Catherine Sakai|;
   The Chinatown Murders: Man Against the Mob (89); Dark Justice;
   Kung Fu: The Legend Continues {Illusion} |Connie|;
   One West Waikiki; seaQuest 2032 {Weapons of War} |Lt. Cmdr. Heiko Kimura|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Paradise} |Cassandra|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Arsenal of Freedom} |Ens. Lian T'Su|;
   Walker, Texas Ranger {Higher Power; Heart of the Dragon} |Susan Lee|.
   Amityville: A New Generation (93); China Cry (91); China Hand (86);
   Double Dragon (94); Glitch! (88); K-2 (92); Rambo: First Blood II (85);
   Sidekicks (93).

##NEW## Stephanie Niznik
   Vanishing Son (Jan. 1995-??) |Agent Judith Phillips|.
   Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) |Ens. Perim|.

James Noah
   "Casanova" (91) [OB] |numerous|; "Escape from Happiness" (92) [R] |Tom|;
   "The Grapes of Wrath" (90) [B]; "On Borrowed Time" (91) [B] |Workman|.
   NYPD Blue {Trials & Tribulations; For Whom the Skell Rolls;
   Dead and Gone} |Lt. Brigham|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Rejoined} |Dr. Pren|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Displaced} |Rislan|.
   (None Known).

Natalija Nogulich
   "Accomplice" (90) [B]; "Scenes from an Execution" (93) [R] |Rivera|;
   "The White Rose" (91) [R] |Sophie Scholl|.
   The Boys (91); Brooklyn Bridge (Sept. 91-Aug. 93) |Aunt Miriam|;
   Children of the Dark (94); The Client {6/11/96} |Lynette Keller|;
   Dark Skies {Mercury Rising} |Dr. Helen Gould|; Dazzle (94);
   The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission (88); It's Nothing Personal (93);
   Jack's Place {Something Wonderful This Way Comes};
   L.A. Law {Three on a Patch}; Lazarus Man; Matlock |Marjorie Manners|;
   Murder One {Chapter 19 |Spector|; Chapter 22}; Out on the Edge (89);
   Picket Fences {Pageantry} |Louise|; The Practice {Dog Bite} |Judge|;
   The Pretender {To Serve and Protect} |Susan Granger|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Maquis, Part II;
   The Search, Part II} |Vice Adm. Elena Necheyev|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Chain of Command, Part I
   |Vice Adm. Elena Nechayev|; Descent, Part I |Vice Adm. Elena Nechayev|;
   Journey's End |Vice Adm. Elena Necheyev|;
   Preemptive Strike |Vice Adm. Elena Necheyev|}; The Water Engine (92).
   Bound by Honor (93); The Chase (94);
   Four Friends (81); The Glass Shield (94);
   The Guardian (90); Hoffa (92); Homicide (91); 
   National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (89);
   Postcards from the Edge (90); The Prom (92); Sister, Sister (87).
Valora Noland
   Burke's Law {Who Killed Hamlet?} |Bit Girl #2|;
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Roundtable Affair}; The Rifleman {High
   Star Trek {Patterns of Force} |Daras|.
   Beach Party (63) |Rhonda|; Muscle Beach Party (64) |Animal|.

Jeffrey Nordling
   "Richard III" (90) [OB] |Hastings|.
   Journey to the Center of the Earth (93);
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Past Prologue} |Tahna|;
   A Stranger in Town (95) |Larry|; Time Trax {Face of Death} |Manheim|;
   True Women (97).
   Black Death (92); Dangerous Heart (93);
   Journey to the Center of the Earth (83).

Chris Nelson Norris
   Doomsday Rock (97) |Capt. Kane|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Playing God} |Alien Man|;
   The X-Files {Home} |George Raymond Peacock|.
   (None Known).

Jim Norton
   Babylon 5 {Grail |Ombuds Wellington|;
   The Quality of Mercy |Ombuds Wellington|;
   Confessions and Lamentations |Dr. Lazarenn|; Dust to Dust |Narn Image|};
   Cry of the Innocent (80); L.A. Law;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Nth Degree;
   Descent, Part I} |Albert Einstein|.
   Sakharov (84).

Frank Novak
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Babel} |Businessman|.
   Independence Day (96) |Teddy|.

