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                        Star Trek Actors' Other Roles
                    Part II --  Guest Starring Characters

Josh Pais
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Business as Usual; The Magnificent Ferengi}
   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (90) |Raphael|.

Joseph Palmas
   "Abandoned in Queens" (91) [OOB];
   "The Comedy of Errors" (92) [OB] |1st & 2nd Merchants|.
   Star Trek: Voyager {Tattoo} |Antonio|.
   (None Known).

Gregg Palmer
00/00/29 -
   Cannon {Scream of Silence} |Gunther|;
   The Loner {An Echo of Bugles} |Adjutant|;
   Mission: Impossible {The Town} |Deputy|;
   Run Buddy Run (Sept. 66-Jan. 67) |Harry|;
   Star Trek {Spectre of the Gun} |Rancher|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Human Trigger;
   The Night of the Gruesome Games; The Night of the Hangman}.
   Scream (82); To Hell and Back (55); Zombies of Mora Tav (57).

Tony Papenfuss
   "Dynamic Products" (90) [R] |Roger Gallais|.
   Newhart (82-Sept. 90) |First Darryl|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Second Skin} |Yeln|.
   (None Known).

Sachi Parker
00/00/00 -
   Alien Nation {Fifteen with Wanda} |Wanda|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {First Contact} |Tava|.
   Welcome Home, Roxy C. (90).

James Parks
   Rough Riders (97); The Sentinel {The Killers} |Tommy Juno|;
   Space: Above and Beyond {Stay with the Dead};
   Star Trek: Voyager {The Chute} |Vel|.
   (None Known).

Brittany Parkyn
   Women of the House (Jan.-Mar. 95) |Desiree Sugarbaker|.
   Star Trek: Generations (94) |Girl with Teddy Bear|.

Megan Parlen
   Boy Meets World; Full House; Hang Time (? 95-?) |Mary Beth Pepperton|;
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman;
   Something So Right {Something About Two April Fools;
   Something About Secrets and Rules} |Cindy|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Rascals} |Young Ro|.
   My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (91); Walk Like a Man (87).

Stephen Parr
   All My Children (*81-82) |Rick Kincaid|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Dramatis Personae} |Valerian|.
   (None Known).

Julie Parrish
   Batman {Ice Spy; The Duo Defy}; The F.B.I. {The Monster};
   Good Morning, World (Sept. 67-Sept. 68) |Linda Lewis|;
   Mannix {To Draw the Lightning};
   Star Trek {The Menagerie} |Miss Piper|.
   The Doberman Gang (72).

Leslie Parrish
   Adam-12 {Gifts and Long Letters}; Banyon; Batman {Fine Feathered Finks;
   The Penguin's a Jinx}; The DA: A Conspiracy to Kill;
   Hogan's Heroes {Kommandant Gertrude}; The Magician {Shattered Image};
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Moonglow Affair}; Mannix {The Playground;
   The Other Game in Town}; O'Hara, U.S. Treasury {Operation: Smoke Screen};
   Perry Mason {The Case of the Impatient Partner};
   Star Trek {Who Mourns for Adonais?} |Lt. Carolyn Palamas|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night the Wizard Shook the Earth;
   The Night of the Flying Pie Plate}.
   The Candyman (68); Crash (77); Invisible Strangler (84); Li'l Abner (59);
   The Manchurian Candidate (62); Sex and the Single Girl (64).

Peter Parros
   Adam 12 (89-91) |Officer Gus Grant|; As the World Turns |Ben Harrison|;
   The Family Man |Eddie Cooper|;
   Knight Rider (*85-86) |Reginald 'RC3' Cornelius III|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {A Matter of Honor} |Tactics Officer|.
   (None Known).

Jennifer Parsons
   "Native Speech" (91) [OOB]; "Unchanging Love" (91) [OOB].
   Murder One {Chapter 15; Chapter 16};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Children of Time} |Miranda O'Brien|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Caretaker} |Ocampa Nurse|.
   (None Known).

Nancy Parsons
   Days of Our Lives (*93-94) |Nurse Jackson|;
   Remington Steele {A Good Night's Steele};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Vengeance Factor} |Marouk|.
   Homer and Eddie (89) |Maid|; Motel Hell (80); Porky's (81);
   Porky's II: The Next Day (83); Porky's Revenge (85).

Eddie Paskey
   Star Trek {Where No Man Has Gone Before |Lt. Leslie|;
   The Naked Time |Lt. Ryan|; The Enemy Within |Connors|;
   Mudd's Women |Connors|; The Conscience of the King |Lt. Leslie|;
   The Return of the Archons |Lt. Leslie|;
   A Taste of Armageddon |Eminian Guard/Technician| [Uncredited];
   This Side of Paradise |Lt. Leslie|; Devil in the Dark |Security Guard|;
   The Alternative Factor |Lt. Leslie|;
   Operation: Annihilate! |Transporter Chief|;
   The Trouble with Tribbles |Security Guard|;
   Return to Tomorrow [Uncredited] |Security Guard|;
   The Omega Glory |Lt. Leslie|; Assignment: Earth |Lt. Leslie|;
   And the Children Shall Lead |Lt. Leslie|}.
   (None Known).

Cyndi Pass
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {His Way} |Ginger|.
   Bounty Tracker (93).

Michael Pataki
01/16/1938 -
   The Amazing Spiderman (Apr.-May 78) |Capt. Barbera|;
   Batman {The Spell of Tut; Tut's Case Is Shut};
   Benny and Barney: Las Vegas Undercover (77);
   The Call of the Wild (76) |Stranger|;
   Cannon {To Ride a Tiger} |Orville Britton|; Cinderella (77) [Director];
   Cowboy (83) |Sheriff Grover|; The Cowboy and the Ballerina (84) |Valery|;
   Disaster on the Coastliner (79);
   Get Christie Love (*75) |Sgt. Pete Gallagher|;
   Harold Robbins' The Pirate (78); Harry O {Mister Five and Dime};
   High Noon, Part II: The Return of Will Kane (80) |Darold|;
   High Tide; Indict and Convict (73);
   Kung Fu {The Cenotaph, Part 1; The Cenotaph, Part 2};
   Mansion of the Doomed (77) [Director];
   Marciano (79) |Squeek Squalis|;
   Mission: Impossible {The Psychic} |Ed|;
   Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers (74-Jan. 75) |Charlie Dreyfuss|;
   Phyl & Mikhy (May-Jun. 80) |Vladimir Gimenko|; Pippin (81) [Assoc. Prod.];
   Raise the Titanic (80) |Munk|; R.S.V.P. (84) |Rex|;
   Ruby and Oswald (78); Spider-Man (77) |Capt. Barbera|;
   Star Trek {The Trouble with Tribbles} |Korax|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Too Short a Season} |Karnas|;
   Superdome (78) |Tony|; Survival of Dana (79); T.J. Hooker {Witness}
   Terror at Alcatraz (82); The Twilight Zone {A Quality of Mercy};
   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea {The Exile};
   WKRP in Cincinnati {Circumstantial Evidence} |Det. Alcorn|;
   When Every Day Was the Fourth of July (78);
   The White Shadow {Little Orphan Abner}.
   Airport '77 (77) |Wilson|; American Anthem (86) |Coach Soranhoff|;
   The Andromeda Strain (70) [Uncredited, Operator of "The Hands"];
   The Baby (73); Bat People (74);
   Dead & Buried (81) |Sam|; Delinquent School Girls (74);
   Easy Rider (69); Five the Hard Way (67) |J.C.|; The Glove (78);
   Graduation Day (81); Grave of the Vampire (72);
   Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (88) |Dr. Hoffman|;
   Hollywood Hot Tubs 2: Educating Crystal (90) |Drewdon|;
   The Last Porno Flick (74); The Last Word (79);
   Love at First Bite (79) |Mobster|; One More Chance (90);
   The Onion Field (79);
   Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (85) |Jim Wilson|; Rocky IV (85);
   Rocky V (90) |Nicoli Koloff|; Side Hackers (??);
   Sweet 16 (81) |George Martin|; Ten North Frederick (58) |Man|;
   The Underachievers (87) |Murphy|; Zoltan -- Hound of Dracula (77).

Angela Paton
   Caroline in the City {Caroline and the Letter} |Mrs. Larson|;
   Criminal Behavior (92) |Adelaide|; ER {The Secret Sharer};
   Falcon Crest (*88-89) |Harriet Anderson|;
   Home Improvement {Let Them Eat Cake}; NYPD Blue {Travels with Andy};
   Picket Fences {Final Judgement}; Star Trek: Voyager {Caretaker} |Aunt Adah|.
   Groundhog Day (93) |Mrs. Lancaster|;
   Home for the Holidays (95) |Woman on Airplane|.

Sierra Pecheur
   And the Band Played On (93);
   NYPD Blue {He's Not Heavy, He's My Brother} |Noreen Irvin|;
   Quantum Leap {M.I.A.}; 
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Data's Day} |Amb. T'Pel|.
   Kalifornia (93).

Ed Peck
00/00/00 - 09/12/92 (75)
   Cannon {The Wrong Medicine} |Phil Corbett|;
   The Dick Van Dyke Show {Body and Sol |Capt. Worwick|;
   Buddy Sorrell -- Man and Boy |Leon|};
   The F.B.I. {Image in a Cracked Mirror}; Happy Days |Officer Kirk|;
   I Dream of Jeannie {Invisible House for Sale} |Charlie Merkle|;
   The Loner {The Kingdom of McComb};
   Major Dell Conway of the Flying Tigers (Apr.-May 51) |Maj. Dell Conway|;
   The Munsters {Grandpa's Call of the Wild};
   Semi-Tough (May-Jun. 80) |Coach Cooper|;
   Star Trek {Tomorrow Is Yesterday} |Col. Fellini|;
   The Super (Jun.-Aug. 72) |Officer Clark|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Double Edged Knife}.
   (None Known).

Courtney Peldon
   Harry and the Hendersons (*91-92) |Darcy Payne|; ##NEW## Home
Improvement |Lauren|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Valiant} |Cmdr. Karen Farris|.
   (None Known).

Jack Perkins
   Honey West {Slay, Gypsy, Slay} |Szabo|; Mr. Lucky {Bugsy} |Sammy Reni|;
   NBC Magazine with David Brinkley (80-Jul. 82);
   Prime Time Sunday (Jun. 79-Jul. 80);
   Star Trek {Bread and Circuses} |Master of the Games|; T.H.E. Cat {Sandman};
   The Twilight Zone {The Last Flight} |Truck Driver|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Ready-Made Corpse}.
   Guilty of Treason (49) [Miss Granville's Wardrobe].

