Star Trek Actors' Other Roles FAQ [12/15]

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                        Star Trek Actors' Other Roles
                    Part II --  Guest Starring Characters

Lawrence Tierney
   ER {Don't Ask, Don't Tell} |Jack Johnson|; Hill Street Blues;
   The Lloyd Bridges Show {A Pair of Boots};
   Remington Steele {Grappling Steele}; Seinfeld |Elaine's Father|;
   Silk Stalkings {Jasmine}; The Simpsons |Security Guard|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Business as Usual} |Regent of Palamar|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Big Goodbye} |Cyrus Redblock|;
   Tales from the Darkside {The Trouble with Mary Jane} |Jack|;
   Terrible Joe Moran.
   Abduction (75); Arthur (81); Back to Bataan (45); Badman's Territory (46);
   Best of the Badmen (51); Born to Kill (47); A Child Is Waiting (63);
   The Devil Thumbs a Ride (47); Dillinger (45); Eddie Presley (93);
   Female Jungle (56); The Ghost Ship (43); Gloria (80);
   The Greatest Show on Earth (52); The Horror Show (89);
   Kill or Be Killed (80); Midnight (80); Murphy's Law (86);
   The Offspring (87); Prizzi's Honor (85); Reservoir Dogs (92);
   Runestone (90); Shakedown (88); Silver Bullet (85);
   Such Good Friends (71); Those Endearing Young Charms (45);
   Tough Guys Don't Dance (87); Witness (85); Wizards of the Demon Sword (??).

Angelo Tiffe
   Seinfeld {The Nap} |Delivery Man|.
   Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (91) |Excelsior Navigator|.

Kenneth Tigar
   The Gangster Chronicles (Feb.-May 81) |Thomas E. Dewey|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Displaced} |Dammar|.
   (None Known).

Barton Tinapp
00/00/00 -
   "Anna Christie" (93) [B] |Larry|.
   Law & Order {Mad Dog} |Roger Tabah|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Faces} |Guard #1|.
   (None Known).

Patti Tippo
   ER {Ghosts} |Debby|; Sledge Hammer! (*87-88) |Officer Daley|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Transfigurations} |Nurse Temple|.
   Brain Dead (89); The Omega Syndrome (87); Roadside Prophets (92);
   Sid and Nancy (86); Ten to Midnight (83).

Kenneth Tobey
   Cannon {Stakeout} |Sgt. Fred Macklin|;
   The Dick Powell Show {The Old Man and the City};
   Galactica 1980 {Space Croppers} |Sheriff|; I Spy {This Guy Smith;
   Magic Mirror; Oedipus at Colonus; The Maderra Block; Pinwheel;
   The Name of the Game} |Russell Gabriel Conway|; Kung Fu {Alethea};
   Mannix {Sunburst; A Game of Shadows; Desert Run};
   Our Private World (May-Sept. 65) |Dick Robinson|; Petrocelli {Chain of Command};
   Science Fiction Theatre {Y..O..R..D; The Green Bomb};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Shadowplay} |Rurigan|;
   Stony Burke {Forget No More};
   The Whirlybirds (56-59) |Chuck Martin|.
   40 Guns to Apache Pass (66); The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (53);
   Billy Jack (71); Dirty Mary Crazy Larry (74); Gus (76);
   Honey, I Blew Up the Kid (92); It Came from Beneath the Sea (55);
   Marlowe (69); The Search for Bridey Murphy (56);
   Strange Invaders (83) |Arthur Newman|; The Thing from Another World (51).

Brian Tochi
00/00/1961 -
   Anna and the King (Sept.-Dec. 72) |Crown Prince Chulalongkorn|;
   Diagnosis: Murder; Mortal Kombat (?-?) |Voice of Liu Kang|;
   Renegades (Mar.-Apr. 83) |Dragon|; Santa Barbara;
   Space Academy |Voice|; St. Elsewhere (*84-85) |Dr. Alan Poe|;
   Star Trek {And the Children Shall Lead} |Ray Tsing Tao|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Night Terrors} |Kenny Lin|; The Twilight Zone.
   The Player (92) |Himself|;
   Police Academy III: Back in Training (86);
   Police Academy IV: Citizens on Patrol (87); Stitches (85);
   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles |Leonardo| (90).

Hallie Todd
   Brothers; Going Places (Sept. 90-Jul. 91) |Kate Griffin|;
   Murder One {Chapter 17}; Murder, She Wrote (*90-91) |Rhoda|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Offspring} |Lal|.
   The Check Is in the Mail (86).

Tony Todd
   "Zooman and the Sign" (94) [OOB].
   Beverly Hills 90210;
   Hercules: The Legendary Journeys {The Gladiator} |Gladius|;
   Homicide: Life on the Street {Nearer My God to Thee; Fits Like a Glove;
   Extreme Unction} |Matt Rhodes|; Ivory Hunters (90);
   NYPD Blue {Taillight's Last Gleaming};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Visitor |Adult Jake|;
   Sons of Mogh |Kurn|};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Sins of the Father;
   Redemption, Part I; Redemption, Part II} |Kurn|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Prey} |Alpha-Hirogen|; Them (96); True Women (97);
   The X-Files {Sleepless} |Augustus Cole|; Xena: Warrior Princess |Cecrops|.
   84 Charing Cross Road (86) |Demolition Workman|;
   Beastmaster III: The Eye of Braxus (95) |Seth|; Bird (88) |Frog|;
   Black Fox (94) |Britt Johnson|; Candyman (93) |Candyman|;
   Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (95) |Candyman|;
   Colors (88) |Vietnam Veteran|; The Crow (94) |Grange|;
   Excessive Force (92) |Frankie Hawkins|; Lean on Me (89) |Mr. Wright|;
   Night of the Living Dead (90) |Ben|;
   Peng! Du bist tot! (86) |Undercover Agent|; Platoon (86) |Warren|;
   The Rock (96) |Capt. Darrow|; Sleepwalk (86) |Barrington|;
   Sunset Heat (91) |Drucker|; Voodoo Dawn (90) |Makoute|;
   Wes Craven's Wishmaster (97).

Sebastion Tom
   Star Trek {Shore Leave} |Samurai Warrior|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Amnesiac; The Night of the Skulls}.
   (None Known).

Concetta Tomei
   China Beach (Apr. 88-Jul. 91) |Maj. Lila Garreau|;
   Madman of the People (Sep. 94-Jun. 95) |Delia Buckner|;
   Max Headroom (Mar.-Oct. 87) |Dominique|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Distant Origin} |Minister Odala|.
   (None Known).

Dierk Torsek
   Picket Fences {The Lullaby League} |Dr. Mellor|;
   The Pretender {Prison Story} |Director|; Remington Steele {Premium Steele};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {When the Bough Breaks} |Dr. [Lt.] Bernard|.
   (None Known).

Beth Toussaint
   Babylon 5 {Revelations} |Anna Sheridan|; Blackmail (91) |Charlene|;
   Cheers; Dallas (*88-89) |Tracy Lawton|; Danger Island (92);
   Jackie Collins' Lady Boss (92); Legend {Bone of Contention};
   MacGyver {The Visitor} |Dawn Rigel|;
   Mann & Machine {Truth or Consequences} |Anna Ruggiero|;
   Marker {Spanish Laughter}; Matlock {The Legacy}; Melrose Place;
   Midnight Cafe {Dying Well Is the Best Revenge};
   The Return of Hunter (95); The Round Table {I Mean, What About Me?};
   Savannah (? 96-??); Star Trek: The Next Generation {Legacy} |Ishara Yar|.
   Dead Heat (88).

Constance Towers
   "The King and I" (78); "The Sound of Music" (70);
   "The Speed of Darkness" (91) [B] [Assoc. Producer].
   2000 Malibu Road (Aug.-Sept. 92) |Camilla|; General Hospital (*Dec. 97-??);
   On Wings of Eagles (86); The Outer Limits {Duplicate Man} |Laura James|;
   Silk Stalkings {Ask the Dust} |Karen Krane|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Forsaken} |Ambassador Taxco|.
   The Horse Soldiers (59); The Naked Kiss (84); Shock Corridor (63);
   Sylvester (85).

Robert Towers
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Battle} |Rata|.
   Switch (91).

Tom Towles
   ER {No Brain, No Gain}; NYPD Blue {From Hare to Eternity; Up on the Roof};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Dramatis Personae} |Klingon|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Rise} |Dr. Vatm|.
   The Borrower (91); Fortress (93) |Stiggs|;
   Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (86); Mad Dog and Glory (93);
   Night of the Living Dead (90) |Harry|.

Harry Townes
09/18/1914 -
   Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond {Anniversary of a Murder};
   The Alfred Hitchcock Hour {A Nice Touch} |Ed Brandt|;
   Cannon {Nightmare} |Steve|; The Farmer's Daughter |Mark Willard|;
   The Fugitive {Tug of War}; The Incredible Hulk {The First (I);
   The First (II)}; Judd for the Defense {Between the Dark and the Daylight};
   Mannix {Lost Sunday; Light and Balance; The Search for Darrell Andrews};
   O'Hara, U.S. Treasury {Operation: Payoff}; The Outer Limits {O.B.I.T.};
   Perry Mason {The Case of the Golfer's Gambit};
   Rawhide {Incident of the Town in Terror; Incident of the Night on the Town};
   Route 66 {The Strengthening Angels; Love Is a Skinny Kid; Blue Murder};
   Star Trek {Return of the Archons} |Reger|; Studio One;
   Tales of Tomorrow {Test Flight; Youth on Tap}; Thriller {The Cheaters; Dark Legacy};
   The Twilight Zone {The Four of Us Are Younger; Shadow Play};
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Double Edged Knife;
   The Night of the Tottering Tontine}.
   Fitzwilly (67); Santee (73).

Barbara Townsend
   Aftermash (Sept. 83-Dec. 84) |Mildred Potter|; Hunter {Any Second Now};
   Remington Steele {Let's Steele a Plot};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Suddenly Human} |Adm. Connaught Rosa|.
   (None Known).