France Nuyen
07/31/1939 -
   "The World of Suzie Wong" (58) [B].
   Deathmoon (85); Gunsmoke {Gunfighter, R.I.P.} |Ching Lee|;
   Hawaii Five-O {Highest Castle, Deepest Grave} |Sirone|;
   I Spy {Tiger |Sam-Than McLean|; Always Say Goodbye |Sada|;
   Magic Mirror |Sam-Than McLean|; An American Empress |Mei Ling|};
   Knots Landing (*90) |Dr. Carrol|; Kung Fu {A Small Beheading};
   The Magician {The Illusion of the Lost Dragon};
   Magnum, P.I. {Torah, Torah, Torah};
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Cherry Blossom Affair};
   Return to Fantasy Island (??);
   The Six Million Dollar Man {The Coward} |Marnu|;
   St. Elsewhere (*86-88) |Dr. Paulette Kiem|;
   Star Trek {Elaan of Troyius} |Elaan|; Tom Clancy's Op Center (95).
   China Cry (91); Diamond Head (63) |Mei Chen|;
   A Girl Named Tamiko (62) |Tamiko|; The Joy Luck Club (93) |Ying Ying|;
   The Last Time I Saw Archie (61) |Cindy Hamilton|;
   The Man in the Middle (64) |Kate Davray|; One More Train to Rob (71) |Toy|;
   Satan Never Sleeps (62) |Siu-Lan|; A Smile Like Yours (97);
   South Pacific (58).

William O'Connell
   Fantastic Journey {Riddles}; Julia {Mama's Man};
   Mission: Impossible {The Town} |Instructor|;
   The Outer Limits {The Chameleon} |The Creature|;
   Star Trek {Journey to Babel} |Thelev|;
   The Twilight Zone {Cavender Is Coming};
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Pistoleros}.
   High Plains Drifter (73).

Tim O'Connor
   Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (*79-80) |Dr. Huer|;
   The Burning Zone {Midnight of the Carrier} |William Helderman|;
   Cannon {Scream of Silence |Edgar Lassiter|;
   Death of a Stone Seahorse |Peter|; He Who Digs a Grave |Martin Ross|;
   He Who Digs a Grave, Part II |Martin Ross|; The Reformer |James Matthews|};
   Columbo {Old Fashioned Murder};
   East Side/West Side {The Five-Ninety-Eight Dress};
   General Hospital (*94) |Jack Boland|;
   Hawaii Five-O {F.O.B. Honolulu} |Kaye|; Judd for the Defense {Kingdom of
the Blind};
   The Outer Limits {Moonstone; Soldier};
   Peyton Place (*65-68) |Elliott Carson|;
   The Six Million Dollar Man {The Deadly Test} |Col. Joe Gordon|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Perfect Mate} |Ambassador Briam|;
   T.J. Hooker {Blood Sport} |John McAllister|;
   The Twilight Zone {On Thursday We Leave for Home};
   Walker, Texas Ranger |Russell|; Wheels (Apr. 79) |Hub Hewitson|.
   The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear (91).

Annie O'Donnell
   Dark Skies {The Enemy Within} |Waitress|; The Dukes of Hazzard;
   Married with Children {Business Sucks} |Eartha|;
   NYPD Blue {Travels with Andy}; Night Court;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Progress} |Keena|.
   (None Known).

Conor O'Farrell
   Dark Skies {Mercury Rising; The Awakening; Moving Targets;
   Dark Days Night; The Last Wave; The Warren Omission; White Rabbit;
   Shades of Gray; Burn, Baby, Burn; Strangers in the Night};
   JAG; Murder One {Chapter 20; Chapter 21; Chapter 22; Chapter 23};
   NYPD Blue {Torah! Torah! Torah!; Hollie and the Blowfish;
   Closing Time, Thick Stu} |Det. Stuart Morrisey|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Little Green Men} |Carlson|.
   (None Known).

George O'Hanlon Jr.
   Jake and the Fatman (*89-90) |Sgt. Rafferty|;
   Magnum, P.I. {Death and Taxes};
   The Nancy Drew Mysteries (*77) |Ned Nickerson|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Future Imperfect} |Transporter Chief|.
   (None Known).

Gavan O'Herlihy
   The Bionic Woman {The Pyramid} |Jim Burns|;
   Happy Days (*74) |Chuck Cunningham|; Conagher (91);
   Rich Man, Poor Man -- Book I (76) |Phil McGee|;
   The Six Million Dollar Man {Outrage in Balinderry} |Dan|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Caretaker} |Jabin|;
   Twin Peaks {Dispute Between Brothers; Checkmate}.
   Death Wish III (85); Willow (87).