Vic Perrin
00/00/19?? - 07/04/1989
   Chase {Six for Five; The Dealer-Wheelers}; Dragnet (69);
   The F.B.I. {Gold Card}; Gargoyles (72) [Narrator];
   Have Gun Will Travel {Show of Force |Haskins|;
   Winchester Quarantine |Rheinhardt|}; Kung Fu {The Third Man};
   Land of the Giants {Genius at Work};
   The Outer Limits (Sept. 63-Jan. 65) |Control Voice|;
   Perry Mason {The Case of the Golden Oranges};
   Rawhide {Incident of the Captive; Incident of the Widowed Dove};
   The Rifleman {The Mind Reader};
   Star Trek {The Corbomite Maneuver |Voice aboard the pilot vessel|;
   Arena |Voice of the Metron, Voice of the Gorn|;
   The Changeling |Voice of Nomad|; Mirror, Mirror |Tharn|};
   Trackdown {The Governor}; The Twilight Zone {People Are Alike All Over;
   Ring-A-Ding Girl}; The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Winged Terror}.
   The Bubble (66); The Hindenburg (75).

Roger Perry
   Arrest and Trial (63-64) |Det. Sgt. Dan Kirby|; Chase {Joe Don Ducks};
   The F.B.I. {The Witness; Arrangement with Terror; The Detonator;
   The Animal}; The Facts of Life (*81-83) |Mr. Charles Parker|;
   Falcon Crest (*82-85) |John Costello|;
   Harrigan and Son (60-61) |James Harrigan Jr.|; Revenge (71);
   Star Trek {Tomorrow Is Yesterday} |Capt. John Christopher|.
   The Cat (66); Count Yorga, Vampire (70).

Nehemiah Persoff
00/00/1920 -
   "Camino Real" (53) [B]; "The Glass Menagerie" |Tom|.
   Battlestar Galactica {Experiment in Terra} |Eastern Alliance Leader|;
   Big Valley {Legend of a General, Part I; Legend of a General, Part II};
   The Bionic Woman {Out of Body} |Philip Jennings|;
   Burke's Law {Who Killed the Grand Piano?; Who Killed Cassandra Cass?};
   Columbo {Now You See Him}; Eric (75);
   Francis Gary Powers: The True Story of the U-2 Spy Incident (76);
   Gunsmoke {Blood Money};
   Hawaii Five-O {Will the Real Mr. Winkler Please Die |Winkler|;
   Charter of Death |Paoli|}; Honey West {Like Visions and Omens and All
That Jazz};
   I Spy {Rome Take Away Three |Coly Collisi|; The Honorable Assassins |Roop|};
   L.A. Law; Land of the Giants {Land of the Lost};
   MacGyver {The Ten Percent Solution} |Sam Bolinski|;
   Magnum, P.I. {Torah, Torah, Torah};
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Master's Touch Affair}; Mannix {A Puzzle
for One};
   Marty (53); Mission: Impossible {Odds on Evil} |Prince Kostas|; Mr.
Lucky (??);
   Route 66 {First-Class Mouliak; Incident on a Bridge};
   The Six Million Dollar Man {Death Probe, Part I;
   Death Probe, Part II} |Maj. Popov|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Most Toys} |Toff|;
   Thriller {The Fingers of Fear};
   The Time Tunnel {Secret Weapon} |Dr. Biraki|;
   The Twilight Zone {Judgement Night}; The Untouchables |Guzik|;
   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea {Deadly Creature Below};
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Inferno;
   The Night of the Deadly Blossom; The Night of the Underground Terror}.
   Al Capone (59); An American Tail (86) |Voice|;
   An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (91) |Voice|; The Badlanders (58);
   The Big Show (61); The Comancheros (61) |Graile|; Deadly Harvest (76);
   Fate Is the Hunter (64) |Ben Sawyer|;
   The Greatest Story Ever Told (65) |Shemiah|;
   In Search of Historic Jesus (79) |Herod Antipas|;
   The Last Temptation of Christ (88); Mrs. Pollifax -- Spy (71) |Berisha|;
   Never Steal Anything Small (59); On the Waterfront (54);
   The Power (68) |Carl Melniker|; Psychic Killer (75);
   Red Sky at Morning (70) |Amadeo Montoya|; Some Like It Hot (59);
   Twins (88) |Mitchell Traven|; Voyage of the Damned (76) |Mr. Hauser|;
   The Wrong Man (56); Yentl (83) |Papa|.

Brock Peters
07/02/1927 -
   "Anna Lucasta"; "Driving Miss Daisy" (88) |Hoke Coleburn|;
   "The Great White Hope"; "King of the Dark Chamber"; "Kwamina";
   "Lost in the Stars"; "Mister Johnson"; "My Children! My Africa!";
   "My Darlin' Aida"; "Othello"; "Porgy and Bess" (43) [B] |Jim|.
   The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; Agatha Christie's Caribbean Mystery;
   Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts;
   Battlestar Galactica {Murder on the Rising Star} |Chief Opposer Solon|;
   The Bionic Woman {Which One Is Jaime?} |Jack Stratton|;
   Black Beauty; Broken Angel; Challenge of the Gobots |Voice|;
   The Eleventh Hour; The Incredible Journey of Doctor Meg Laurel;
   It Takes a Thief; Johnny Bristol;
   Judd for the Defense {Commitment} |Jesse Aarons|;
   Living the Dream: A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King;
   Magnum, P.I. {Old Acquaintance}; Mannix {Time Out of Mind} |Sonny|;
   Mission: Impossible {The Money Machine} |Walter DuBruis|;
   Mod Squad; O'Hara, U.S. Treasury {Operation: Rake Off};
   The Pretender {Prison Story} |Henry Cockran|; Quincy, M.E.;
   Roots: The Next Generation; Seventh Avenue; SST: Death Flight;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Homefront; Paradise Lost;
   A Time to Stand; Far Beyond the Stars |Joseph Sisko, Preacher|;
   ##NEW## Image in the Sand; ##NEW## Shadows and Symbols} |Joseph Sisko|;
   This Far by Faith [Co-Producer]; To Heal a Nation; Welcome Home;
   The Young and the Restless (series).
   Ace High (69); Black Girl (73); Carmen Jones (55);
   Daring Game (68); Framed (75) |Sam|; Heavens Above (63);
   The Incident (67) |Arnold Robinson|; Major Dundee (65) |Aesop|;
   P.J. (68) |Waterpack|; The Pawnbroker (65) |Rodriguez|; Puss in Boots (84);
   Slaughter's Big Ripoff (73); Soylent Green (73) |Hatcher|;
   Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (86) |Adm. Cartwright|;
   Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (91) |Adm. Cartwright|;
   To Kill a Mockingbird (62) |Tom Robinson|; Two-Minute Warning (76) |Paul|.

Vidal Peterson
   Mork & Mindy {Putting the Ork Back in Mork; Mindy, Mindy, Mindy};
   Never Forget (91); Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Cardassians} |Rugal|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Unification, Part II} |D'Tan|;
   The Thornbirds (83); Vinnie & Bobby (May-Sept. 92) |Carl Sweetwater|.
   Something Wicked This Way Comes (83); Wizard of the Lost Kingdom (85).

Christopher Pettiet
   Danger Island (92); Relentless IV - The Redeemer (94);
   Seaquest DSV {Brothers and Sisters};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The High Ground} |Boy|;
   Touched By an Angel {Crisis of Faith} |Luke Brewer|;
   The Young Riders (*91-92) |Jesse James|.
   Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead (91).

Angelique Pettyjohn
00/00/00 - 02/14/92 (48)
   Batman {A Piece of the Action; Batman's Satisfaction};
   Star Trek {The Gamesters of Triskelion} |Shana|.
   Bio-Hazard (84); Body Talk [Adult] (82); Childish Things (69);
   Clambake (67); The Curious Female (69); G.I. Executioner (71);
   Heaven with a Gun (69); The Lost Empire (83);
   The Mad Doctor of Blood Island (69); Repo Man (84); 
   Takin' It Off (84); Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon (70); 
   Titillation [Adult] (82); The Wizard of Speed & Time (88).

Brian Phelps
   The Adventures of Mark and Brian (Sep. 91-May 92) |Himself|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Identity Crisis} |Alien| [Uncredited].
   (None Known).

Gina Philips
   Dark Skies {Dark Days Night}; Silk Stalkings {Daddy Dearest};
   Sliders {Desert Storm};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Storyteller} |Varis|.
   (None Known).

Michelle Phillips
   Aspen (77) |Gloria Osborne|; Assault & Matrimony (87); Bloodlines;
   The Death Squad (74); The Ed Sullivan Show; Fantasy Island;
   The French Atlantic Affair (79); Herman's Head;
   Hotel (*86) |Elizabeth Bradshaw Cabot|;
   Knots Landing (*87, 90-93) |Anne W. Matheson|;
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Target: Jimmy Olsen!}
   |Claudette Wilder|; No One Would Tell (95?); Pauly; Pretty Poison (96);
   Rubdown (93); Scene of the Crime; Second Chances (Dec. 93-Feb. 94) |Joanna|;
   Secrets of a Married Man (84); Stark: Mirror Image (86);
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {We'll Always Have Paris} |Jenice Manheim|;
   T.J. Hooker {Love Story} |Teri Sherman|.
   American Anthem (86); Army of One (93); The California Kid (74);
   Dillinger (73); The Last Movie (71); Let It Ride (89);
   The Man with Bogart's Face (80); Savage Harvest (81); Scissors (90);
   Valentino (77).

Robert Phillips
   Cannon {Coffin Corner} |Wilt Newton|;
   Star Trek {The Cage} |Space Officer (Orion)|.
   (None Known).

Eric Pierpoint
   Alien Nation (Sept. 89-Jul. 91) |Det. George Francisco|;
   Alien Nation: Body and Soul (95) |Det. George Francisco|;
   Alien Nation: Dark Horizon (94) |Det. George Francisco|;
   Alien Nation: Millennium (96) |Det. George Francisco|;
   Alien Nation: The Enemy Within (96) |Det. George Francisco|;
   Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy (97) |Det. George Francisco|;
   Ally McBeal {Silver Bells} |James|; Babylon 5;
   Fame (*86-87) |Mr. Paul Seeger|; Hot Pursuit (Sept.-Dec. 84) |Jim Wyler|;
   Silk Stalkings {Natural Selection, Part II; Maid Service; Red Flag;
   School of Hard Rocks; Pas de Deux; Mrs. Carlisle;
   Into the Fire} |Eric Russell|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {For the Uniform} |Capt. Sanders|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Liaisons} |Voval|;
   Time Trax {The Prodigy} |Jason Peterman|;
   WIOU (90-March 91) |Marc Adamson|.
   Liar, Liar (97); Sex, Love And Cold Hard Cash (93).