Saxon Trainor
   Dream On {Home Sweet Homeboy}; NYPD Blue {Head Case;
   He's Not Heavy, He's My Brother}; 
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Nth Degree} |Lt. Linda Larson|;
   Sliders {Dragonslide} |Kelley|; Strange Luck {Soul Survivor}.
   Inside Out 2 (92) [DTV].

Scott Trost
   Murder One {Chapter Four} |Staffer|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {A Man Alone} |Bajoran Officer|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Unnatural Selection |Transporter Ensign|;
   Schisms |Lieutenant Shipley|}.
   (None Known).

Ed Trotta
   MacGyver {Jenny's Chance |Lucky|; Blind Faith};
   Star Trek: Voyager {The Chute} |Pit|.
   (None Known).

Tom Troupe
   The Barbary Coast {The Day Cable Was Hanged} |Carter|;
   Cannon {The Perfect Alibi} |Alex Whitehead|; Mannix {A Question of Midnight};
   Mission: Impossible {Action!} |David Day|; Star Trek {Arena} |Lt. Harold|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Egyptian Queen}.
   (None Known).

Garrison True
   Magnum, P.I. {A Pretty Good Dancing Chicken};
   The Six Million Dollar Man {The Blue Flash} |Harold|;
   Star Trek {The Man Trap} |Crewman Guard #1|.
   (None Known).

Irene Tsu
   Cannon {Bitter Legion} |Yvonne Rowan|;
   I Spy {A Cup of Kindness} |Shop Clerk|; My Three Sons;
   The New Phil Silvers Show {75-1/2 Trombones};
   Star Trek: Voyager {Favorite Son} |Kim's Mother|.
   (None Known).

Marcelo Tubert
   Caroline in the City {Caroline and Victor/Victoria} |Cab Driver|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Devil's Due} |Jared|.
   (None Known).

Bahni Turpin
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Stop the Presses} |Carly|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Tuvix; Resolutions} |Ens. Swinn|.
   (None Known).

Helene Udy
   As the World Turns; Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (Jan. 93-??) |Myra Bing|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Rules of Aquisition} |Pel|; Sweet Murder (90).
   The Hollywood Detective (91); Incubus (81); My Bloody Valentine (81);
   Nightflyers (87); One Night Only (84); Pick-up Summer (79); Pin (88); 
   Sweet Murder (90).

Tasia Valenza
00/00/00 -
   All My Children (*83-86) |Dottie Thornton|;
   The Heights (Aug.-Nov. 92) |Jodie Abramowitz|;
   Space: Above and Beyond {The River of Stars; Level of Necessity} |Winslow|;
   Supercarrier (Mar.-Aug. 88) |Yeoman 1st Class Rosie Henriques|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Coming of Age} |T'Shanik|.
   Rappin' (85).

Blair Valk
   Babylon 5 {Soul Mates} |Mariel|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Let He Who Is Without Sin...} |Risian Woman|.
   (None Known).

Gwen Van Dam
   The Incredible Hulk {The Antowuk Horror}.
   Star Trek: Generations (94) |El Aurian Survivor|.

Deborah Van Valkenburgh
   "Ruby's Bucket of Blood" (92) [R] |Betty Dupre|.
   Brain Smasher...A Love Story (93);
   MacGyver {Rush to Judgement} |Sandra Masters|; Picket Fences {Pilot};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Past Tense, Part II} |Preston|;
   Too Close for Comfort (Nov. 80-Sept. 83) |Jackie Rush|.
   Streets of Fire (84); The Warriors (79).

Billy Van Zandt
   Anything but Love (*89-90) |Harold|; Life with Lucy {??} |Delivery Man|;
   Skag {Pilot}.
   Jaws 2 (78) |Bob Burnside|; Star Trek: The Motion Picture (79) |Alien Boy|;
   Taps (81) |Bug|.

John Vargas
   At Ease (Mar.-Jul. 83) |Cardinel|; Chrome Soldiers (92);
   D.E.A. (*90) |Ricky Prado|; General Hospital |Rico Chacone|;
   High Tide {Anything, Anywhere, Anytime}; Marker {Spanish Laughter};
   Moloney; Murder, She Wrote {South by Southwest}; NYPD Blue {Tom and Geri} |Fernandez|;
   Silk Stalkings {Was It Good for You Too?}; Star Trek: Voyager {Concerning Flight} |Tau|.
   Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (82) |Jedda|.

Liz Vassey
   The Adventures of Captain Zoom in Outer Space (Dec. 95-??);
   All My Children (*88-91) |Emily Ann Sago|;
   Brotherly Love (Sept. 95-??) |Lou|; Herman's Head {Sperm 'N' Herman};
   Home Improvement {The Dating Game};
   Married with Children {T-R-A... Something, Spells Tramp} |Lorraine|;
   Pig Sty (Jan.-Aug. 95) |Tess Galaway|; Quantum Leap {Goodbye Norma Jean};
   Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas (94);
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Conundrum} |Kristin|.
   (None Known).

Ned Vaughn
   Betrayed by Love (94) |Agent Harry Hill|; China Beach (*89) |Jeff Hyers|;
   Chips, The War Dog (90); JAG {Defensive Action} |Lt. Arnaldi|;
   Murder One {Chapter 3; Chapter 4; Chapter 5; Chapter 6;
   Chapter 7; Chapter 9; Chapter 13; Chapter 15; Chapter 18; Chapter 21};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Tapestry} |Corey|;
   Trade Winds (Aug.-Sept. 93) |Anthony Philips|.
   Apollo 13 (95); Courage Under Fire (96) |Chelli|;
   The Hunt for Red October (90); The Rescue (88); Wind (92).

Nancy Vawter
   L.A. Law (*89) |Dorothy Wyler|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Pegasus} |Adm. Blackwell|.
   (None Known).

Harley Venton
   "Advice from a Caterpillar" (91) [OB] |Suit|; "The Circle" (89) [B].
   Chicago Hope {Missed Conception}; Models, Inc. (*94) |Dr. Richard Heller|;
   Murder, She Wrote {Murder on Madison Avenue};
   Silk Stalkings {Uncivil Wars};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Ensign Ro |Collins|;
   Hero Worship |Transporter Chief|};
   Winnetka Road (Mar.-Apr. 94) |Stan Oldman|.
   (None Known).

Ben Vereen
00/00/00 -
   "Ben Vereen & Leslie Uggams -- On Broadway!" (96) [R];
   "A Christmas Carol" (95/96) |Ghost of Christmas Present|;
   "Jelly's Last Jam" (93) |Chimney Man|; "Jesus Christ Superstar"; "Pippin".
   Ben Vereen...Comin' at Ya (Aug. 75) [Host];
   The Chipmunks: Rockin' Through the Decades; Daddy's Little Girl (?-?);
   Ellis Island (84); The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air; Intruders (92);
   J.J. Starbuck (*88) |E.L. 'Tenspeed' Turner|;
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Illusions of Grandeur}
   |Dr. Novak|; Lost in London (85);
   Louis Armstrong, Chicago Style (76) |Satchmo|; Roots (77) |Chicken George|;
   Silk Stalkings {Meat Market; Lady Luck} |Capt. 'Hutch' Hutchinson|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Interface} |Dr. La Forge|;
   Tenspeed and Brown Shoe (Jan.-Jun. 80) |E.L. 'Tenspeed' Turner|;
   Touched By an Angel {Secret Service} |Ulysses Dodd|;
   Webster (*84-85) |Uncle Phillip Long|; You Write the Songs (86-87) [Host];
   Zoobilee Zoo (??).
   All That Jazz (79); Buy and Cell (89); Funny Lady (75); Gas-s-s-s (70);
   Once Upon a Forest (93) |Voice|; Puss in Boots (84); The Zoo Gang (85).

Harvey Vernon
   Carter Country (Sept. 77-Aug. 79) |Deputy Jasper DeWitt Jr.|;
   Cosby {It's My Party}; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Equilibrium} |Yolad|.
   Someone to Watch Over Me (87) |Giddings|.

John Vickery
   "New York Actor" (93) [OOB];
   "The Sisters Rosensweig" (92/93) [OB/B] |Geoffrey Duncan|.
   Babylon 5 {Legacies |Neroon|; All Alone in the Night;
   The Fall of Night |Mr. Welles|; Grey 17 Is Missing |Neroon|};
   The Single Guy {Davy Jones} |Seth|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Night Terrors} |Hagan|.
   (None Known).

Teresa E. Victor
   (None Known).
   Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (82) |Bridge Voice|;
   Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (84) |Enterprise Computer Voice|
   [Also Assistant to Mr. Nimoy]; Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (86) |Usher|.

Steve Vinovich
   "Lost in Yonkers" (92) |Eddie|.
   Ally McBeal {The Attitude}; ER {Let the Games Begin |Lentloff|; Tribes};
   Going Places (Sept. 90-Jul. 91) |Dick Roberts|;
   Picket Fences {Without Mercy};
   Raising Miranda (Nov.-Dec. 88) |Bob Hoodenpyle|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Paradise} |Joseph|; Touched By an Angel.
   (None Known).

Tom Virtue
   The Building (Aug.-Sept. 93) |Stan|;
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Top Copy};
   Murphy Brown {Who Do You Truss?} |Nurse Bruce|;
   Nash Bridges {Knockout};
   Star Trek: Voyager {Eye of the Needle; Twisted} |Baxter|.
   (None Known).

Peter Vogt
00/00/19?? -
   Billy (Jan.-July 92) |Norman|; L.A. Law; MacGyver {Good Knight MacGyver};
   Picket Fences {Abominable Snowman} |Dr. Caplan|;
   Remington Steele {Steele Among the Living};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {A Man Alone} |Bajoran Man #1|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Tin Man} |Romulan Cmdr.|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Nemesis} |Commandant|;
   Tour of Duty (*89-90) |Gen. Elliot|.
   (None Known).

Clement Von Franckenstein
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {Bounty Hunter Convention}
   |Dr. Ambrose Curber|; Married with Children {Eatin' Out} |Maitre d'|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Ship in a Bottle} |Gentleman|.
   Lionheart (90) |English Investor|;
   Robin Hood: Men in Tights (93) |Royal Announcer|.