Tricia O'Neil
   Are You in the House Alone? (78); Babylon 5 {Believers} |M'ola|;
   Brave New World (80); MacGyver {Phoenix Under Siege} |Victoria James|;
   Magnum, P.I.; Matlock {The Tabloid}; The Murder of Sherlock Holmes (??);
   Murder, She Wrote {Murder in the Afternoon}; Robin's Hoods;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Defiant} |Korinas|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Yesterday's Enterprise
   |Capt. Rachel Garrett|; Suspicions |Kurak|};
   A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story (92).
   The Kid from Left Field (79); Piranha Part Two: The Spawning (81);
   Ted and Venus (91).

Amy O'Neill
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Evolution} |Annette|.
   Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (88) |Amy Szalinski|.

Terry O'Quinn
   Born Too Soon (92); Deliver Them from Evil - The Taking of Alta View (93);
   Earth 2 {Water; The Church of Morgan; The Enemy Within; Redemption;
   All about Eve} |Reilly|; FDR (??); The Final Year (??); The Good Fight (92);
   JAG {Pilot; Defensive Action; Crossing the Line} |CAG Capt. Thomas Boone|;
   Miami Vice {Give a Little, Take a Little};
   Millennium {The Hand of Saint Sebastian} |Peter Watts|;
   On the Edge of Innocence (97); Remington Steele {Coffee, Tea or Steele};
   Son of the Morning Star (90);
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Pegasus} |Adm. Pressman|;
   The Twilight Zone; Wild Card (92);
   The X-Files {Aubrey} |Lt. Brian Tillman|.
   Amityville 1992: It's about Time (92) [DTV]; Black Widow (87) |Bruce|;
   Blind Fury (90) |Frank Devereaux|; Company Business (91) |Col. Grissom|;
   The Cutting Edge (92) |Jack|; The Forgotten One (89) |Bob|;
   Heaven's Gate (80) |Capt. Minardi|; Mischief (85) |Claude Harbrough|;
   Mrs. Soffel (84) |Buck McGovern|; Pin (89);
   Places in the Heart (84) |Buddy Kelsey|; Prisoners of the Sun (91);
   The Rocketeer (91) |Howard Hughes|; Silver Bullet (85) |Sheriff Joe Haller|;
   Spacecamp (86) |Launch Director|; The Stepfather (87) |Jerry Blake|;
   Stepfather II (89) |Dr. Gene Clifford|; The X-Files (98) |Darius Michaud|;
   Young Guns (88) |Alex McSween|.

Cyril O'Reilly
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Who Mourns for Morn?} |Nahsk|.
   The Cool Surface (93); The Unspeakable (96).

Robert O'Reilly
   "Hamlet"; "Mr. Roberts"; "When the Bough Breaks" (93) [R] |Doug|.
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {Pirates!} |Sketch|; Darkroom;
   Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman; The Equalizer {Dead Drop} |Fur Collar Man|;
   The Fall Guy {Sandcastles}; The Incredible Hulk {Patterns}; Knight Rider;
   MacGyver {Nightmares} |Curt Neilson|; Max Headroom {War};
   NYPD Blue {From Here to Eternity}; The Phoenix;
   Silk Stalkings {Night Games}; Sledge Hammer! {Over My Dead Bodyguard};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The House of Quark;
   The Way of the Warrior; Broken Link; Apocalypse Rising;
   By Inferno's Light} |Gowron|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Manhunt |2nd Hoodlum|; Reunion |Gowron|;
   Redemption, Part I |Gowron|; Redemption, Part II |Gowron|;
   Rightful Heir |Gowron|}; T.J. Hooker {Matter of Passion |Ryker|;
   Bribe |Sheehan|}.
   (None Known).

Randy Oglesby
00/00/00 -
   "The Kentucky Cycle" (91) [R].
   Murder One {Chapter Eight};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Vortex |Ah-Kel/Ro-Kel|;
   The Darkness and the Light |Silaran Prin|}.
   Independence Day (96) |Mechanic|.