Amy Pietz
   Caroline in the City (Sept. 95-??) |Annie Spidaro|; Every 9 Seconds (97);
   Muscle (Jan.-May 95) |Bronwyn Jones|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Bloodlines} |Lieutenant Rhodes|.
   (None Known).

Phil Pine
07/16/1925 -
   Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond {Where Are They?};
   The Barbary Coast {Mary Had More Than a Little} |Hungerford|;
   Cannon {The Hero} |Lt. Harry Gold|;
   Checkmate {The Dark Divide; So Beats My Plastic Heart};
   The Dick Van Dyke Show {You're Under Arrest} |Norton|; Harry O {Mortal Sin};
   Hawaii Five-O {Full Fathom Five} |Tyler Scaggs|;
   Johnny Ringo {The Ghost Coach} |Nelson|;
   Judd for the Defense {Between the Dark and the Daylight}; Mannix {Time
Out of Mind};
   The Outer Limits {The Hundred Days of the Dragon};
   Rawhide {Incident at Dangerfield Dip};
   Science Fiction Theatre {Before the Beginning};
   The Six Million Dollar Man {Death Probe, Part I;
   Death Probe, Part II} |Russian Gen.|;
   Star Trek {The Savage Curtain} |Col. Green|;
   Tales of Tomorrow {Plague from Space};
   Wagon Train {The Esteban Zamora Story};
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Glowing Corpse}.
   (None Known).

Robert Pine
   Are You Lonesome Tonight (91);
   Bert D'Angelo/Superstar (Feb.-July 76) |Inspector Larry Johnson|;
   Cannon {The Predators |Dep. Sheriff Freeman|;
   A Well Remembered Terror |Paul Wilson|; The House of Cards |Sheriff|};
   CHiPs (Sept. 77-July 83) |Sgt. Joe Getraer|;
   MacGyver {Jerico Games} |Ralph Jerico|;
   Magnum, P.I. {Home from the Sea} |Thomas Magnum Sr.|;
   Mannix {The Search for Darrell Andrews};
   Star Trek: Voyager {The Chute} |Ambassador Liria|.
   The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again (79); Empire of the Ants (77).

Joe Piscopo
   Comic Relief; George Burns Comedy Week; Joe Piscopo Live!;
   The Joe Piscopo Video; Saturday Night Live (*80-84);
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Outrageous Okona} |The Comic|.
   Dead Heat (88); Huck and the King of Hearts (93); Johnny Dangerously (84);
   King Kong (76); Sidekicks (93); Wise Guys (86).

Suzie Plakson
   "La Be^te" (91) [B] |Marquise Therese Du Parc|;
   "Stop the World, I Want to Get Off".
   Beauty and the Beast; Dinosaurs |Voice|; Little White Lies (89);
   Love & War (Sept. 92-Feb. 95) |Meg Tynan|;
   Mad About You {Dr. Wonderful |Dr. Joan Goldfinds|;
   Burt's Building |Dr. Joan Herman|; The Penis |Dr. Joan|;
   Her Houseboy, Coco |Dr. Joan|; Outbreak |Dr. Joan|;
   Chicken Man |Dr. Joan|; Dry Run |Dr. Joan|; Guardianhood |Dr. Joan|;
   The Birth |Dr. Joan|}; Married to the Mob; Murphy Brown;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Schizoid Man |Dr. Lt. Selar|;
   The Emissary |K'Ehleyr|; Reunion |K'Ehleyr|};
   Star Trek: Voyager {The Q and the Grey} |Female Q|.
   Disclosure (94); My Stepmother Is an Alien (88); Wag the Dog (97).

Tony Plana
   "Widows" (91) [R] |Captain|; "The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit" (90) [R];
   "Zoot Suit" [R/B] |Rudy|.
   Bakersfield P.D. (Sept. 93-Aug. 94) |Officer Luke Ramirez|;
   The Case of the Hillside Stranglers (89); ER {A Miracle Happens Here};
   Listen to Your Heart (83); Murder One {Chapter Three};
   Nash Bridges {Skirt Chasers}; On the Streets of L.A. (92);
   The Pretender {Not Even a Mouse} |Det. Guerra|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Maquis, Part I;
   The Maquis, Part II} |Amaros|; Sweet 15 (89); T.J. Hooker {Gang War} |Chuy|;
   Total Security (Sep. 97-??) |Luis|;
   Veronica Clare (July-Aug. 91) |Nikki Swarcek|.
   The Best of Times (86) |Chico|; Born in East L.A. (87) |Feo|;
   Break of Dawn (88); Buy & Cell (89) |Raoul|; Disorderlies (87) |Miguel|;
   Havana (90) |Julio Ramos|; JFK (91) |Carlos Bringuier|; Latino (85);
   Nightmares (83) |Del Amo|;
   An Officer and a Gentleman (82) |Emiliano Della Serra|;
   One Good Cop (91) |Beniamino|; Romero (89) |Father Manuel Morantes|;
   The Rookie (90); Salvador (86) |Maj. Max|; The Streets of L.A. (79);
   Three Amigos (86) |Jefe|.

Christopher Plummer
12/13/27 -
   "The Constant Wife"; "Cyrano"; "Hamlet"; "Henry V";
   "Julius Caesar"; "The Lark"; "MacBeth"; "Nina";
   "Othello"; "The Tempest"; "Twelfth Night".
   After the Fall; The Arrow (97); Counterstrike (90-93) |Alexander Addington|;
   Crossings; Danielle Steel's Secrets (92); Desperate Voyage;
   Dial M for Murder; A Ghost in Monte Carlo (90); A Hazard of Hearts;
   Little Gloria -- Happy at Last; Madeline (Sept. 93-??) |Narrator|;
   The Moneychangers; Oedipus Rex; Omnibus;
   Prototype (83) |Professor Carl Forrester|;
   The Scarlet and the Black (83); Secrets (92); The Shadow Box;
   The Thornbirds (83); The Velveteen Rabbit; We the Jury (96);
   When the Circus Came to Town; Young Catherine.
   The Amateur (82); An American Tail |Voice| (86);
   Battle of Britain (69); The Boss' Wife (86); The Boy in Blue (86);
   Conduct Unbecoming (75); The Day That Shook the World (78);
   Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead (91); Dragnet (87);
   Dreamscape (84); Eyewitness (81) |Joseph|;
   The Fall of the Roman Empire (64);
   Firehead (90); Hanover Street (79); Highpoint (80); I Love N.Y. (88);
   Inside Daisy Clover (64); International Velvet (78); Lily in Love (85);
   Light Years |Voice| (88); Lock Up Your Daughters (69);
   The Man Who Would Be King (75); Mind Field (90) |Dr. Satorius|;
   Murder By Decree (79); Night of the Generals (67);
   Ordeal by Innocence (84); The Pyx (73); Red-Blooded American Girl (90);
   The Return of the Pink Panther (75) |Sir Charles Litton|;
   Rock-a-Doodle |Voice| (92); Shadow Dancing (89); The Silent Partner (78);
   Somewhere in Time (80); The Sound of Music (65); Souvenir (88);
   The Spiral Staircase (75); Stage Fright (50); Stage Struck (58);
   Star Crash (79); Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (91) |Gen. Chang|;
   A Stranger in the Mirror (92); Twelve Monkeys (96) |Dr. Goines|;
   Waterloo (71); Where the Heart Is (90); Wolf (94) |Raymond Aldea|.

Maryann Plunkett
00/00/00 -
   "The Crucible" (91) [B] |Elizabeth Proctor|;
   "Jane Eyre" (90) [R] |Jane Eyre|;
   "The Master Builder" (92) [B] |Kaja Fosli|;
   "Me and My Girl" (86) |Sally Smith|; "Saint Joan" (93) [B] |Joan|;
   "The Seagull" (92) [B] |Masha|; "The Secret Wife" (94) [OOB].
   L.A. Law; Law & Order |Joanne Ellis|; Miami Vice {Little Prince};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Identity Crisis} |Susanna Leitjen|.
   (None Known).

Richard Poe
   "1776" (97) [B] |John Hancock|; "Approximating Mother" (91) [OOB];
   "Jeffrey" (93) [OB] |numerous|; "The Lover" (95) [R] |Stahov|;
   "Our Country's Good" (91) [B] |Capt. Arthur Phillip, John Wisehammer|.
   Law & Order; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Playing God |Cardassian|;
   The Maquis, Part I |Gul Evek|; Tribunal |Gul Evek|};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Journey's End;
   Preemptive Strike} |Gul Evek|; Star Trek: Voyager {Caretaker} |Gul Evek|.
   (None Known).

Joel Polis
   "The Baby Dance" (91) [OB] |Richard|; "A Penny for the Guy" (92) [R] |C.L.|;
   "What Is Art?" (92) [R] |Sid|.
   Alien Nation {Fountain of Youth |Dr. Windsor|; Contact |Carl Peterson|};
   Picket Fences {Body Politics} |Dr. Paymer|; Seinfeld {The Comeback}
   Star Trek: Voyager {Time and Again} |Teria|.
   Best Defense (84) |First Agent|.

Charlene Polite
   Cannon {Death Is a Double Cross} |Alicia London|;
   Star Trek {The Cloud Minders} |Vanna|.
   (None Known).