Lark Voorhies
   The Bold & the Beautiful (? 95-Oct. 96) |Jasmine Malone|;
   Days of Our Lives (*93-94) |Wendy Reardon|;
   Family Matters {Home Sweet Home}; The Last Don (97) |Tiffany|;
   Saved by the Bell (?-?);
   Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas (94); 
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Life Support} |Leanne|.
   How to Be a Player (96).

Lou Wagner
   CHiPs (*78-83) |Harlan|; Lost in Space {Haunted Lighthouse}; 
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Nagus} |Krax|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Chain of Command, Part I} |Daimon Solok|.
   Beneath the Planet of the Apes (70);
   Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (72); Planet of the Apes (68).

Garry Walberg
   The Odd Couple (*70-74) |Speed|;
   Quincy, M.E. (Oct. 76-Sept. 83) |Lt. Frank Monahan|;
   Rawhide {Incident at Dragoon's Crossing};
   Star Trek {Balance of Terror} |Cmdr. Hansen|.
   (None Known).

Robert Walker Jr.
04/15/41 -
   The Big Valley; The F.B.I. {Quantico; The Messenger};
   In the Heat of the Night; The Invaders {Panic!}; Matt Houston;
   Route 66 {Across Walnuts and Wine};
   The Six Million Dollar Man {Date with Danger, Part I;
   Date with Danger, Part II} |Cloche/Bell|;
   Star Trek {Charlie X} |Charlie Evans|; The Time Tunnel {Billy the Kid}.
   Angkor: Cambodia Express (85); The Devonsville Terror (83) |Matthew|;
   Ensign Pulver (64) |Ens. Pulver|; Eve (68); Gone With the West (72);
   The Happening (67) |Herby|; Heated Vengeance (87); The Hook (63);
   Little Moon & Judd McGraw (78); Spectre of Edgar Allan Poe (74?);
   The War Wagon (67) |Billy Hyatt|.

Basil Wallace
   Afterburn (92); Dark Skies {The Awakening};
   NYPD Blue {For Whom the Skell Rolls};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Reunion} |Klingon Guard #1 [Duras' Aide]|.
   Marked for Death (90) |Screwface|; Rapid Fire (92); Wedlock (91).

George D. Wallace
   Cannon {The Deadly Conspiracy} |Matt Venner|;
   Cybill {Buffalo Gals} |Father Buchanan|; The Haunted (91); L.A. Law;
   Picket Fences {Sacred Hearts; Fetal Attraction};
   Rawhide {Incident of the Fish Out of Water; Incident of the Night Horse};
   The Rifleman {Sins of the Father};
   Sons & Daughters (Jan.-Mar. 91) |Grandpa Hank Hammersmith|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Man of the People} |Admiral|.
   (None Known).

Philip N. Waller
   Hearts of the West;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {When the Bough Breaks} |Harry Bernard|.
   (None Known).

Gwynyth Walsh
   Alien Nation {Takeover} |Diane Elrea|; E.A.R.T.H. Force;
   Final Descent (97); Forever Knight {The Hunted} |The Hunter|;
   Friday the 13th {13 O'Clock} |Reatha Wilkerson|;
   MacGyver {High Control} |Montana|; Marker {Spiked Through the Heart};
   Matlock {The Last Laugh}; The New Twilight Zone {Cat and Mouse};
   Perry Mason; Robocop {Corporate Raiders}; Sliders {Love Gods} |Detective|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Past Prologue} |B'Etor|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Redemption, Part I; Redemption, Part II;
   Firstborn} |B'Etor|; Star Trek: Voyager {Random Thoughts} |Chief Examiner Nimira|;
   Sweating Bullets; War of the Worlds {The Resurrection}.
   Blue Monkey (87); The Crush (93); Star Trek: Generations (94) |B'Etor|.

Ray Walston
00/00/1917 -
   "Damn Yankees" [Director]; "Summer and Smoke" (48) [B].
   Amos; Biography {Bela Lugosi}; The Commish {The Anti-Commish};
   Crash Course; Dave's World |Judge|;
   Fast Times (Mar.-Apr. 86) |Arnold Hand|;
   Friday the 13th {Tales of the Undead} |Jay Star|;
   I Know My First Name Is Steven; The Incredible Hulk {My Favorite Magician};
   L.A. Law; The Mouse and the Motorcycle; Murder, She Wrote; 
   My Favorite Martian (Sept. 63-Sept. 66) |Uncle Martin (The Martian)|;
   Picket Fences (Sept. 92-Apr. 96) |Judge Henry Bone|;
   Playhouse 90; Producers Showcase; Project: ALF (96); Red River;
   Runaway Ralph; Silver Spoons (*85) |Uncle Harry Summers|;
   The Six Million Dollar Man {A Bionic Christmas Carol} |Horton Budge|;
   Sledge Hammer! {Big Nazi on Campus} |Prof. McCoy|; The Stand (94);
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The First Duty} |Boothby|;
   Stop Susan Williams (Feb.-May 79) |Bob Richards|; Studio One; Superboy;
   There Shall Be No Night;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of Montezuma's Hordes}; You Are There.
   The Apartment (60) |Mr. Dobisch|; Blood Relations (87) |Charles MacLeod|;
   Blood Salvage (89); Caprice (67) |Stuart Clancy|; Damn Yankees (58);
   The Fall of the House of Usher (79);
   Fast Times at Ridgemont High (82) |Arnold Hand|;
   From the Hip (87) |1st Judge|; Galaxy of Terror (81) |Kore|;
   The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington (77); Johnny Dangerously (84) |Vendor|;
   The Kid with the Broken Halo (82); Kiss Me Stupid (64) |Orville J. Spooner|;
   O.C. and Stiggs (87) |Gramps|; Of Mice and Men (92) |Candy|;
   Paint Your Wagon (69) |Mad Jack Duncan|; Paramedics (87);
   The Player (92) |Himself|; Popcorn (91) |Mr. Mnesyne|;
   Popeye (80) |Commodore|; Portrait in Black (60) |Cob O'Brien|;
   Private School (83) |Chauncey|; Rad (86); Silver Streak (76) |Mr. Whiney|;
   Ski Patrol (90) |Pops|; South Pacific (58); The Sting (73) |Singleton|;
   Tall Story (60) |Leo Sullivan|; Who's Minding the Store? (63) |Mr. Quimby|;
   Wives and Lovers (63).

Tracey Walter
00/00/1952 -
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {No Man's Land;
   Mail Order Brides} |Phil Swill|; Alien Nation {Takeover};
   Best of the West (Sept. 81-Aug. 82) |Frog|; The Companion (94);
   Not of This World (91); On the Air (June-July 92) |'Blinky' Watts|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Last Outpost |Kayron|; Rascals |Berik|};
   Taxi {A Grand Gesture} |Panhandler|.
   At Close Range (86) |Patch|; Batman (89) |Bob the Goon|;
   City Slickers (91) |Cookie|; Conan the Destroyer (84) |Malak|;
   Delusion (91) |Bus Ticket Cashier|; Goin' South (78) |Coogan|;
   Hardcore (79); Homer and Eddie (89) |Tommy Dearly|;
   The Hunter (80) |Rocco Mason|;
   Married to the Mob (88) |Mr. Chicken Lickin'|;
   Out of the Dark (88) |Lt. Meyers|; Raggedy Man (81) |Arnold|;
   Repo Man (84) |Miller|; Ride with the Wind (93); Rumble Fish (83);
   Silence of the Lambs (91) |Lamar|;
   Something Wild (86) |The Country Squire|; Timerider (83) |Carl Dorsett|;
   The Two Jakes (90) |Tyrone Otley|; Under the Boardwalk (89) |Bum|.

John Warburton
06/18/1899 - 00/00/1981
   Star Trek {Balance of Terror} |Romulan Centurion|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Brain}.
   (None Known).

Herta Ware
   Crazy in Love (92); Eerie, Indiana; Lonely Hearts (91);
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Where No One Has Gone Before} |Maman Picard|.
   2010 (84) |Jessie Bowman|; Cocoon (85); Cocoon: The Return (88).

Doug Warhit
   Remington Steele {To Stop a Steele};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Battle} |Kazago|.
   (None Known).

Todd Waring
   The Lucie Arnaz Show (Apr.-Jun. 85) |Larry Love|;
   Murphy Brown {Executive Decision} |George King|;
   Nothing in Common (Apr.-Jun. 87) |David Basner|;
   Silk Stalkings {Love-15};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Whispers |DeCurtis|; Change of Heart |Lasaran|};
   Tom Clancy's Op Center (95); Wings {House of Blues} |Matthew|.
   Love and Murder (88).