Ken Olandt
00/00/00 -
   21 Jump Street; High Tide {Anything, Anywhere, Anytime}; Marker {Factor X};
   Riptide; Star Trek: The Next Generation {Bloodlines} |Jason|;
   Silk Stalkings {Kill Shot};
   Super Force (90-92) |Det. Zachary Stone|;
   Supercarrier (Mar.-Aug. 88) |Lt. Jack 'Sierra' DiPalma|.
   Summer School (87).

David Oliver
00/00/196? - 11/12/1992 (30)
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Cost of Living} |Young Man|;
   A Year in the Life (Aug. 87-Apr. 88) |Sam Gardner|.
   Defense Play (88).

Susan Oliver
02/13/1937 - 05/16/1990
   Amelia Earhart (76); The Andy Griffith Show; Barnaby Jones; Ben Casey; 
   Big Valley {Alias Nellie Handly}; Bonanza;
   Burke's Law {Who Killed the Kind Doctor?}; Cannon {Moving Target} |Jill|;
   Checkmate {The Thrill Seeker; So Beats My Plastic Heart}; Dan August;
   Days of Our Lives (*75-76) |Laura Spencer Horton|; Dr. Kildare;
   The F.B.I. {Courage of a Conviction; Fatal Reunion}; Fatal Apple (??);
   Freddy's Nightmares; The Fugitive; Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.;
   Gunsmoke {Eleven Dollars}; I Spy {One Thousand Fine} |Jean Harwood|;
   The Invaders {The Ivy Curtain; Inquisition};
   M*A*S*H [Director]; The Magician {Ovation for Murder};
   Magnum P.I. {Let Me Hear the Music};
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Bow-Wow Affair}; Matinee Theatre;
   Medical Center; Murder, She Wrote {2?}; My Three Sons;
   Petrocelli {Edge of Evil} |Eleanor Warren|; Peyton Place (*66) |Ann Howard|;
   Playhouse 90; Police Story; Rawhide {Incident of His Brother's Keeper};
   The Rogues {Money Is for Burning}; Route 66 {Fifty Miles from Home;
   Between Hello and Goodbye}; Star Trek {The Cage; The Menagerie} |Vina|;
   Thriller {Choose a Victim}; Tomorrow's Child (82);
   Trackdown {Blind Alley} [Unaired]; Trapper John, M.D. [Director];
   The Twilight Zone {People Are Alike All Over};
   The Wild Wild West {The Night Dr. Loveliss Died}.
   Butterfield 8 (60); Change of Mind (69); The Disorderly Orderly (64); 
   The Gene Krupa Story (59); Ginger in the Morning (73); Guns of Diablo (64);
   Hardly Working (81); Looking for Love (64); A Man Called Gannon (69); 
   The Monitors (69); Widow's Nest (??); Your Cheatin' Heart (64).

David Opatoshu
01/30/1918 - 00/00/1996?
   "Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie?" (69) [B].
   Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond {Earthquake};
   Alien Nation {The Night of the Screams} |Paul Revere|;
   The Bionic Woman {Doomsday Is Tomorrow, Part I;
   Doomsday Is Tomorrow, Part II} |Satari|;
   Bonino (Sept.-Dec. 53) |Walter Rogers|;
   Buck Rogers in the 25th Century {Time of the Hawk}; The F.B.I. {Vendetta;
   The Homecoming; Pressure Point}; Harry O {Past Imperfect};
   Hawaii Five-O {A Matter of Mutual Concern |Li Wing|;
   Face of the Dragon |Shen|}; Honey West {King of the Mountain};
   I Spy {Tonia} |Zugman|; The Loner {Westward the Shoemaker};
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Alexander the Greater Affair, Part I;
   The Alexander the Greater Affair, Part II}; Mannix {A Pittance of Faith};
   Mission: Impossible {The Trial} |Kidnov|;
   The Outer Limits {A Feasibility Study};
   The Secret Empire (Feb.-May 79) |Hator|;
   The Six Million Dollar Man {Danny's Inferno} |Dr. Monica|; The Smugglers;
   Star Trek {A Taste of Armageddon} |Anan 7|;
   The Time Tunnel {Reign of Terror};
   The Twilight Zone {Valley of the Shadow} |Dorn|;
   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea {The Price of Doom}.
   Act of Mercy (62); The Best of Enemies (62); The Black City (61);
   The Brothers Karamazov (58); Cimarron (60); Crowded Paradise (56);
   Death of a Gunfighter (69); The Defector (66); The Dybbuk (69);
   Enter Laughing (67); Exodus (60); Forced Vengeance (82);
   The Goldbergs (50); Guns of Darkness (62); King of Kings (61);
   The Light Ahead (39); The Most Wanted Man in the World (62);
   The Naked City (48); One Spy Too Many (66); Pretty Girl (58);
   Public Enemy No. 1 (53); Sands of Beersheba (65);
   Tarzan and the Valley of Gold (66); Thieves Highway (49);
   Torn Curtain (66); Who'll Stop the Rain (78).