Michael J. Pollard
00/00/1939 -
   Eerie, Indiana; I Spy {Trial by Treehouse} |Bernie|;
   Leo & Liz in Beverly Hills (Apr.-Jun. 86) |Leonard|;
   Lost in Space {Magic Mirror}; The Lucy Show {Chris Goes Steady};
   The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis |Jerome Krebs|;
   Star Trek {Miri} |Jahn|; Superboy {Mr. & Mrs. Superboy} |Mxyzptik|;
   Tales from the Crypt {Came the Dawn};
   Wings {Gone But Not Faygotten}; The Young Riders.
   America (86); American Gothic (88); The Art of Dying (91);
   Between the Lines (77); Bonnie and Clyde (67) |C.W. Moss|;
   Caprice (67) |Barney|; Dick Tracy (90) |Bug Bailey|;
   Enter Laughing (67) |Marvin|; Fast Food (89) |Bud|;
   Heated Vengeance (87) |Snake|; I Come in Peace (90) |Boner|;
   Jigsaw (68) |Dill|; The Legend of Frenchie King (71);
   Little Fauss and Big Halsey (70) |Little Fauss|;
   Melvin and Howard (80) |Little Red|; Next of Kin (89) |Harold|;
   Night Visitor (89) |Stanley Willard|; Patriot (86) |Howard|;
   Paul Reiser Out on a Whim (88); Riders of the Storm (87);
   Roxanne (87) |Andy|;
   The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! (66) |Airplane Mechanic|;
   Scrooged (88) |Herman|; Season of Fear (89); Sleepaway Camp III (88);
   Split Second (92) |The Rat Catcher|; The Stripper (63) |Jelly|;
   Tango & Cash (89) |Owen|; Vengeance Is Mine (76);
   The Wild Angels (66) |Pigmy|.

Iggy Pop
   The Adventures of Pete & Pete (?-? 93) |Mr. Mecklenberg|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Magnificent Ferengi} |Yelgrun|.
   The Crow: City of Angels (96); Cry-Baby (90); Hardware (90).

Paul Popowich
   Catwalk (92-94) |Andrew Joseph 'Jesse' Carlson|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Valiant} |Capt. Tim Watters|.
   (None Known).

Brett Porter
   Sweating Bullets.
   Firehead (90); Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (91) |General Stex|.

Cliff Potts
   Belle Starr (80); Big Hawaii (Sept.-Nov. 77) |Mitch Fears|;
   For Love and Honor (Sept.-Dec. 83) |First Sgt. Eugene Allard|;
   Little Women (Feb.-Mar. 79) |John Brooke|; Lou Grant (*81-82) |Ted McCovey|;
   M.A.D.D.: Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (83);
   MacGyver {Pirates} |Gar Manning|;
   Once an Eagle (Dec. 76-Jan. 77) |Courtney Massengale|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Ensign Ro} |Adm. Kennelly|;
   T.J. Hooker {Deadly Ambition} |Holland|.
   The Last Ride of the Dalton Gang (79); Silent Running (71) |Wolf|.

Susan Powell
   "Fifty Million Frenchmen" (91) [OOB].
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Bonding} |Marla Aster|.
   (None Known).

Harve Presnell
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Home is Where the Hurt Is;
   I Now Pronounce You; 'Twas the Night Before Mxymas};
   Nash Bridges {The Brothers McMillan};
   The Pretender {Keys; The Dragon House} |Mr. Parker|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {The Q and the Grey} |Q General|.
   Paint Your Wagon (69); The Unsinkable Molly Brown (64).

Lawrence Pressman
   All My Children |Mr. Beck|; The Bob Newhart Show {Brutally Yours, Bob
   A Matter of Vice Principal} |Ed Hoffman|; Cannon (71) |Cannon's Lawyer|;
   Cannon {Killer on the Hill |David Elder|; The Reformer |Kent Breedy|};
   Chicago Hope; Doogie Howser, M.D. (Sept. 89-July 93) |Dr. Benjamin
   The Gathering (77); Harry O {Silent Kill};
   Ladies' Man (Oct. 80-Feb. 81) |Alan Thackeray|;
   Law & Order {Apocrypha; Animal Instinct}; The Man from Atlantis (77);
   The Mary Tyler Moore Show {The Six-and-a-Half Year Itch} |Bill|;
   Mulligan's Stew (Oct.-Dec. 77) |Michael 'Mike' Mulligan|;
   NYPD Blue {In the Butt, Bob; Bombs Away};
   The Pretender {The Paper Clock} |Sloane|; Rehearsal for Murder (82);
   Rich Man, Poor Man -- Book I (76) |Bill Denton|;
   She Cried No (96); Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Second Skin |Tekeny Ghemor|;
   The Adversary |Krajensky|; Ties of Blood and Water |Tekeny Ghemor|};
   Streethawk (86); Total Security {Pilot} |Douglas Randall|;
   The Uninvited (96).
   The Hanoi Hilton (87); The Hellstrom Chronicle (71); Walk Proud (79).

Andrew Prine
00/00/1936 -
   "Downwinder Dance" (92) [R]; "Look Homeward, Angel" [B].
   Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond {The Peter Hurkos Story};
   The Barbary Coast {Crazy Cats} |Fitzgerald|;
   The Bionic Woman {Rodeo} |Billy Cole|;
   Cannon {The Girl in the Electric Coffin |Paul Whitney|;
   The Sounds of Silence |Koy|}; Donner Pass: The Road to Survival (78);
   Hawaii Five-O {Target--The Lady; A Stranger in His Grave};
   The Invaders {Dark Outpost}; Last of the Mohicans (85);
   Married with Children {I Want My Psycho Dad}
   |Psycho Dad|; Murder, She Wrote {Magnum On Ice};
   The Road West (66-Aug. 67) |Timothy Pride|;
   Room for Two (Mar. 92-July 93) |Reid Ellis|; Scattered Dreams (93); 
   A Small Killing (81);
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Life Support} |Legate Turrel|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Frame of Mind} |Administrator|; V (83); 
   V: The Final Battle (84); W.E.B. (Sept.-Oct. 78) |Dan Costello|;
   Walker, Texas Ranger {Full Contact}; Weird Science (*94-??) |Wayne
   The Wide Country (Sept. 62-Sept. 63) |Andy Guthrie|.
   Advance to the Rear (64) |Pvt. Owen Selous|;
   Amityville II: The Possession (82) |Father Tom|;
   Bandolero! (68) |Roscoe Bookbinder|; Callie and Son (81);
   Centerfold Girls (74); Chisum (70) |Alex McSween|;
   The Christmas Coal Mine Miracle (77); Crypt of the Living Dead (72);
   The Devil's Brigade (68) |Pvt. Theodore Ransom|;
   The Eliminators (86); The Evil (78); Generation (69);
   Gettysburg (93) |Brig. Gen. Garnett|; Grizzly (76) |Don|;
   The Miracle Worker (62) |James Keller|; Nightmare Circus (73);
   Riding with Death (76); Simon, King of the Witches (71);
   Texas Across the River (66) |Sibley|; They're Playing with Fire (83);
   The Town That Dreaded Sundown (77) |Deputy Norman Ramsey|.

Janos Prohaska
00/00/1921 - 05/09/1974
   The Andy Williams Show (*69-71); Land of the Giants {Comeback; 
   Marionettes}; Lost in Space {Oasis; Forbidden World};
   The Outer Limits {Sixth Finger; Architects of Fear; The Probe};
   Star Trek {The Cage |Anthropoid Ape, Humanoid Bird|;
   Devil in the Dark |Horta|; A Private Little War |Mugato|;
   The Savage Curtain |Yarnek|};
   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea {Fatal Cargo}.
   (None Known).

John Prosky
   "Hamlet" (97) [R].
   Chicago Hope {Split Decisions; Verdicts};
   Frasier {A Lilith Thanksgiving} |Preston|;
   NYPD Blue {Up on the Roof} |Joel Burleigh|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {For the Cause} |Brathaw|.
   Interceptor (92) |Collins|.

John Putch
   Murder One {Chapter 16}; Muscle (Jan.-May 95) |Phil|; One Day at a Time;
   Room for Two (Mar. 92-July 93) |Matt Draughon|; Something Is Out There (88);
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Coming of Age |Mordock|;
   A Matter of Honor |Ens. Mendon|}.
   Clear and Present Danger (94); Impure Thoughts (86);
   Star Trek: Generations (94) |Journalist|.

John Pyper-Ferguson
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {Pilot; Brisco in Jalisco;
   Socrates' Sister; Stagecoach; And Baby Makes Three;
   High Treason} |Pete Hutter|;
   Highlander {Courage} |Brian Cullen|; MacGyver {Scott} |The Wasteland|;
   Nash Bridges {Wrecking Crew};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {A Fistful of Datas} |Eli Hollander|;
   The X-Files {F. Emasculata |Paul|; Christmas Carol; Emily}.
   Roadflower (93) |Hauser|.

Bill Quinn
   All in the Family (*78-83) |Mr. Van Ranseleer|;
   Big Valley {A Stranger Everywhere; The Prize; The Murdered Party};
   The Bob Newhart Show {Mr. Emily Hartley |Dr. Ralph Hodiak|;
   Home Is Where the Hurt Is |Eddie the Mailman|;
   The Ceiling Hits Bob |Eddie the Mailman|;
   Happy Trails to You |Dr. James Wyler|};
   Cannon {He Who Digs a Grave |Ben Salter|;
   He Who Digs a Grave, Part II |Ben Salter|; Where's Jennifer |Houston|;
   The Deadly Trail |Tobias|}; Harry O {Forty Reasons to Kill (I);
   Forty Reasons to Kill (II)};
   Hawaii Five-O {Highest Castle, Deepest Grave} |Shawn|;
   I Dream of Jeannie {There Goes the Bride |Minister|;
   Jeannie and the Top Secret |Gen. Lewis|};
   I Spy {The Beautiful Children} |Carson|; The Loner {The Vespers};
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Moonglow Affair}; Mannix {Days Beyond
Recall |Dr.|;
   The Mouse That Died; War of Nerves};
   The Mary Tyler Moore Show {Just Around the Corner; You've Got a Friend;
   The Courtship of Mary's Father's Daughter} |Walter Richards|;
   The Munsters {Herman's Child Psychology; Operation Herman}; My Three Sons;
   Please Don't Eat the Daisies (*66-67) |Dean Gerald Carter|;
   The Rifleman (Sept. 58-Jul. 63) |Sweeney, the Bartender|;
   The Six Million Dollar Man {The Price of Liberty} |Tom|.
   Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (89) |McCoy's Father David McCoy|.

John S. Ragin
   Quincy, M.E. (Oct. 76-Sept. 83) |Dr. Robert Astin|;
   Sons and Daughters (Sept.-Nov. 74) |Walter Cramer|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Suspicions} |Dr. Christopher|.
   (None Known).

Anne Elizabeth Ramsay
   Barbara Taylor Bradford's Everything to Gain (96);
   Chicago Hope {Papa's Got a Brand New Bag} |Betsey Hockaday|;
   Doctor, Doctor (*90-91) |Dr. Leona Linowitz|;
   Mad About You (Sept. 92-??) |Lisa Stemple|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Elementary, Dear Data
   |Asst. Engineer Clancy|; The Emissary |Ens. Clancy|}.
   A League of Their Own (92).