David Warner
00/00/1941 -
   "Afore Night Come"; "A Christmas Carol"; "The Government Inspector";
   "I, Claudius"; "A Midsummer Night's Dream"; "The Tempest";
   "Twelfth Night"; "The Wars of the Roses".
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {Deep in the Heart of Dixie}
   |Winston Smiles|; Babylon 5 {Grail} |Aldous Gajic|;
   Batman: The Animated Series {Off Balance} |Voice|;
   Beastmaster III - The Eye of Braxus (95) |Lord Agon|;
   Cast a Deadly Spell (92); The Choir; A Christmas Carol (84) |Bob Cratchet|;
   Danielle Steel's Zoya (95); Desperado; Frankenstein;
   Gargoyles {Vows} |Voice of Archmage|;
   Hitler's SS -- Portrait in Evil; Holocaust;
   The Larry Sanders Show |Richard Germain|;
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Foundling} |Jor-El|;
   Love's Labour's Lost; Marco Polo; Mary Astor (??); Masada;
   A Midsummer Night's Dream; The Outer Limits;
   Perry Mason: The Case of the Poisoned Pen (90);
   Perry Mason: The Case of the Skin-Deep Scandal (??);
   Remington Steele {Steele Away with Me}; Signs and Wonders;
   Spiderman (??) |Voice of Herbert Langdon|;
   Spymaker: The Secret Life of Ian Fleming (90);
   S.O.S. Titanic; Star Trek: The Next Generation {Chain of Command, Part I;
   Chain of Command, Part II} |Gul Madred|;
   Tales from the Crypt {The New Arrival}; Twin Peaks {Double Play;
   Slaves and Masters; The Condemned Woman} |Thomas Eckhardt|; Wild Palms (93).
   The Ballad of Cable Hogue (70) |Joshua|; Blue Hotel (84);
   Blue Tornado (90); The Bofors Gun (68);
   The Boy Who Left Home to Find Out About the Shivers (85);
   Code Name: Chaos (89); The Company of Wolves (85) |Father|;
   The Concorde -- Airport '79 (79) |O'Neill|; Cross of Iron (77) |Kiesel|;
   A Doll's House (73); The Fixer (69); From Beyond the Grave (73);
   Grave Secrets (89); Hanna's War (88) |Capt. Simon|; Hansel and Gretel (82);
   Hostile Takeover (88); In the Mouth of Madness (94); The Island (80) |Nau|;
   Magdalene (90); The Man with Two Brains (83) |Mr. Necessiter|;
   Michael Kohlhaasl (69); Morgan (66); Mortal Passions (90);
   Mr. North (88) |Dr. Angus McPherson|;
   My Best Friend Is a Vampire (88) |Prof. McCarthy|; Necronomicon (93);
   Nightwing (79); The Old Curiosity Shop (75); The Omen (76) |Jennings|;
   Pretty Princess (??); Providence (77);
   Quest of the Delta Knights (93) |Lord Vultare & Raydoor|;
   Silver Bears (78); Spies, Lies and Alibis (89);
   Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (89) |St. John Talbot|;
   Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (91) |Chancellor Gorkon|;
   Straw Dogs (71); Tales from the Crypt (72);
   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (91)
   |Prof. Jordan Perry|; The Thirty-Nine Steps (78);
   Thunderheart (92) |Jack Milton|;
   Time After Time (79) |Stevenson/The Ripper|;
   Time Bandits (81) |Evil Genius|; Titanic (97); Tom Jones (63);
   Tripwire (89); Tron (82) |Ed Dillinger/Sark|; The Unnamable II (93);
   Waxwork (88); Work Is a Four Letter Word (67).

Julie Warner
   Herman's Head {Layla--The Unplugged Version};
   Pride & Joy (Mar. 95-??) |Amy Sherman|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Booby Trap; Transfigurations}
   |Christy Henshaw|; Stolen: One Husband (??).
   Doc Hollywood (91); Flatliners (90); Indian Summer (93); 
   Mr. Saturday Night (92); The Puppet Masters (94).

Beverly Washburn
   Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond {Premonition};
   The Loretta Young Show [at least 3 episodes];
   The New Loretta Young Show (Sept. 62-Mar. 63) |Vickie Massey|;
   Professional Father (Jan.-Jul. 55) |Kathryn 'Kit' Wilson|;
   Science Fiction Theatre {The Strange People from Pecos};
   Star Trek {The Deadly Years} |Lt. Arlene Galway|.
   (None Known).

Craig Wasson
00/00/1954 -
   The Bob Newhart Show {Halls of Hartley} |Chuck Morgan|;
   Kung Fu: The Legend Continues {Secret Place} |Maxwell Forrester|;
   L.A. Law; Phyllis (*77) |Mark Valenti|; Skag (80) |David Skagska|;
   Skag (Jan.-Feb. 80) |David Skagska|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Hard Time} |Ee'char|;
   Walker, Texas Ranger {Plague}.
   Body Double (84) |Jake Scully|; The Boys in Company C (78) |Dave Bisbee|;
   Carny (80) |Mickey|; Four Friends (81) |Danilo Prozor|; Ghost Story (81);
   Go Tell the Spartans (78); The Men's Club (86); 
   A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors (87) |Dr. Neil Goldman|;
   The Outsider (79) |Michael Flaherty|; Rollercoaster (77) |Hippie|;
   Schizoid (80); Second Thoughts (83) |Will|; Strapped (93);
   Trapped in Space (94).

Bruce Watson
   Mannix {The Open Web} |Anderson|; Star Trek {The Man Trap} |Crewman Green|.
   (None Known).

Fritz Weaver
00/00/1926 -
   "Baker Street" (65); "The Biko Inquest" (79); "Child's Play" (70);
   "The Crucible" (91) [B] |Deputy-Gov. Danforth|; "Dialogue for Lovers" (80);
   "The Family Reunion" (58);
   "Hamlet" (58); "Lincoln" (76);
   "Love Letters" (89) [B] |Andrew Makepeace Ladd III|; "Macbeth" (73);
   "The Price" (79) [B] |Walter Franz|; "The Professional" (95) [OB] |Luke|;
   "Wrong Turn at Lungfish" (93) |Peter Ravenswaal|.
   All My Children (*92) |Hugo Marrick|;
   Cannon {The Nowhere Man |Leo Kern|;
   Hard Rock Roller Coaster |Raymond Thurston|;
   The Games Children Play |Mr. Schumann|}; Gunsmoke {Old Friend}; Holocaust (78);
   Hunter (71); Ironclads (91); The Jolly Corner (75);
   Magnum, P.I. {Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii};
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Vulcan Affair}; Mannix {Edge of the Knife;
   A Problem of Innocence};
   Mission: Impossible {Operation Rogosh |Imry Rogosh|; Charity |Eric Hagar|};
   Petrocelli {The Double Negative} |Col. William Fletcher|;
   Rawhide {Damon's Road, Part I; Damon's Road, Part II};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Tribunal} |Kovat|;
   Tales from the Darkside {Inside the Closet} |Dr. Fenner|;
   The Twilight Zone {The Star}; The X-Files {Tunguska} |Sen. Sorenson|.
   The Big Fix (78) |Oscar Procari, Sr.|; Black Sunday (77) |Corley|;
   Blind Spot (93); Creepshow (82) |Dexter|; The Day of the Dolphin (73);
   Demon Seed (77) |Alex Harris|; Fail-Safe (64); 
   Jaws of Satan (84); Marathon Man (76) |Professor|;
   Power (86) |Wallace Furman|; A Walk in the Spring Rain (70).

Richard Webb
09/09/19 - 06/10/93
   Captain Midnight (54-58);
   Star Trek {Court Martial} |Lt. Cmdr. Benjamin 'Ben' Finney|;
   U.S. Border Patrol (59); Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea {No Way Out}.
   Beware! The Blob (72); Captain Midnight -- Vols. 1-2 (55); 
   Distant Drums (51); Out of the Past (47); This Woman Is Dangerous (52).

Steven Weber
   As the World Turns |Kevin Gibson|; Betrayed by Love (94);
   The Outer Limits {The Revelations of Becka Paulson} [Director];
   Pursuit of Happiness {Losing It}; The Shining (97);
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Siege} |Day|;
   Stephen King's The Shining (97);
   Tales from the Crypt {Mornin' Mess} |Dale Sweeney|;
   ##NEW## Thanks of a Grateful Nation (98); Wings (Apr. 90-May? 97) |Brian Hackett|.
   The Break Up (97?); Dracula: Dead and Loving It (95); Hamburger Hill (87);
   Jeffrey (95) |Jeffrey|; In the Company of Darkness (92);
   Single White Female (92); Sour Grapes (98); The Temp (93).

Derek Webster
   M.A.N.T.I.S. {The Sea Wasp}; seaQuest DSV {Whale Song};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Gambit, Part I} |Lieutenant Sanders|.
   Independence Day (96) |Sky Crane Pilot|.

Erick Weiss
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Paradise} |Stephan|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Conundrum |Crewman|;
   Relics |Ens. Kane|}.
   Mannequin Two: On the Move (91).

Frank Welker
   The All-New Popeye Hour (78-81) |Voice|; 
   Alvin and the Chipmunks (83-90) |Voice|; 
   The Amazing Bungee Venture (84) |Voice|;
   Animaniacs |Voice|; Bad Cat (94) |Voice|;
   The Bionic Six (87) |Voice|; Blondie and Dagwood (87) |Voice|; 
   Blondie and Dagwood: Second Wedding Workout (89) |Voice|;
   The Burns and Schreiber Comedy Hour (Jun.-Sept. 73);
   Capitol Critters (Jan.-Mar. 92) |Voices of Presidential felines|;
   Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue (90) |Voice|; 
   The Don Knotts Show (Sept. 70-Jul. 71);
   Fish Police (Feb.-Mar. 92) |Voice of Mussels Marinara/Doc Croaker|;
   G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero |Voices of Torch, Wild Bill|;
   Gargoyles |Voice of Bronx|;
   Itsy Bitsy Spider (Oct. 93-94) |Voice of Itsy Bitsy Spider/Langston|;
   Keep on Cruisin'; Deck the Halls with Wacky Walls (83) |Voice|;
   The Dukes (82-84) |Voice|; Fairies (81) |Voice|;
   The Flintstone Kids (86-88) |Voice|;
   Fonz and the Happy Days Gang (80-82) |Voice|; Foofur (86-88) |Voice|;
   Fred and Barney Meet the Shmoo (79-80) |Voice of the Shmoo|;
   Garfield |Voice|; The Good, the Bad and Huckleberry Hound (88) |Voice|;
   Hagar the Horrible (89) |Voice|; 
   The Heathcliff & Dingbat Show (80-81) |Voice|; 
   Inspector Gadget (87-89) |Voices|; 
   The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones (87) |Voice|; Kissyfur (86-88) |Voice|;
   The Last of the Mohicans (75) |Voice|; Lucky Luke (85) |Voice|; 
   Marvin: Baby of the Year (89) |Voice|;
   Mork & Mindy (82-83, Animated) |Voice|; Muppet Babies |Voice|; 
   The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse and Heckle & Jeckle (79-82) |Voice|; 
   Pac-Man (82-84) |Voice|; Partridge Family: 2200 A.D. (74-75) |Voice|; 
   Pink Panther and Sons (84-85) |Voice|; 
   The Plastic Man Comedy-Adventure Show (79-80) |Voice|; 
   Punky Brewster (85-87, Animated) |Voice|; 
   The Real Ghostbusters (86-90) |Voice|; Richie Rich (82-84) |Voice|; 
   Scooby-Doo |Voice|; seaQuest DSV |Voice|; The Simpsons |Voice|;
   The Smurfs (81-90) |Voice|; The Snorks (84-88) |Voice|;
   Super Friends (73-77) |Voice|; This Is America Charlie Brown (88-89);
   Tiny Toon Adventures |Voice|; The Transformers {? |Voice of Megatron|;
   ? |Voice of Soundwave|; ? |Voice of Rumble|; ? |Voice of Frenzy|;
   ? |Voice of Galvatron|; ? |Voice of Mixmaster|; ? |Voice of Skywarp|;
   ? |Voice of Chromedome|; ? |Voice of Pinpointer|; ? |Voice of Wheelie|;
   ? |Voice of Mirage|; ? |Voice of Trailbreaker|; ? |Voice of Blades|;
   ? |Voice of Laserbeak|; ? |Voice of Buzzsaw|; ? |Voice of Ravage|;
   ? |Voice of Ratbat|}.
   Aladdin (92) |Voice|; The Chipmunk Adventure (87) |Voice|;
   Congo (95) |Voice|;
   DuckTales: The Movie--Treasure of the Lost Lamp (90) |Voice|;
   Friz Freleng's Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie (81) |Voice|;
   Gobots: Battle of the Rock Lords (86) |Voice|; A Goofy Movie (95) |Voice|;
   The Golden Child (86) |Voice of The Thing|; Happily Ever After (90) |Voice|;
   Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (89) |Voice|; Hudson Hawk (91);
   Independence Day (96) |Special Vocal Effects|;
   Jetsons: the Movie (90); Jumanji (95) |Special Vocal Effects|;
   Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (84) |Voice of Spock Screams|.