Alan Oppenheimer
   "He Who Gets Slapped" (65) [R];
   "Sunset Boulevard" (94) [B] |Cecil B. DeMille|.
   Big Eddie (Aug.-Nov. 75) |Jessie Smith|;
   Caroline in the City {Caroline and the Ombudsman} |Mr. Booth|;
   Eischied (79-Sept. 83) |Capt. Finnerty|; Harry O {The Acolyte};
   He-Man |Voice|; Hogan's Heroes {Two Nazis for the Price of One;
   How to Catch a Papa Bear; Who Stole My Copy of Mein Kampf;
   Hogan Goes Hollywood}; Home Free (Mar.-Jul. 93) |Ben Brookstone|;
   I Dream of Jeannie {Please Don't Give My Jeannie No More Wine}
   |Congressman Farragut|; I Spy {A Gift from Alexander; Blackout} |Benkovsky|;
   Knight Rider; The Legend of Prince Valiant (91-94) |Voice of Merlin|;
   Mannix {A Gathering of Ghosts};
   Married with Children {You Better Shop Around, Part II} |Mr. Foodie|; 
   Murder, She Wrote (*91-??); Murphy Brown (*Nov. 88-92) |Gene Kinsella|;
   Ned & Stacey; She-Ra |Voice|;
   Silk Stalkings {Intensive Care} |Mr. Thatcher|;
   The Six Million Dollar Man (*74-75) |Dr. Rudy Wells|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Jem'Hadar} |Capt. Keogh|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Rightful Heir} |Koroth|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Rise} |Nezu Ambassador|;
   That Girl {Shake Hands and Come Out Acting};
   The Transformers {? |Voice of Warpath|; ? |Voice of Seaspray|};
   Welcome Back, Kotter {And Baby Makes Four, Part Two} |Dr. Melmann|.
   Private Benjamin (80); Riding with Death (76).

Tom Ormeny
   Cannon {The Sounds of Silence}; Days of Our Lives (*90) |Lloyd Garrison|;
   MacGyver {The Prodigal} |Bridges|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Redemption, Part I} |Klingon 1st Officer|.
   Agent on Ice (85).

Leland Orser
   Herman's Head {My Funny Valentine}; Mad About You {Get Back};
   Married with Children {The Naked and the Dead, But Mostly the Naked |Mark|;
   The Two That Got Away |Director|; Kiss of the Coffee Woman |Director|};
   NYPD Blue {Zeppo Marks Brothers |Zeppo|; He's Not Heavy, He's My Brother};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Sanctuary |Gai|; The Die is Cast |Lovok|};
   Star Trek: Voyager {Revulsion} |Dejaren|;
   The X-Files {Firewalker} |Jason Ludwig|.
   Independence Day (96) |Tech./Med. Asst. #1|; Phoenix (95) |Dr. Riley|;
   Seven (95).

Nicole Orth-Pallavicini
   "Oh, the Innocents" (90) [R] |Alex|.
   All My Children (*88) |Marissa Rampal|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Host} |Kareel|.
   (None Known).

Frank Overton
00/00/18 - 00/00/67
   Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond {The Justice Tree};
   Checkmate {A Brooding Fixation}; The Invaders {Genesis};
   Perry Mason {The Case of the Renegade Refugee;
   The Case of the Bluffing Blast}; Route 66 {The Quick and the Dead;
   The Man on the Monkey Board; Where Is Chick Lorimer, Where Has She Gone?;
   Soda Pop and Paper Flags};
   Star Trek {This Side of Paradise} |Elias Sandoval|;
   Thriller {Child's Play};
   Twelve O'Clock High (Sept. 64-Jan. 67) |Maj. Harvey Stovall|;
   The Twilight Zone {Walking Distance; Mute}.
   Desire Under the Elms (58); Fail-Safe (64); Lonelyhearts (58).

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