Logan Ramsey
   "Dividing the Estate" (90) [R].
   Battlestar Galactica {Experiment in Terra} |Moore|; Hawaii Five-O |Putney|;
   Kung Fu {The Squaw Man}; Mannix {A Question of Midnight}; The Monkees
   On the Rocks (Sept. 75-May 76) |Warden Wilbur Poindexter|;
   Star Trek {Bread and Circuses} |Claudius Marcus|;
   The Winds of War {Cataclysm} (83).
   Head (68); Joy Sticks (83); Say Yes (86); Some Call It Loving (74).

Nick Ramus
   The Chisholms (*80) |Tehohane|;
   Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman |Chief Black Kettle|;
   Falcon Crest (*81-82) |Gus Nunouz|.
   Annie Oakley (85); Caddie Woodlawn (??);
   Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (86) |Saratoga Helmsman|; Windwalker (80).

Steve Rankin
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {Senior Spirit} |Remy|;
   All My Children (*80) |Jerry Benson|; JAG {Pilot Error};
   Space: Above and Beyond {Butts} |Raymond Butts|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Emissary |Cardassian Officer|;
   Invasive Procedures |Yeto|};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Enemy} |Patahk|.
   (None Known).

Tim Ransom
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Statistical Probabilities; ##NEW##
Chrysalis} |Jack|.
   The Dressmaker (88).

Stephen B. Rappaport
   ER {Dr. Carter, I Presume} |Matthew|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Phage} |Alien #2|.
   (None Known).

Thalmus Rasulala
00/00/00 - 10/09/91 (55)
   Cannon {Triangle of Terror} |Chief Constable|;
   Dragnet (89-91) |Capt. Boltz|; General Hospital (*89) |Tangeneva|;
   The Incredible Hulk {No Escape}; Roots (77) |Omoro|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Contagion} |Capt. Donald Varley|;
   What's Happening!! (*76-77) |Bill Thomas|.
   Above the Law (88); Adios Amigo (75);
   The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman (74); Blacula (72);
   Born American (86); Bucktown (75); Bulletproof (88); Friday Foster (75);
   Mom and Dad Save the World (92); New Jack City (90).

Gina Ravarra
   Frasier {The Good Son}; NYPD Blue {From Whom the Skell Rolls};
   Silk Stalkings {Ladies' Night Out; Killer Cop; Love Bandit;
   The Deep End; Mother Love; The Party's Over} |Dr. Dianna Roth|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Phantasms} |Ens. Tyler|.
   (None Known).

Guy Raymond
00/00/00 - 03/26/97 (85)
   90 Bristol Court (Oct. 64-Jan. 65) |Cliff Murdock|;
   The Dick Van Dyke Show {A Farewell to Writing} |Horace|;
   Harris Against the World |Cliff Murdock|
   Ichabod and Me (Sept. 61-Sept. 62) |Martin Perkins|;
   Karen |Cliff Murdock|; Route 66 {Black November; In the Closing of a Trunk;
   Journey to Nineveh; Eleven the Hard Way};
   Star Trek {The Trouble with Tribbles} |Trader/Bartender|;
   Tom, Dick and Mary |Cliff Murdock|;
   The Twilight Zone {Of Late I Think of Cliffordville}.
   The Ballad of Josie (68); The Reluctant Astronaut (67);
   The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming (66).

Sarah Rayne
   ##NEW## Legacy (Oct. 9 98-??);
   The Pretender {The Paper Clock} |Dara|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Innocence} |Elani|.
   (None Known).

Kavi Raz
   L.A. Law; NYPD Blue {Travels with Andy};
   St. Elsewhere (*82-84) |Dr. V.J. Kochar|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Lonely Among Us} |Lt. j.g. Singh|.
   (None Known).

Rhodes Reason
04/19/28 -
   The Bob Newhart Show {The Slammer} |Man|; Bronco;
   Bus Stop (61-Mar. 62) |Will Mayberry|;
   Perry Mason {The Case of the Bogus Buccaneers}; The Rifleman {Conflict};
   Science Fiction Theatre {Miracle of Doctor Dove};
   Star Trek {Bread and Circuses} |Flavius Maximus|;
   Thriller {Girl with a Secret};
   The Time Tunnel {The Alamo; Walls of Jericho}.
   King Kong Escapes (68).

Jeff Rector
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Allegiance} |Alien #2|.
   Street Soldiers (90).

Duncan Regehr
   Cybill; My Wicked, Wicked Ways... The Legend of Errol Flynn (85); 
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Shakaar; Crossfire; The Begotten} |Shakaar|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Sub Rosa} |Ronin|;
   V (Oct. 84-Jul. 85) |Charles|;
   Wizards and Warriors (Feb.-May 83) |Prince Dirk Blackpool|;
   Zorro (90-93) |Don Diego de la Vega/Zorro|.
   The Monster Squad (87).

Don Reilly
   "Fortinbras" (91/92) [R/OOB] |Hamlet|; "Hamlet" (90) [OB];
   "The Virgin Molly" (92) [OOB].
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Lower Decks} |Joret|.
   (None Known).

Ed Reimers
00/00/00 -
   Do You Trust Your Wife? (Jan. 56-Mar. 57) [Announcer];
   The Munsters {Herman the Master Spy};
   Star Trek {The Trouble with Tribbles} |Adm. Fitzpatrick|.
   (None Known).

Ray Reinhardt
00/00/00 -
   "The Pope and the Witch" (92) [R] |Cardinal Pialli, Goon|.
   Alien Nation {The Red Room} |Dr. Petit|; L.A. Law;
   Married with Children {976-Shoe} |Peamon|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Conspiracy} |Admiral Aaron|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Ex Post Facto} |Tolen Ren|.
   (None Known).

Bert Remsen
00/00/1925 -
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {Pilot};
   Dallas (*87) |'Dandy' Dandridge|;
   The Dick Powell Show {Savage Sunday; Project X};
   The Dick Van Dyke Show {No Rice at My Wedding |Heckler|;
   Bad Reception in Albany |Bartender|; Dear Sally Rogers |Announcer|};
   The Fugitive {Never Wave Goodbye, Part II};
   Gibbsville (Nov.-Dec. 76) |Pell|;
   It's a Living (*80-81) |Mario|; Mike Hammer -- Come Die with Me (94);
   No Time for Sergeants; The Outer Limits {The Hundred Days of the Dragon};
   Rawhide {Incident at Dangerfield Dip; Rio Salado};
   Route 66 {Fifty Miles from Home; Fly Away Home, Part I;
   Fly Away Home, Part II; A Cage in Search of a Bird; Mon Petit Chou};
   Secret Sins of the Father (94);
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Collaborator} |Kubus|;
   There Was a Little Boy (93); Thriller {Man in the Middle};
   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea {Machines Strike Back}.
   Baby Blue Marine (76) |Mr. Hudkins|; The Bodyguard (92) |Rotary President|;
   Borderline (80) |Carl Richards|; Buffalo Bill and the Indians (76) |Crutch|;
   California Split (74) |Helen Brown|; Carny (80) |Delno|;
   Code of Silence (85); Daddy's Dyin' and Who's Got the Will (90);
   Dead Ringer (64); Fast Break (79) |Bo Winnegar|; Fuzz (72) |Sgt. Murchison|;
   Harry and Walter Go to New York (76) |Guard O'Mears|; Hobson's Choice (83);
   Inside Moves (80) |Stinky|; Jack the Bear (92); Jezebel's Kiss (90);
   Lies (86); Lookin' to Get Out (82);
   M.A.D.D.: Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (83); McCabe and Mrs. Miller (71);
   Maverick (94) |Riverboat Poker Player|; Nashville (75) |Star|;
   Only the Lonely (91); Payback (90); The Player (92) |Himself|;
   Pork Chop Hill (59); The Sting II (83); Sundown (88) |Milt|;
   TerrorVision (86); Thieves Like Us (74) |T-Dub|.

David Renan
   A Peaceable Kingdom (Sept.-Nov. 89) |Sequoya Ridge|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Naked Now} |Conn|.
   (None Known).

Clive Revill
   Babylon 5 {Born to the Purple} |Trakis|; The Devlin Connection {Arsenic
and Old Caviar};
   The Devlin Connection {Arsenic and Old Caviar}; Jake Spanner: Private Eye;
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Soulmates} |The Sorcerer|;
   MacGyver {D.O.A.: MacGyver} |Tony Braddock|;
   Magnum, P.I. {I Never Wanted to Go to France, Anyway...};
   Murphy Brown {When a Lansing Loves a Woman};
   The Preston Episodes {The Dog Episode};
   Remington Steele {Love Among the Steele}; Sledge Hammer! {Sledgepoo};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Qpid} |Sir Guy|;
   T.J. Hooker {Model for Murder} |Andre Bender|;
   Touched By an Angel {Last Call}; The Transformers {??} |Voice of Kickback|;
   Wizards and Warriors (Feb.-May 83) |Wizard Vector|.
   Cannon Movie Tales: The Emperor's New Clothes (89); 
   The Empire Strikes Back (80) |Emperor|; Ghost in the Noonday Sun (74); 
   The Legend of Hell House (73); Matilda (78); 
   One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing (75);
   The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (70);
   Robin Hood: Men in Tights (93) |Fire Marshall|;
   Rumpelstiltskin (87).

Madlyn Rhue
10/03/1934 -
   Bracken's World (*69-Jun. 70) |Marjorie Grant|; Checkmate {Target: Tycoon};
   Days of Our Lives (*82-84) |Daphne DiMera|;
   Executive Suite (Sept. 76-Feb. 77) |Hilary Madison|;
   Houston Knights (Mar. 87-June 88) |Annie|;
   I Spy {The Time of the Knife} |Jean Dillard|;
   Land of the Giants {Deadly Dart}; Mannix {Deathrun; The Sound of Murder};
   Mission: Impossible {Ultimatum}; Route 66 {Every Father's Daughter};
   Star Trek {Space Seed} |Lt. Marla McGivers|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Bubbling Death}.
   (None Known).