William Wellman Jr.
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Favor the Bold} |Bajoran Officer|.
   Black Caesar (73); Born Losers (67); A Swingin' Summer (65).

Gary Werntz
   Marked for Murder (93);
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Frame of Mind} |Mavek|.
   (None Known).

Doug Wert
   As the World Turns; One Life to Live |Wade Coleman|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Family; Violations;
   Journey's End} |Lt. Cmdr. Jack Crusher|;
   University Hospital (Jan. 95-??) |Dr. Rob Daniels|.
   Crisis In The Kremlin (92); Dracula Rising (92) |Alec|.

Ellen Wheeler
   "The Sound of Music".
   Alien Nation {Rebirth} |Yokno|; All My Children {?? |Cindy Chandler|;
   ?? |Karen Parker|}; Another World |Vicky Hudson, Marley Hudson|;
   The Bold and the Beautiful |Sarah|;
   Dark Shadows {Episodes 3, 4, 5, 6, 9};
   Fire Co. 132 (?-?); Mr. & Mrs. Smith;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Quickening} |Ekoria|.
   (None Known).

John Wheeler
   Mannix {A Ticket to the Eclipse}; Star Trek {Journey to Babel} |Ambassador Gav|.
   (None Known).

Peter White
   "Barefoot in the Park"; "Boys in the Band" (68).
   All My Children |Lincoln Tyler|; The Colbys (*85-86) |Arthur Cates|;
   Dallas (*90-91) |Breslin|; ER; Silhouette (94); Sisters;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Armageddon Game} |Sharat|; Superboy.
   The Boys in the Band (70); Dave (93); Death Wish (74); Mother (52);
   Mr. Wrong (??); The Pursuit of Happiness (71).

Arch Whiting
   Cannon {To Ride a Tiger} |Elmo Stocker|;
   Star Trek {The Alternative Factor} |Asst. Engineering Officer|;
   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (Sept. 64-Sept. 68) |Crewman Sparks|.
   (None Known).

Jane Wiedlin
   (None Known).
   Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (88) |Joan of Arc|; ##NEW## Clue (85);
   Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (86) |Alien Communications Officer|.

Barry Wiggins
   Married with Children {I Want My Psycho Dad Second Blood} |Geronimo|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {By Inferno's Light} |Jem'Hadar Officer|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Future's End} |Policeman|.
   (None Known).

Lisa Wilcox
   Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures (June-Sept. 92) |Missy Preston|;
   Boy Meets World {The Double Lie}; General Hospital (series);
   MacGyver {Hell Week} |Janet|; Pacific Blue {Inside Straight} |Diana Blaine|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Vengeance Factor} |Yuta|.
   A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (88);
   Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (89).

Valerie Wildman
   Star Trek: Voyager {Message in a Bottle} |Nevala|.
   Inner Sanctum (91).

Edward Wiley
   The Canterville Ghost (95); NYPD Blue {Guns 'n Rosaries};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Profit and Loss} |Gul Toran|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Mind's Eye} |Governor Vagh|.
   (None Known).

Barbara Williams
00/00/00 -
   The Outer Limits {Under the Bed} |Caitlin Doyle|;
   Picket Fences {Cold Spell} |Vera Keegan|;
   Spenser: Ceremony (93) |Susan Silverman|;
   Spenser: Pale Kings and Princes (94) |Susan Silverman|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Liaisons} |Anna|; Sweating Bullets.
   City of Hope (91); Digger (93); Indecency (92);
   Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling (86); Oh, What a Night (92);
   Thief of Hearts (84); Tiger Warsaw (87); Watchers (88).

Clarence Williams III
   Against the Wall (94) |Chaka|; Dangerous Relations (93); George Wallace (97);
   Miami Vice {Tale of the Goat};
   The Mod Squad (Sept. 1968-Aug. 1973) |Linc Hayes|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {To the Death} |Omet'iklan|;
   T.J. Hooker {Sweet 16 and Dead |Decker|; Deadlock |Martin|;
   Homecoming |Redding|}; Twin Peaks {Dispute Between Brothers; Masked Ball};
   Walker, Texas Ranger |Luther Dobbs|.
   52 Pick-Up (86); Against the Wall (94); Deep Cover (92); Hoodlums (97);
   Maniac Cop 2 (90); My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (91); Purple Rain (84) |Father|;
   Sugar Hill (94) |A.R. Skuggs|.

Cress Williams
   "Private Battle" (94) [R] |Bernard|.
   Beverly Hills 90210 (*93-94) |D'Shawn Hardell|; JAG {The Brotherhood};
   Living Single (*94) |Terrence 'Scooter'|;
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Never on Sunday};
   NYPD Blue {A Murder with Teeth in It; One Big Happy Family};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Jem'Hadar} |Talak'talan|.
   (None Known).

Justin Williams
   Babylon 5 {And the Sky Full of Stars} |Mitchell|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Parallax} |Jarvin|.
   (None Known).

R.J. Williams
   Detective in the House (Mar.-Apr. 85) |Dunc Wyman|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Child} |Ian Andrew Troi|.
   (None Known).

Spice Williams
00/00/5? -
   Chatterbox (?-?) [Co-Host]; Acapulco Heat; Melrose Place;
   The Naked Truth; Women in Prison.
   The Guyver (92); Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (89) |Vixis|;
   Stranded (87).

Vanessa Williams
   Chicago Hope {Divided Loyalty}; Melrose Place (*92-93) |Rhonda Blair|;
   Murder One (?-?) |Leila|; NYPD Blue {Don't We Know Our Gay Apparel};
   The Odyssey (97); The Pretender {Collateral Damage};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Let He Who Is Without Sin...} |Arandis|;
   T.J. Hooker {Partners in Death} |Pat|;
   Vanessa Williams & Friends: Christmas in New York (96).
   Candyman (92) |Anne-Marie McCoy|; ##NEW## Dance with Me (98);
   Harly Davidson and the Marlboro Man (91);
   Hoodlums (97); New Jack City (90); Soul Food (97).

Fred Williamson
03/05/38 -
   Football (*74) [Announcer]; Half Nelson (Mar.-May 85) |Chester Long|;
   Julia (*70-71) |Steve Bruce|; Wheels (Apr. 79) |Leonard Wingate|;
   Star Trek {The Cloud Minders} |Anka|.
   Adios Amigo (75); The Big Score (83) |Hooks|; Black Caesar (73);
   Black Cobra 3 (90); Blind Rage (78); Boss (75); Bucktown (75);
   Crazy Joe (74) |Willy|; Deadly Impact (85); Deadly Intent (88);
   Delta Force, Commando Two (91); Express to Terror (79);
   Foxtrap (86); From Dusk Till Dawn (96) |Frost|; Hammer (72) |B.J.|;
   Hell Up in Harlem (73); M*A*S*H (70) |Spearchucker|;
   Mean Johnny Barrows (76); The New Gladiators (87);
   One Down, Two to Go (83) [Unreleased]; Steele's Law (91);
   Take a Hard Ride (75); That Man Bolt (73) |Boly|;
   Three the Hard Way (74) |Jagger|; Three Tough Guys (74) |Joe|;
   Vigilante (82) |Nick|; Warrior of the Lost World (88); 
   Warriors of the Wasteland (83).

Noble Willingham
00/00/00 -
   Ann Jillian (Nov. 89-Aug. 90) |Duke Howard|;
   Cannon {Coffin Corner} |Sonny Wills|;
   Cutter to Houston (Oct.-Dec. 83) |Mayor Warren Jarvis|;
   Home Improvement {Baby, It's Cold Outside}; 
   The Mary Tyler Moore Show {What Are Friends For} |Hal|; Northern Exposure;
   Remington Steele {Suburban Steele};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Royale} |Texas|;
   Tales from the Crypt {Oil's Well That Ends Well};
   Walker, Texas Ranger (Apr. 93-??) |C.D. Parker|;
   When the Whistle Blows (Mar.-Jul. 80) |Bulldog|.
   Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (94) |Riddle|; Article 99 (92);
   Career Opportunities (91); City Slickers (91);
   The Distinguished Gentleman (93) |Zeke Bridges|;
   Good Morning, Vietnam (88) |Gen. Taylor|; The Last Boy Scout (91);
   The Last Picture Show (71); Of Mice and Men (92); Pastime (91);
   Sweet Poison (91).

Mirron E. Willis
   "State of the Art" (89) [OOB].
   The John Larroquette Show {Mother of the Year} |Umba!wa|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Reunion} |Klingon Guard #2 [Vorn]|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Alliances; Threshold} |Rettik|.
   Independence Day (96) |Aide|.