John Rhys-Davies
00/00/1944 -
   Gargoyles |Voice of Macbeth|; Great Expectations (89); Mortal Kombat
(?-?) |Voice|;
   The Nativity (78); The Quest (Oct.-Nov. 82) |Sir Edward|; Sadat (83);
Shogun (80);
   Sliders (*Mar. 95-May 97) |Prof. Maximilian Arturo|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Scorpion; Concerning Flight} |Leonardo da Vinci|;
   The Trial of the Incredible Hulk (89); Under Cover (Jan.-Feb. 91) |Flynn|;
   The Untouchables (Jan. 93-94) |Agent Mike Malone|; You Wish |Mustafa|.
   Best Revenge (84); Blood of the Innocent (94); Canvas (92);
   Cyborg Cop (93); The Double-O Kid (92); Firewalker (86) |Corky Taylor|;
   In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro (86);
   Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (89) |Sallah|;
   Journey of Honor (91); King Solomon's Mines (85) |Dogati|;
   The Living Daylights (87) |Gen. Leonid Pushkin|;
   The Lost World (92) |Prof. Challenger|;
   Raiders of the Lost Ark (81) |Sallah|;
   Rebel Storm (90); Return to the Lost World (92) |Prof. Challenger|;
   Ring of the Musketeer (93); Robot in the Family (91); Sahara (84) |Rasoul|;
   The Seventh Coin (93);
   Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists (98?) |Voice of King Chandra|;
   Sphinx (81) |Stephanos|; Sunset Grill (92); Tusks (90); The Unnamable II
   Victor/Victoria (82) |Cassell|.

Salli Elise Richardson
   Gargoyles |Voice of Elisa Maza|; I Spy Returns (94) |Nicole Scott|;
   Space Rangers {Fort Hope} |Makita|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Second Sight} |Fenna/Nidell|; True Women (97).
   (None Known).

Peter Mark Richman
   "12 Angry Men"; "Babes in Toyland"; "Blithe Spirit";
   "End as a Man"; "Hatful of Rain"; "Masquerade"; "The Zoo Story".
   Beverly Hills 90210 {Addicted to Love};
   The Bionic Woman {Escape to Love} |Dubnov|; Blind Ambition; Bonanza;
   Cain's Hundred (Sept. 61-Sept. 62) |Nicholas 'Nick' Cain|;
   Cannon {Madman} |Roy|; City Killer; Dempsey;
   Dynasty (*81-84) |Andrew Laird|; Electra Woman and Dyna Girl;
   Galactica 1980 {The Night the Cylons Landed} |Col. Briggs|;
   The Incredible Hulk {Triangle}; The Invaders {The Leeches; Inquisition};
   Longstreet (Sept. 71-Aug. 72) |Duke Paige|;
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Seven Wonders of the World Affair};
   Matlock; Mission: Impossible; The Outer Limits {The Borderland}; Perry
   Petrocelli {A Night of Terror} |Leo Roman|;
   Rawhide {Incident of the Alabaster Plain};
   The Six Million Dollar Man {Date with Danger, Part II} |Dr. Ellis|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Neutral Zone} |Ralph Offenhouse|;
   Stony Burke {The Journey}; T.J. Hooker {Death Trip} |Poterno|;
   Three's Company; The Twilight Zone;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Dancing Death};
   The Young Lawyers {Legal Maneuver}.
   The Black Orchid (59); Friday 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (89);
   Friendly Persuasion (56); The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear (91);
   Yuma (70).

Branscombe Richmond
   Hawaiian Heat (Sept.-Dec. 84) |Harker|;
   Heart of the City (Sept. 86-July 87) |Sgt. Luke Halui|;
   The Highwayman (87); MacGyver {Trumbo's World} |Guard|;
   Magnum, P.I. {Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii;
   Ki'i's Don't Lie; Forever in Time};
   Renegade (Sept. 92-??) |Bobby Sixkiller|.
   Batman Returns (92) |Terrifying Clown #1|; Hard to Kill (90);
   Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (84) |Gunner #2|.

Michael Rider
   Dalton's Code of Vengeance; Fresno (86);
   MacGyver {Three for the Road} |Phil|; Remington Steele {Suburban Steele};
   Satan's Storybook (89) |Mickey La Mort|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Naked Now |Transporter Chief|;
   Code of Honor |Transporter Chief|; Haven |Transporter Chief|;
   Reunion |Security Guard|}.
   18 Again! (88) |Second Asylum Orderly|; Pulse (88) |Foreman|;
   Road House (89) |O'Connor|.

Lindsay Ridgeway
   Boy Meets World; Star Trek: Voyager {Cold Fire} |Suspiria|.
   Tower of Terror (97).

Richard Riehle
   "The Birthday Party" (89) [OOB]; "Joy Solution" (89) [OOB];
   "Mountain Language" (89) [OOB].
   Ally McBeal {Pilot; The Kiss} |Jack Billings|;
   Ferris Bueller (Aug.-Dec. 90) |Principal Ed Rooney|;
   Murder, She Wrote {The Wind Around the Tower}; Murder One {Chapter 23};
   Ned Blessing -- The Story of My Life & Times (Aug.-Sept. 93) |Judge
   Quantum Leap {Leaping in Without a Net};
   The Single Guy {Best Man} |Mr. Van Wagner|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Inner Light} |Batai|.
   Body of Evidence (93) |Det. Griffin|; Dances with Wolves (90);
   Free Willy (93); The Fugitive (93) |Old Guard|; Glory (89);
   Lightning Jack (94) |Reporter|; Of Mice and Men (92);
   Prelude to a Kiss (92); The Public Eye (92) |Officer O'Brien|;
   Shadows and Fog (92) |Roustabout|.

F.J. Rio
   Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman {Los Americanos}
   |Guillermo Luis Morales de la Vega|;
   NYPD Blue {Where'd the Van Gogh?};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Starship Down; Hard Time;
   The Ship} |Enrique Muniz|.            
   (None Known).

Daniel Riordan
   High Tide {The Grind}; Silk Stalkings {The Party's Over};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Progress} |1st Guard|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Coming of Age} |Rondon|.
   (None Known).

Leon Rippy
   North & South (85); North & South, Book II (86);
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Neutral Zone} |L.Q. 'Sonny' Clemens|;
   The Visitor (Sep.-Dec.? 97); Walker, Texas Ranger {Days Past}.
   The Color Purple (85); Universal Soldier (92) |Woodward|.

Victor Rivers
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Distant Voices} |Altovar|.
   Black Magic Woman (90); The Distinguished Gentleman (92) |Armando|;
   Havana (90) |Young Cuban #2|; Twin Peaks - Fire Walk with Me (92).

Tony Rizzoli
   Alien Nation {Partners}; Babylon 5 {Infection};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Duet} |Kainon|.
   (None Known).

Adam Roarke
   Star Trek {The Cage |C.P.O. Garrison, First Crewman|; The Menagerie};
   Twelve O'Clock High {I Am the Enemy} |Capt. Davis|.
   Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry (74); The Four Deuces (75);
   Hell's Angels on Wheels (67); The Losers (70); Psych-Out (68);
   Sioux City (94); The Stunt Man (80); Trespasses [also Director] (86); 
   Women of the Prehistoric Planet (66).

Davis Roberts
   Boone (Sept.-Dec. 83) |Mr. Johnson|;
   I Dream of Jeannie {Anybody Here Seen Jeannie? |Walter|;
   My Master the Spy |Aide|}; Mannix {Lifeline} |Doc Jones|;
   The Mary Tyler Moore Show {His Two Right Arms} |Man in Audience|;
   Star Trek {Devil in the Dark |Lewis|;
   The Empath |Dr. Ozaba|}.
   (None Known).

Jeremy Roberts
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {No Man's Land; Mail Order Brides}
   |Bill Swill|; The Magnificent Seven {One Day Out West} |Flint|;
   Ned Blessing -- The Story of My Life & Times (Aug.-Sept. 93)
   |Hugh Bell Rogers|; Picket Fences {Turpitude};
   The Pretender {Keys} |Efram Bartlett|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Flashback} |Lt. Dmitri Valtane|;
   Xena: Warrior Princess {A Fistful of Dinars} |Thersites|.
   Phoenix (95) |Tanner|;
   Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (91) |Excelsior Officer Valtane|.

Wendy Robie
   Dark Skies {Hostile Convergence} |Kate Balfour|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Destiny} |Ulani|;
   Twin Peaks (Apr. 90-June 91) |Nadine Hurley|.
   The People Under the Stairs (91).

Bumper Robinson
   Amen (*90-91) |Clarence|; Days of Our Lives (*87-88, *89) |Jonah Carver|;
   A Different World; Hangin' with Mr. Cooper; Guys Like Us (10/5/98-??);
   The Jeffersons; Living Single;
   Molloy (Jul.-Aug. 90) |Louis Duncan Jackson|; Night Court (*85-86) |Leon|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Abandoned} |Teenager|; The Steve Harvey
   (None Known).

Jay Robinson
04/14/1930 -
   Buck Rogers {Planet of the Amazon Women};
   Days of Our Lives (*88-89) |Monty Dolan|; Dr. Shrinker;
   Days of Our Lives (*89-91); Mannix {Overkill; Pressure Point;
   The Search for Darrell Andrews}; The Nanny;
   Star Trek {Elaan of Troyius} |Lord Petri|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Sedgewick Curse}.
   Born Again (78); Demetrius and the Gladiators (54);
   The Malibu Bikini Shop (85); My Man Godfrey (57); The Robe (53);
   Shampoo (75); Tell Me in the Sunlight (67); Three the Hard Way (74);
   Transylvania Twist (90); The Virgin Queen (55); The Wild Party (56).

Mario Roccuzzo
00/00/00 -
   Married with Children {Go for the Old} |Vendor|; The Monkees {Son of Gypsy};
   Silk Stalkings {The Perfect Alibi}; Sledge Hammer! {Vertical};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Home Soil} |Arthur Malencon|;
   Tales from the Darkside {Anniversary Dinner} |Henry|.
   (None Known).

Eugene Roche
00/00/1928 -
   "Point of No Return" [Debut].
   All in the Family; The Corner Bar (*Aug.-Sept. 73) |Frank Flynn|;
   Dave's World; East Side/West Side {The Name of the Game};
   Good Time Harry (July-Sept. 80) |Jimmy Hughes|; Harry O {Victim};
   Julie (May-July 92) |I.F. 'Wooley' Woolstein|;
   Lenny (Sept. 90-Mar. 91) |Pat Callahan|;
   Magnum, P.I. {Luther Gillis: File #521; The Return of Luther Gillis;
   Luther Gillis: File #001; A.A.P.I.; Transitions};
   Night Court |Christine's Father|; Perfect Strangers |Harry Burns|;
   The Possessed (77); Promised Land {The Magic Gate} |Brian Drake|;
   Rape and Marriage: The Rideout Case (80);
   Soap (*78-81) |Atty. E. Ronald Mallu|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Remember} |Jor Brel|; Take Five (Apr. 87) |Max Davis|;
   Webster (*84-86) |Bill Parker|.
   A Case for Murder (93); Corvette Summer (78) |Ed McGrath|;
   Foul Play (78) |Archbishop Thorncrest|;
   The Happening (67) |Motorcycle Officer|;
   The Late Show (77) |Ron Birdwell|; Mr. Ricco (75) |Det. Cronyn|;
   Newman's Law (74) |Reardon|; Oh, God, You Devil! (84) |Charlie Gray|;
   Slaughterhouse Five (72) |Derby|; They Might Be Giants (71) |Policeman|;
   W (74).

Gene Roddenberry
08/19/1921 - 10/24/1991
   Genesis II (??) [Creator]; Have Gun Will Travel {El Paso Stage} [Writer];
   Planet Earth (74) [Creator/Executive Producer];
   The Questor Tapes (??) [Creator]; Spectre (??) [Creator];
   Star Trek (66-69) [Creator/Writer/Producer];
   Star Trek {Charlie X} |Voice of Galley Chef|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation (87-94) [Executive Producer];
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Encounter at Farpoint} [Writer];
   Strange New World (75) [Creator].
   Pretty Maids All in a Row (71) [Producer];
   Star Trek: The Motion Picture (79) [Producer];
   Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (82) [Executive Consultant];
   Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (84) [Executive Consultant];
   Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (86) [Executive Consultant];
   Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (89) [Executive Consultant].

Al Rodrigo
   "Blood Wedding" (92) [OB] |Groom|;
   "In the Eye of the Hurricane" (89) [OOB];
   "One Crazy Day, Or the Marriage of Figaro" (92) [R] |Figaro|.
   Murder One {Chapter Two} |Newscaster|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Past Tense, Part I;
   Past Tense, Part II} |Bernardo|.
   (None Known).

Marco Rodriguez
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {Brisco in Jalisco} |Gen. Zaca|;
   The Bay City Blues (Oct.-Nov. 83) |Bird|;
   Frasier {Can't Tell a Crook by His Cover};
   High Tide {One on One} |Victor Moratti|; L.A. Law {Three on a Patch};
   MacGyver {Deep Cover}; Seinfeld {The English Patient} |Guillermo|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Arsenal of Freedom |Capt. Paul Rice|;
   The Wounded |Glinn Telle|}; T.J. Hooker {Gang War} |Fuentes|;
   Two for Texas (98) |Gen. Santa Anna|.
   The Crow (94).

Percy Rodriguez
06/13/1924 -
   Cannon {A Flight of Hawks} |Robert Dalmont|;
   Executive Suite (Sept. 76-Feb. 77) |Malcolm Gibson|;
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The My Friend the Gorilla Affair};
   Mannix {Tooth of the Serpent}; Mission: Impossible {Wheels |Capt. Trez|;
   The Slave |Jara|}; Peyton Place (*68-69) |Dr. Harry Miles|;
   Route 66 {Child of a Night}; Sanford (Mar. 80-Jul. 81) |Winston|;
   The Silent Force (Sept. 70-Jan. 71) |Jason Hart|;
   Star Trek {Court Martial} |Commodore Stone|;
   T.J. Hooker {Lady in Blue} |Jason|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Poisonous Posey}.
   Invisible Strangler (84).

Matt Roe
   Dark Skies {Ancient Future} |Traveller|;
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Requiem for a Super Hero}
   |Max Menken|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Darkness and the Light} |Latha|;
   Time Trax {Death Takes a Holiday} |Saychack|.
   (None Known).

Daniel Roebuck
   Capital News (Apr. 90) |Haskell Epstein|;
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Oedipus Wrecks};
   Matlock (*93-95) |Cliff Lewis|; Nash Bridges {Genesis; High Impact;
   Aloha Nash}; The Pretender {Potato Head Blues} |Daniel L. Carlson/Grayson|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Unification, Part I;
   Unification, Part II} |Jaron|.
   Cave Girl (85); Disorganized Crime (89); Dudes (88);
   The Fugitive (93) |Biggs|; Only You (92); River's Edge (87).

Maurice Roeves
   Days of Our Lives (*86) |David Halpern|;
   Doctor Who {The Caves of Androzani};
   Magnum, P.I. {Holmes Is Where the Heart Is};
   Remington Steele {Blue Blooded Steele};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Chase} |Romulan Capt.|.
   (None Known).

Elizabeth Rogers
   Mannix {Shadow of a Man}; Star Trek {The Doomsday Machine |Lt. Palmer|;
   Metamorphosis |Voice of the Companion|; The Way to Eden |Lt. Palmer|}.
   (None Known).

Clayton Rohner
   E.A.R.T.H. Force (Sept. 90) |Dr. Carl Dana|; The Monroes {Emission Control};
   Murder One (?-?) |Vince Biggio|; NYPD Blue {The Bookie and Kooky Cookie};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Too Short a Season} |Adm. Mark Jameson|.
   Bat 21 (88); Destroyer (88); I, Madman (89); Just One of the Guys (85);
   Modern Girls (87); Nightwish (90); Private Investigations (87);
   Sometimes They Come Back for More (98?) |MP|.

Mark Rolston
   Babylon 5 {The Quality of Mercy} |Karl Muller|; JAG {Recovery};
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Lucky Leon};
   NYPD Blue {Auntie Maimed} |Broadus|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Eye of the Beholder} |Walter Pierce|;
   Strange Luck {Blind Man's Bluff};
   Walker, Texas Ranger {A Silent Cry};
   The X-Files {Red Museum} |Richard Odin|.
   Body of Evidence (93) |Det. Reese|; Nickel & Dime (92);
   The Shawshank Redemption (94).

Ned Romero
   Cannon {A Long Way Down |Lt. Ben|; Trial by Terror |Sgt. Taggart|};
   The D.A. (Sept. 71-Jan. 72) |D.A. Investigator Bob Ramirez|;
   Dan August (Sept. 70-June 75) |Sgt. Joe Rivera|; The Deerslayer (78); 
   Galactica 1980 {Space Croppers} |Hector|; Harry O {Forty Reasons to Kill
   Forty Reasons to Kill (II)}; The Incredible Hulk {Rainbow's End};
   I Will Fight No More Forever (75) |Chief Joseph|;
   Last of the Mohicans (85); The Magnificent Seven {Pilot};
   The Medicine Hat Stallion (77); The Munsters {Big Heap Herman};
   The Six Million Dollar Man {Divided Loyalty |Boris|;
   Thunderbird Connection |Akhmed Khadduri|};
   Star Trek {A Private Little War} |Krell|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Journey's End} |Anthwara|.
   Children of the Corn II - The Final Sacrifice (93) |Red Bear|.

Tiny Ron
   Alien Nation: The Enemy Within (96);
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Nagus; Rules of Aquisition;
   Prophet Motive; Ferengi Love Songs; Profit and Lace} |Maihar'du|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Message in a Bottle |Hirogen|; Hunters |Beta-Hirogen|}.
   Ace Venture: Pet Detective (94) |Ror|.

Stephen Root
   "Driving Miss Daisy" (88) |Boolie Werthan|.
   Harts of the West (Sept. 93-June 94) |R.O. Moon|;
   In the Line of Duty: Hunt for Justice (95); The Lottery (96) |Dr. Dunbar|;
   NYPD Blue {Guns 'n Rosaries} |Det. Fulmer|;
   NewsRadio (Mar. 95-??) |Jimmy James|; Pandora's Clock (96);
   Quantum Leap {Goodbye Norma Jean}; Seinfeld {The Invitations} |Mr. Lager|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Unification, Part I;
   Unification, Part II} |Captain K'Vada|; Stephen King's Golden Years;
   Steve.Oedekerk.Com (97); A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story (92).
   Buffy the Vampire Slayer (92) |Gary Murray|; Robocop 3 (93) |Coontz|.

Cristine Rose
   Ally McBeal {Drawing the Lines} |Marcy Hatfield|;
   Chicago Hope {Liar, Liar} |Judy Beckman|; The Monroes;
   Picket Fences {Sugar and Spice; High Tydings;
   Mr. Seed Comes to Town} |Lydia Brock|;
   Spenser: For Hire {Children of a Tempest Storm};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Birthright, Part I;
   Birthright, Part II} |Gi'ral|.
   (None Known).

Margot Rose
00/00/00 -
   Chicago Hope {Verdicts} |Defense Atty.|;
   He's the Mayor (Jan.-Mar. 86) |Kelly Enright|;
   Joseph Wambaugh's Jury of One (92);
   Melrose Place {Dead Sisters Walking};
   Report to Murphy (Apr.-May 82) |Baker|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Hard Time} |Rinn|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Inner Light} |Eline|.
   48 Hours (82).

David Ross
   Star Trek {Miri} |Security Guard #1|;
   Time for Reflection (May-Oct. 50) [Host].
   (None Known).

David L. Ross
   Star Trek {Miri |Lt. Galloway|; The Galileo Seven |Transporter Chief|;
   Return of the Archons |Guard|; A Taste of Armageddon |Lt. Galloway|;
   The City on the Edge of Forever |Lt. Galloway|;
   The Trouble with Tribbles |Guard|; The Omega Glory |Lt. Galloway|;
   Day of the Dove |Lt. Johnson|; Turnabout Intruder |Lt. Galloway|}.
   (None Known).

Michael Rothhaar
00/00/00 -
   Married with Children {Shoeless Al} |Milt|; NYPD Blue {Innuendo};
   Picket Fences {The Lullaby League} |Ben Johanson|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Thine Own Self} |Garvin|.
   (None Known).

Douglas Rowe
00/00/00 -
   "Great Day in the Morning" (92) [R] |Ulysses S. Grant|.
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Outrageous Okona} |Debin|.
   (None Known).

Stephen Rowe
   "MacBeth" (90) [OB]; "So Many Words" (92) [R] |Stanley Warner|.
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Emissary} |Chanting Monk|.
   Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman (93) |Nice Looking Man|.