Rudolph Willrich
   "The Possum Play" (94) [R] |Mike|.
   Final Pulse (92); Spenser: For Hire {Blood Money};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Paradise Lost} |Academy Commandant|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Me'nage a` Troi} |Reittan Grax|.
   (None Known).

##NEW## Debra Wilson
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {The Sound of Her Voice} |Capt. Lisa Cusack| [Voice];
   The Uptown Commedy Club (*92-93).
   (None Known).

William Windom
09/28/1923 -
   The Abduction of Saint Anne (75);
   Back to Hannibal: The Return of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn (90);
   Batman: The Animated Series {Prophecy of Doom} |Voice|;
   The Bionic Woman {Black Magic} |Warfield|;
   Brothers and Sisters (Jan.-Apr. 79) |Larry Krandall|;
   Cannon {Death Chain} |Harry Hendrix|; Checkmate {Through a Dark Glass};
   Dennis the Menace (87); The F.B.I. {The Assassin; By Force and Violence;
   The Nightmare; The Jug-Marker};
   The Farmer's Daughter (Sept. 63-Sept. 66) |Congressman Glen Morley|;
   The Girl With Something Extra (Sept. 73-May 74) |Stuart Kline|;
   The Incredible Hulk {East Winds}; The Invaders {Doomsday Minus One;
   Summit Meeting, Part I; Summit Meeting, Part II}; 
   Judd for the Defense {Commitment}; Leave 'Em Laughing (81);
   Magnum, P.I. {All Thieves on Deck}; Mannix {Shadow of a Man}; Masterpiece Playhouse;
   Mission: Impossible {The Train |Milos Pavel|;
   The Widow |Cresnic|}; Murder, She Wrote (*85-??) |Dr. Seth Hazlitt|;
   My World and Welcome to It (Sept. 69-Sept. 72) |John Monroe|;
   Parenthood (Aug.-Nov. 90) |Frank Buckman|; Petrocelli {The Golden Cage};
   Prescription Murder (67); Square One - Mathnet {The Trial Of George Frankly};
   Star Trek {The Doomsday Machine} |Commodore Matthew Decker|;
   Thriller {Man of Mystery};
   The Twilight Zone {Five Characters in Search of an Exit; Minature};
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Flying Pie Plate}.
   The Americanization of Emily (64) |Capt. Harry Spaulding|;
   Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman (93) |Hamilton Cobb|; Brewster McCloud (70);
   Chance of a Lifetime (90); The Detective (68) |Colin MacIver|;
   Escape from the Planet of the Apes (71) |The President|;
   For Love or Money (63) |Sam Travis|; Funland (86);
   Grandview, U.S.A. (84) |Bob|; The Gypsy Moths (69) |V. John Brandon|;
   Last Plane Out (83) |James|; The Mephisto Waltz (71);
   Now You See Him, Now You Don't (72);
   Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night (87);
   Planes, Trains and Automobiles (87) |Boss|; Prince Jack (84) |Ferguson|;
   She's Having a Baby (88) |Russ Bainbridge|;
   Sommersby (93) |Reverend Powell|; Space Rage (86); Street Justice (89);
   To Kill a Mockingbird (62) |Gilmer|.

Paul Winfield
05/22/1941 -
   "Checkmates"; "Enemy of the People";
   "A Few Good Men" (92) |Capt. Julius Alexander Randolph|;
   "The Latent Heterosexual"; "A Lesson from Aloes"; "Richard III".
   227 (*89-90) |Julian C. Barlow|; Angel City;
   The Assassination File (96) |Senator|;
   Babylon 5 {GROPOS} |Gen. Richard Franklin|;
   Back to Hannibal: The Return of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn (90);
   Backstairs at the White House (79); Batman: The Animated Series;
   The Blue and the Gray; Built to Last (? 97-? 97);
   The Charmings (Mar. 87-Feb. 88) |The Mirror|; Dreams Don't Die; The Fall Guy;
   Family Matters; For Us the Living; Gargoyles |Voice of Jeffery Robbins|;
   Go Tell It on the Mountain; Green Eyes; Guilty of Innocence; Horror at 37,000 Feet;
   Irresistable Force (??); It's Good to Be Alive;
   Julia {It Takes Two to Tangle; The Wolf!; The Dates of Wrath;
   Sioux Me, Don't Woo Me} |Paul Cameron|; Key Tortuga;
   L.A. Law |Derron Holloway|; The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Minus-X Affair};
   Perry Mason; Picket Fences {The Bus Stops Here;
   Enemy Lines} |Judge Harold Nance|; King; Roots: The Gift (88);
   Roots: The Next Generations (79) |Dr. Horace Huguley|;
   The Roy Campanella Story; The Simpsons [Voice]; Sister Sister;
   The Sophisticated Gents;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Darmok} |Capt. Dathon|;
   Touched By an Angel {In the Name of God; Groundrush; Labor of Love} |Sam|;
   Under Siege; Wiseguy (*89) |Isaac Twine|; The Women of Brewster Place;
   The Young Lawyers {A Simple Thing Called Justice} |Willis Crawford|.
   Big Shots (87) |Johnnie Red|; Blue City (86) |Luther Reynolds|;
   Breathing Lessons (93); Brother John (71) |Henry Birkardt|; Carbon Copy (81) |Bob|;
   Cliffhanger (93) |Walter Wright|; Conrack (74) |Mad Billy|;
   Damnation Alley (77) |Keegan|; Death Before Dishonor (87) |Ambassador|;
   Dennis the Menace (93) |Chief of Police|; Gordon's War (73) |Gordon|;
   The Greatest (77); A Hero Ain't Nothin' But a Sandwich (78);
   High Velocity (77); Huckleberry Finn (74) |Jim|;
   Hustle (75) |Sgt. Louis Belgrave|; The Lost Man (69) |Orville|;
   Mars Attacks! (96); Mike's Murder (84) |Phillip|;
   Presumed Innocent (90) |Judge Larren Lyttle|; RPM (70);
   The Serpent and the Rainbow (88) |Lucien Celine|;
   Sounder (72) |Nathan Lee Morgan|;
   Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (82) |Capt. Terrell|;
   The Terminator (84) |Lt. Traxler|; Trouble Man (72);
   Twilight's Last Gleaming (77) |Powell|; White Dog (82).

Jason Wingreen
   Alcoa Theatre {The Best Way to Go};
   All in the Family (*77-83) |Harry Snowden|;
   The Barbary Coast {The Dawson Marker} |Casino Waiter|;
   Cannon {A Flight of Hawks} |Insurance Agent|;
   The Fugitive {Angels Travel On Lonely Roads, Part I};
   General Hospital (*91) |Judge Matson|; Judd for the Defense {The Devil's Surrogate};
   The Lloyd Bridges Show {A Pair of Boots} |Teacher|;
   The Loner {Hunt the Man Down} |Lucas|;
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Birds and the Bees Affair;
   The Deadly Decoy Affair; The Five Daughters Affair, Part II};
   Mannix {The Solid Gold Web; Figures in a Landscape |Nolan|; Run Till Dark |Osborn|;
   A Puzzle for One |Harry Fredericks|};
   The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis {Caper at the Bijou};
   The Outer Limits {Expanding Human |Coroner Leland|; O.B.I.T.;
   The Special One}; Room 222 {The Valediction};
   The Rounders (Sept. 66-Jan. 67) |Shorty Dawes|;
   The Six Million Dollar Man {The Blue Flash} |Logan|;
   Star Trek {The Empath} |Dr. Linke|; The Twilight Zone {The Midnight Sun}.
   Oh, God! You Devil (84).

Mel Winkler
   Babylon 5 {65; And the Rock Cried Out; No Hiding Place} |Rev. Will Dexter|;
   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman {Pilot} |Inspector Henderson|;
   NYPD Blue {E.R.}; Star Trek: Voyager {The 37's} |Jack Hayes|.
   Full Eclipse (93) |Stratton|.

Pamela Winslow
   "Into the Woods".
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Clues; In Theory;
   Face of the Enemy} |Ens. McKnight|.
   (None Known).

Time Winters
   Babylon 5 {War Without End, Part One; Grey 17 Is Missing} |Rathenn|;
   MacGyver {Good Knight MacGyver, Part I}; Picket Fences {Abominable Snowman;
   Howard's End} |Kevin Buss|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Wounded} |Glinn Daro|.
   L.A. Story (91); Poison Ivy (92) |Old Man|.

William Wintersole
   I Dream of Jeannie {One Jeannie Beats Four of a Kind} |Provost Marshall Ross|;
   Sara (Feb.-Jul. 76) |George Bailey|; Star Trek {Patterns of Force} |Abrom|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Tottering Tontine}.
   (None Known).

Ray Wise
   "Henry VIII".
   Beauty and the Beast {Pilot}; The Colbys (*86) |Spiros Koralis|;
   Condor (86); Dallas (*82) |Blair Sullivan|;
   Knots Landing (*88) |The Dealer|; Remington Steele {A Pocketful of Steele};
   Savannah (?? 96-??); Second Chances (Dec. 93-Feb. 94) |Judge Jim Stinson|;
   Sleepwalkers {Night Terrors} |McCabe|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Who Watches the Watchers} |Liko|;
   ##NEW## Star Trek: Voyager {Hope and Fear} |Arturis|;
   T.J. Hooker {Hot Property} |Harrison MacKenzie|;
   Twin Peaks (90-91) |Leland Palmer|; Walker, Texas Ranger {Stolen Lullaby}.
   Bob Roberts (92) |Chet MacGregor|; The Chase (94); Endless Descent (89);
   The Journey of Natty Gann (85) |Sol Gann|; The Rift (89);
   Rising Sun (93) |Sen. John Morton|; Robocop (87) |Leon|;
   Season of Fear (89); Sunstroke (92); Swamp Thing (82) |Dr. Holland|;
   Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (92) |Leland Palmer|.

Michael Witney
   The Catcher (72?); Charlie's Angels; The Sixth Sense;
   Star Trek {A Private Little War} |Tyree|; Tarzan; 
   The Travels of Jamie McPheeters (*63) |Buck Coulter|.
   W (74); The Way West (67).

Venita Wolf
   The Monkees {99 Pound Weakling};
   Star Trek {The Squire of Gothos} |Yeoman Teresa Ross|;
   The Wild Wild West {The Night of the Arrow}.
   (None Known).

Ian Wolfe
11/04/1896 - 01/23/1992
   Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond {Father Image};
   The Barbary Coast {Crazy Cats} |Larch|;
   Best of the West {Sam's Life Is Threatened};
   Cain's Hundred {Five for One: James Condon};
   The F.B.I. {The Forests of the Night}; The Magician {Stainless Steel Lady};
   The Mary Tyler Moore Show {Anyone Who Hates Kids and Dogs} |Grandfather|;
   Remington Steele {My Fair Steele}; Soap |Father Juniper|;
   Star Trek {Bread and Circuses |Septimus|;
   All Our Yesterdays |Mr. Atoz|}; Stony Burke {Point of Honor};
   Taxi {Honor Thy Father} |Old Man|; The Twilight Zone {Uncle Simon};
   Wizards and Warriors (Feb.-May 83) |Wizard Tranquil|; WKRP in Cincinnati.
   The Actress (53); Allengheny Uprising (39);
   The Bandit of Sherwood Forest (46);
   The Barretts of Wimpole Street (34); Bedlam (46);
   Blondie (38); Blondie Brings Up Baby (39);
   The Brighton Strangler (45); California (46); Copper Canyon (50);
   The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell (55); The Devil Is A Sissy (36);
   Diane (56); Diary of a Madman (63); Dick Tracy (90); Eagle Squadron (42);
   The Falcon's Adventure (46); The Firefly (37);
   Foreign Correspondent (40); The Fountain (34);
   Games (67); The Great Caruso (51);
   Here Comes The Groom (51);
   Homebodies (74); Houdini (53); Johnny Belinda (48); Julia Misbehaves (48);
   Julius Caesar (53); Love Crazy (41); Love Letters (45);
   The Magnificent Yankee (50); Marauders (47);
   Marie Antoinette (38); Mask Of The Avenger (51);
   Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (48); Mrs Miniver (42);
   Mutiny On The Bounty (35); The Notorious Lone Wolf (46);
   Now, Voyager (42); On Dangerous Ground (51);
   The Pearl of Death (44); The Petty Girl (50); A Place In The Sun (51);
   Please Believe Me (50); Random Harvest (42); Rebel Without A Cause (55);
   Reds (81); Romeo And Juliet (36); Scandal At Scourie (53);
   The Scarlet Claw (44); Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (54);
   Sincerely Yours (55); The Son of Monte Cristo (41);
   A Song To Remember (45); Tomorrow Is Forever (46);
   Up The Academy (80); The White Cliffs Of Dover(44);
   Witness For The Prosecution (57);
   The Wonderful World Of The Brothers Grimm (62);
   You Can't Take It With You (38).

Robert Hewitt Wolfe
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Q-Less [Teleplay]; The Passenger [Teleplay];
   In the Hands of the Prophets [Writer]; Invasive Procedures [Teleplay];
   Second Sight [Teleplay]; Shadowplay [Writer]; The Wire [Writer];
   The Collaborator [Teleplay]; The Search, Part I [Story]; 
   The Search, Part II [Story]; Second Skin [Story];
   Past Tense, Part I [Story,Teleplay]; Past Tense, Part II [Story];
   Heart of Stone [Writer]; Prophet Motive [Writer]; Distant Voices [Teleplay];
   Through the Looking Glass [Writer]; Family Business [Writer];
   The Adversary [Writer]; The Way of the Warrior [Writer]; 
   Little Green Men [Teleplay]; Homefront [Writer]; Paradise Lost [Teleplay];
   Bar Association [Teleplay]; Hard Time [Teleplay]; To the Death [Writer];
   Broken Link [Teleplay]; Apocalypse Rising [Writer];
   Trials and Tribble-ations [Story]; Let He Who Is Without Sin... [Writer];
   The Ascent [Writer]; In Purgatory's Shadow [Writer];
   By Inferno's Light [Writer]; Ties of Blood and Water [Teleplay];
   Blaze of Glory [Writer]; Call to Arms |Injured Crewman| [Uncredited]};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {A Fistful of Datas} [Writer,Teleplay].
   (None Known).

Alfre Woodard
00/00/1953 -
   Genesis: With Bill Moyers (96); Gulliver's Travels (96);
   Hill Street Blues {Doris in Wonderland};
   Homicide: Life on the Street |Dr. Roxanne Turner|;
   L.A. Law; Miss Evers' Boys (96) |Eunice Evers|;
   Sara (Jan.-May 85) |Rozalyn Dupree|;
   St. Elsewhere (*85-87) |Dr. Roxanne Turner|; A Step Toward Tomorrow (96);
   Tucker's Witch (Oct. 82-Aug. 83) |Marcia Fulbright|;
   Unnatural Causes (86).
   Blue Chips (94); Bopha! (93); Brown Sugar (98?); Crooklyn (94);
   Cross Creek (83) |Geechee|; Extremities (86) |Patricia|;
   Grand Canyon (91) |Jane|; The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag (92) |Ann|;
   Health (79); Heart and Souls (93) |Penny Washington|;
   The Killing Floor (84); Mandela (87);
   Miss Firecracker (89) |Popeye Jackson|; Passion Fish (92);
   The Piano Lesson (95); Puss in Boots (84); Rich in Love (93) |Rhody Poole|;
   Scrooged (88) |Grace Cooley|; Star Trek: First Contact (96) |Lily Sloane|.

Barbara Alyn Woods
   Crime Story; Dance with Death (91); Eden (93);
   Herman's Head {Stop Me Before I Help Again}; Hooperman;
   Married with Children {The Gypsy Cried} |Vicky|;
   Picket Fences {May It Please the Court |Stacy|; Supreme Courting};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Schizoid Man} |Kareen Brianon|;
   Sweating Bullets.
   Circuitry Man (89); Inside Out [DTV] (92).

Elliot Woods
   JAG {We the People} |Shotgun|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Sons of Mogh} |Klingon Officer|.
   (None Known).

Grant Woods
   Combat; Custer (Sept.-Dec. 67) |Capt. Miles Keogh|;
   The Green Hornet; Petticoat Junction; Seahunt;
   Star Trek {The Galileo Seven; Arena;
   This Side of Paradise} |Lt. Cmdr. Kelowitz|.
   The Man from the Diners Club (??); The Silencers (??).

Kate Woodville
   Days of Our Lives (*77) |Marie Horton Curtis|;
   Harry O {Guardian at the Gates}; Mannix {What Happened to Sunday?};
   Mission: Impossible {The Spy} |Felicia Vabar|;
   Star Trek {For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky} |Natira|.
   Black Gunn (72); Sex Through a Window (73).

Morgan Woodward
00/00/1926 -
   The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. {Bounty Hunter Convention} |Sam Travis|;
   Big Valley {The Guilt of Matt Bentell}; Cannon {The Hero} |Gen. Longman|;
   Chase {The Garbage Man}; Dallas (*80-87) |Punk Anderson|;
   Days of Our Lives (*87) |Phillip Colville|;
   Gunsmoke {A Game of Death...An Act of Love;
   Whispering Tree |Earl Miller|; Death Train |Harl Townsend|; The Sodbusters;
   Message to Fort Apache |Beaumont|};
   The Incredible Hulk {Vendetta Road};
   The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (*58-61) |Shotgun Gibbs|;
   Logan's Run |Morgan|; Millennium {Force Majeure} |Iron Lung Man|;
   The Monroes {War Arrow}; Perry Mason {The Case of the Tarnished Trademark};
   Petrocelli {The Golden Cage |Lt. Cayle|; A Night of Terror |Augie Briola|};
   Scarecrow & Mrs. King {Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth} |Bob Johnson|;
   Simon & Simon; Star Trek {Dagger of the Mind |Dr. Simon van Gelder|;
   The Omega Glory |Capt. Ronald Tracey|}; T.J. Hooker {Assassin} |Selkirk|;
   Wagon Train {The Patience Miller Story}; The X-Files {Aubrey} |Harry Cokely|;
   The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles {London May 1916}; Yuma (70).
   Battle Beyond the Stars (80) |Cayman|; Cool Hand Luke (67) |Boss Godfrey|;
   Final Chapter -- Walking Tall (77) |The Boss|; Firecreek (68) |Willard|;
   Girls Just Want to Have Fun (85) |J.P. Sands|;
   The Midnight Man (74) |Clayborn|; Moonshine County Express (77) |Sweetwater|;
   Running Wild (73); A Small Town in Texas (76) |C.J.|;
   Which Way Is Up? (77) |Mann|; The Wild Country (71) |Ab|.

Henry Woronicz
   Artistic Director, Ashland Oregon Shakespeare Festival.
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Drumhead} |J'Dan|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Distant Origin |Gegen|; ##NEW## Living Witness |Quarren|}.
   (None Known).

Nicholas Worth
   Cannon {Voice from the Grave} |Longshoreman|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Progress |Alien Captain|;
   A Simple Investigation |Sorm|};
   Tarzan: The Epic Adventures {Tarzan's Return}.
   (None Known).

Rick Worthy
   The Magnificent Seven (Jan. 98-??); Murder One {Chapter Four; Chapter Five};
   NYPD Blue {Burnin' Love} |Det. Elkins|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Soldiers of the Empire} |Koman|;
   Star Trek: Voyager {Prototype} |3947/Cravic 122|.
   (None Known).

Bruce Wright
   Battlestar Galactica {Lost Planet of the Gods} |First Lt. Guard|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Crossfire} |Sarish|.
   (None Known).

Tom Wright
00/00/00 -
   Extreme (Jan.-Apr. 1995) |Farley Potts|;
   NYPD Blue {The Backboard Jungle; Where's 'Swaldo} |Kwasi|;
   Seinfeld |Morgan ?|; Star Trek: Voyager {Tuvix} |Lt. Tuvix|;
   Tales from the Crypt {Abra Cadaver}.
   Marked for Death (90) |Charles|; Weekend at Bernie's II (93).