Saul Rubinek
00/00/1947 -
   "Love and Anger" (90) [OOB].
   And the Band Played On (93); Clown White (??);
   The Equalizer {Dead Drop; The Distant Fire;
   Torn} |Jason Masur|; Ink (Oct. 96-??) |Alan|;
   Liberace: Behind the Music; Men (Mar.-Apr. 89) |Paul Armas|;
   The Outer Limits {Caught in the Act} |Prof. Hugaro|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Most Toys} |Kivas Fajo|.
   Against All Odds (84) |Steve Kirsch|; Agency (81) |Sam|;
   Bonfire of the Vanities (90) |Jed Kramer|; By Design (81);
   Death Wish V (94); Deathship (80); Getting Even with Dad (94);
   Highpoint (80); I Love Trouble (94); Man Trouble (92) |Laurence Moncrief|;
   Martin's Day (84) |Hitchhiker|; Nixon (95); Nothing Personal (80) |Peter|;
   Obsessed (88); The Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick (89);
   The Quarrel (91); Soup for One (82) |Allan|; Sweet Liberty (86) |Bo Hodges|;
   Ticket to Heaven (81) |Larry|; True Romance (93) |Lee Donovitz|;
   Undercover Blues (93) |Mr. Ferderber|; Unforgiven (92) |W.W. Beauchamp|;
   Wall Street (87) |Harold Salt|;
   Young Doctors in Love (82) |Dr. Floyd Kurtzman|.

John Rubinstein
   "Cabaret Verboten" (91) [OOB]; "Love Letters" (89) [OB/B];
   "Kiss of the Spider Woman" (89/90) [R/B] |Molina|;
   "M. Butterfly" (89); "Nightingale" (90) [OOB] [Director];
   "The Old Boy" (91) [OB] [Director].
   The Barbary Coast {The Dawson Marker} |Garrison|;
   Cannon {A Deadly Quiet Town} |Larry Bolinger|;
   Crazy Like a Fox (Dec. 84-Sept. 86) |Harrison K. Fox|;
   Diagnosis: Murder {Candidate for Murder}; ER {Night Shift} |Dr. Kenner|;
   Family (Mar. 76-Jun. 80) |Jeff Maitland|; Harry O {The Confetti People;
   Hostage}; Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Metallo};
   M.A.D.D.: Mothers Against Drunk Driving (83); Make Me an Offer (80);
   The Mary Tyler Moore Show {You Certainly Are a Big Boy} |Matt Junior|;
   NYPD Blue {Double Abandando};
   Robocop {The Future of Law Enforcement; Sisters in Crime;
   Public Enemies} |Chip Chayken|; She's Dressed to Kill (79);
   Star Trek: Voyager {The 37's} |John Evansville|;
   Still Crazy Like a Fox (87) |Harrison K. Fox|.
   Another Stakeout (93) |Thomas Hassrick|; In Search of Historic Jesus (79);
   Someone to Watch Over Me (87) |Neil Steinhart|; Zachariah (71).

Phil Rubinstein
   No Soap, Radio (Apr.-May 82) |Rico|;
   Working Stiffs (Sept.-Oct. 79) |Frank Falzone|.
   Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (86) |1st Garbageman|.

Alan Ruck
   "The Great Gatsby" (91) [R] |Nick Carraway|.
   Daddy's Girls (Sept.-Oct. 94) |Lenny|; The Edge (Sept. 92-July 93);
   Going Places (Sept. 90-Jul. 91) |Charlie Davis|;
   Mad About You {I Don't See It; Do Me a Favor};
   Muscle (Jan.-May 95) |Dr. Marshall Gold|; Spin City;
   Tales from the Crypt {Oil's Well That Ends Well}.
   Bad Boys (83) |Carl Brennan|; Class (83) |Roger|;
   Ferris Bueller's Day Off (86) |Cameron Frye|; Speed (94) |Stephens|;
   Star Trek: Generations (94) |Capt. Harriman|;
   Three Fugitives (89) |Det. Tener|; Three for the Road (87) |T.S.|;
   Twister (96) |Rabbit|; Young Guns II (90) |Hendry French|.

Vyto Ruginis
   Nash Bridges {Wrecking Crew}; NYPD Blue {Taillight's Last Gleaming};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Arsenal of Freedom}
   |Chief Engineer Logan|.
   Broken Arrow (96); Burglar (87) |Graybow|; Jumpin' Jack Flash (86) |Carl|;
   Phenomenon (96).

David Ruprecht
   Days of Our Lives (*90-92) |Dan Ryan|;
   Married with Children {You Better Watch Out} |Mr. Mallman|;
   Supermarket Sweep (Feb. 90-??) [Host].
   Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (82) |Radio Voice|.

Joseph Ruskin
   The Bionic Woman {Jaime and the King} |Hassan|;
   The Dick Powell Show {The Legend};
   Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater {Mission} |Apache Leader|;
   Gunsmoke {Stage Stop} |Curt Hansen|; Harry O {Ruby};
   Hogan's Heroes {The Gestapo Takeover}; The Last Don (97) |Don Santadio|;
   The Magician {The Illusion of the Cat's Eye};
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Gurnius Affair; The Her Master's Voice Affair};
   Mission: Impossible {The Slave} |King Ibn Borca|;
   The Outer Limits {Production and Decay of Strange Particles};
   Route 66 {An Absence of Tears};
   The Six Million Dollar Man {Operation Firefly |Charles LeDuc|;
   Lost Love |Markos|}; Star Trek {The Gamesters of Triskelion} |Galt|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The House of Quark |Tumek|;
   Improbable Cause |Informant|;
   Looking for Par'Mach in All the Wrong Places |Tumek|};
   The Time Tunnel {Revenge of the Gods} |Sardis|;
   The Twilight Zone {The Man in the Bottle};
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Fatal Trap;
   The Night of the Falcon}.
   Gypsy Warriors (78); ##NEW## Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) |Son'a
Officer #3|.

Mark Russell
   Mannix {Memory: Zero} |Policeman|; Star Trek {Amok Time} |Vulcan Litter
   (None Known).

Barry Russo
   The F.B.I. {Courage of a Conviction; The Price of Death};
   The Marcus-Nelson Murders (73);
   Star Trek {Devil in the Dark |Lt. Cmdr. Giotto|;
   The Ultimate Computer |Commodore Robert 'Bob' Wesley|}.
   (None Known).

Leon Russom
00/00/00 -
   Dark Skies {Moving Targets}; E.A.R.T.H. Force;
   JAG {Secrets; Ghosts} |Capt. Gale Osbourne|;
   NYPD Blue {Aging Bull} |Crawford|; Nowhere Man;
   The Pretender {Bazooka Jarod} |Capt. Paul Nagel|;
   Reasons of the Heart (96) |Drew Hadley|; Space Rangers {The Trial};
   Spenser: For Hire {Death by Design; Home Is the Hero};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Die is Cast} |Toddman|;
   Strange Luck {Trial Period} |Judge Kenneth|;
   TV 101 (Nov. 88-Mar. 89) |Principal Edward Steadman|;
   The X-Files {Pilot} |Detective Miles|.
   The Phantom (96);
   Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (91) |Starfleet Chief in Command|.

Mitchell Ryan
   "A Moon for the Misbegotten" (68) [OB]; "The Price" (79) [B] |Victor Franz|;
   "Wait Until Dark" (66) [B].
   2000 Malibu Road (Aug.-Sept. 92) |Porter|;
   All My Children (*85) |Alexander Hunter|; Angel City;
   Cannon {Fool's Gold |Alexander Roper|;
   Murder by Moonlight |John Slater|; Perfect Fit for a Frame |A.A. Simmons|};
   Chase (Sept. 73-Aug. 74) |Capt. Chase Reddick|;
   The Chisolms (*80) |Cooper Hawkins|; The Choice;
   The Christmas Coal Mine Miracle (77); Dark Shadow; Deadly Game;
   Death of a Centerfold -- The Dorothy Stratton Story; Dharma & Greg |Edward|;
   Executive Suite (Sept. 76-Feb. 77) |Don Walling|; Fatal Vision;
   Favorite Son; The Five of Me;
   The Gambler, Part II -- The Adventure Continues;
   General Hospital |Frank Smith|; Gramps (96) |Oliver Bowman|;
   Having Babies (Mar. 78-June 79) |Dr. Blake Simmons|;
   High Performance (Mar. 83) |Brennan Flannery|; Hunter |Tom|; Judgement;
   King Crossings; Mann & Machine {Water, Water Everywhere} |Bennett Tyler|;
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   North & South (85); NYPD Blue {Emission Accomplished} |Hanlan|;
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   The Ryan White Story; Silk Stalkings {Partners - Part 1};
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   The Devil's Own (97); Dirty Work (92); Electra Glide in Blue (73);
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   Lethal Weapon (87); Liar, Liar (97); Magnum Force (73); Midway (76);
   Monte Walsh (70); My Old Man's Place (73); Opposite Sex (92);
   Winter People (89).

Tim Ryan
   The Burning Zone {Midnight of the Carrier};
   China Beach (*88-89) |Natch Austen|; JAG; The Lightning Incident (91);
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Rejoined} |Bejal|.
   Detour (45); Runestone (90).

Whitney Rydbeck
   "Clothespins and Dreams" (90) [R].
   The Man from Atlantis {Crystal Water; Sudden Death} |Click Three|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Pen Pals} |Alans|.
   1941 (79).

Alfred Ryder
01/05/1919 -
   Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond {The Devil's Laughter;
   The Forests of the Night}; Cannon {The Man Who Couldn't Forget |Senoyen|;
   The Victim |Leonard|}; Charlie's Angels {I Will Be Remembered};
   The F.B.I. {Vendetta; The Cober List; A Game of Chess; Fatal Reunion};
   Hawaii Five-O |Harry Quon|; The Invaders {Vikor; The Ransom; Peacemaker};
   Land of the Giants {Night of Thrombeldinbar};
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Deep Six Affair};
   Mannix {The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress};
   Mission Impossible {The Controllers}; The Outer Limits {The Borderland}; 
   The Rogues {The Personal Touch}; Route 66 {The Man on the Monkey Board};
   The Six Million Dollar Man {Pilot Error} |Joe Lannon|;
   Star Trek {The Man Trap} |Professor Crater|;
   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea {The Phantom & Return of Phantom;
   Heat Monster!};
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Torture Chamber;
   The Night of the Deadly Bubble}.
   T-Men (48).

Adam Ryen
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Brothers} |Willie|;
   Under Cover (Jan.-Feb. 91) |Marlon Del'Amico|.
   The Rescuers Down Under |Voice| (90).

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