Jane Wyatt
08/12/1910 -
   "The Autumn Garden" (51) [B].
   Amityville IV: The Evil Escapes (89); Amelia Earhart;
   Eleanor and Lou Gehrig: A Love Story (??);
   Father Knows Best (54-63) |Margaret Anderson|;
   Father Knows Best: Home for Christmas (??) |Margaret Anderson|;
   Katherine; Love, American Style {Love and the Pill}; The Millionaire;
   The Nativity; Quincy, M.E. {New Blood}; Robert Montgomery Presents;
   See How They Run; Superdome; Star Trek {Journey to Babel} |Amanda|;
   Tom Sawyer; Weekend of Terror; You'll Never See Me Again; 
   The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles {London, May 1916} |Older Vicky|.
   Boomerang (47); Buckskin Frontier (43); House by the River (50);
   The Kansan (43); Lost Horizon (37); Never Too Late (37);
   None But the Lonely Heart (44); Pitfall (48);
   Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (86) |Amanda|; Task Force (49);
   Treasure of Matecumbe (76).

Meg Wyllie
   77 Sunset Strip; Alias Smith & Jones; All That Glitters (??); Angie; 
   The Associates; Babe Dedrickson (??); Barney Miller; Barnaby Jones; 
   Batman; Ben Casey; Benson; Bewitched;
   The Bob Newhart Show {Life Is a Hamburger} |Mrs. Fleming|; The Brothers;
   Bunco Squad {Pilot}; Cage Without a Key (??); Cannon {Moving Target;
   A Well Remembered Terror}; Charlie's Angels; Cimarron Strip;
   The Courtship of Eddie's Father; Days of Our Lives (*80) |Flora Chisholm|;
   Death Sentence (??); Death Valley Days; Delvecchio; Divorce Court;
   Down to Earth (??); Dr. Kildare; Eight Is Enough; Elvis (79); Emergency; 
   The Execution of Private Slovik (74); The F.B.I.; Fernwood 2-Night; 
   The Fugitive; Full Circle (??); General Hospital; 
   Ghost Story; Gibbsville {Pilot}; The Golden Girls;
   Goldie and the Boxer go to Hollywood (??);
   Grandpa Goes to Washington; Gunsmoke; Heaven Help Us (??);
   Hennesey (Sept. 59-Sept. 62) |Mrs. Shafer|; Highway to Heaven;
   Hollywood Wives (??); Ironside; It Takes a Thief; James at 15 {Pilot};
   Kelly goes to Washington (??); Kojak; Lassie; The Lawyers;
   The Lazarus Syndrome; The Love Boat; The Man from U.N.C.L.E.;
   The Mary Tyler Moore Show {Love Blooms at Hempel's} |Eve Bayless|;
   Me & Mrs. C.; Minnesota Strip (??); Misfits of Science;
   Morningstar/Eveningstar; Movin' On; Mr. Ed; My Husband, My Sorrow (??);
   The New Breed; Night Court; The Paper Chase;
   Perry Mason {The Case of the Bogus Buccaneers}; Peter Gunn; 
   Philco TV Playhouse; Playhouse 90; Police Story; Profiles in Courage; 
   Quincy, M.E.; Rage (80); Robert Montgomery Presents; Run for Your Life;
   Star Trek {The Cage; The Menagerie} |The Keeper|; Stutter's Bay {Pilot};
   Then Came Bronson; The Thornbirds (83); Tightrope; 
   The Travels of Jamie McPheeters (Sept. 63-Mar. 64) |Mrs. Kissel|;
   The Tribe {Pilot}; The Twilight Zone {Night of the Meek};
   The Untouchables; Valentine's Day; The Victim (??); The Virginian;
   Wagon Train; The Waltons; The Young and the Restless.
   ...All the Marbles (81); Beauty & the Beast (??);
   Better Late Than Never (82); A Child Is Waiting (63);
   The Children's Hour (62); A Covenant With Death (67); Cracking Up (83);
   Fitzwilly (67); I Want to Live (57); The Last Starfighter (84);
   Lipstick (76); Marnie (64); Nothing in Common (86); Our Time (74);
   Second Thoughts (83); The Sweet Ride (68); The Ugly American (63);
   Vanishing Point (71).

Celeste Yarnall
   Bewitched {And Then There Were Three} |Student Nurse|; Bonanza;
   The F.B.I. {The Mercenary}; Hogan's Heroes {LeBeau and the Little Old Lady
   Will the Blue Baron Strike Again?}; It Takes a Thief;
   Land of the Giants {Golden Cage};
   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. {The Monks of St. Thomas Affair};
   Mannix {Eagles Sometimes Can't Fly};
   Star Trek {The Apple} |Yeoman Martha Landon|; The Wild, Wild West.
   Around the World Under the Sea (66); Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (69);
   Born Yesterday (93); Driving Me Crazy (91); Eve (68);
   Fatal Beauty (87); Funny About Love (90);
   Live a Little, Love a Little (68); The Mechanic (72); 
   The Nutty Professor (63); Scorpio (73); The Velvet Vampire (71).

Momo Yashima
   Babylon 5 {Born to the Purple} |Dr. Goyokin|; V.
   Star Trek: The Motion Picture (79) |Crewmember|.

Biff Yeager
   Married with Children {Assault and Batteries};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Where No One Has Gone Before;
   Datalore} |Engineer Lt. Cmdr. Argyle|.
   Batman Returns (92) |Security #2|; F/X 2 (91);
   Girls Just Want to Have Fun (85).

Dey Young
   Extreme (Jan.-Apr. 95) |Marnie Shepard|; Murder 101 (91) |Laura Lattimore|;
   No Place to Hide (92); Picket Fences {The Z Files} |Carol Bromley|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {A Simple Investigation} |Arissa|;
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Masterpiece Society} |Hannah Bates|;
   T.J. Hooker {Requiem for a Cop} |Linda|;
   The X-Files {Born Again} |Mrs. Judy Bishop|.
   Back in the USSR (92); Conflict of Interest (92); Dead Kids (81);
   Doin' Time (84); Frankie and Johnny (91); Pretty Woman (90);
   Rock 'n' Roll High School (79); The Running Man (87); 
   Serpent and the Rainbow (88); Spontaneous Combustion (89);
   Spaceballs (87); Strange Invaders (83).

Keone Young
   "The Fall Guy" (95) [OOB]; "Widescreen Version of the World" (93) [OOB].
   Challenger (87?); Kay O'Brien (Sept.-Nov. 86) |Dr. Michael Kwan|;
   MacGyver {Children of Light} |Zhao|; Mad About You;
   Magnum, P.I. {Old Acquaintance};
   Marker (Jan.-Aug. 95) |Taki 'Moch' Mochadomi|;
   Remington Steele {Elementary Steele};
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {If Wishes Were Horses} |Buck Bokai|;
   Taxi {Alex Goes Off the Wagon} |Japanese Gambler|.
   The Brady Bunch Movie (95); Private Benjamin (80).

Ray Young
   MacGyver {The Secret of Parker House} |Virgil|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Visionary} |Morka|.
   (None Known).

Tony Young
   Gunslinger (Feb.-Sept. 61) |Cord|; Star Trek {Elaan of Troyius} |Kryton|.
   (None Known).

Dell Yount
   The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw (92);
   The Pretender {Every Picture Tells a Story} |Vendor|;
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Sons of Mogh} |Tilikia|.
   (None Known).

Harris Yulin
00/00/1937 -
   "Baba Goya" (89) [OOB] [Director];
   "Don Juan in Hell" (97) [R] [also Director]; "Intimacy" [Writer, Director];
   "The Visit" (92) [B] |Anton Schill|.
   Face of a Stranger (91);
   Frasier {A Word to the Wiseguy} |Jerome Belasco|;
   The Kansas City Massacre (75); Law & Order; Melvin Purvis: G-Man (74);
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Duet} |Marritza|; Tailspin (89);
   WIOU (Oct. 90-Mar. 91) |Neal Frazier|.
   Another Woman (88) |Paul|; Bad Dreams (88) |Dr. Berrisford|;
   The Believers (87) |Donald Calder|; Candy Mountain (87);
   Clear and Present Danger (94); Doc (71) |Wyatt Earp|;
   End of the Road (69) [Debut]; Fatal Beauty (87) |Conrad Kroll|;
   Ghostbusters II (89) |The Judge|; Good to Go (86) |Harrigan|;
   The Last Hit (93); Looking for Richard (96); The Midnight Man (74) |Casey|;
   Multiplicity (96); Narrow Margin (90) |Leo Watts|;
   Night Moves (75) |Marty Heller|; Parker Adderson, Philosopher (74);
   Scarface (83) |Bernstein|; Short Fuse (89); St. Ives (76) |Oller|;
   Steel (80) |Eddie|; Watched! (73).

Michael Zaslow
   "Fiddler on the Roof"; "Noel and Gertie" (92) [OOB].
   The Guiding Light |Roger Thorpe|; Law & Order {D-Girl};
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   Meteor (79) |Sam Mason|; Seven Minutes in Heaven (86);
   You Light Up My Life (77).

Brad Zerbst
   Star Trek: The Next Generation {Justice |Medical Technician|;
   Heart of Glory |Nurse|; Skin of Evil |Nurse|}.
   (None Known).

Bill Zuckert
00/00/00 -
   Batman {The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra}; The Big Story {Phoenix Story} |Bill|;
   Bob {Penny for Your Thoughts}; Cannon {Deadly Heritage;
   Hounds of Hell |Father|; A Touch of Venom |Fred Selberg|};
   The F.B.I. {The Giant Killer};
   Hawaii Five-O {The Devil & Mrs. Frog} |Gainham|;
   The Loner {Widow on the Evening Stage};
   Perry Mason {The Case of the Absent Artist};
   The Rifleman {The Long Goodbye}; Sledge Hammer! {Dressed to Call};
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   Critters 3 (92); Hanger 18 (80) |Ace Landon|; Nickel and Dime (91).

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